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39 Photos of Bad Luck Moments Taken at Their Peak

Bad luck comes in many forms. One form is that of breaking your key in the lock when trying to open the door. Another form is that of accidentally setting your dryer on fire while trying to do laundry for the first time. As these moments of bad luck are happening, they’re rarely funny. Later, however, they’re a barrel of laughs. 

The key to that laughter is having a record of the moment – that’s where photographs play a role. Luckily for the people below, a friend or stranger was nearby to snap a photo at the peak of their bad luck. We’ve collected 39 of these photos to share around, have a laugh, and lighten the mood. Enjoy. 

Feet First Next Time

Moms at playgrounds balance the need to provide a safe environment for their young ones with the need to give them enough independence to make some mistakes. These mistakes can allow kids to learn. 

Image Courtesy of Jukeboxsommelier/ Reddit

It ain’t always pretty, though. This child’s brief moment of independence led to a faceplant! Luckily, it was into some nice and soft grass that (probably) left nothing more than green smudges across the face. Time to give it another try – this time feet first.

Stadium Seats

Die-hard sports fans love going to live games. It’s hard to beat the excitement of two teams battling it out against each other only a few hundred feet away – way better than staying at home and watching it on the big screen. Right?

Image Courtesy of Girolski07/Reddit

Wrong. The unlucky fan pictured above can attest to that. Sure, the tickets might have been cheap, but that’s because you’re staring at a column for three hours. Give us a bowl of chips and a comfy seat at home any day!

Does He Nose What He’s Doing?

Although it’s true we aren’t frisbee experts, we’re pretty sure this isn’t the correct way to play the game. As far as we know, frisbee is played with hands, not noses.  

Image Courtesy of Pitline810/Reddit

It’s time for this unlucky player to back up and make sure his nose still works. Noses are for breathing and smelling, not, you know, getting hit in the face by frisbees. Hopefully, there were no bloodstains stuck to the frisbee as it went gliding through the air. Yuck!

Sweet 16

Turning 16 is a big deal. In many places, it’s when you can get a license and hence gain some independence. This lovely couple below wanted their son’s 16th to be a memorable birthday. It worked! Just not in the way they assumed. 

Image Courtesy of Onedio

The look of complete contentment on the dad mixed with the slow-motion “noooooooooo” look of the mom will be fun to remember years from now. For now, however, they might want to start slicing up the pineapple on the back table. 

Twirling with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are meant to give those with short hair a long-haired look. To do that, the extensions should be securely tied in place so as to not fall out when you’re dancing and twirling at a formal gathering in front of dozens.

Image Courtesy of telegrafi.com

Well, that’s uncomfortable. Looks like the woman above forgot to double-check the security of her extensions before dancing. However, on the bright side, hard-earned lessons are the ones that stick, so we imagine the unsecured hair extensions never happened again. 

Broken Keys

Keys are fantastic inventions. Simple, effective, and safe. Place the key inside the keyhole to unlock a wide range of doors and boxes. That being said, the whole key-and-lock thing has one crucial problem – as you can see from the following picture. 

Image Courtesy of Wroops

That’s right, broken keys. Although they’re usually made of nickel, silver, or brass, they’re far from indestructible. If keys are going to break, ideally they break after opening the box or door. The picture above clearly wasn’t ideal. Time to call the locksmith. 

Suspicious Typos

People are fallible beings, so learning how to forgive and forget is a vital skill for maintaining any relationship. That being said, some mistakes are just a bit too suspicious. 

Image Courtesy of Stare Cat

Although “Abby” and “baby” have the same four letters, they’re arranged so differently that it makes us wonder why auto-correct chose “Abby” as the right message. Since AI works, in part, by looking at past messages, the typo is going to raise suspicions – as the ominous three dots show. 

The Umbrella Bird

Umbrellas are great when they open and protect you from the rain. They’re not so great when they open and fly off into the storm clouds leaving you with an empty pole and no rain protection. 

Image Courtesy of Capital Bad/Reddit

What gives, umbrella? We blame the wind or, perhaps, the cheap design. Hopefully, this soon-to-be-drenched person has a rain jacket. The only saving grace here is that this person has a readymade weapon if they find themselves walking through a rough part of town. 

Roll Away

When you really have to go, a public restroom with a fresh roll of toilet paper is one of the greatest luxuries on earth. However, it doesn’t always go according to plan – as this unlucky person discovered.

Image Courtesy of Daves4/Buzzfeed

After finishing up their bathroom business, they went to reach for the toilet roll, only to find out the toilet roll had other plans – namely, to roll away! That’s rough. What to do now? Ask someone to kick it back in? Try to covertly switch stalls? 

