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Companies Acting Weird On Twitter Long Before The Blue Check Fiasco

The use of social media in internet marketing strategies is crucial these days. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used for advertising offers, maintaining communication with clientele, and promoting visibility. They sometimes get comments or complaints from their audience, and the majority are quick to offer an excellent response to such remarks or concerns.

They sometimes get comments or complaints from their audience, and the majority are quick to offer an excellent response to such remarks or concerns. However, some companies have opted to hire people who are just as witty to manage their social network accounts.

Here are some of the wittiest responses on social media that the internet has to offer. 

Who Cares?

Some businesses go above and beyond to attract customers’ attention in the age of social media. Sometimes, companies go so far as to openly address celebrities, politicians, and even other companies just to get some of that delicious attention.

In this case, the steak company opted to steal some of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s thunder on Twitter. To one of Tyson’s tweets, they replied, “who cares,” drawing the attention of Tyson’s followers. This is a risky post; it could cost someone’s job to tweet irresponsibly, “who cares?” Certainly not the person who wrote this reply. 

Tesco is Not Playing Games

We’ve never seen a better reaction on social media than this. This top lad went out of his way to clarify that he has zero interest in women who use the Tesco Mobile network. We can’t pinpoint why this bothers him, but we’ll go along with it.

Tesco Mobile couldn’t let this one go, and so, in a katty fashion, they decided to strike back by inquiring whether this man was in the position to be rejecting girls. We’re pretty sure that mobile network discrimination shouldn’t be a reason to turn anyone down. 

Roasting Day Across the Nation

During National Roast Day, you can anticipate much from Twitter, mainly if you see two businesses competing against one another in the same sector. This is especially true if you see them roasting each other. In this particular instance, Wendy’s called everyone out, and Hooters didn’t waste any time responding to the call.

It would seem that Hooters was aiming for a sublime dose of roasting, but there’s no way they could have anticipated receiving such a clap back. Whoever was handling Wendy’s Twitter account should get an award for this answer, which is calling out Hooters for the uniforms that they provide for its staff and pointing out that they are far too small.

It’s Game Time, Oreo

Oreo cookies are a crowd favorite, and they’re convenient to have around when you’re looking for a satiating bite to eat. Oreo once posted on Twitter that they would try to smuggle their cookies into the movie theater, and they received a positive reaction very quickly.

AMC Theaters did not waste any time responding to Oreo’s tweet about bringing food into the movie theater. There’s no question in anyone’s mind that devotees of Oreo cookies and AMC Theaters welcomed this amicable back-and-forth.

Who Came First?

If you are a person, you enjoy pancakes. Period. If you don’t, then you’ve never tried a good one. In any case, you undoubtedly already know that IHOP and Denny’s are two of the most recommended restaurants in the US where you can indulge in this classic breakfast. The only issue that remains is which choice provides the best dishes.

IHOP attempted to position itself as the industry pioneer in pancakes, but Denny’s had none of it. They did not waste any time in responding to their tweet by attaching a snapshot of the original establishment date of their company to demonstrate that they had been in business for many more years than IHOP.

Snack Time

If you are familiar with the world-famous DiGiorno pizza, you already know that the preparation time is twenty minutes. DiGiorno decided to remind their audience that the 2014 Super Bowl was a complete mess, and you probably would’ve been better off just making a pizza.

DiGiorno chose to remark on the Super Bowl even though doing so would not be the best strategy for garnering favorable PR for the brand. They made a self-explanatory statement about the game. Still, they did not worry about the implications, even though the remark could alienate many of their consumers.

Clap Back From The Helper

This man decided to go on Twitter to criticize his girlfriend’s cuisine because he was unhappy with the meal she prepared. He underlined that a woman’s ability to prepare pre-cooked dishes, such as Hamburger Helper, does not make her a good fit for marriage—even if she knows how to cook them.

You know how absurd this is. Obviously, any person who is willing to feed you, no matter their cooking ability, is at least worthy of your consideration. So who are you, Mr. Tweeter, to judge anyone who chooses to serve their significant other with burger mix?

Pancakes From Denny’s

We all want to be loved—which is why this tweet from Denny’s is such a good marketing strategy. The widely regarded diner-style restaurant decided to make fun of all the single minglers out there, teasing them into trying their warm pancakes. But we have to give it to them—that picture looks mouthwatering.

If you shut your eyes while holding their pancake, the sensation is similar to that of holding another person’s hand—it’s true. We ]tried it. After knowing this, could you handle a stack of pancakes from Denny’s? Now you can think of them as all holding hands.

Stop It, Karen!

