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Remember Barbie Girl? See What She’s Doing Now

When pictures of the human barbie girl first went viral, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The so-called ‘Barbie Girl’ decided to become a real-life version of the beloved childhood toy, going to great lengths to achieve the perfect Barbie look. A few years have passed since we first heard about her — what is Barbie Girl up to, nowadays?

The facts: Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, and she spent all her adult life perfecting her own Barbie doll look. Some say she has pushed beauty standards to bizarre new heights, earning herself the nickname known throughout the world as “The Human Barbie.” What inspired this extreme body transformation, though?

Let’s start at the very beginning of this tale of Barbie doll bliss…

Humble Beginnings

Every one has a story, and Valeria Lukynova is no different in that regard. Hailing from the small eastern European nation of Moldova, there was nothing particularly out of the ordinary about the cute, blonde Valeria. She had an affinity for dolls, just like every other girl!

But looking back, it’s easy to see now that her doll collection was over-the-top. Endless plastic Barbies, each with their own wardrobe, littered her room. Even then, Valeria seemed most fascinated with the perfect symmetry of her dolls bodies. She simply loved this brand of beauty, which was perfect — perhaps, too perfect.

As we know now, this fascination did not end in her childhood. How did it progress over the years?

Return to Innocence

It is hard to put a finger on what pushed Valeria to pursue the unusual persona we know now, but her upbringing in Eastern Europe certainly doesn’t stand out. Nothing was out of the ordinary, to outside eyes!

Her home of Moldova is a pretty quiet place these days, still the least visited country in all of Europe. It’s pretty cheap, for residents.Her father worked as a builder, while her mother was an army employee. Sounds perfectly standard, in Moldavian terms! Was anything edgier going on in her house, though?

Hey Mister DJ

As it turns out, there was one unconventional thing in her father’s life. Besides being a builder, he kept an additional job as a DJ! Yes, dad had a flashy double life at night. Did this influence Valeria to seek novelty?

Perhaps it was an example than one could choose to escape a dull life. She could push for something more, something different, something that would later earn her more publicity then she could ever have imagined. But the stage she went through before her Barbie doll image will surprise everyone. What did she try, at first?

From Goth to Glam

Before the glitz, the glam, and the perfectly applied makeup, Valeria dabbled in some rather dark hobbies. At the age of 15, Valeria adopted the gothic lifestyle. Yes, it’s true!

Sticking to her character, she pushed this stage of her life to the limits. Val found herself dabbling in the dark spirituality of witchcraft! She says she believed in a spiritual realm beyond what meets the eye. Many people do, frankly. But this was a bit out of the box! Around 90% of Moldova is Eastern Orthodox Christian. Did she stick with this new faith?

Surprisingly Spiritual 

Although Valeria has come far from her darker teenage days, her spirituality apparently plays a vital part in her almost inhuman look today. How so, you ask?

Barbie Girl Val has since ditched the dark eyeliner and lacy black costumes, but her beliefs stay the same. She recently outlined her views about the body and spirit: “I think that these kind of people should understand that it is necessary to evaluate a person not on the external qualities but by their soul…my look is only a side effect of my inner world.” Very interesting, indeed! But her current look seems so different than her old photos. What happened, along the way?

Barbie Begins

Valeria did not wake up one day looking like the ethereal human Barbie she is today, of course. What was the process, exactly?

First of all, most of her beauty was naturally there at the beginning! In her early days of notoriety, she moved from Eastern Europe to Mexico to escape the turmoil going on between Russia and Ukraine. It was there that she began focusing on her modeling career. And although she had yet to perfect intricate makeup and extreme proportions, Valeria rightfully earned the title of “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” in 2007. Why didn’t she feel complete?

Blast From The Past

Val gal’s beauty contest pictures are truly alluring. But many believe even at this time she had begun to have some surgical enhancements. What is the truth of the matter?

To this day, Barbie Girl claims that she really hasn’t had work done. She explained her situation to fans: “From the age of 14 years, I have not particularly changed, except for body and hair color.” They don’t seem to believe her, though! Whatever procedures were beginning at this juncture, they were nothing compared the transformation that was about to occur. It was going down then road of shocking, and fast.

Not Exactly Natural

It is quite clear that over the years, Valeria’s image has drastically changed. Today, it looks strikingly different! But she is still adamant that her body has not been surgically altered in any way. How can that be?

Val claims her figure is a miraculous outcome of fantastic genes, a strict diet, and extreme exercise regimes. However, that is rather hard to swallow. With a 19-inch waist, many argue that it is simply not biologically possible for someone of her height to maintain such proportions. Even the world’s biggest supermodels do not claim to have waists this size! And what is her explanation about her face?