The Joys of Wet Cement

Ah, the joys of wet cement. Looks like this biker went out for a regular ride to school only to find out that wet cement was swallowing his bike. Despite valiant efforts to swerve and avoid the inevitable, the inevitable eventually won. He decided to cut his losses – goodbye bike!

Image Courtesy of Reckon Talk

The tiny footprints around the bike show that the kid was determined to carry on in the same direction. You’ve got to admire the dedication, but next time we suggest taking the bus. 

Playing With Water

Kids and playing go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s basically their job until they get, you know, an actual job. Playing allows kids to enjoy themselves while learning valuable things about the world.

Image Courtesy of Kross 516/Reddit

Valuable things like how not to use a hose. Or, to give this little boy the benefit of the doubt, the value of different kinds of water pressure. Perhaps he wants to know how much water he can withstand without falling over. So far, so good. 

Going Sharking With the Boys

When work is a hassle and you’ve been inside for too long, a nice weekend out in nature is all you need. There’s nothing better than heading out to the lake with the boys and catching your own dinner rather than waiting in line at the supermarket. 

Image Courtesy of Bede Chetty /Reddit

This catch turned out to be a little more than this fisher expected. A small fish is manageable for a campfire meal, but a massive shark –- not so much! Time to hit up the supermarket. 

Cheers to Smashing Glasses

Beer is a standard beverage at festivals because it’s refreshing and loosens inhibitions a bit – allowing strangers to talk and cheers. Sometimes that works marvelously, other times it creates the following picture. 

Image Courtesy of Wellthatsucks/Reddit

This enthusiastic cheers spread a lot more than good cheer – it spread broken shards of glass and lost beer all over the place. We suggest another pint and a softer try, or perhaps a simple raised glass and smile. Kudos to the photographer for capturing this moment at the perfect time.

When Life Gives You Lemons

The citrus flavor of lemons not only adds a little tang to your drink, but it also loads you up with necessary nutrients like vitamin C – in theory, at least. Do you know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? That applies to lemons as well! 

Image Courtesy of Trending Root

This startled shopper assumed a big lemon on the outside meant a lot of lemon juice on the inside. Although reasonable to assume, it turned out to be wrong. Can you cook lemon skin?

Drying Clothes by the Fire

Although laundry can be a pain, it can also be intensely rewarding. Who doesn’t like the feeling of putting on some freshly laundered clothes? Especially when they’re hot from the dryer. 

Image Courtesy of Trending Root

Well, not that hot. There’s a big difference between comfortable and cozy and burnt to a crisp. Although it’s a little hard to figure out what went wrong here – our guess is a faulty electrical wire – we suggest taking a trip to the laundry mat next time. 

Celebrity Coffee Fails

Below it or not, the tatted-up guy pictured below is actor Jonah Hill – famous for his comedic role in movies like Superbad and Knocked Up. Despite his serious expression and cool look (dark shades, all-black apparel), something comedic is about to happen. Check out his right hand. 

Image Courtesy of Gknick/Reddit

How this photographer managed to snap the photo at just the right time is mindblowing. In less than a second, we imagine that Jonah Hill’s expression will change dramatically. Perhaps it’s time for a thermos!

Sloppy Fishing

There’s an unwritten rule in the world of fishing. Once you’ve reeled in a big catch and are looking to snap congratulatory pics, it’s best to take them on dry land. Why? Well, just take a look at the following picture. 

Image Courtesy of dirtymikentheboys/Reddit

The caught fish doesn’t want to stay caught for too long, so it jumps right back in the water. Maybe that’s why they say “it’s called fishing, not catching.” That might also explain the importance of snacks, beer, and free time. 

Wet Paint

As we age, our bodies tire more easily and our eyes begin to worsen. It seems like these two factors made the grandma below forget to read a very important sign: wet paint.

Image Courtesy of Reckon Talk

Luckily, it’s not that bad. Her jacket is more or less the same color as the paint, and her black pants might be able to hide some of the red. Imagine if she wore all white! We just hope there is an extra-strength laundry detergent at home. 

Trip Rope

We imagine you’ve played the classic game of jump rope. Well, it looks like the little girl below added a new dimension to it – we call it “trip rope”. Instead of jumping over the rope, you get tangled up inside and fall. 

Image Courtesy of Ajallee/ Reddit

Although innovative, we don’t imagine it will catch on too quickly – too many hurt knees. Jokes aside, we suggest playing both jump rope and trip rope on a nice patch of soft grass to soften any falls. 

