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40 Celebrity Selfies Taken on Their Private Jets

Owning a private jet means you are living a luxurious life while being a hard worker in your chosen field. These lush indulgences operate on your schedule, not an airline’s, so you get to skip all the usual hassles. There’s no queuing for commercial flights, no airplane food, and no unwanted layovers. You can fly to any destination in the world, from Timbuktu to Madagascar, without ever having to worry about delays or crowds.

While this is a luxury that’s well and truly out of reach for most of us, we can live vicariously through selfies from the celebs we love (and love to hate). Fair warning: If you’ve never had the chance to luxuriate in a private jet, you might turn a little green with envy while scrolling through these private jet selfies.

Who runs the world? Beyonce!

Beyonce is considered one of the most successful stars of this century. She is known as Queen B because she is able to tick all the boxes – singing, dancing, acting, and posing for private jet selfies.

Queen B is recognized as the most successful female artist of the century, and such fame always comes with the kind of money that can buy you a private jet. Beyonce quite literally runs the world from her personal aircraft, which allows her to travel anywhere, anytime.

Lots of hearts for Kylie Minogue

This Aussie singer-songwriter is regarded as an international icon. Her songs, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” “The Loco-Motion,” “Especially for You,” and more brought her to stardom, and of course, if you are an international icon, there must be international tours.

This picture was taken when she arrived in the UK in March 2017. With her own private jet, the schedule for her international tours becomes so much easier to manage. It gives her time and space to relax in the midst of her hectic schedule. She seems to feel loved by her fans in this picture.

Angelina Jolie and her private jets

Angelina Jolie is an actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Aside from receiving a lot of accolades for her projects, can you believe that she is also fond of flying planes? This hobby started in 2004, and it was all thanks to her son’s interest in planes when he was a child. Because of this “hobby,” Angelina was able to acquire her pilot license.

She still loves flying with their family’s private jet, and there was a story that Angelina was able to make it to a family gathering because she’d gotten flying lessons alongside her son, Maddox, who’s now 20. Yup, a supermom indeed!

Harrison Ford – just your average guy

Harrison Ford is one of the most respected actors of his time. Because of his talent, he has appeared in many films that have gone on to receive Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations. Besides acting, Ford also enjoys collecting aircraft that he pilots himself.

Collecting planes makes his heart happy. He gives thanks to his prominent characters, Indiana Jones and Han Solo, for launching his love of big machines. Unlike many celebs, he can also be seen carrying his own bags when he goes on a trip. Definitely, an average guy (with a plane collection)!

Ludacris and his buddy

This American rapper doesn’t just win in the world of music – he is also known for his character Tej Parker in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Ludacris is an expert in his craft, and he’s yet another celeb who has earned his own private jet.

It was a no-brainer for fans of Ludacris that he owns a private jet. While there is no information about the insides of the plane, the cost has been made public. His jet is a Hawker 700 worth close to $20 million. He also has a pilot license, so he travels with his buddy often. 

Elon Musk owns a lot – including a private jet

As the CEO of Tesla Motors, it’s expected that Musk would own a lot of cars, even from other brands. But having his own private jet? To be honest, we’re not surprised about that either. Elon Musk’s wealth is so massive that he was able to buy a G550 in 2008 for about $14 million.

Reports have revealed that he covers about 150,000 miles every year in it. We wonder how convenient it is to travel for leisure and work without lining up in a queue on a commercial plane.

George Clooney and Rande Gerber’s pilot experience

This Ocean’s Eleven actor, George Clooney, uses his $43 million aircraft regularly, although he said he is a huge advocate of reducing your carbon footprint. He must do a lot of offsetting to justify his trips in that beast of a machine!

One great thing about Clooney is that he is generous in letting his celebrity friends use the plane. Aside from his best friend, Rande Gerber, Clooney has hosted Jennifer Aniston, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry on his aircraft. We’re waiting patiently for one of our friends to get a private jet. 

Cardi B’s luxurious jet

Everyone’s favorite controversial rapper, Cardi B, owns a private jet because of course she does! Reports have revealed that it’s worth about $20 million, and it’s said to be extra luxurious. Once again, we’re not surprised.

Fortunately, she took snaps of the inside of her private jet, and from what we can see, it is definitely lavish. Cardi B’s private jet has a large TV, a bed, leather seats, an A-1 sound system, and several mirrors. Plus, delicious food is always on hand when you’re traveling with Cardi B!

Nicolas Cage’s national treasure

This National Treasure star found his own national treasure – the Gulfstream G550, which commands a price of about $30 million. We’ve heard this jet is like a luxury apartment in the sky, complete with a kitchen, conference room, and an area where you can enjoy drinks.