All Dolled Up

Valeria also claims that her current visage only looks different because of the hour and a half she spends perfecting a Barbie look every single day. Is that even remotely possible?

Val says she is just a “classy girl” with a diligent routine, and she enjoys doing it. According to her, many people would “spend the whole day lying in bed doing nothing” without a cosmetics practice like this one. For Valeria, perfect is a concept that can be reached. Still, even fans didn’t buy her initial story. Would she admit any of it was surgically enhanced, later on?

Dining on Oxygen

Back to the spirituality this human Barbie is drawn to: Another way she taps into the other realm is extreme dieting methods. Allegedly, anyway. What is she doing to cut the calories?

Valeria is known as a breatharian, which is exactly like it sounds. Rather than cut out carbs, sugars and fats, Valeria cuts out food. Obviously, all dieters cut food to some extent. But this different: Valeria goes through stages when she tries to live of nothing but sunshine, air, and good vibes. Medically recommended? No way! Living off air is for plants, Val. Plus, is she really achieving these results just through dieting?


Over time, Valeria has admitted to getting work done. As some may have guessed, this includes her breasts. But she also got some other complicated procedures she hasn’t specified.

Of course she did! There’s no way that not eating could result in this shape. In fact, it could lead to some danger.

According to Dr. Perry G. Fine at the University of Utah: “Patients have oftentimes described themselves as entering a transcendental, blissful, or euphoric state after they stop eating…But that doesn’t mean it’s a positive thing if the brain is being starved of nutrition and hydration. You may have a sense of well-being, but you might be doing harm to yourself.” Is Val really still trying this weight control method, even now?

How She Perfectly Replicates the Barbie Figure

In other news, Valeria has admitted keeping the Breatharian lifestyle constantly is not possible for her. No kidding!

Strangely, she continues to be adamant about the benefits of this intense diet. Talking about her lifestyle in an interview she stated: “Breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hinduism. In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.” 

Air and light? Sounds far fetched, Val! And what about exercise, with so few calories?


Added to this diet, Valeria also works out every day. With her strict workout, her crazy diet, and the breast enlargements she admits to having, Valeria is able to accurately replicate a Barbie figure.

With her dangerously skinny waist and petite frame, she believes she has reached perfection. That shockingly skinny waist is always visible in her online health videos. Sometimes, she frolics on the beach, and sometimes she shows off in the gym mirror. Val claims a new all-juice diet helps her achieve these results! But is something else really at play?

Like Mother Like Daughter

While it takes crazy exercise regimes and unhealthy diets to maintain her look, it is clear that pictures of Valeria with her mother show another piece of the puzzle. Good genes play a large role too!

According to Dr. Wendy Chung at New York-Presbyterian and Columbia University Irving Medical Center: “Your mom is half the answer. Your dad is also half the answer. You don’t inherit 100 percent of your mom’s genes…So even though [your mother] may have followed a certain path, it’s not a fait accompli that you’re going to follow the same path.” But perhaps both their looks are unnatural. What’s the real story, here?

Inherited looks

Mother and daughter look freakishly alike, with their platinum blonde hair and large eyes. Valeria also claims that aside from inheriting her looks, she has also taken on her mother’s lifestyle. Which part, though?

Perhaps similar hobbies are part of the answer. According to Valeria, her mother is the one who motivated her to constantly meditate, do yoga, and travel around the world. Not a bad example, in that regard. But the dieting? That’s all Val. One thing’s for sure: These two take ‘like mother like daughter’ to a whole new level! Is there anything they don’t do together?

A Girl of Many Talents

There is no denying that human Barbie Valeria is a girl of many talents. What does she do, besides strut around like a life sized doll, these days?

Not only has she achieved a successful modeling career, transformed herself into a Barbie doll, written an inspirational book, and dabbled in guru work, she is also a talented opera singer. Yes, opera — believe it or not. Valeria has released two albums titled ‘Sun in the Eyes’, and ‘2013’, under her stage name ‘Astral’. But is that all?

Opera singer

While she performs mostly opera songs, she also dabbles in romantic, Indian ethnic, and even shaman music. Yes, all of the above. What a surprise!

Regarding her music career, Valeria has explained: “My repertoire consists of more than 150 songs in different languages. Most of them are in Russian, but there are also songs in forgotten ancient languages that come to me during meditations. I bring vibrations of the higher dimensions into this reality through my voice. Sometimes it seems that it’s not me composing these songs but the Supreme Beings are leading me to reach people’s hearts.” 

