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Random Acts of Celebrity Kindness Brought To Light Via Everyday People

From controversies, issues, and allegations, Hollywood is said to be full of negative people. You might be able to understand why they may be the way they are; paparazzi left and right, an inhumane withdrawal of privacy. Even their deepest-held secrets can be splashed all over the internet. 

However, there are some who still give us some faith in humanity. Different Twitter users shared their experiences with celebrities who showed them glimpses of kindness. These stories remind us that celebrities are, at their core, just human beings too and that they deserve to be treated accordingly.

This Person Mistook Morgan for a Family Friend

One of Morgan Freeman’s famous characters, God, from the movie Bruce Almighty, was the most powerful and perfect being in this entire universe, but as Freeman portrayed him, he was kind, as well. Morgan seemed to love the character he portrayed, as he acted as an angel in someone’s life.

This person wrongly took Morgan to be his parents’ friend when he said hi in a bank queue. He then asked questions regarding his wife and son’s health. After he’d reached the front of the queue, the teller asked the person if he knew Freeman—that’s when he realized that he’d just had a conversation with one of the most famous actors of the century.

Swift Acts of Kindness

Swifties are some of the luckiest fans in the world. Their idol, Taylor Swift, is one of the kindest humans in a long list of famous people. Her fans love her talent so much, but they love her more because of her good-hearted actions.

Keep WatchingTaylor has been known to surprise her fans, especially for special events like Christmas or when her new album debuts. The holiday season is also her favorite time of year because it’s a time of giving. Taylor frequently visits hospitals and gives Christmas gifts to fans. Even the pandemic couldn’t stop this compassionate gal.

Chris Martin of Coldplay Has A Big Heart

Chris Martin of Coldplay always has time to visit children in hospitals as part of his world tour. He makes it a point to always bring smiles to children in need.

When he can, he will have conversations with them, sing songs, and give them gifts. This is one of the nice things that Chris does that social media doesn’t know about. His patients are always very appreciative of Chris’s good-hearted visits.

Return Of The King (Of Giving)

The Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest movies of all time. Their majestic locations, marvelous actors, and amazing special effects raised the bar in the cinema world. For all the fantasy creatures of the film, it’s hard to forget the great performances by, you guessed it, the horses. 

These creatures need to be taken care of just like any other living thing, especially by those who ride them. Viggo Mortensen, who played the icon ranger, Strider, AKA Aragorn, decided to do a good deed for the sake of one of the horses. One of the stuntmen wanted to take care of a white horse from one of the scenes. Unfortunately, he could not afford the horse. Luckily, Viggo was able to buy it at an auction. For absolutely nothing, he gave the horse over to the stunt man. The heart of a king!

Princess Leia And Her Life Advice

Star Wars star Princess Leia was played by no other than Carrie Fisher. Her character in the movie is known to be selfless and gracious. As it turns out, Carrie is also like that in real life!

A Twitter user shared her once-in-a-lifetime encounter with Princess Leia, we mean, Carrie. She direct-messaged her while she was having a breakdown and probably didn’t expect a response. However, two days later, Carrie replied to her message and gave her life advice that she would never forget. 

A Real-Life Genie

Robin Williams, the American actor who voiced Genie in the Aladdin animated movie, was a great guy in general. However, what you might not know was that he was a genie to people in real life. 

When you see Robin, you wouldn’t have thought he had a single violent cell in his body. However, when it comes to defending those less fortunate, Robin would always take a stand against bullies, as this Twitter user notes.

Wormwood Family Reunion

Mara Wilson, the actress who played Matilda in the titular film, shared her experience with her two co-actors, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, and how they helped her through a rough patch.

Mara joined the thread and told the whole Twitterverse that Danny and Rhea had let her stay with them when her mom was in the hospital for cancer. This experience can be really traumatic for children. Thankfully, Danny and Rhea gave her a place to stay and warmth when she needed it the most. 

