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40 Ways To Save Caravan Space

Caravan life is the best life. What better way to have a memorable experience that is also pleasurable and relaxing? The only complaint some people have is the caravan’s small space. In the absence of space optimization, a properly planned holiday or road trip can become very stressful.

Fortunately, this article is here to save the day. We have listed 40 ways to help anyone maximize any available space in any mobile home, whatever its size may be. Though using any available area in a small camper can be tricky, these 40 worry-free ways are sure to make the process easy peasy.

Read on to find out about some excellent space-saving solutions to make your caravan experience a holiday to remember!

Sticky Trouble-Free Hooks

These hooks are an ultimate space-saving solution. It is one of the best hacks for those who want to hang anything within a tiny area. The best thing about these hooks—they can be utilized anywhere and everywhere, even in compact corners.


Ensure that the adhesives for the hooks are strong. The hooks’ capacity must also be considered. These details are important for the hooks to last, as too much stress can affect their strength.

Laundry Bag Made of Fabric

Having a plastic laundry basket in a caravan takes up a lot of space. It can also be a major hurdle as using it requires bringing the basket out before taking a shower. We, therefore, believe there is a better option available.

Image courtesy: anchordeco.com

Having a fabric laundry bag is the best and most practical way to solve the laundry problem inside a small mobile home. This item can be placed behind your toilet seat while showering without it getting damp. Plus, it is foldable and thus a space-saver.

Antibacterial Damp Cloths

These cloths are not actually damp, but they don’t need to be soaked in water. They are essentially antibacterial wipes and have been pre-made using preservatives to avoid any bacteria and mold from growing in them. These cloths can be used for washing up without the need for soap and water.

Image courtesy: ebay.com

The fact that they are reusable makes them an eco-friendly alternative to baby wipes. Plus, they can be placed on the toilet roll holder. A nice feature is that this product is available in many different colors, making it an ideal solution for organizing the use of each textile.

Waterproof Shower Hooks

Towels are essential when traveling, but the problem of where to let them air-dry is one problem caravan users always have. Fortunately, these waterproof silicone hooks are readily available in many stores. These can hold objects that weigh up to 2 kilograms, making them ideal for lightweight and children’s towels.

Image courtesy: Amazon.com

Plus, these practical hooks are movable, so you can feel free to change their location according to your needs. However, the downside is that they may not be strong enough to hold wet towels for adults.

Portable Toiletry Bag

This portable toiletry bag was made to aid you in storing all your toiletries in a single place. Besides its space-saving feature, it allows easy access to everything you need when you have to go. The search is over—everything is in the bag.

Image courtesy: Beach Go?ers/Pinterest

Various types of bags are available. A few have partitions that can help separate items, while others are easily collapsible. Some also come with hooks, hangers, and other commodities. No more mess in your bathroom!

Linen Rolling

Though this is not an item but more of a technique, rolling linen can help you save space within the cupboard of your mobile home. Roll your towels and linen, so you don’t have to leave them scattered in a pile. Doing so will not only provide you with a lot more space but make it prettier and more organized.

Image courtesy: thistlewoodfarms.com

Rolling linen is a traditional method that has been used even by military personnel. Essentially, it creates a lot of available space. Besides the extra space, it makes selecting which linen to use from a stack a lot easier.

Small Storage Cubes

These storage cubes can keep clothes neat in any space, they are created using lightweight fabric, so they can fit nearly anywhere, like under the bed or inside a closet. These boxes are convenient to carry around and help organize all your items.

Image courtesy: Anchordeco.com

The great thing about these storage cubes is the different colors they are available in, they not only keep everything organized but the cubes also brighten any space. Kids can now easily reach any item and find them a lot easier, too.

Flexible 12-volt Fans

Fans are of extreme importance on trips. However, some may be too heavy to be carried around. 12-volt fans are a perfect solution as they are flexible and portable. They definitely are the best alternative to standing or table fans.


12-volt fans can be screwed onto the wall so that a fan can be installed in each corner of the caravan. This way, you can save space and also provide the caravan with a much-needed breeze.

Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Being in a clean environment is critical because dust and dirt can end up everywhere. Cleaning a caravan might need tons of cleaning chemicals as well as cleaning towels. However, all these can take up a lot of space.


Throw your paper towels out and make some space for multipurpose, reusable, environment-friendly, space-saving cleaning cloths. It is best to get microfiber cloths and similar materials that are lightweight and durable.

