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The Greatest Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time

Yes, it’s that spooky time again: Halloween. Celebs may wear costumes all year round, but they still need something eye-catching for the holiday. 

What have they come up with, in the Instagram competition? It’s time to take a peek at the best camouflage, from glam to ghoulish!

Kylie Jenner as Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe wasn’t playing games: A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Her reasoning? A kiss may be grand — but it won’t pay the rental! On Halloween, diamonds are even better. And Kylie Jenner has more than a few to play around with, with a current net worth of $900 million.

Even half a century later, Marilyn was unforgettable as this financial savvy character on screen. It’s no wonder that Kylie went all-out with this costume posted to her Instagram account. Originally featured in a full spread for V Magazine, the transformation was uncanny!

Margot Robbie As Ginger Spice

Australian actress Margot Robbie is most well-known for her playing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, Bird of Prey, and The Suicide Squad. Outside of that, she also produces films and TV shows. For Halloween in 2020, she dawned the look of Ginger Spice.

Ginger Spice (real name Geri Halliwell) was part of the hit 1990s group Spice Girls. At the 1997 Brit Awards, she wore a Union Flag dress – one that Margot Robbie recreated above. By adding red gogo boots to the iconic minidress and sitting in a funky chair, Robbie brought the look together.

Bette Midler as Hocus Pocus

Bette Singer and actress Bette Midler paid homage to one of the most iconic roles when she dressed up as Winifred Sanderson, the main antagonist of the 1993 film “Hocus Pocus” in which she stars.

Interestingly perhaps, her 2016 costume may have been what got tongues wagging for a sequel for the hit movie.

The Weeknd As The Nutty Professor

Eddie Murphy’s hit movie The Nutty Professor told the story of the obese Professor Sherman Klump developing a special weight loss drug to try and win over his dream girl. Murphy played Klump as well as most of his family members.

The Weeknd As The Nutty Professor

Eddie Murphy’s hit movie The Nutty Professor told the story of the obese Professor Sherman Klump developing a special weight loss drug to try and win over his dream girl. Murphy played Klump as well as most of his family members.

For Halloween, musician The Weeknd decided to dawn the tweed jacket, suspenders, bowtie, and bodysuit of Professor Klump. As you can see above, he clearly nailed it! He even brought along a beaker full of a mysterious green liquid – and, according to some, mastered the Nutty Professor’s nutty dance moves. 

Trevor Noah as Prince Akeem

Another celebrity inspired by Eddie Murphy’s 1988 film Coming to America. Comedian and host of “The Daily Show” went for a full-African getup when he went as the film’s titular character, Prince Akeem from the fictional Zamunda. 

Word is still out on whether he was successful in finding a bride like a movie’s character.

Heidi Klum as Herself + Clones

Supermodel Heidi Klum is usually dressed up as someone else at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But it seems she had the reverse idea for Halloween. Perfect for the holiday that celebrates creepiness, Heidi arrived as herself. And an army of clones arrived as Heidi!

At some point, should there be a limit? It had to be dizzying, if no one noticed their coordinated arrival at the beginning. This is way too many models sauntering around while guests sip booze! People probably thought they were seeing double. Or triple, quadruple, and more!

Nina Dobrev as Ryan Lochte

The former star of “The Vampire Diaries”, actress Nina Dobrev recruited the help of her friend Lane Cheek who went as disgraced Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen, respectively. 

We’re not sure how these outfits went down at Matthew Morrison’s annual Halloween/birthday party but it certainly got tongues wagging.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka As Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Actor Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, actor (and professional chef) David Burtka, are big fans of Halloween. They also love to collaborate on costume designs. For 2019, the couple showed up to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party as the most famous twins from the 90s: the Olsen Twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen gained fame on the hit TV show Full House. Harris and Burtka skipped the infant look and instead dressed as older Olsen twins with chiseled cheekbones, long blonde hair, and black outfits. Also, they mastered the subtle smile. 

The Beckham Family as Billie Eilish and Gang

Victoria Beckham posted this photo of David and kids Romeo, Harper, and Brooklyn on her Instagram page. She explained the scene with this caption: “When mummy brings @cruzbeckham home for school look what happens…kisses x”. But what is really going on here, Halloween-wise?

Well, it remains a bit abstract. David looks like a burglar. His son seems to be a burglar, caught and jailed. A masked turtle lurks on the left. The most obvious costume is daughter Harper, posing as creepy Billie Eilish from the “When the Party’s Over” video. Victoria can’t lie, say she likes it like that, likes it like that!

Victoria Justice as Beetlejuice

If she’s justice, then lock us up! Actress and singer Victoria Justice dressed up as 1988s “Beetlejuice” (played by actor Michael Keaton). 

Interestingly, Justice was born in 1993, five years after the film came out, so it begs the question, why hasn’t there been a sequel, yet?

Lebron James As Edward Scissorhands

Lebron James is best known for being one of the best NBA players of all time. Alongside that, people revere him for his philanthropy and activism. What he’s less well-known for, however, is his love of Halloween. In 2020, he posted the photo below.

James dressed up as Edward Scissorhands from Tim Burton’s classic 1990 film. He went all out with the full bodysuit coated with a half-dozen or so belts, plus the wild frizzy hair. Also, of course, the characteristic “hands” are made of scissors.

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler As Sally and Jack Skellington

Singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens is a big fan of Halloween. Hudgens sees it as a “celebratory season to embrace your inner darkness.” One way to do that was for her and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, to dress up as Sally and Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Hudgens re-created Sally’s patchwork dress and paired that with high-heels, red lipstick, and Sally’s characteristic scars and stitches on her forehead and cheeks. Her boyfriend had similar stitches and paired them with Jack Skellington’s pin-stripe suit and funky bowtie.

Gigi Hadid as Grease

Supermodel Gigi Hadid probably wishes she could go as Sandy from Grease most of the year. That’s how much this look suits her. 

he supermodel doesn’t look at all like she’s wearing a costume. It just looks like another outfit in her wardrobe.

Alessandra Ambrosio as Jessica Rabbit

Alessandra Ambrosio was always a sultry gal — no surprise for a Victoria’s Secret Angel from South America. But Halloween was a chance to upgrade. Why not show up as the sex symbol of the animated world? Who Framed Roger Rabbit was awhile ago, but Jessica Rabbit will always be a classic!

She’s not bad, she’s just drawn like that: Alessandra got all the details right with this costume, in crimson from head to toe. The question always is, who wore it better? Cartoon woman vs. real-life woman is no easy contest, here!