Escape from the Bulls

Bulls don’t take any bull from people. That’s why it’s generally a bad idea to make bulls angry because they have horns and are super powerful – a terrifying combination. That being said, it doesn’t stop some folks from taunting these powerful beasts. 

Image Courtesy of therebel007/Reddit

We can’t quite put our finger on what happened here, though. Although the two jumping men weren’t wearing red, the bull was still angry and charged. Luckily, the two were close enough to the water to make a safe escape. 

How Not to Hold a Snake

Unless you’re a trained professional, it’s generally not a great idea to stop by the side of the road and pick up a snake. Unlike cats and dogs, they aren’t the cuddly “let’s take a picture” type of animal. The unlucky guy below found that out the hard way. 

Image Courtesy of Drewstrummer/ Reddit

Unfortunately, the hard way involves getting bit in the face by a snake (not something we recommend). We just hope that the snake isn’t venomous or that there’s a nearby hospital. Time for a doctor.

I Believe I Can Fly

If you spent your twenties going out to the club every weekend, it can be a bit difficult settling down and getting married in your thirties. One way of easing the transition is to throw a big wedding celebration – a last hurrah! 

Image Courtesy of Aguart/Reddit

Part of that last hurrah is the time-honored tradition of throwing a special guest up and down. It’s safe most of the time, but sometimes the crowd gets a little too excited – this crowd got a little too excited!  

Freshly Painted Seats

People decide to paint their car seats because they want to spruce up something that’s old and weathered. Ideally, you take out the seats, clean them meticulously, and then use a special dye to evenly spread a fresh coat of paint across the fabric seats.

Image Courtesy of Reckon Talk

That’s not what this person did. Instead, they went for the faster method of spilling a gallon of paint haphazardly over the seat. To each their own, however, we suggest a proper cleaning before the second coat.

The Unintentional Unicycle

One way to look at the picture below is to see it as an intentional design feature meant to transform a boring bicycle into an interesting unicycle. Another way is to assume that someone forgot to safely attach the frame to the wheel. 

Image Courtesy of Ddunkyy/Reddit

Whatever the backstory, we can say for sure that this doesn’t look like it’s going to end well. Without a helmet or shoes, we just hope he’s able to ride the unicycle to a nearby patch of grass and drop it safely. 

Time to Bite a Tail

We love dogs for their friendship, loyalty, and, most importantly, their sense of play. Dogs play with people, other dogs, and, occasionally, cats. The ever-present threat of a scratch to the face doesn’t seem to both dogs. At least not this dog. 

Image courtesy of Skane 1101/Reddit

The mischievous look in that dog’s eyes makes us wonder if it’s a common game they play or a cheeky one-time experiment. Whatever the motivation, we’re certain that this dog got some scratches very shortly after this picture. 

How Not To Play Field Hockey

Many assume that women are a bit gentler when it comes to team sports. Well, take a look at the following field hockey picture to get a sense of just how ruthless some players can be. 

Image Courtesy of Voccii/Reddit

Yikes! That’s going to leave a mark – if not a full-blown concussion. Whatever headgear she’s wearing is not going to protect her from a stick to the face. Where’s the referee at? It’s time to throw some penalties around to even the game up a bit. 

Just a Fire Nothing to Worry About

The amount of calm displayed in the TV message below makes you really appreciate the neutral tone that journalists have. Our reaction would be more along the lines of “oh my god, there’s a fire – everybody run!” Their reaction was a lot more reassuring. 

Image Courtesy of Reckon Talk

A simple “we are experiencing a fire” makes it seem like it’s no different than light rain. Don’t worry about it ABC, take your time putting out the fire and then return when everything is in order. 

Photobombing Bird

Traveling to a foreign land is the kind of experience that’s worth capturing on film and sharing with friends and family. The lucky folks below got a truly unique visit from a local – a local bird. 

Image Courtesy of Pacateu/Reddit

How did the photographer manage to capture the photobombing bird at the exact moment it flew by? Talk about luck (or an automatic shutter). Timing issues aside, we sure hope they reviewed their photos before making it home – don’t want that bird to be the only memory.

Doggie Justice

Doggie paws aren’t that good for boxing, but that doesn’t mean dogs don’t know how to fight. Their hind legs are where all the power is – so watch out if you’re trying to move in on their territory, or trying to hide some food from them. 

Image Courtesy of Souppark/Reddit

Looks like dog justice has been served. Either the dog did it to defend his territory or because he thought a swift kick to the groin might result in the boy dropping some cake. 