Commercial flights are a thing of the past for this man. He quite literally wants to take the kitchen sink with him wherever he goes, so even a first-class seat would never do. A private jet that looks like your home? That’s so Nicolas Cage.

Air Drake, here we go!

This Canadian hip-hop artist was able to earn his own private jet, and “Air Drake” apparently set him back about $200 million. How did he manage to have $200 mil spare for a personalized plane? Selling 170 million records internationally certainly helped.

Aside from that very noticeable “Air Drake” sign, the jet has apparently been personalized inside as well. This means that he definitely spent more than $200 million on the jet in total. We can only imagine how it looks inside!

Jim Carrey’s private jet is not a joke

Although Jim Carrey has a great sense of humor, he was not joking when he said he bought a Gulfstream V for $59 million. Thanks to his successful movies, he was able to pick up his own private jet without stressing out his business manager.

Aside from bringing joy to the public, Carrey also brings joy to his friends as he lets them use his plane on special occasions. They just have to cover costs. Are you interested in renting Jim’s private jet? It costs about $8,000 per hour to fly. We’re not sure if the pilot is already included in that price, but perhaps we can afford it if we all chip in. What do you think?

Jackie Chan being cute with his jet

This martial arts hero also loves planes. He actually has two Embraer planes, and he loves using them whenever he needs to travel internationally. He has a Legacy 650 and a Legacy 500, the latter of which you can see in this picture.

Both jets set him back $50 million in total, and Jackie Chan loves them equally. We hear he uses the 650 for longer travels and the 500 for shorter ones. One question we haven’t found an answer to is whether he has an area to practice his martial arts skills on the plane. 

Kanye West and his Boeing 747

Aside from being an American rapper, Kanye has also faced a lot of controversies, including his divorce from Kim Kardashian. However, this hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his private Boeing 747. The word is that Kim Kardashian picked the plane, and it cost $95 million.

He seems annoyed while getting out of his private jet. We understand why. This private jet has a rather spacious lounge, a bathroom, and several guest rooms. Anyone would have that facial expression if they had to step out of the luxurious place and go back into the real world. 

Oprah Winfrey’s massive aircraft

Time magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2004, Oprah Winfrey can be seen here flexing her $42 million private jet, which is one of the biggest private aircraft in the world. We suppose that’s fitting for someone who was declared Woman of the Year.

Like Jim Carrey and George Clooney, Oprah is generous with her jet. She allows her friends to use it for vacations, though she generally uses it for work-related commitments. Do you wish you were friends with Oprah? Don’t worry – we do too!

Valentino Garavani loves to read on his jet

A-lister Valentino Garavani is the fashion designer behind Valentino. As part of the upper echelon, he would obviously be living in luxury. He owns not just a private jet but also a superyacht, the latter of which he named T.M. Blue One.

His partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, took this photo while they were traveling on a private jet. Valentino looks classy and elegant, even while catching up on his reading. We can’t decide if we’d rather have access to his wardrobe or his private jet. 

Selfie Queen Paris Hilton hanging with the pilots

The daughter of business mogul Richard Hilton, Paris was a well-known fashion icon during the early 2000s. Since she grew up surrounded by wealth and opulence, owning a private jet is just basic for her.

This hotel heiress and entrepreneur loves to take a selfie whenever she has a chance to, especially on important trips. This selfie was taken while midflight when she was on her way to the Cannes Film Festival. We hope she didn’t distract the pilots too much!

Stylish Chris Pratt

Guardians of the Galaxy lead Chris Pratt has been working a lot in the pursuit of fame and fortune. Even after his roles in Jurassic World and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit.

He definitely looks good in this photo taken on his private jet. This is one of the reasons why he just can’t do commercial flights anymore – he couldn’t pull off a classy selfie like this if other passengers were trying to cram their bags into the overhead compartments. 

Ellie Goulding and her pitbull go on vacation!

“Love Me Like You Do” singer Ellie Goulding has been in the industry for quite some time, and it’s nice to know that she is investing in something worthwhile, like a private jet that she can use for work and leisure.

Ellie was on her way to a vacation on a yacht when this picture was taken. She was greeted by her pitbull, George, instead of the cabin crew. George seems to be excited about the trip! We hope they had a relaxing vacation together. 

Kendall Jenner with her stylish buddy

Kendall Jenner, one of the icons of this generation, posed perfectly in front of a private jet. You just know that Kendall is always camera ready, no matter the angle. Just take a look at how much style Kendall delivers to this photo. She’s even matched her outfit to her private jet.

Kendall and her stylish four-legged buddy both looked great in this picture. This photo was taken minutes before they boarded a plane for a wonderful vacation. We have to admit, we’re a tad envious of her lifestyle! 