Adele as “The Mask”

Now this one is downright spooky! The Mask is a movie all 90’s kids remember, even in their nightmares. But this time, it’s not Jim Carrey channeling the supernatural. Who is the impostor in camouflage, hiding in plain sight? Somebody stop him!

As it turns out, it’s actually Grammy award-winning singer Adele! Who would have guessed? The singer is totally hidden as this character, blatantly copying Jim. But it’s not clear if she kept her famous voice disguised, all night long. Everyone knows one moment of that soprano would give her away: Hello, from the other side!

Heidi Klum as Thriller

Model and television personality as we’ve already seen takes Halloween very seriously, going so far as to throw a renown annual party for the rich and famous. 

So staying true to style, the model went as this authentic werewolf from Michael Jackson’s timeless Thriller music video.

Tracee Ellis Ross As Red

For Halloween, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross dawned a huge red jumpsuit to look like Red from Jordan Peele’s 2019 horror film Us. Red is Lupita Nyong’o creepy doppelganger. To embody such a terrifying character, Ross cropped her hair, bleached her eyebrows, and put on some fingerless gloves.

Also, she made sure to grab a huge pair of scissors – which is a bit unsettling when mixed with her wide-eyed serial killer stare. Ross wasn’t the only one to dress as a doppelganger from Us. Her co-stars in Black-ish did as well. 

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas As Gomez & Morticia Addams

Actress Sophie Turner (famous for playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones) and singer Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers got married in 2019. Alongside other shared interests, they both love to dress up for Halloween. Below you can see them as the Addams family.

Sophie became Morticia Addams by wearing a long black wig, bright red lipstick, dark makeup, and a long black gown. Joe became Gomez Addams with a pencil-thin mustache, pin-striped suit, and slicked-back hair. Also, he managed to have a prosthetic hand on his shoulder.

Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera the “Dirrty” Video

A blast from the past was definitely achieved here when Kylie Jenner posted her recent Halloween costume online. We all remember this music video, and Kylie’s got the original outfit down to a T!

Christina might be happy to learn how long-lasting this performance was in the public mind. While thousands of pop hits have come and gone in the last 20 years, this look is still instantly recognizable!

Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

Another Klum, another Jessica Rabbit! Which Victoria’s Secret Angel wore it better? Klum vs. Ambrosio is quite the contest!

For her 16th Halloween party, thrown at NYC’s LAVO club in 2015, Heidi pulled out the punches and endured hours of special effects and makeup to portray the Who Framed Roger Rabbit pin-up girl to make the guys drool.

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

Joey King As Lord Voldemort

Actress Joey King gained widespread recognition for her role as Elle Evans in the teen romcom The Kissing Booth. For Halloween 2018, she decided to dress up as someone who is pretty much the exact opposite of that: Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.

As Harry Potter’s main antagonist, Lord Voldemort appears in all eight films of the hit franchise. Joey King underwent quite a bit of makeup to master the look. Alongside getting the gray-blue skin, she had the famous nose slits, eyebrow bulges, and a long black cloak. 

La La Anthony as Zombie Bride

Television personality La La Anthony looked more Ga-Ga than la-la when she went as a bride of the walking dead.

Weirdly enough, she still looked stunning even as a zombie bride than some do on their actual wedding day. If looks could kill.

Kendall Jenner as Forest Fairy

Kendall Jenner may not be a full-time Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she has a gig or two. It’s no longer an annual event, sadly! For Halloween, she brought back a little inspiration from the runway with this elaborate costume. Behold, Kendall in forest fairy!

Feathers and antlers and sparkle, my my! Totally ethereal, everyone agreed. The model went with a metallic ensemble, looking every bit the goddess fans know and love. Did she cast spells, all night long? The magic was captured for Instagram, as seen here!

Keke Palmer as Aaliyah

The Scream Queen’s wardrobe designer helped Keke Palmer in her 2015 Halloween costume choice: Aaliyah!

Aaliyah lives again as she recreated the “Try Again” video produced by the singer. We were all so sad when that plane crashed, and it seems Keke found a very nice way to honor the performer. They do look alike, don’t they?

Mario Lopez as Cowboy

Television host and actor Mario Lopez unlocked his inner cowboy when he celebrated Halloween with this epic cowboy and horse outfit. 

The question is was he going for more of a Woody from “Toy Story” look or a Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” look?

Seth MacFarlane as Oscar the Grouch

Comedian Seth MacFarlane went for a simple self-deprecating character when he rocked up as Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

The creator of Family Guy is known for his dry sense of humor and given the hilarity of on-screen creations, is anything but a grouch.

Justin Timberlake & Family as Lego Batman Characters

Justin Timberlake and his actress wife Jessica Biel dressed up as LEGO versions of Robin, Harley Quinn, and Batman with their young son. The family can’t seem to get enough of those plastic bricks! Interlocking, colorful, and full of creative possibilities? No one can blame them.

But not just any legos would do: Special edition Harley Quinn, Robin, and the littlest Batman posed in block form. And then, off to the trick-or-treat! Daddy Timberlake captioned the Instagram photo, “They got candy? LEGO!” Yes, let go of it. All of it! 

Kanye, Kim Kardashian & Kids as The Flintstones

Yabba Dabba Doo, where’s Kanye? Kim and the kids went with Wilma, Barney, Betty, Bam Bam, and Pebbles. The rapper has never been known for understated style. But this time, he’s going low-key for Halloween: Forgoing Fred, dad is secretly inside the Dino costume!

According to Kim, online: “This family pic was such a challenge because Chicago was so scared of Dino! LOL, we tried to explain and show her that it was just daddy but she didn’t get the concept yet! So shout out to the photographer for editing her in & making our family Flintstones dreams come true!” Photo album: Totally smashed this year.

Keke Palmer as Selena Quintanilla

Actress Keke Palmer sure does like her tragic pop-stars. 

Previously we saw her dress up as the late singer Aaliyah, and on Halloween 2016 she went as Queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla whose likewise was tragically cut short. The late singer would certainly approve of this gesture.

Demi Lovato as Trap Queen

For those unaware, “Trap Queen” is a loyal, street-smart, and resourceful woman who knows how to handle any situation. 

So for Halloween 2015, singer and stress Demi Lovato dressed up as a trap queen complete with a robe, tiara, sash, and scepter.

Hoda Kotb & Al Roker as Blake Skelton & Willie Nelson

Today hosts Hoda Kotb and Al Roker sported complimenting outfits for the Today Halloween special when they went as musicians Blake Shelton and Willie Nelson respectively.

That beard looks as real as those locks. Pitch perfect.