If you saw Mean Girls and remember the Taco Bell reference, it’s safe to assume that you’re a major fan of the film. The Mean Girls Quotes Twitter account randomly decided to broadcast the sequence on their feed, and the Taco Bell Twitter managers jumped on the opportunity.

They rushed in to call the character out—but obviously, they were doing this to bring attention to themselves. They successfully garnered some attention on Twitter, which is really the only thing that counts in this day and age—other than having the correct stance on hard-shelled tacos.

Inter-Channel Rivalry

There is nothing more entertaining than watching a competition between TV rivals on Twitter. Here’s a story about how BBC Three attempted flame E4 for their supposedly monotonous afternoon material—the kind of stuff that might make you go to sleep even if you weren’t tired.

But E4 wasn’t going to take it lying down, so they decided to fire back with a response that was just as snappy. They just asked viewers to return to BBC Three, where they would be able to look at a blank screen indefinitely. If only either of their programs were this entertaining!

Don’t Believe Everything

When Old Spice tweeted that Taco Bell’s fire sauce was not made of genuine fire, apparently, their stock prices dropped like a rock. However, Taco Bell is well-known for its clever reactions on Twitter, so it’s not surprising that they couldn’t let this one go.

If you want to avoid getting into a Twitter fight, the very worst thing you could do would be to bring up Taco Bell in any way, shape, or form. This isn’t the first time Old Spice got their butts handed to them—and they say wisdom comes with age!

Taste The Rainbow

Who doesn’t like a good bag of Skittles? Those bright and cheery bite-sized nibbles have the power to brighten any day, no matter how dreary and dismal it may seem. You can almost touch the joy that is emanating from this picture of a huge container filled with Skittles if you look at it closely enough.

It should go without saying that the avatar of Skittles, or at least the Twitter avatar of Skittles, enjoys Skittles. It would almost be strange if the guy behind the Skittles avatar liked to eat anything else—even if people need certain nutritional elements not found in the candy. 

Low Hanging Buns

Do you find square-shaped meat clad in bread buns “unnatural”? We don’t want to call Wendy’s and its burgers into question, but there’s no denying that the abnormal form of their patties has caused many customers to question the company’s business practices.

Cooper Franklin decided to criticize Wendy’s for offering burgers in odd shapes, and the company responded by pointing out the obvious using a combination of irony and sarcasm. We have little doubt that Franklin delighted in this snappy yet amusing exchange.

Mallow Sandwich

Although a MoonPie is nothing more than a standard marshmallow sandwich, it is regarded as one of the most delicious chocolate-based desserts available. Due to the fact that they do not provide a very extensive selection of items—or a complicated service—it is unclear to us why they would need a Twitter account.

This Twitter user had the same line of inquiry, and they made the decision to put their question to the source. MoonPie responded in a wry manner when they asked them what the heck they were doing talking to a marshmallow sandwich in the first place. You decide who came out on top!

You Know Who You Are

Chipotle has a persistent problem with customers stealing their bottles of tabasco sauce. This sounds like a rather rage-inducing problem to deal with on a regular basis, especially considering how annoying it can be to lose goods well before the next restock delivery.

If, on the other hand, you consider the high price of everything that can be purchased at Chipotle, those bottles could be considered a bonus included in the meal’s price. But, in all seriousness, someone has to figure out where all those bottles are going to store!

At Least They Apologized

How often have you found yourself in a situation similar to this one? Nothing is more distressing than reaching the end of the toilet paper roll and having to yell for assistance, particularly when there is no one around to hear your cries.

Charmin made the conscious decision to bring our attention back to that dreadful time. If you are planning on going to the bathroom in the near future, let this serve as a reminder to check the availability of toilet paper first before proceeding any further.

No Milkshake For You

It’s not unusual to see sportsmen and celebrities putting in a request for freebies just for the sake of it. This is Sam, a supporter of Arsenal Football Club, a club that has, sadly, never taken home the Champions League trophy.

We are certain that when Cena asked Tesco for a free milkshake, he did not anticipate that he would receive a response like this. Tesco informed him that he would be eligible for a free milkshake when Arsenal won the Championship League—which, they implied, is never.

Butter Is Fat, Right?

Many internet denizens like Twitter to such an extent that they are ready to protect its functionality and reputation in the face of competition from other social media networks. This user had an issue with hashtags being used on Facebook because they were first popular on Twitter.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop other networks from making use of hashtags. This person was quite enthusiastic about maintaining Twitter’s sovereignty of the hashtag, but Taco Bell quickly responded with their own bizarre comment. Isn’t this such a wonderful future?