Justin Bieber playing hockey on his jet

As one of the most successful pop stars in the world, it’s no surprise that sometimes Justin Bieber wants to enjoy his life by vacationing with his wife, Hailey. Luckily, flying private means he has access to a comfortable bed that even the best first-class cabins can’t compete with.

While Justin was playing hockey on his private jet, Hailey was busy relaxing on the comfortable recliner. She’s perfectly happy tapping away on her phone. You can see the TV in the background. What does it feel like to chill with the Biebers?

Gigi Hadid’s runway

Model of the moment Gigi Hadid showed that the best supermodels can make anything look stylish – even a wet airfield on a rainy day. Thanks to her Hadid genes, she’s able to make anything look good with just a snap.

This photo was taken when she was on her way to her 21st birthday celebrations in Las Vegas. Gigi was the epitome of a supermodel, ready for a picture anytime, anywhere! We’re not sure those are the ideal shoes for air travel, though. 

Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s glamorous fly

When you’re on tour as a member of one of the world’s biggest girl groups, is there any other way to travel than on a private jet? English singer-songwriter Leigh-Anne Pinnock (who is a member of Little Mix) glamorously posed for a picture while on a private jet.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock was recently spotted in Singapore and Australia before heading off for a holiday on a luxury yacht in Marbella, Spain. Leigh-Anne shows just how fabulous flying private can be. You go, girl!

Cristiano Ronaldo is on vacation with his friends

This Portuguese professional football player rose to stardom thanks to his skills on the field. After earning the attention of Europe’s biggest football clubs, he signed with English powerhouse Manchester United in 2003. He was an instant sensation and came to be regarded as one of the best forwards in the game.

Ronaldo has clearly earned every inch of that amazing private jet. As you can see from this picture, he doesn’t forget to chill with his friends. This snap was taken in 2016 with his friends, and it was just another one of many celebrations he’s had on his private jet.

John Travolta, the aviation enthusiast

The real-life Danny Zuko from Grease is living his best life, and a big part of it centers around his love for aviation. John Travolta is a licensed pilot, and over the years, he has owned several aircraft, from an Eclipse 500 to a Boeing 707.

Looking good in his pilot uniform, Travolta shows how flying brings him confidence and joy. His Boeing cost him more than $55 million and could once welcome up to 150 people. However, Travolta customized his jet to board only 15. This gave him plenty of space to play with when designing a luxury interior. 

Strike a pose with Mariah Carey

As one of the world’s most famous pop divas, it seems only right that Mariah Carey should travel by private jet wherever she goes. From international concerts to luxury escapes, Mariah can go anywhere with her private jet.

Although Carey did not tell fans where she was going when she shared this picture on social media, she had recently been seen enjoying a yacht vacation in the Italian Riviera with her former fiancé and the yacht’s owner, James Packer. We can just imagine how much she enjoyed that vacation.

Not a mission impossible for Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise also has his own private jet, proving that no mission is really impossible if you have enough money. Like many other celebs on this list, Tom customized his Gulfstream IV to reflect his personal style.

Reports have revealed that the jet has leather seats and coffee makers just in case you’re sleepy but want to watch the clouds float by. You’ll also find a microwave in case you’re craving some buttered popcorn. The jet can fit 14 people. Can we be invited, please?

Celine Dion’s heart will go on for her private jet

International singer Celine Dion was a standout performer on the official soundtrack to Titanic. After decades of fame, she is living her best and most luxurious life. She deserves it as she has worked hard these past few years. The jet reportedly cost her somewhere close to $42 million.

The snake skin in this picture is fitting for a trip on a private jet. She wasn’t shy about striking a pose before enjoying the luxurious life inside her private jet. Reports have suggested that Celine’s jet has many bathrooms and a kitchen as well. We wonder how many people it can accommodate.

The enchanting love story of Taylor Swift and her Falcons

Country pop star Taylor Swift travels in her own jet. From international tours to self-care time, she loves using her Falcon airbuses, and yes, we mean airbuses plural. She owns two planes – a Falcon 50 and a Falcon 900.

Sources have said that the Falcon 900 cost about $58 million, making it a rather expensive ride. Its registration number ends with TS, which is the popular singer’s initials. Is there a karaoke bar inside her plane? We want to see her belt out songs while traveling.

Superyacht plus private jet – that’s Kylie Jenner’s style

How better to end your celebrity superyacht vacation than on a private jet? After spending a weekend in Turks & Caicos in August 2016 to celebrate her 19th birthday, reality TV star Kylie Jenner jetted out of the Caribbean destination on a luxury jet.

This reality TV star has her own makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and she’d already made $420 million in retail sales just 18 months after launching it. She clearly put some of this cash into her Gulfstream G65OER. We hear that she enjoys visiting Caribbean destinations with her sister Kendall Jenner and friends Hailey Baldwin and Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Father’s Day celebration with Jay-Z

The CEO of Def Jam Recordings, Jay-Z, has been central to the creative and commercial success of artists Kanye West, Rihanna, and J. Cole, It’s no surprise that he and his wife, Queen Beyonce, have their own private jet. Jay-Z’s jet is spacious and can accommodate about seven guests.