Cardi B as Cruella De Vil

Alongside her music career, rapper Cardi B is well-known for her love of fashion and for wearing a huge variety of different clothes. So, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that she loves Halloween –- a holiday centered around dressing up. In 2018, Cardi B became Cruella de Vil.

To portray the famous heiress from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, she got a big fur coat, a black and white wig, red gloves, a characteristic long cigarette, and a long black dress. Also, she got an actual dalmatian to show up for the photo shoot.

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian as Madonna & George Michael

Singer LeAnn Rimes and husband and actor Eddie Cibrian went as pop icons Madonna and George Michael respectively for Halloween 2016.

The 1980s inspired look is a decent effort even if no one could pull-off the Madge and Yog look.

Heidi Klum and Seal as Monkeys

Heidi Klum and Seal stepped out in 2011 wearing somewhat unsettling monkey costumes for their annual Halloween party. Though now divorced, we can still relive the good times!

Frankly, these costumes look itchy. And how breathable can that polyester fur really be? Heidi and Seal really suffer for their art here. Count us impressed!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Tasha McCauley as Bloody Country Singers

The country songs can sound melodramatic, and it would appear this husband and wife took things to the next level when they went for bloody country singer looks.

This could be a good prequel/sequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Everything is bigger in Texas, right?!

Danny Masterson & Wilmer Valderrama as CHiPs

Take 2 for the CHiPs outfit, the former “That 70s Show” co-stars, got together to wear matching Ponch and Jon outfits from the famous television show of the 70s and 80s.

Considering the reboot with different actors wasn’t nearly as successful, might we suggest these two for a second attempt?

Camila Mendes & Lili Reinhart as Napoleon Dynamite

Election time always presents tough choices. But Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart know exactly who they’re supporting, this time around: Vote for Pedro, friends. Cam captioned the Instagram photo, “Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true.”

Quite the pitch, even opponents can admit! On Halloween, the stars of Riverdale showed their appreciation for the cult-classic-comedy Napoleon Dynamite. Dressing up as the film’s two most iconic characters, Camila went as “Pedro”, while Lili went as Napoleon Dynamite himself. Take them seriously, though: A write-in ballot is still legal in this country!

Bette Midler As Marie Antoinette

For many, Bette Midle is best known for her role as Winnie Sanderson in the 1993 Halloween film Hocus Pocus. Like her character, Midler loves to dress up for Halloween and mix it with her other love – benefiting charities.

In 2017, Midler dressed as Marie Antoinette for the annual New York Restoration Project Halloween party. Her massive blonde wig and long flower dress really captured the spirit of the famous French Queen. Plus, the event brought in some much-needed funds for a great project.

Seth Rogan & Lauren Miller as Mario & Luigi

Comedian and actor Seth Rogan and his actress wife Lauren Miller went for a video-game inspired look: 

They went as Super Mario and Luigi to the 2016 benefit gala “Hilarity for Charity” which they hosted together.

Ryan Phillippe as Star Wars

Actor Ryan Phillippe cleverly went as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars films in 2016 which also doubled as a way to avoid the glare of the paparazzi. 

The outfit perfectly combines form with function and all we can say is the force is strong in this one.

Rita Ora as Post Malone

It seems the celeb theme of the year was to dress up as other celebs, and Rita Ora definitely takes the cake for the most dedication! She brilliantly dressed up as Post Malone, and we are shook.

The fashion, the face tattoos, the lit ciggie clasped in her ringed hands — perfection!

She captioned the shot on her Instagram: “Ima get Halloween started for you the right way… postttyyyyyy I LOVE YOU BRO @postmalone…ratatatatataata wassssss gooood!! And this is also a BIG thank you to getting me to 14 million!”

Rita, we need to witness you rap. A picture is worth a thousand words, but we can’t hear anything!

Nicki Minaj & Beau as Harley Quinn and Joker

The classic character Joker has been played by a string of talents in recent decades. Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix are all competing for the fan-favorite title. But it’s hard to choose! Maybe Kenneth Petty, husband of Nicki Minaj, can be the tiebreaker?

Maybe so. But embracing that life of crime and chaos would be no fun without Harley Quinn by his side. With coordinated costumes, Nicki really completed their look. The rapper posted their night out with the caption: “Behind the scenes w/The JOKER…coming soon…Happy HalloQueen”. Joaquin, watch out!

Dwayne Johnson as Popeye

In 2015, The Rock rocked a Popeye costume. A timeless character who rarely gets any press, nowadays! No matter, Dwayne never follows trends. He makes them! The actor decided to bring him back for a new generation on Instagram. But did he pull it off, authentically?

A close look reveals a major problem, actually. Hat, pipe, scowl: Check. But where’s the spinach, strong man? Delicious and nutritious, this is not. Avoiding a total fail, Dwayne did have the real muscles to pull off the look. Still, the greens were a big part of the old toon!

Emma Watson as Wonder Woman

Hermione Granger, no more: On the real-life muggle holiday celebrating the magic, actress Emma Watson went superhero. It was time to step out of the wizarding box, on Halloween. The outspoken feminist showed up as Wonder Woman, entertaining fans of both franchises. A 2-for-1, magically speaking!

Suffering Sappho, a few observations: It’s hard to say if the eyebrow work was part of the costume or not. It certainly adds some spark to the look! Sure beat the Hogwarts style. But the real question is, why is this it-girl dating Yoda?

Martha Stewart as Zombie Nurse

America couldn’t get enough of Martha Stewart TV, at one point. Her pleasant demonstrations on cooking and home improvement were soothing and inspiring. She was the definition of vanilla in the public mind. But out of the blue, Martha went to jail for a tax mix-up! What kind of woman emerged, in the end?

A version with red eyes and blood, clearly. Under the full moon, the truth always comes out! Most of the time, the former host is the same classy woman. But Halloween is no normal day. And this is no normal Martha Stewart!

Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman

Several years before Gal Gadot turned into the real Wonder Woman, Kim tried her hand at the costume!

Kim Kardashian has actually donned many impressive outfits over the last decade of Halloween fun, but this one is timeless. We have to be honest, though. Gal made this character so much more than a costume!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Anyone who follows Ryan Reynolds on social media can tell you the actor is arguably the world’s biggest Deadpool fan. Perhaps it comes easy when he’s the one portraying the anti-hero on the big screen.

The two appear to be one as they both tend to joke constantly. Unable to contain his excitement, the actor dressed up as the “Merc with a Mouth” and posed with some kids.