Use Grillers As Storage

Grillers take up a lot of space. Still, it would be a shame to remove them because they are useful items, especially during the holidays. The best way to save space without sacrificing a hefty utensil is to convert it to storage space. Use them to keep your dishes and baking trays.

Samantha Lui/huffpost.com

Remember that grillers have internal space available, which can be utilized if you are not grilling. Cooking utensils can be placed inside it, allowing them to have two purposes for the price of one.

Handy Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic boards are handy items that can keep you updated with all the necessary notes, reminders, and shopping lists while you’re on the road. All you need is a marker, pins, and a duster so you can attach notes to it.

Image courtesy: ivalueeveryidea / Instagram

Magnetic boards can be placed on any wall space and are easily movable. It is available in any size and can be purchased based on where you want to put the board. You can buy boards with calendars, detachable panels, or just regular whiteboards.

Collapsible Bins

Trash cans must not be neglected and need to be present in a mobile home, even if you are trying to save space. Bins must be functional while also taking up as little space as possible in the vehicle. Every bit of space matters, after all.

Image courtesy: Food52.com

A perfect example is this collapsible bin which can do two things. It can store away refuse as well as increase storage space. It is an effective hack and a must-have. Plus, when it is not required, it is easily collapsible and can be kept elsewhere.

Traditional Potato Box

It is easy to think that a potato box is a bulky item that should not be included in this list because it takes up too much space. But actually, this box is not only used for potatoes. It can also be used to store fruits and vegetables because it keeps them fresh.

Image courtesy: koyumeya / Instagram

However, it is best to have potato boxes in your caravan only if you have additional space in your kitchen cupboard or if you have a large drawer. If you do have the space, this addition is worth it. There’s nothing like squeezing a little more life out of your favorite fruit or vegetable items.

Space-Saving Cups Drawer

Cups need to be properly stored in a special cup drawer. This item is designed to store drinking wares that are not being used after they have been washed. Doing so allows the kitchen space of your caravan to be neat and orderly.


However, if your kitchen caravan already has a cup drawer, you really do not need to have another drawer. Just make sure that what you have allows kids to reach whatever they need anytime and easily when needed.

Pantry Containers

Pantry containers are ideal storage solutions for snacks and ingredients. They come in various sizes and shapes. As with all things, just make sure you choose the size that is suited for the space you have.

Image courtesy: IKEA.is

Though pantry containers are convenient, make sure to choose wisely. Your containers can take up a lot of space if you go for looks over pragmatism. We suggest that such containers be placed in your van’s overhead area.

Toaster Fry Pan

As the name suggests, a toaster fry pan can be used to toast or fry food items. It saves anyone not just caravan space but the stress of having to bring two pans for toasting and frying. Both functions can be performed by this one kitchen item.


Plus, fry pan toasters are extremely lightweight and easily portable. It can be placed on top of the stove or used to barbecue meat when you camp off-grid. You’ll be surprised what you can get out of this one little item—just make sure not to lose it!

Small-Size Hangers

Small hangers can be used to hand small pieces of clothing, such as underwear and socks. Such portable hangers add more space to your clothesline without actually using more area within your mobile home. These hangers could either be made from stainless steel or plastic.


If you do use small hangers, it is highly advisable to use stainless steel as the plastic ones can be easily destroyed by the heat of the sun. They may be a little pricier, but stainless steel hangers will save you money in the long run.

The Useful BBQARM

Barbecue tables are usually collapsible and take up a lot of space within the tunnel boot. In order to save the necessary space, we highly advise that you replace the table with a functional alternative that is also small.

Image courtesy: bbqarm.com/au

The best option is the BBQARM as it is easily portable and can be taken anywhere, allowing for easy travel. Its table is easy to set up and can be stored easily within the tunnel boot. Compared to the BBQ table, the BBQARM is collapsible and does not take up much storage space.

Outdoor Or External Cupboard

If you are serious about adding space to your mobile home, the best solution is to create an outdoor cupboard. We recommend you exert some creative effort and go as large or as small as your available space allows.

Image courtesy: retrorenovation.com

Essentially, outdoor cupboards can be utilized to store objects you no longer need or do not frequently use, such as bug spray, picnic rugs, pegs, springs, and even power outlets. Your own imagination is the limit, but you can always look online for inspiration.

Caravan Dust-Proofing

Using this critical hack ensures that your caravan is free from dust during the off-season. Surely, you do not want to return to your caravan and discover it filled with dust! Having to clean all that dust away could require many extra hours of cleaning prior to starting your road trip.