Sound good, all things considered. But in this complicated world, is she really able to reach them?

The Price Paid for Being ‘Perfect’

When the world got wind of this whimsical human Barbie, not everyone reacted to it with kindness. The sad truth is, our world can be cruel sometimes!

Valeria admits that carrying around such a title can be more than tiring. Sometimes, she feels people forget that she is a human being! There are those who  teat her merely as something to ogle at, admire, and sometimes criticize. How is The Human Barbie dealing with all those bad vibes online and in public, all on her own?

A human!

Valeria admits that it hurts her that she is often considered a novelty and not a human. And despite working hard on her perfect appearance, it is not her entire identity as a woman.

Looking different gets positive and negative attention. And Val has experienced both sides of that coin, believe it or not. It’s hit or miss: Some people treat her with scorn, and others just are pure evil. Yes, evil! The Human Barbie has experienced some dark and dangerous times as a result of her notoriety. Recently, she was assaulted! Why in the world would anyone want to harm this sweet doll-faced gal?

The Attack

In 2014, Valeria experienced the kind of cruelty no-one deserves. On Halloween, she was getting cozy and settled at home. Then, the unthinkable occurred. She was attacked!

Two men, whose names are not known, broke into her home and attacked her, punching and strangling the vulnerable woman without an end in sight. Miraculously, her neighbors heard the commotion and stopped the assault! Val he was rushed for the hospital and treated for her injuries. She recovered, but would that be the last time she found herself in peril?

Threats and more

Unfortunately, Valeria is no stranger to these kinds of things. Since she became well-known in the media, the threats she receives are ongoing! Plus, there are always plenty of ruthless critiques ready to try to bring her down.

However, the way she reacts to these threats is no less than incredible! She just sticks to her philosophy about why she is doing what she is doing, at the end of the day. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

According to Val: “For me, beauty is the harmony of features and lines. Subtlety and sophistication. Harmony of the external and internal. It is sincerity, kindness, power, and generosity that comes from within. All of these qualities are inspiring, and it changes your exterior. It’s a charisma. A handsome man is beautiful in everything—in deeds, thoughts, and body. The most important thing is harmony. I like when there is nothing unnecessary on the body, and I percieve this as good willpower, and loving yourself.” Still, the attacks are endless. Isn’t she at least a little mad?

No Hard Feelings

If any of us were exposed to the harsh, sometimes violent attacks on our image that Valeria faces daily, we might harbor at least a little anger. This is not the case with The Human Barbie, though!

Valeria, perhaps tapping into that deep spirituality she has always harbored, wishes nothing but the best for all people — even those who were cruelest to her. She claims she wants everyone to be joyous, and hopes that can be achieved by focusing on improving themselves rather than just her. What are her current suggestions for growth?

All About Attitude

Happiness is no easy goal to achieve. Religions have searched for answers throughout time. Valeria seems to be on a constant search, herself. And say what you want about her strange looks, her attitude is certainly inspiring!

Although her reactions to haters is admirable, it is hard for most observers to understand the Barbie woman with her strange beliefs. But if fans thought her beliefs were a bit unorthodox before, discover that it only gets weirder. First witchery, then living on air for food, and now — aliens. Yes, aliens! What is Val claiming now?

Her Alien Beliefs

Although it is clear Valeria resembles no other women, she claims that is actually because she is truly like no one else, body or soul. She goes so far as to claim she is otherworldly, without even one strand of human DNA left in her.

For previous skeptics, this is surely going a little too far. Valeria now says she is not even from this earth! Rather, she is from another luminous planet: Venus, to be exact. She claims this is what she remembers, but beyond that, she explains that memories of her real origins seems hazy. Could this really be true?

Who’s up there?

Valeria has not only written a book about her experiences with spirituality. She also gives seminars to show people how they can live their best life. Is she doing all of this as a money stunt?

According to Val: “I’ve been teaching for many years on how to do outer body physical journeys, and I hope to continue to do so, as this is the business of my life. Now, I have my own school called the Temple of Infinite Unity. It’s a magical school where we develop the paranormal activities, as well as abilities of man that exist, but have not yet manifested.” Some might say the Temple of Infinite Unity is a scam. What is the cost to attend?

Free Spiritual Guidance

It’s not hard to understand why many are skeptical about this spiritual Guru. But Valeria opens all her spiritual guidance courses free of charge! Plus, her book is provided on her site for free. “Astral Travel Amatue”, anyone?