Khloe Kardashian as Storm

Khloe is the Kardashian that many people secretly loved the most. A little sassier than the rest, she had personality. Over a decade, she shared lots of looks, too. Every day was a chance to go glam, but Halloween is a special day: Check out Khloe as the sultry Storm!

Here, Khloe poses as the X-Men vixen. The color contacts are a nice touch! According to Storm: “I am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an X-Men, a lover, a wife, a queen. I am all these things. I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits.” No limits, she says? Nor for the Kardashians, making this a perfect holiday match!

Marlee Matlin & Son as Mary Poppins & Chimney Sweep

Actress Marlee Matlin, the only deaf performer to ever win an Academy Award, kept it family-friendly:

She doubled up with her son, Brandon Grandalski, as they went as Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweep for Halloween 2005.

Harrison Ford as an ’80s Rocker

In 2011, Star Wars icon Harrison Ford rocked the 80’s band scene while trick or treating with his wife.

Harrison has been one to pose in flamboyant style over the decades, so it must be nice to get away with it when he can! This time, his wife probably thinks it’s just a costume. But is it, Harrison? 

Halle Berry as a Skeleton

Actress Halle Berry has always been Hollywood thin, but no one would describe her as skeletal. Not until now, that is! The Oscar winner decided she had played enough healthy, live, human beings. It was time to show off her bones, friends, and fans.

Halle was frightening, a first for her! It might seem odd, at first. But maybe it was a refreshing break from the tabloid life for a famous face. It is impossible to tell who is hiding behind the glowing suit. For one evening, she could monster mash in peace!

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as Fishermen

The Heat costars were fishing for treats in 2013 when they took the kids trick or treating in 2013.

While these actresses are normally pretty feminine, this is a new an interesting look. We all need to experience a beard least once a year, right? While it doesn’t look like it’s actually raining, they are already prepared for anything. Practical, ladies.

Gisele Bündchen & Son as Mario and Luigi

Gisele, always iconic, is a one-name-wonder of the modeling world. She has certainly worn some memorable costumes over the years, especially in the Victoria’s Secret lingerie shows. For Halloween, however, she went silly over sensual. With a special little partner, Mario and Luigi came alive!

Kids have been working the arcade with these characters since 1983. At this stage, mother and son are both real fans! Still, few really know their nature of the relationship between the two Italian brothers. According to the creators, Luigi is Mario’s younger twin. Fraternal twin, of course — They look nothing alike!

Kids have been working the arcade with these characters since 1983. At this stage, mother and son are both real fans! Still, few really know their nature of the relationship between the two Italian brothers. According to the creators, Luigi is Mario’s younger twin. Fraternal twin, of course — They look nothing alike!

Seth captioned the Instagram photo: “Just two Jedi alone in the universe with daddy issues. @claregrant spent the night asking everyone ‘are you my mommy?’ while I rolled my eyes and hard-chugged blue milk.” It’s not clear, from that explanation. But foes across the galaxy still loved the effort!

Emily Ratajkowski as Cleopatra

Fans first got to Emily Ratajkowski in the infamous Blurred Lines video. An exotic beauty, it was hard to place her looks. Turns out, she is Polish. For Halloween, she decided to travel all the way to the Mediterranean, though. Walk like an Egyptian, whey oh whey!

With her smoky Cleopatra eyeliner, Emily could have been mistaken for the real thing. But there was one giveaway that was all just for fun. Noticeably missing: That poisonous and angry snake. Party like it’s 30 BC, instead, she said. Maybe Emily knew the deadly true story!

Harry Styles as Elton John

Harry Styles upped his Halloween game when he showed up in this glam disguise. Another British superstar, it was! Elton John always rocked those glittery glasses, and not just on Halloween. For most people, it’s pretty daring for a Tuesday. But Harry found his courage, at party time!

The jewelry was spot on, and the suit was divine. An appreciative Elton wrote, “Now that’s what I call a Halloween costume!” as a shout-out on his Instagram page. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, they say! Nice work, Harry.

The jewelry was spot on, and the suit was divine. An appreciative Elton wrote, “Now that’s what I call a Halloween costume!” as a shout-out on his Instagram page. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, they say! Nice work, Harry.

The real supervillain loved nothing more than a good murder, wanted by the law in over 12 states. The actress captioned the photo, “I’m coming for you.” Is that a threat, to fans? With that little smile, it doesn’t come off as very scary! Sarah Michelle, always America’s sweetheart.

Halsey As Poison Ivy

When Halsey and G-Easy broke up, she made sure it didn’t affect her Halloween spirits. Why let a man ruin the spook? This jaw-dropping Poison Ivy outfit showed fans a bit about her mood, that year. And a bit about her bits, too!

The singer-songwriter decided to unleash her green, villainous side. She totally transformed into a comic book character. Then, her song came on: “No, you’re not half the man you think that you are, and you can’t fill the hole inside of you with money, drugs, and cars…I’m so glad I never ever had a baby with you.” Somewhere under the full moon, Mr. G cried!

Ed Sheeran as Austin Powers

Always the clean-cut crooner, Ed Sheeran secretly wanted more. He was “Thinking out Loud” when he dressed up as Austin Powers, international man of mystery. He made sure to document the transformation backstage at his show in 2014. The results were stunning, baby!

Ed always never seemed half as wild as the movie character. But there’s more to this softie than meets the eye! At least for one night, fake Austin got to shag and brag. In the morning, of course, business resumed. No one can write frickin’ love songs like this chart-topper, and he knows it!

Ross Butler & Noah Centineo as Gaston & Wolverine

Classic Marvel meets 90’s Disney with Wolverine and Gaston, partying like it’s 2018. Ross Butler is best known for his role in 13 Reasons Why. Noah Centineohas broke hearts in To all The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Together, they broke Instagram when they showed up like this!

Why these specific characters? Very simple: No one’s slick as Gaston. No one’s quick as Gaston. Plus, no one’s neck is incredibly thick as Gaston! And Wolverine? Killer claws, everyone agrees. Combining the worlds of superheroes and fairy tales should happen more often, fans concluded!

Zach Braff as Kurt Russell with Kurt Russell

Zach Braff might be associated with Scrubs, forever. If not, he’s sure to hear lines from Garden State following him around. But Halloween was a chance to break that reputation, and 80’s hair seemed like the answer. Then, a funny thing happened!

Things got weird and wild when Zach was dressed like Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China. Legend has it that it all went down at Kate Hudson’s 2014 Halloween party. Guests saw double when costume Kurt ran into Kurt himself. A moment to remember for a lifetime for both, as the photo proves!