Hobbit Director Make It More Special

It’s not every day that a movies’ extras are able to mingle with huge stars or with the director. However, Peter Jackson, the director of the top-grossing film The Hobbit, broke with tradition and decided to bond with the children on the set.

The kids were truly appreciative of Peter’s gesture. It sounds like they loved the time they spent together. He had lunch with them, took pictures, and signed autographs. He is truly one of the kindest directors out there!

She Makes People Happy

American comedian and voice actor Sarah Silverman has appeared on a lot of shows and films, namely Wreck-it-Ralph. She even had her own program, The Sarah Silverman Show. Aside from making people laugh, she always makes people happy with her gestures of goodwill.

This Twitter user shared that one time, he direct messaged Sarah Silverman because he wanted to go to her show but was too broke to do so at the time. Sarah replied by telling him that he would be on the list for the show. The man and his future wife went to see it together. How beautiful!

In-N-Out For The In-terns!

Tom Hanks is known to be one of the greatest actors of all time because of his legendary skills on stage and on the big screen. Aside from that, he also has a good heart. 

Rachel Paige shared that when she was still an intern at Conan, Tom Hanks brought all the interns In-N-Out burgers because he thought that they looked hungry. It’s nice to have a guy like Tom pass through your workplace. All you have to do is to look hungry for a free burger! 

Science Guy, Or Best Science Guy?

Bill Nye is everyone’s favorite; that Science Guy, if not the Science Guy. 90s kids obviously know him for making Science more exciting and fun, and you might know him nowadays for his efforts in bringing awareness to climate change. But Bill is more than just Science.

In the middle of a crisis, this person accidentally ran into Bill. Of course, being worried and all, Bill gave her some heart-to-heart advice that would help her through. He told her that when things go wrong, look at the stars and just be optimistic. Truly a great person.

Stanley And His Secret Mustache

Stanley Tucci, an American actor who starred in a lot of movies such as  The Devil Wears PradaThe Lovely Bones, and more, has a great heart indeed. It’s not every day that a celebrity will personally go out there and help the less fortunate. A Twitter user shared an experience about Stanley on his way of helping.

Stanley decided to wear a big fake mustache to cook for the homeless. We think he did this to avoid the paparazzi while he focused more on helping. A true act of kindness is one done without observation or praise. The fake mustache is a great choice!

The Wolverine’s Portion

It’s a given that actors in the movie industry have an increased appetite. Shooting a film is hungry work. They seldom have time to take a break and relax, but when they do, you can be sure they’ll want the best.

Hugh Jackman, the actor who played Wolverine, apparently had cravings during his shoots on set. Maybe he was homesick that is why he wanted to order some Australian food. What makes this extraordinary is that he paid for additional catering out of his own pocket for the cast and the crew of the movie. What a guy!

Striking Up A Conversation

Imagine bumping into a celebrity as big as Nicole Kidman and trying to strike up a conversation with her. You’d probably be terrified. But imagine if instead, she turned around and struck up a conversation with you. This is what happened to this lucky bar guy.

This is evidence that celebrities are human beings, too, with their own need to socialize and reach out to others. Like us, they also want to share and listen to people’s stories. This is a great example of that. What a dream come true!

Appreciation Can Do Wonders

At a book signing, authors are expected to sign as many books as they can so that fans can get a copy of their work. Getting a personalized signature can be a great memory for fans. However, Julie Andrews took her book signing game to another level.

Julie thinks that signing a book just is not enough. She flattered her fans by listening to their stories and reaching out, literally, by holding their hands. Julie is such a sweetheart for doing these for her fans.

More From Matilda’s Family

A while ago, Mara Wilson shared how much she appreciated her Matilda co-stars, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. Additionally, she also shared her experience with one of her big sisters, Salma Hayek, after she danced with her little sister at a Hollywood party.