Through her philosophies, it seems that pretty much every choice in Valeria’s life is mapped out and reasoned through. Even family planning! The fascinating human Barbie-doll is also part of the child-free movement, claiming: “I have chosen a childfree life, because my kids are my disciples. Moreover, I’m basically not adapted to a sedentary lifestyle and motherhood — I constantly travel the world and I’m glad I do not have children.” No mini barbies? Fans are sad!

Her Interesting Lifestyle Choices

Is she serious about all of these extreme ideas? Fans wonder why she would make this up to begin with. Really, what would be the reason?

Val says she was always intrigued by creating meaning in the world. She explains: “I’ve been interested in it ever since my childhood, when I began to recall my past lives, and would spontaneously go travel astrally. Since then, my life has become an endless search for myself, and for the meaning of life.” Fair enough, right?


Valeria is not afraid of voicing her views. Today, she has her own website where she holds webinars and teaches people about her lifestyle. What can they learn online?

In her videos, she explains how to get rid of bad habits, look after yourself, and live your own true life. Her website also promises the secrets of her thin waist, weight loss and attractiveness. It seems she’s got it all worked out! Whimsical she may be, but it turns out she is also haunted by her talents. How so?


There’s a dark side, though. With Val’s super spirituality and hyper awareness of her surroundings, negative side effects started to come out. In fact, she began to suffer!

Insomnia haunted the Human Barbie, and it had some scary results. When she was weak and tired, there were periods in which she saw spiral dizzying shapes. She says they danced around her, taunting her sanity. Anyone can see that this isn’t normal. Even Valeria herself! How did she deal with her sleep difficulties, eventually?

Mind over matter

Valeria believes it was the power of her mind that allowed her to defeat these haunted energies. Did she also use religion to regain control and became the “master of the situation”?

Maybe not. She explained: “I have never adhered to religions. The only religion that is close to me is Buddhism, but Buddha is just the guardian of the Earth, not god. I do not believe that God exists, so I do not worship or serve anyone, only truth. Only to the source from which we all belong. It’s an impersonal energy that doesn’t have a particular personality, but is made more of a collective awareness of enlightened beings.”

With all this going on inside her own head, Valeria sought mental health help. How did that go?

Her Visits to the Psychiatrist

With haunting images, insomnia, and restlessness, Valeria decided it was time to see a psychiatrist. Frankly, fans had secretly wanted her to do this for some time!

However, the response she got from the doctor was more than unusual. Rather than medicating her, locking or up, or engaging in therapy, he believed she had a talent and claimed he noticed something special about her. Allegedly, the psychiatrist did not see her visions as something that needed treatment. Rather, this doc was convinced she was gifted as a psychic! How could that be?

Needed treatment

‘Psychic’ is not exactly a diagnosis in the medical handbook. Was this story really true, or just something Val imagined too? Mental health can be a tricky thing, that’s for sure.

The Human Barbie says has found a group of people to surrounded herself with who share similar beliefs and interests, for now. Fitness and spirituality are quite popular these days! She describes her routine as follows: “I practice every day with free weights in the gym. I don’t really do aerobics, but I prefer working with dumbells.” Sounds healthy enough. But what about a real income, to fund it all?

Bringing Spirituality to the Dance Floor

Just because this ethereal human Barbie hasn’t done enough, add DJ to the mix. In 2015, Valeria embarked on yet another new career. This time, spinning tracks! What is her ‘spin’ on the art?

Valeria explains: “I’ve DJed a few times now! I like doing this work because music is what inspires me. In my sets, I sing and make interesting movements. There’s a lot of energy to them, and the whole process is like a sacrament or ritual. My sets are filled with mysticism and mystery.”While she claims to be an alien, she is planning on keeping her tracks on earth with shows featuring “futuristic deep and space disco” tracks.” What else does she bring to the club, besides this mystery?

Music as a cure

Valeria promises not to be just a regular DJ, of course. She says her aim is to bring spirituality to the dance floor! How does she do that, exactly?

In one ad, she explained she would “show special signs with her hands (also known as mudras)” and work with a set list  “arranged in a way that touches all the energy centers while increasing the rhythm and changing the consciousness of the audience.” She claims that her goal is to make each performance focus on its own spiritual mission. Sounds quite trippy! Fans wonder: What is she up to, after these intense shows?

Her Real-Life Ken

When it comes to love, Valeria has found her happy ending. She married Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Shkarabov after a long romance. How long, exactly?

Why, it stems all the way from a childhood friendship! The couple does not have any children together since Valeria is a follower of the child-free movement. But they do look happy and content with their romance, that’s for sure. Is this man also involved in the spirituality and lifestyle the Human Barbie talks about so much?