Zoe Kravitz as Vampire

Zoe Kravitz the style goddess clearly put a lot of effort and logic into her brilliant Halloween costume this time. The spooky look was actually a vampire who just awoke from her slumber. Yikes, Zoe!

She nailed it from head to toe with her gown and her morning mug. Being this adorable and freaky at the same time is no easy feat!

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark & Elephant

Joe Jonas took his devotion to Sophie Turner to the next level on Saturday when he attended Kate Hudson’s Halloween bash all dressed up as his fiancée’s Game of Thrones character, Sansa Stark. 

Sophie kept things casual and cute dressed an elephant for the Hollywood party. Glam Dumbo, perhaps? 

Black-ish Cast as Black Panther Characters

Stars of ABC sitcom Black-ish” actors Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Marcus Scribner teamed up together to dress up: T’Challa, Nakia, and Killmonger respectively for a Halloween episode of the show!

We must admit, these costumes are pretty impressive! Tracee pulls this off particularly well, actually. No surprise there, she always had a talent for edgy fashion looks!

Stephen Merchant as Doctor Strange

English actor Stephen Merchant tweeted a photo of himself as the Marvel superhero Doctor Strange with the cheeky caption, “Giving Cumberbatch a run for his money. Happy Halloween”.

Benedict Cumberbatch, of course, plays the character in the Marvel films. But it appears Merchant is hot on his heels should he ever decide to part from his cape, or his beard!

Olivia Munn as Goh Peik Lin

Actress Olivia Munn decided to pay homage to her Asian roots by dressing up as a character from this year’s romantic-comedy hit film, Crazy Rich Asians when she showed off her Goh Peik Lin costume. 

In the film, the character is played by rapper Awkwafina. But who wore it better? We report, you decide!

Aubrey O’Day as Cruella DeVille

This might not be the Cruella we all remember from the cute and cuddly 101 Dalmatians story, but we’re not complaining.

Cruella was a villain, without a doubt. But if we ran into this version of the evil fur queen, maybe the little pups wouldn’t be so important to us. Aubrey, you are quite a distraction here!

Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy as Coming To America

Trick or treating is a family affair, as proven by this adorable trio of Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy, in this nod to the Eddie Murphy blockbuster Coming to America. Be honest, was this one before your time?

If you’ve never seen this flick, you’re missing a classic. On-demand or Netflix this immediately, people!

Kelly Ripa Breaks The Internet

Kelly Ripa, in her Live! With the Kelly and Michael 2015 Halloween special, paid homage to Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine Cover’s #BreakTheInternet outfit.

Ripa did, once again, break the internet. Did daytime TV viewers complain? If they did, they need to get into the Halloween spirit! Viewers really need to decide if they prefer the original or the knockoff, as they do look quite similar!

Naya Rivera as Carmen Sandiego

We believe that only Naya could bring back Sandiego and make it look good. Why isn’t the Carmen Sandiego character on the big screen with millions of dollars in production?

The computer game-turned TV show made sexy cool. But it seems she has gone out of fashion, for a bit. Attention Hollywood! Enough sequels, we need a Carmen live-action project.

essica Simpson and Eric Johnson as Christie Brinkley and Clark Griswold

Cute couples on this list include Jessica Simpson and her hubby, Eric Johnson 2015.  This costume combo pays homage to 1983’s hilarious classic, National Lampoon’s Vacation.  

This moment, with Christie Brinkley and Clark Griswold, is comedic gold. Jessica seems to share a sense of humor with her man, and we’ve heard that might be the magic formula for lasting love!

Neil Patrick Harris and Family as Star Wars

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka, chose Star Wars in 2015 to continue their tradition of matching Halloween costumes.

So cute! We love the tiny Jedis, Neal! But the real question is, have they really managed to sit still for more than 20 hours of Star Wars movies to know who their costumes are all about this year? We are a bit skeptical, actually!

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish as Martin and Gina

In the 1990s, Martin and Gina kept viewers in stitches in the hit comedy series, Martin

In 2015, Kevin Hart and his fiancée Eniko Parrish dressed as the hilarious couple for Halloween. A comedian dressing up as a comedian is a little bit confusing, to the untrained eye. But Kevin is famous enough now to avoid any real mix-ups!

Justin Bieber as Jackie Moon

Will Ferrell’s sports comedy movie Semi-Pro is immortalized by Justin Bieber’s portrayal of Jackie Moon for Halloween in 2015.

We’re not used to seeing Justin in curls, let alone red curls. After Halloween, we hope things go back to normal! This is just not the look we’ve come to know and love in terms of Bieber, and it’s a little too freaky!

Tyra Banks as Richard Branson

Tyra Banks transformed into Richard Branson for Halloween in 2015 with the help of her make-up artist team. This is insane, people!

The world-famous beauty seems to be comfortable toning it down for laughs, and even donning a beard! The real question is, did Richard Branson actually see this? We wouldn’t put it past the mischievous Tyra to show up at a party where he was hanging out on Halloween like this!

Dirk Nowitzki as Lurch

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, but mostly just very tall. 

Dirk Nowitzki, NBA star, decided to give a go at being Lurch while his family played along as Morticia and Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. Pretty crazy stuff and they did it well! If he managed to keep that vacant look in his eyes all night, most people would probably figure his character out. But did he, after a few drinks?

Jenna Dewan as Real Unicorn

Jenna Dewan is clearly not letting her husband Channing Tatum’s blooming relationship with Jessie J get any of her spirits down. She rocked a light-hearted look by transforming herself into a unicorn on Halloween!

Fans read that this was “one of my favorite Halloween costumes ever” on Instagram. Pure magic, Jenna!

Colton Haynes as Ursula

Looking convincingly menacing, Colton Haynes stepped as Ursula the sea witch for Halloween in 2015. This is shocking stuff!

Perhaps many forget about this villain plotting underwater, but we think Ursala needs more recognition in the evil Disney hall of fame. She stole Ariel’s voice, you guys! That twisted, bitter octopus woman that haunts us made a superb costume for Colton. A for effort!

Padma Lakshmi and Susan Sarandon as Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead never looked so adorably spooky as it did in 2013 when Padma and Susan posed as a groom and bride in a church in New York.

Honestly, this almost seems couture! We would not be surprised to see a little inspiration on the runway after this photo goes public. Nice, ladies.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Secret Garden

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg makes another appearance on our list, this time as a secret garden when she wore this outfit for Halloween 2016. 