Aside from Salma, Mara’s sister also danced with Shannon Doherty and Mel C of Spice Girls. Mara also emphasized how kindhearted Lucy Lui is. Imagine a nine-year-old innocent in Hollywood without a wide knowledge about life, surrounded by good-hearted sisters. It must be sweet!

The Student Becomes The Master

Brad Pitt is considered to be one of the best-looking actors in Hollywood, and because of that as well as his talents, he landed iconic roles in countless films and TV shows. That might go a way to explain why he’s such a good poker player.

This lucky Twitter user was able to play poker with Pitt while he was working in a movie with him in the 80s. He described Brad as someone who is funny, talented, and has a good heart. Most importantly, Pitt taught this man how to play! At one point, he was even able to beat him. Nice one!

A Family Man Indeed

Men in Hollywood tend to be too busy for their families because of their demanding schedules. They don’t usually have time for their wives and children, but there are still few who consider themselves family men even though they are in the spotlight. Steve Carell is one of those men. 

When he’s at work, he focuses on the job at hand and will work as hard as he can. But when he’s with his family, Steve makes sure that his attention is on them. He sits down at dinner with his family and talks. Moreover, the user shared that Steve is also a good tipper. That’s great since restaurant owners don’t tend to pay their workers properly. Thanks, Steve!

Michelle Pfeiffer Is More Than Just Starstuff

To work with Michelle Pfeiffer would be such an honor. As one of the pillars in Hollywood, you’d think that she’d be hard to approach for a quick word, never mind a story. However, Michelle might break your expectations. 

This former Stardust crew member shared that Michelle spent time swapping stories about their newborn babies. Michelle also gave them some parenting tips, such as where parents should bring their children to in LA when they get older. Such a nice conversation with Michelle!

Strike A Pose

It’s not too common to walk down a street and bump into a celebrity, and not all celebrities will give you the time of day or take a picture with you. But Keanu Reeves, one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, always gives time to a fan who wants to take a snap.

Keanu remained humble and smiled at the camera just as the fan asked. Imagine that, having a bad boy image with a good boy heart like that? Keanu Reeves is one of the good ones! 

The Iconic Robin Williams

It’s sad whenever we think about Robin Williams’ passing. He brought so much joy to so many people. We hope that he’s in a better place, enjoying all the perks of heaven. 

Another Twitter user shared their once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the American actor. Robin gave him graphic novels and anime to watch while they were on set together. Even right after the film ended, they kept in touch for a few years. Just imagine being friends with Robin. That must have been so nice!

Real-life Captain America

When you’re a kid, meeting your favorite superhero is right at the top of your priority list. Those animations or live-action films where they fight bad guys and save the world are inspirational to any kid. But how would it feel to meet your favorite superhero in real life?

Chris Evans AKA Captain America from the world-famous Marvel movies, took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk to a kid who loves him! Chris and even Tom Hiddleston were able to spend some time on this little kid even though they were probably super busy with shoots. Chris also talked about how to be a superhero like Captain America. Wow!

A Chance Encounter

What are the odds of meeting a celebrity while you’re waiting for your job interview? This was exactly what happened to this woman while waiting for her job interview in a library. The celebrity she happened to meet is one of the kindest and wisest out there.

Stephen Fry, known internationally for his role in V for Vendetta, as well as being an all-around intellectual delight, was nice enough to accompany his brand new friend while she was waiting for her interview. They chatted for a while, and he even told the manager to hire her on the spot. The result? The manager hired her. She got the job, plus got to meet the amazing Stephen Fry!

Fans Are A Gift

Fans love their idols so much that they will often do things for them that they wouldn’t do for anyone else. Some will buy their merchandise. Others will write letters, draw artwork, pen fanfictions, and more. But would you commit to a whole academic paper on your favorite celebrity?

This Twitter user shared a story about how David Tennant read an entire academic paper about his play. He didn’t just read all of it but he wrote back a note of appreciation. This was so sweet of David. 