Out of Bounds Shots

The celebrated basketball player Dwayne Wade really showed his dedication in the picture below by choosing to go after the ball even though it meant crashing into the front row fans. Hopefully, it worked and the Miami Heat won the game. 

Image Courtesy of bojangles 1234567/Reddit

The different expressions are quite telling. The guy who spent a pretty penny on front row seats only to have his drink spilled on him looks far from pleased. Dwayne Wade, on the other hand, looks focused and unfazed. Was it worth the collateral damage? 

Horrible Handlebars

High-quality racing bikes are expensive. For example, professional riders in the Tour de France regularly spend $13,000 or more per bike! Mostly this is due to the carbon fiber frame, excellent suspension, and impeccable handlebars. A bike like that surely works all the time, right?

Image Courtesy of Rusty Edge/Reddit

Unfortunately not – as you can see from the above picture. While in the heat of the race, neck and neck with other competitors, this unlucky rider found that their multi-thousand dollar bike wasn’t up to snuff. 

Dog Got Your Tongue

We’re big fans of puppies. Not only are they cuddly and cute, but they are full of boundless loving energy and can be your best friend at any time of day or night. But sometimes, if you get too close, they can turn on you. 

Image Courtesy of Ravennawoods/Reddit

This puppy wasn’t in the mood for kisses. Instead, he was in the mood for a treat – tongue! Yuck, but perhaps the dog liked the taste of it. Hopefully not, because that’s not something you want your dog to start doing regularly. 

Coffee With a Fly

Not everyone’s a morning person, and that’s why they invented coffee. This morning drink gives you just the right energy to start your day. Some people take it black, some with milk or creamer, and some with, well, a fly. 

Image Courtesy of Beathelas/Reddit

To be honest, we don’t recommend it. Although, if you’re not a morning person, swallowing a fly might be an effective way to shock the system into wakefulness. Perhaps it’s worth a try. Or, more likely, it’s time for a new cup of coffee. 

Cleaning the Carpet

Everyone has different cleanliness standards, but most people like to clean up a bit when their parents come over for a visit. That seems like what the person below intended to do. That simple vacuuming didn’t turn out too well. 

Image Courtesy of EbaumsworldWhoops!

That loose thread in the carpet ended up costing more than the simple embarrassment of having a slightly dirty apartment. Unfortunately, there’s no way to undo it. Perhaps throw a welcome mat on top to try and cover it up a little. 

An Attempt at Pasta

Not everyone can be a cook. So our hearts and clapping hands go out to anyone who tries. There’s a lot of risk in cooking – you can oversalt an egg, burn your hand on a pan, or spill red pasta sauce all over the floor. 

Image Courtesy of Night Train dan/Reddit

It looks like the heartbroken woman above succumbed to the last one – the dreaded pasta sauce spill. On the bright side, it’s just a mess rather than a burnt hand or a fire. Plus, the cat seems to like it.

Vending Machine Gods Have Opened Their Hearts

Now, the photo below can be taken as good or bad news depending on who you are. If you’re a vending machine owner trying to make money off hungry people who crave a snack, then this is a travesty. 

Image Courtesy of Reckon Talk

If you’re a hungry person craving a snack, then this is a miracle. The vending machine gods have opened up their hearts and spilled forth a bounty of free snacks – all for one dollar! Just make sure to shake the machine to let them all drop. 

Wall Mounted TV

There are few things more exciting than getting that new flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. Time to sit back with a bowl of snacks and let the TV show binging begin! Wait a minute…

Image Courtesy of Nortion/Reddit

There are few things more frustrating than having your newly mounted TV fall down the wall and smash onto the ground. Time to cancel the Netflix session and go out shopping for a new TV and a table. Let’s leave the wall mount for houses with sturdier walls. 

The Ice Cream Plan

One thing’s for sure – this kid knows his priorities. Namely, ice cream before dinner. He didn’t want to ask his parents because they would most likely say no. Instead, he took on a stealth mission to open the refrigerator by himself. 

Image Courtesy of Brain Sharper

That, however, didn’t work out too well. We applaud the vision but feel the execution fell (literally) too short. Perhaps next time enlist the help of an older and taller sibling to ensure the ice cream makes it into a bowl rather than on the floor. 

Dog Eye Vision

Videos of cats getting their heads stuck in small cups or bowls are all the rage on the internet. There’s something hilarious about watching cats shuffle backward as they try to free themselves. Dogs, however, usually aren’t known for such antics. 

Image courtesy of Reckon Talk

Until now, of course. Either this dog was hankering for an invisible treat at the bottom of the glass bowl or he was in much need of some attention. Whatever the reason, his face is unbearably cute and deserves a treat in itself!