The headpiece alone looks like it would’ve taken hours, let alone the face makeup.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie as Riff Raff and Elvira

At Kate Hudson’s 2013 Halloween party, Ferg was Elvira while Duhamel stepped out as Riff Raff from the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show. And we must say, these costumes are absolutely spot on from head to toe!

While many people try to be funny on Halloween, creepy really is the name of the game. Hats off to these two, keeping it classic.

Guy Ritchie and His Son as Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

Director Guy Ritchie attended the 2014 UK UNICEF Halloween Ball with his son at London’s One Mayfair.

The yellow jumpsuits do look like a comfy way to spend an evening. And given the popularity of the show, these costumes couldn’t have been more timely. Everyone hopes there was no real meth involved at the party, though! Hugs not drugs, friends.

Iggy Azalea as Cruella Deville

Iggy was definitely feeling the Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians at the 2013 Vevo Halloween party, so much so that she included her dog in the festivities.

Is Iggy the best Cruella that we’ve seen yet? Quite possibly, because the dog is a real dalmatian! Or is it? We wouldn’t put it past her to put spotted makeup on her dog for the night. It’s Halloween, after all!

Beyoncé Knowles as Storm

Queen B took Ciara’s 2015 Halloween and Birthday party by Storm, proving she will forever “rain” supreme.

Khloe Kardashian was a pretty smoky Storm, but Bey does give her a run for her money here. The color contacts are freaking us out, but we know her baby browns will be back in no time. Or so we hope!

Emma Roberts as Pretty Woman

Emma Roberts borrowed a costume from her aunt in 2012, going to a Beverly Hills party as the Pretty Woman main character.

The movie is timeless, and the costume is definitely recognizable today. But wait — can you believe it’s been almost 30 years since it came out in theaters? Why, how time flies!

Kathie Lee and Hoda as Wayne and Garth

Really getting into character, Kathie Lee and Hoda conducted a 2014 interview for the Today Show’s Halloween episode as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. Nice one, ladies!

While not totally disguised, they did get halfway there. Now all that is needed is a seal of approval from Mike and Dana! Hopefully, they were as amused as we were.

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford as Total Nerds

What’s better than a pair of trick-or-treating nerds?  Trick or treating nerds sipping on wine while out and about in Brentwood in 2012. Yes, indeed.

We love these two, and we actually want them to wear this style more often! Why restrict the ultra preppy look to Halloween? Any day will do.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo as Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear

Who remembers this rockin’ retro couple? Obviously gorgeous and cool, Adam and Behati went full-on 1980s in 2014.

And we’re not protesting! These two look great as themselves, but they blend in just as well as portraying music icons of the past. Someone gets a review from Heather and Tommy, pronto!

Matt Lauer as Pat

Was it Patrick or Patricia? Goodness, it seems we may really never find out. The suspense has been killing us for several decades now, and we’re not sure we can deal with it anymore. Make up your mind Pat!

Okay, we accept the world may never know exactly who, or what, SNL’s Pat was. But in a 2014 Today Show Halloween episode, Pat was Matt Lauer.

Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer

Where’s Boots?  Jessica Alba, shown here in her 2009 Dora costume, didn’t need Map to find Heidi Klum’s Halloween party at the nightclub Voyeur.

While Jessica is normally effortlessly glam, this is a new look we also enjoy. Simple and innocent probably stood out at the party, and we all know that’s the real goal on Halloween!

Adam Lambert Is a Very Funky Werewolf

In 2014, things got a little hairy for Adam Lambert at Bootsy Bellow’s Halloween bash. The man is an actual werewolf!

Yuck, Adam! We are simply not attracted to you in this state, but we know it only takes place under the full moon. Don’t be offended if we avoid you once a month, please.

Christina Ricci as a Mime

Christina Ricci and her boyfriend were thinking outside of the box when they dressed as mimes at a 2009 Halloween party. Adorable, really.

The real question is, did the couple really pantomime all their communication at the loud parties on Halloween? If not, it’s just paint! It does look good on Christina, in all honesty. Attention, Hollywood casting: Mime material, right here.

Amber Rose Was a Dead Prom Queen

So much creepiness exists here in Amber Rose’s 2014 Halloween Instagram pic. We kind of love it, but we kind of hate it. You might say we are torn, though not as much as were during final Prom voting.

The style icon really freaked us out on Halloween, but that’s really the goal. Enough of these sexy bunny costumes! Amber is setting exactly the right tone, though we cannot deny it makes us a little queasy.

Jamie Lee Curtis as a Cheerleader

Rah rah rah!  This 2010 pic snapped in Santa Monica’s Barker Hanger at the Children Affected by Aids 17th Annual Dream Halloween shows a cheery Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie is a real-life mom, and we are not surprised she decided to devote Halloween to child welfare causes. We love you, JLC!

Matt Lauer as a Baywatch Babe

Continuing the trend of funny Matt Lauer costumes, this 2013 Today Show Halloween episode shows him baring it all, complete with the slow-mo run, as a Baywatch Babe.  

We seem to remember those girls being a bit better looking. Has time clouded our memories, or is Matt falling short of the standard here? Seeking answers, help!

Jason Priestley as a Canadian Mountie

How adorable is the Priestley family? If you said it’s not quantifiable, you would be on track.

This pic was taken in 2008 at Los Angeles for the Dream Halloween Bash at the Barker Hangar. We’re pretty sure Canada has never been so good-looking! Are they paid ambassadors yet? We think not, but it remains a standing suggestion. Cough, Canada.

This pic was taken in 2008 at Los Angeles for the Dream Halloween Bash at the Barker Hangar. We’re pretty sure Canada has never been so good-looking! Are they paid ambassadors yet? We think not, but it remains a standing suggestion. Cough, Canada.

Carson Daly and Erik Estrada as CHiPs

Former TRL host played it up on the Today Show’s 2013 Halloween episode with Erik Estrada from 1980s TV land. In fact, Carson has really impressed us in the wig department. Nice, work, boys!

While they lack the classic motorcycles, they still did a great job bringing this hit back to life. Will we see them try out more duos in the future?

Fergie Went Full Toddlers and Tiaras

Fergie channeled her inner toddler from the TV series Toddlers and Tiaras at the 2011 annual Heidi Klum Halloween bash. Yes, that’s right. Heidi has a famous celeb costume party every year!

While we will probably never be invited, we can at least admire the costume photos that come out of it online. Fergie, for example. She is a toddler, and it’s vaguely creepy.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Black Dahlia

Harriet the Spy is all grown up now and dressed as famed Hollywood murder victim Black Dahlia for Halloween in 2014. Uh oh, is this fake blood? We hope so!