A Champion of Women and All People

People might imagine Kim Kardashian to be the kind of person that definitely won’t help. But that’s not true. Kim has a history of pleading with the powerful to help those in need, and she’s done her fair share of charity work too.

By tweeting about the Female Youth National team, she raised awareness and gave them a platform to shine from. Her kind words definitely boosted the team’s morale, and they will definitely have more energy to play for the sport. 

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Tom Hanks is a widely respected man in the showbiz industry. Having voiced one of animation’s most iconic characters in Toy Story, fans know him worldwide for being there when you need a friend. Tom Hanks is such a nice guy in real life, too.

A fan working at his old job served Tom Hanks. When he asked for a picture, Tom smiled and even said, “walk with me.” The fan did, and they talked! Tom gave life advice and right after, and we’re sure the fan never forgot his words.

America’s Next Top Life Coach

Tyra Banks is considered to be one of the biggest icons in today’s fashion industry. She is famous for hosting America’s Next Top Model and can be seen on other cutting-edge fashion shows. However, what people don’t know about Tyra is that she is a good life advice giver.

This Twitter user shared a situation where Tyra Banks became the best friend she’d always needed. One time, her friend was crying because of a fight with a family member, and out of nowhere, Tyra appeared and comforted her. Tyra also gave her life advice that made her eyes brim with tears. What a good friend, Tyra!

An Angelic Savior

How would you feel if you were supposed to interview a famous celebrity about their latest film, but you were barred from actually seeing their latest work? That would make your job difficult, to say the least. This happened to someone who was set to interview Lucy Liu. Rather than reacting badly, the megastar sympathized and helped her through it. 

Lucy Liu, being the gracious woman that she is, paused everything to help her, and eventually, she succeeded in calming her down. Ten minutes after, she was able to shoot a great interview with her. What a gracious lady! We can’t imagine getting a better start to a career.

The Many Masks of Steve

Halloween is a great time of year. It is a time when people get to dress up and be whatever character they want to be. Being a celebrity does not exempt you from the fun. Apparently, Steve Buscemi, the legendary actor/filmmaker, is fond of dressing up with his friend and musician legend, Elvis Costello, at Halloween.

We want to mention that this isn’t the first time that Buscemi went incognito for the forces of good, but he hasn’t always just done it for fun. During the fall of the World Trade Centre, he donned his old firefighting outfit and jumped in to save people from rubble and dust. What a hero.

Summer Treats

Picture this: It’s a typical hot summer afternoon. You go to grab some ice cream. But what would you do if a celebrity approached you and ate the same kind of ice cream right beside you? It could be nice.

Sinbad, an American stand-up comedian, saw a man who was eating ice cream at Epcot center. As it turns out, he wanted one of the same kinds of ice cream as well! To top it off, he tipped his hat in appreciation for the suggestion, we guess. Cool! 

The Real Rudd

If you will observe Raul Rudd, he comes across as a naturally affable guy. With his charming smile and dazzling eyes, everyone sees him as someone who might be one of their good friends. But it turns out that he really is a nice guy. 

This was a cute encounter with Paul. Serving thousands of people a day can easily confuse baristas. We think they mixed up Paul’s order after a long day. Instead of getting irritable about it, Paul simply shrugged it off and played it cool. That’s the right way to deal with things, we think.

A True Princess

Having to put up with braces during a time in your life when you’re feeling more awkward than you’ll ever be isn’t easy. Just remember that it’s temporary, but after they come out, your smile will dazzle the world. It’s worth it—trust us!

A little girl was crying outside the bathroom at Disneyland because she was frustrated with her new braces. Lindsay noticed and came to her rescue, telling her that braces are cool and that she’d be able to change their colors every month, which is fun in itself. The little girl must have smiled after receiving advice from a real-life Disney Princess. Thanks, Lindsay!