For Father’s Day, Beyonce gifted her hardworking husband a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet back in 2012. Jay-Z is fortunate in every way possible. The sky’s the limit for this dynamic duo.

First class is not enough for Diddy Combs

American rapper, record executive, and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs spent Christmas 2016 on a yacht in St Barths. After that, he jetted back to the USA for the glamorous New Year’s Eve bash in Las Vegas.

Of course, when you’re Diddy, not even first class will do, so Combs flew to his party in a private jet. Diddy’s jet even came with a personalized welcome mat bearing the name of his record label, Bad Boy Records. We wish we could hop on his jet so we could see that welcome mat.

Karlie Kloss is a hardworking social media star

American model Karlie Kloss swapped New York Fashion Week for a relaxing break in St. Barts in February 2017, but that didn’t mean she forgot all the hard work going on back home.

Posing on the private jet, which was ready to whisk her off to the Caribbean, she posted this image with the caption, “St Barths bound. Wearing my @DVF wrap dress on this runway…and wishing good luck to @DVF and @saunderstudio on their #NYFW runway today”. Karlie is indeed a social media star!

Elsa Pataky’s holidaze

When you’re one-half of a Hollywood power couple, obtaining a private jet becomes necessary to juggle hectic schedules. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be used for the occasional vacation.

Elsa Pataky – actress of the Fast and Furious franchise and wife of Chris Hemsworth – jetted off for a girl’s holiday to the Dominican Republic on a private plane in March 2017. In the photo on the right, you can see Elsa and Chris relaxing on their private plane while on their way to meet family for a vacation.

No layovers for Eva Longoria

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria can fly anywhere she wants thanks to her private jet. She doesn’t need to worry about layovers, nor does she have to wait for a long time in an airport with a crowd of other travelers.

The flexibility and larger range of destinations afforded by a private jet make it the ideal way to travel for celebrities. Eva discovered this on a 2017 trip around Spain in which she retraced her family history, flying by her own jet to lesser-known locations such as Asturias and Covadonga.

Lewis Hamilton’s red toy

Lewis Hamilton’s race-car-red Bombardier Challenger 605 is one of the F1 driver’s trademarks, and it often appears on his social media feeds. This is absolutely his favorite toy, so it always has a space on his personal Instagram account.

Hamilton posted this picture, which was probably taken by model and friend Winnie Harlow. Other family and friends joined him as he took a break from work on a yacht in Mykonos before competing in the British Grand Prix in July 2017.

The Rock’s home in the sky

Skyscraper star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s reason for investing in a private jet is that it offers unparalleled comfort and privacy to work while traveling. His movies are top-billed, and he is also one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

The Rock demonstrated his work ethic perfectly when he shared these snaps of himself doing his homework for the Skyscraper movie while on a quick vacay to Vancouver, Canada, where the film was shot.

Father and daughter in the sky

Legendary musician Lionel Richie and his model daughter Sofia Richie shared a series of photos from a private jet expedition to New York in September 2017.

The father and daughter duo were joined by other members of the Richie family who visited the Big Apple from their home in Los Angeles. The trip was organized to support Sofia as she walked in Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion Week runway show. This vacation is something that Sofia will always remember fondly.

Off to somewhere warmer with Devon Windsor

How better to beat the January frost than by jetting off to a part of the world that’s enjoying sunny weather? This is exactly what American model Devon Windsor did, posting this snap of herself posing in front of a sizable private jet.

She captioned the picture, “Off to somewhere warmer!” This was taken after Christmas in 2017. Windsor didn’t confirm any destination, but she posted numerous photos showing beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and bikini OOTDs. This gave hints to her fans that she was maybe in the Caribbean or Bahamas.

Rita Ora goes to a lot of music festivals

If you’re flying around the globe to play at music festivals, then a private jet becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. British pop star Rita Ora proved this with a series of social media posts in July 2018 in which she showed herself jetting off to Sweden to play at the Stadsfesten festival.

Aside from using her private jet for work, she is, of course, utilizing it for some time out. She recently enjoyed a luxury yacht vacation in the South of France, posting a photo with the simple caption, “going somewhere.” 

Family vacay time with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared this sweet photo and offered a holiday greeting to her social media followers in December 2017. Imagine if you could jet off on a private plane for Christmas.

The star was pictured holding her six-month-old son Jack as the pair took a pre-Christmas family vacation to Navaho Nation, Utah. She was also seen jetting off for some late summer sun before the start of London Fashion Week in September 2016. What amazing lives models get to live!