The murder has never been solved, a sad reality that DNA testing has not yet fixed. Michelle does creep us out, however. Great work, Michelle!

Channing Tatum as Winnie the Pooh

In 2015, Winnie the Pooh appears homeless and filthy here. But who is really hiding under that dirty hood?

Why, it’s Channing Tatum! This is most certainly not the Winnie the Pooh his daughter’s friends are used to! Channing, it’s not hard to wash a costume from year to year. Consult Jenna, if need be!

Nick Jonas as Hipster Hamburglar

Nick Jonas must really love McDonald’s. Why, you ask?

In 2015, he showed up at the Los Angeles Maxim Halloween Party dressed as the infamous burger stealer, the Hamburglar. Rumor has it that the fast-food chain has actually phased out the character, and that makes us sad. Thank you for bringing him to life again, Nick!

Kellan Lutz as Snake Plisken

Twilight star Kellan Lutz rocked New York’s Treats Magazine Halloween Party as Snake Plisken from Escape From New York in 2014. That ratty wig was even more exciting than the eye patch to most ladies, we assume.

Camouflage, gloves, the whole she-bang. We can only give Kellan credit for making a real effort to portray a character. All you basic cat costume girls, take note on how it’s done!

Rihanna as Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We don’t remember Raphael being quite so sexy! But are we really protesting this character evolution?

Rihanna brought the TMNT character to life, complete with props at the Opus Nightclub in 2014 for the Halloween Party. Though she has her own cosmetics line with an impressive range of shades for every ethnicity, we know she doesn’t produce makeup foundation in this green yet. Riri, care to explain?

Katy Perry as a Flaming Hot Cheeto

Katy was anything but sexy in 2014 for Kate Hudson’s 2014 Los Angeles Halloween bash, but she still looked tasty and sweet. Or possibly, spicy and sticky.

It’s safe to say she didn’t suffer at the party when multiple people showed up with the same costume as her. In fact, it may have never happened in history! Yum, Katy.

Jensen Ackles as Red Hood

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles went all-out for Halloween when he dressed up as the DC Comics antihero Red Hood. A little bit different than the adorable Disney fox, right?

The actor captioned the Instagram photo, “Bringin the #redhood back for Halloween. Feels good…real good. Hope y’all have a wicked day, today. Remember…eat ALL the candy!” Jensen, we could never forget about the candy.

Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon

Ben McKenzie donned his Commissioner Gordon outfit for the 2014 annual Heidi Klum Halloween Bash.

He looks a little bit more raggedy in the DIY version, but it probably got all the chuckles he was looking for with his friends. Maybe he wasn’t feeling creative this time? Ben, we need a bit more from you next year. Please, Ben!

Seal as a Giant Metal Man

Seal had to steer clear of the refrigerator magnets with his metal man costume in 2010. Did Heidi help paint this shine on? Looks like a challenging solo project!

Seal as a Giant Metal Man

Seal had to steer clear of the refrigerator magnets with his metal man costume in 2010. Did Heidi help paint this shine on? Looks like a challenging solo project!

Nicole Richie as Danny Devito in Twins

Every Danny DeVito needs an Arnold to portray the other twin, and Nicole Richie found hers in 2013.

As you might remember, the movie portrayed a terrible genetic experiment gone wrong! One short twin and one tall twin really made audiences laugh way back in the 90’s. Twins was straight out of the golden of Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies. We still love it, and Nicole does too!

As you might remember, the movie portrayed a terrible genetic experiment gone wrong! One short twin and one tall twin really made audiences laugh way back in the 90’s. Twins was straight out of the golden of Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies. We still love it, and Nicole does too!

Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus

Paris Hilton was right on cue as Miley Cyrus for the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party in 2013. At the time Miley was just transitioning from kids’ TV to an adult identity, but Paris seemed to admire her from the beginning!

Did Miley think this was funny? We suspect yes, given her world-famous sense of humor. Well done, Paris!

Gwen and Tony from No Doubt as Zombie Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee

It’s not entirely clear if this is a nod to the notion that Danny and Sandra Dee were both dead during Grease, or simply zombie versions of the teens. Either way, we love it!

These cool costumes were worn at a 2012 party hosted by British chat personality, Jonathan Ross. Gwen may be the queen of quirky fashion year-round, but this was still memorable.

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey as Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey played hosts in 2008 to a combined Halloween-six month anniversary party in New York at the Marquee Nightclub, a frequent hotspot for the couple.

Cookies and milk are great, but was this costume an omen of the relationship that would sour in 2017? In hindsight, everything is 20-20.

Brad Goreski as Beyonce

Queen Bey would be flattered at Brad Goreski’s costume choice in 2014. As the host of Fashion Police, he knows what he is talking about!

We do wonder how he drank holiday punch all night, though. That half mask covers his mouth, obstructing witches brew and candy corn alike. Some casually claim you must suffer for fashion, but Brad lives his art out loud.

Lance Bass as Lance Bass

We’re not sure how accurate this Lance Bass costume from 2014, really is. Yes, it is actually Lance. And he is dressed as Lance. But is it really what we all hoped?

The answer is yes, definitely. We’ve actually missed you, buddy! We know boybands have become a relic of the ’90s, but you’re always welcome in our lives. Happy Halloween, Lance Bass!

Kylie Jenner & Tyga as Chuckie & His Bride

Back in 2014, rapper Tyga and television personality Kylie Jenner were an item as documented in the tabloids, the relationship appeared to be anything but a fairytale. So for Halloween of that year, the two went as notorious serial killer doll Chucky and his bride from the movies of the same name.

In 2014, Tyga and Kylie stepped out on the town as the stars of The Bride of Chuckie.

Scott Disick as Patrick Bateman

It has been a while since, but in 2012, Scott Disick was still Kourtney Kardashian’s beau.

As such he was clearly on the wild side as he dressed up like Christian Bale’s character, serial killer Patrick Bateman from the film American Psycho for his party at 1 Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Lily Collins as Supergirl

Actress Lily Collins attended Ciara’s 30th Birthday party which doubled as a Super-hero themed Halloween party as Supergirl in 2015. 

Here she is attempting to fly away. We know you’re an actress Lilly but that costume’s going to need some work to convince us.

Mandy Moore & Friends as TLC

Mandy Moore recruited her friends to complete this 90s look in 2011, as the three got together to recreate American girl group TLC which consisted of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. 

These outfits are inspired by the group’s video for their hit song “Waterfalls”.

Rita Ora & Kate Moss as Barbie & Cara Delevingne

Singer Rita Ora and supermodel Kate Moss sported these glamorous and glamorless outfits, respectively at a London Halloween party in 2014.