Image courtesy: pioneercaravans.co.uk

Remember that there are certain areas in the van where dust can seep through. As much as possible, seal any nook and cranny to make sure any dust remains outside your caravan. It’s advisable to use tape in order to secure the entryways.

Single Water Outlet

It is best to utilize a single hose compared to various individual outlets. You can actually do this on your own as long as you have the necessary tools. However, you can hire a plumber to fix any issues if they arise.


Fortunately, permanent greywater outlets are available for hoses, which can make the process easy. You simply have to connect a single hose when you pull up. Keeping it simple is the name of the game.

Air Conditioning

Though saving space is a necessity, it is not advisable to do so when you have to sacrifice air conditioning. No one needs to suffer amidst the heat. It is not only uncomfortable, but it also goes against the idea of an enjoyable holiday. Vacations must be fun; if you are not having fun, it is not a vacation.

Image courtesy: Michael Hession / New York Times

Fortunately, there are now new-age caravans that are equipped with air conditioning. But if your caravan doesn’t have one, simply install an air conditioner. Either ask the help of a professional or do it yourself.

Keep Magnetic Adhesives Near

Having magnets readily available for your use makes space-saving caravan hacks easy. You don’t need to overanalyze to know where to place them—usually, the front door is a great spot for a magnet. Kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedsides are useful spots for magnetic holders.

Image courtesy: duanesmusicportal.com

You might need to consider the weight capacity of the adhesive for your magnet or sticky hook. Day-to-day items that can be used with these gadgets include hats, chargers, keys, and dog leads. Just don’t forget to detach the dog first.

Get A Sink Cover

Ideally, you should have the space over your caravan sink properly covered. Having a sink cover adds space that can be used while the sink is not in use. Ensure that the cover is appropriately sized and fits perfectly over the sink. If you’re more into DIY, you can even make your own cover with wood or plastic.

Image courtesy: summerstar.com.au

Depending on the cover, you can even use it as a chopping board, but if you do, you have to make sure the board is clean and properly sanitized. This way you can chop your food without taking up precious table space.

Stackable Containers

Items that are stackable and can be nested are ideal to be used in a caravan because they can free up additional space. Feel free to stack your kitchen pots, containers, and bowls according to their particular size. Some even come as fun little sets, such as this one.

Image courtesy: thefembassy.com

Stacking them from the biggest to smallest helps you conserve space and allow only the biggest-sized container to take up room. Some bowls and pans come in various sizes, which fit perfectly together. Many camping outlets may have these for sale.

Racks For Magazines

Magazine holders need not only hold magazines. Metal magazine holders can be placed strategically to keep essential items in their proper places. This will come in handy for items which might move around during transit or otherwise clutter the area.

Image courtesy: summerstar.com.au

Even the kids’ room can use a magazine holder. Place one within the vicinity of the bunk bed and have that store their toys, snacks, or books. The kitchen can also benefit from a magazine holder; you can store trash bags, bottles, and aluminum wrap rolls.

Vertical-Thinking Pantry

Never underestimate the power of vertical space. As much as possible, use it to your advantage. Make sure to be creative when storing items in your pantry area. If you can, utilize items that will expand your storage space.

Image courtesy: summerstar.com.au

Internal shelves that are smaller—or pull-out drawers that can be placed within bigger cupboards—are ideal. The important thing to consider is that you must still be able to walk freely in the pantry and not overload your shelves.

Same For Same

There are benefits to putting similar items together. If the same objects are placed in the same container, it is easier to retrieve them. In mobile homes, a fabric container can do the trick. It is best to get one that can be easily folded when not in use.

Image courtesy: mailerhunt.com

A fabric container can store jars, boxes, toys, and any other utility item that doesn’t need to be hanging around loose. Adding a handle can allow anyone to easily access it because it can be hung close by or used for picnics. Hanging a fabric container is another way of making use of free space.

Sticky Hooks And Toothbrushes

The best way to keep toothbrushes organized but readily available is by placing them in sticky hooks. These items place toothbrushes on a wall and make sure the toothbrush stays in place. You have to place it at a height that is neither too high nor too low so that a child or an adult would not find it hard to reach.

Image courtesy: society19.com

It’s a great solution to have individual hooks available for every person, that way, no one loses their toothbrush, and the brushes can no longer mingle with one another. Sticky hooks can be placed in areas where they will be kept dry and hygienic.

Neat Shoe Organizers

Shoes misplaced at the entrance are an invitation to be injured because they are a tripping hazard. They also take up a lot of unnecessary space, and there is nothing worse than looking for a certain pair of shoes and not being able to find them. Disorganized shoes also make any place look unkempt.