With or without

Dmitri seems pretty invested in wife’s career, posting many pictures of her on his Facebook page. The man seems proud, and Val is happy about that!

Valeria has been vocal about her relationship with him, stating: “Dmitry is always on my side. He loves and supports me. He likes me with make-up and without. He became a strict vegetarian even earlier than I did. He is fond of mountains – he conquered Mount Elbrus. We were on Everest, went to Nepal and the Himalayan mountain range.” Sounds like a former breatharian could be out of breath, at that altitude! What is her routine, at the moment?

Another Transformation

Although she is already eerily similar to Barbie, Valeria has started undergoing yet another transformation! As of last year, it seems she has a few more goals in the mix.

She took it on herself to transform her diet as well as her work out routine, and the result is abs abs and more abs! This Barbie has turned gym bunny, with the muscles to prove it. And it’s all part of her philosophy. 

Val explains: “This actually ties into my spiritual work. Since I gained more memories of my cosmic past, I have been inspired to transform my outer image. My muse is Medusa Gorgona from Greek mythology. She was the queen of the Amazons back in Atlantis, and I want my ideal body to be worthy of her, so it is up to me to become her myself. I did it, but I’m not going to stop there—I want a more muscular, defined body than what I have now.”

Aspiring to be a demigod, it sounds like she isn’t done! What is the next goal for the Human Barbie, at the moment?

Reinventing herself

While her new look is less about slimness and more about strength, it’s clear that Valeria is nowhere near done reinventing herself! What could possibly come next?

She’s still preoccupied with her body and looks, but it seems the obsession has shifted into a fitness-first mentality. But lest anyone think she is neglecting her beauty routines for a tomboy gym look, that is not the case. 

Val is committed to long locks: “My hair is a lot of work. It isn’t easy to grow long, thick, and shiny hair, but I developed a system for it, and I’m very pleased. Many people do not even believe that this is my real hair! My program consists of two miraculous elixirs, which I use to grow long, strong hair. It makes my hair thicker and it looks shinier.” Great tip, for those with access. Where exactly are regular folks supposed to find that, Valeria?

What to make of it all

There is no point in denying it: Valeria Lukynova is one fascinating human being. Honestly, who is anything like her?

From a normal childhood to practicing the dark arts and witchery, to becoming a human Barbie doll, a spiritual guru, psychic and now a gym bunny — this woman sure seems to have done it all. But motivated people never give up on progress, and Val doesn’t like to sit idle. How is she conquering Instagram with so much competition and Photoshop?

Interesting Life

Most agree that Human Barbie is as interesting as you can get in the big, wild world of the web. Whether you truly believe her whimsical tales is another question, altogether!

According to Val: “I’m constantly in the process of transformation. My inner world is changing, and the exterior changes to go along with it. Now, I am a body fitness model, a real Amazon warrior, and I like it. This is my ideal look, but there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done on my figure.” A tremendous amount of work, she says! What are her body goals for next year?

What Does The Human Barbie Look Like Now?

Keeping up with Valeria is now easier than ever. On her Instagram page, she regularly posts selfies, motivational videos, and spiritual updates for around 804,000 followers. An impressive crowd, so far!

Big news: Though she’s definitely still recognizable, her current look has evolved quite a bit. She seems to be more aesthetically inspired by costumes from Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings nowVal has also changed her stance on makeup, often sharing new barefaced looks for her fans to admire her natural beauty. But after suspected extensive surgery, is natural beauty really possible?

Barefaced and Natural

Val has explicitly shared with her fans that she much prefers a natural look nowadays, and that can be seen. Even when she does wear makeup, the model does opt for softer options than she did at the beginning of her celebrity.

And now, she has also redefined her titles. She describes herself as a “Metaphysician, medium, writer, lecturer, mason, Cantante opera ambient”. Say that five times fast, fans! In the years that have passed since she first rose to fame, she did many spiritual webinars. But she has always diversified her career, from DJ to opera singer. Which gig is her real focus at the moment?

Still Spiritual and Musical

Valeria Lukyanova is one of a kind. Her online content is still heavily spiritual, and she still loves to reveal new diet plans from time to time. The girl is consistent, in that sense! What is Val eating, these days?

More than just air, thankfully. She’s now a vegetarian and follows a special nutrition system. What else is new? Valeria is still developing her career in the musical arts, and has also taken up composing. Plus, she’s also studying foreign languages! Sometimes, she sings songs in Spanish on social media. Fans wonder what the next few years will look like for Valeria and her career, but it seems only time will tell for this Barbie girl in a not-so-barbie-world. One thing is for sure: Evolve, she will!