Ora went as Barbie, complete with a stuffed pooch and tiara, while Moss went as model and actress Cara Delevingne complete with, umm, hoodie and shades. You decide who pulled their respective looks better.

Deryck Whibley & Wife as Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger

Musicians Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger were a couple back in 2012 and for Halloween of that year, Summ 41 lead singer, Deryck Whibley and his wife decided to dress as the famous couple. 

However, they put a twist on it as they each dressed as the oppositely gendered personas. Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll!

Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher as ???

Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and wife actress Isla Fisher turned up to a 2013 Halloween party dressed like something out of this world. 

To this day we still don’t know exactly what their costumes were supposed to be. Any guesses?

Larry David as Conjoined Twin

Comedian, writer and actor, Larry David wasn’t afraid to be strong-armed for a whole evening. 

He went as one-half of conjoined twins along with his friend at the Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills in 2013.

Sean Combs as King Diddy

Sean John Combs, known by his various stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, Diddy, Brother Love and B. 

Love, took it up a notch a lived up to his self-described style as “swagger, timeless, diverse” and went as what appears to be a king for Dolce and Gabbana’s Halloween party in 2014.

Love, took it up a notch a lived up to his self-described style as “swagger, timeless, diverse” and went as what appears to be a king for Dolce and Gabbana’s Halloween party in 2014.

Diane Guerrero as Tina Belcher

Diane Guerrero from The Orange Is the New Black was a dead-ringer for Tina Ruth Belcher from the animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers. 

As for Tina’s low, monotone voice, we can’t see Diane taking it that far.

Karlie Kloss as Marilyn Monroe

Victoria’s Secret Model Karlie Kloss rocked up to a costume bash benefitting amfAR looking glamorous as Marilyn Monroe.

Let’s just hope she avoided the underground air.

Cindy Crawford & Family as ’70s Icons

Cindy Crawford got her family members Rande, Kaia, and Presley Gerber to help her out to complete this 70s look.

Check out Cindy’s head of hair! Majestic! Arguably the most photogenic family around.

Kim Kardashian & Jonathan Cheban as Sonny & Cher

Kimmy K got her friend Jonathan Cheban to help her pull off her 70s look imitating Sonny and Cher. 

Has there ever been a more iconic musical duo? That mustache looks glorious!

Serena Williams as Jazzercise Instructor

Tennis sensation, Serena Williams kept things physical by dressing up as a Jazzercise Instructor. 

Not only did she throw on a wig, but she also stayed committed to bright pink leggings. Only Williams can make the 80s look modern.

Jessica Williams & Danielle Brooks as Characters From ‘B*A*P*S’

Singer Jessica Williams and actress Danielle Brooks got together to sport this look from the 1997 comedy film B*A*P*S. Certainly, “Livin’ large and takin’ charge!” 

We have to stand up and applaud the headpieces and the bright jumpsuits.

Chanel Iman As Mummy

Supermodel Chanel Iman slew it with this runway take of a mummy costume. 

Somewhere between terrifying and chic, Iman combined scary with sexy rather well.

Tyga as The Mask

Tyga makes another appearance on our list.

The rapper threw back to Jim Carrey’s 90s character The Mask, complete with yellow suit and green “mask”. Somebody, stop me!

Jasmine Sanders & Terrence J as Wilma & Fred Flintstone

Actors Terrence J and Jasmine Sanders dressed in matching outfits when they went from the modern stone-age family from Bedrock, The Flintstones.

“Flintstones, meet the Flintstones.” Can you say Yabadabadoo?!

Alessandra Ambrosio as Unicorn

Alessandra Ambrosio, just like many Victoria’s Secret Angels could be described as a unicorn due to being unattainable to the average fella. 

Alessandra Ambrosio as Unicorn

Alessandra Ambrosio, just like many Victoria’s Secret Angels could be described as a unicorn due to being unattainable to the average fella. 

So when the supermodel dressed up as a unicorn for Halloween perhaps it was a case of art imitating life rather than the other way around?

Tinashe as Snoop Dogg

Singer Tinashe went old school and dressed up as Snoop Doggy Dogg as he was known back in the 90s. 

We quite dig her dedication to the facial hair and bling. The nails though don’t quite work with the gangster image.

Joe Jonas as Blades of Glory

Singer Joe Jonas seems to be a fan of Blades of Glory as he dressed up as Chazz Michael Michaels played by Will Ferrel in the 2007 comedy film.

The question is can he perform an Iron Lotus maneuver?

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart As Skeletons

During their on-again, off-again romance from 2011 to 2016 Jennifer Lopez and actor Casper Smart attended a Halloween party dressed as skeletons.

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart As Skeletons

During their on-again, off-again romance from 2011 to 2016 Jennifer Lopez and actor Casper Smart attended a Halloween party dressed as skeletons.

Naomi Campbell as Aztec goddess

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been known as quite the diva over the years, particularly renown for throwing things at her former employees. 

So it seems apt the Brit would go as a goddess for Halloween. You can’t be over the top when you’re Naomi. Just look at that headpiece!

Dylan Sprouse as Fabio

Actor Dylan Sprouse from  The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and its spin-off, The Suite Life on Deck throwback to a time before he was born when he went as former model Fabio Lanzoni who was pictured in several romance novels in the 1980s and 1990s. 

This particular look is a little joke from the time Fabio got hit in the face by a bird at Busch Gardens. I can’t believe it’s not better.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend as Cleopatra & Mark Anthony

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen and musician John Legend look like royalty personified. For Halloween 2010, the couple went for an Egyptian Queen and a Roman general Mark Anthony. 

One of history’s most famous romances. The originals inspired a play, will the modern version perhaps inspire a song?

Jimmy Kimmel as Thor

Jimmy Kimmel hosts one of the most popular late-night talk shows but for Halloween 2009 he added a super twist and went as the god of thunder himself. 

Blond hair, Viking helmet, pumped muscles – all that’s missing is the hammer. Lay the smackdown Jimmy!

Skylar Astin & Anna Camp as Wayne’s World

Married couple actor and singer, Skylar Astin and actress and singer Anna Camp, were another duo who are fans of the 90s hit film, Wayne’s World:

They dressed up as Wayne and Garth respectively.

Cindy Crawford & Family as 80s Punk Rockers

The Crawford family makes another appearance on our list as they seem to have a knack for teaming up together for their Halloween looks. 

Their 80s punk rock-inspired outfits almost singlehandedly won the family Halloween 2016. Who knew punk rock could look so chic?