Image courtesy: Camping World/Pinterest

Shoe organizers solve all these problems since they help keep all of the shoes in a single place. Such organizers can be placed near the bed or the front door of the mobile home. They also help to keep dirt from the outside trapped.

Refreshing Shower Caddies

Shower caddies are essential items that need to be purchased. They keep bathrooms looking beautiful, and they are portable enough to be used anywhere. These items are perfect for storing bathroom essentials.

Image courtesy: wayfair.com

Feel free to choose from a slew of shower caddies that fit your every need. You can select one that suits the style and size of your bathroom, as well as your budget. Make sure you buy stainless steel or products that won’t rust easily.

Magnets For Shower Doors

If you are annoyed by having to close a shower door constantly—there’s a solution. We understand that if a caravan is parked at a certain angle, the shower door is prone to be open. Fortunately, magnetic strips can solve the issue.


If you forgot to clip the door back when traveling, having magnetic strips with a powerful adhesive can help stop the door from closing and opening on its own during transit. All you need to do is place the strips to the sides of the door, and voila! No more door slams.

Adult Towels’ Screw-in Hooks

Towel rails occupy a lot of space, so removing them altogether would be ideal. In its place, it is best to get an item with the ability and strength to hold adult towels while also saving space. These need to be similarly accessible and allow items to be air-dried.


Though sticky hooks are the first thing to enter anyone’s mind, they may not be strong enough. However, screw-in metal hooks are perfect as they hold towels in place and keep them within easy reach. These hooks can be placed in corners so that towels stay out of the way.

Holder And Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes need to be kept in place. A holder can keep it out of the way as well as make your bathroom look organized. Toilet brush holders can be attached to a wall behind the toilet or beside a sink cabinet.


Such holders actually have two functions: besides being able to keep a brush in its proper place, the handle can hold spare toilet rolls and keep them secure enough to not unravel during bumpy rides.

Hanger For Jewelry

Trust us when we say you need a jewelry hanger. We are all guilty of keeping our jewelry scattered all over the house. But having a jewelry hanger will help you see and organize essential pieces easily.

Image courtesy: Happy Wood Products/Pinterest

Though a jewelry hanger is not the most advisable item to be used inside a moving caravan, other solutions, such as jewelry boxes and organizers, can also do the trick. It doesn’t take up too much space and will give you peace of mind knowing your collection is all in one place.

Clothing Nook

As ever, the best advice we can give you is not to waste any caravan space if you can help it. Make sure you utilize everything and check underneath the bottom of the bunk if it can accommodate extra shelves.

Image courtesy: catrinasivula.com

Having an additional clothing nook will help you keep more clothes. Even the empty space above the clothing drawer can be used to store another shelf. However, you will need to find an appropriately-sized drawer for it.

Add In Hanging Rails

Though hanging bars are a good idea, we believe that changing these to hanging rails is better. These are ideal when you want to have more hanging space in your caravan. Essentially, hanging bars can be replaced with hanging extendable rails.

Image courtesy: zebedee.co

Doing so allows you to store items against a wall instead of placing them on the floor. Hanger rails also double the number of hangers you can use compared to a hanging bar. Make sure you purchase the extendable ones, so you don’t need to worry about any fitting issues.

A Smart TV Is The Key

A caravan holiday might mean missing out on having a decent television reception while out in the country. Should you ditch having a TV? No way! The solution? Get yourself a smart TV. They’re flat these days and shouldn’t take up too much of your space.

Image courtesy: lifewire.com

Having a smart TV allows you to use your Wi-Fi and connect to Netflix or any streaming service of your choice—as long as your destination is within the Wi-Fi range. You can also play video games or even put some music on, doubling its use as a speaker.

Easy-To-Use Inverter Power Board

Having an additional power source provides you with more opportunities to keep your laptop and phone adequately charged while out on vacation. We recommend that you have a protected power board connected to the inverter and have it permanently attached to a place where it will be more convenient to use.


Having a surge-protected power board is ideal when you plan to connect a power board to an inverter. The presence of surge protection keeps your devices from getting damaged. Fortunately, they are available in most department stores and electronic shops.

Storage for Microwave

The best mindset when it comes to caravans is to think about saving space and using any area as a storage place. For example, make sure you do not leave out your microwave. When not in use, have it function as a food container.


Though a microwave is an essential piece of equipment in the kitchen, it is always best to use it as a space maximizer while unplugged. Sometimes storage space comes in the least imagined places. That’s why you have to think outside (or inside) the box.