Rockin’ Out With Jack Black

Queen’s songs are famous all over the world, and at any given moment, someone is belting out one of their hits from the bottom of their lungs. From Fat Bottomed Girls to Another One Bites the Dust, their classics are endless. Jack Black is one of their fans groovers—and we’re fans of Jack.

This Twitter user shared his friend’s encounter with the great Jack Black in a gasoline station, of all places. As the story goes, his friend was singing Fat Bottomed Girls at the top of his lungs, and out of nowhere, Jack jumped to sing with him. Who’s jealous of this encounter?

Sweetheart For Life

This pop singer started at a very young age, so a lot of people have long and fond memories of her. Britney Spears may have had her share of controversies, but her real fans have always stood by her, even in her most vulnerable moments. 

One of Britney’s biggest struggles in life was her father’s conservatorship over her. Luckily, after many years of fighting for her rights, the court granted her the freedom that she needed. However, despite all of this, she remains kind and strong for her fans. She’s recently been involved in fighting for the little guy during times of turmoil brought on by the pandemic. Based!

Who Runs the world? Girls, and Queen B!

A-list celebrities are often the subject of gossipy allegations. However, some have managed to stay away from all of that nonsense—not because they’re scared of getting their hands dirty, but because they are naturally good, even in real life.

One good example of this is Beyonce herself. Brad, a Twitter user, shared his experience with Beyonce. It turns out that this beautiful lady introduced herself, built a rapport with the costume team, and even listened to their opinions while they dressed her. She deserves her royal status. Long live Queen B!

The Royal Couple in Hollywood

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are amongst the most well-loved couples (and families) in the industry. There are so many reasons why they are beloved by the masses—they’re cool parents, they have a great sense of humor, and they are also a kind-hearted couple. 

The universe has given us another reason to love them. They’re generous with their time, treasures, and talents. They have donated $2M to food charities and even baked cupcakes for the public good. There’s a reason why they’re heralded as Hollywood’s royal family.

Just Belieb!

This Canadian superstar has been in the limelight at a young age. His song, Baby, shot him to stardom. His success is undeniable. Justin Bieber’s fans are called “Beliebers” because they believe that Justin can do anything.

Justin apparently has a big heart for children. One fan politely asked him in a hotel to give his sister a good luck message as she was about to enter surgery. Justin made his video message especially for her. What a sweet gesture.

“Don’t Worry; It’s Going To Be Okay”

These words have the power to make everything OK, especially when they come from the right person. Even if they come from a stranger, they can be enough to make the world stop spinning around you and bring you back to your feet. Ginnifer Goodwin is more than a stranger. She was somebody’s savior once.

Rachel Paige shared that she was crying one time. Ginnifer appeared and comforted her. The words she said were, “don’t worry, it’s going to be okay,” and with that, she knew that she wasn’t alone in the world. That’s real kindness—reaching out to help a stranger.

I Need Your Boots, Your Clothes, And Your Heart

Suppose Arnold Schwarzenegger complimented us on our clothes. In that case, we’d probably get flashbacks to one of his most famous movies in which he demanded that someone hand over their “clothes and boots,” after which we might be a little bit afraid. 

Thankfully, Arnie is a kind-hearted soul in real life and not a killer robot, but he does have a penchant for complimenting people on their attire. This lady was with her mom sitting in a cafe when suddenly Arnold said, “That’s a wonderful hat!” In her shoes, we’d hand it over without a second’s hesitation.

The Red Kind

One time in Hollywood land, music icon Kesha had asked her staff to pick her red skittles for a snack. However, she was surprised when her staff returned with a bowl of entirely-red colored skittles. It turns out that she didn’t mean “all red.” She just meant she liked the regular kind.

Kesha, with true grace, explained that she was just looking for the regular kind, but she made extra sure to thank them for the effort they went to sort them out. It’s nice that, despite being an ultra-mega-star, Kesha can still extend her appreciation to the little people who make her stardom possible.