Nice Catch

Butterfingers, one of the most popular treats in the United States, don’t need much promotion to sell like crazy. Despite this, the corporation continues to go above and beyond in its efforts to get this product in front of as many consumers as it possibly can.

After taking home so many Super Bowl titles and other honors of distinction, Tom Brady rose to prominence as one of the most recognizable figures in the annals of American sporting history. But for this fumble, he earned the attention, and possibly the ire, of the Buttery Finger.

A Low Strong Voice

If you have seen any of the advertisements for Old Spice, you will already be aware that they sometimes depict guys in great bodily shape, beaming with confidence and self-worth. If you have seen any of the commercials for Old Spice, you already know this.

If you look at their tweet, which includes a shot from the ad, you will see a guy gripping his fragrance quite tightly. Old Spice is operating on the assumption that you will already alter your demeanor just in order to chat with this man.

False Advertising

Who doesn’t enjoy Hot Pockets? There is something about how these pizza bites are formed in handy shapes that simply makes them impossible to refuse. After all, they are simple to prepare and much simpler to consume in one sitting.

However, this one Twitter user wasn’t a huge fan of Hot Pockets, and so they took it upon themselves to voice their displeasure with the product through the internet. It didn’t take long for the official Hot Pockets Twitter account to reach out to them and inquire as to whether or not their page had been hacked…

Your Dignity Is At Steak

Everyone knows that Wendy’s will always be one of McDonald’s biggest rivals in the fast food industry. There is little purpose in comparing their burgers, given the significant roles both of their brands play in the quick-service restaurant sector.

Nevertheless, this Twitter user thought it essential to tease Wendy’s and make jokes about McDonald’s Big Macs. Wendy’s, on the other hand, was not going to take this insensitive joke lying down, so they clapped right back.

No Valentine’s Card?

If you tend to be single when Valentine’s Day swings around, then the holiday may not be as enjoyable for you as it may be for your coupled-up friends. This Twitter user sent a joke to Royal Mail stating that they had not yet received their Valentine’s Day gift card.

Everyone was taken aback by the savagery put on display by Royal Mail’s Twitter management—they implied that every other Valentine’s day card had been sent by his mother. As if this person’s day wasn’t already depressing enough!

Flattering Imitation

This post was McDonald’s response to Taco Bell’s advertisement for their morning menu, in which Taco Bell presented itself using Ronald McDonald in the picture. McDonald’s was not pleased with this, so the company chose to respond in an original way.

They uploaded a picture to their social media accounts showing a clown dressed in McDonald’s attire under the message, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” To our astonishment, Taco Bell did not react to this onslaught—surprising, considering how quick-witted they normally are.

Hangry Moments

Mars is one of those companies that places a significant emphasis on the use of humor and jokes as a component of their marketing strategy. In this particular instance, they targeted JCPenney, which is one of the most well-known department store chains in the United States.

Following JC Penny’s tweet that had a grammatical error, Snickers made a hasty effort to capitalize on the situation. Even funnier, they utilized the JCPenney motto in the punchline. We are left wondering whether people were amused by this clever marketing effort.

Straight To Voicemail

The following is further correspondence from Tesco Mobile answering customers who are unhappy with their services. It is unclear why people have such a negative opinion of Tesco Mobile, but it seems that the company has a far larger number of detractors than supporters on Twitter.

When it comes to reacting to slapping down criticism on Twitter, this UK network operator wastes no time. Once more, they reacted angrily to someone who had unfavorably mentioned them. Every little bit helps!

That’s Weird, Oklahoma

When it comes to nomming on snacks, everyone has their own tastes. One unique way to enjoy Pop-Tarts is by…dressing? This tweeter said that to call yourself a resident of Oklahoma, you are required to consume Pop-Tarts smothered in ranch.

The Pop-Tarts brand itself felt disrespectful! They were quick to convey their discontent with the suggestion. They disseminated the image along with the comment, “this is plain insulting,” as if publicly drawing the line on acceptable Pop-Tart enjoyment.

Thinking Of Denny’s

In fast food history, Denny’s has consistently ranked among the most innovative companies in terms of its marketing strategies. After establishing themselves as leaders on Twitter and Instagram, they made the decision to target a niche demographic that could only be found on Tumblr.

On the other hand, they were caught off guard when they received such harrowing comments right off the start. It would seem that some Tumblr users have a strange preference for IHOP over Denny’s, which IHOP totally took advantage of almost seconds later.

Running Out Of TP

Charmin, one of the most prominent brands of toilet paper out there (good job!), recently posted an unusual message on Twitter. They altruistically offered a female runner, known as the Mad Pooper, an entire year’s supply of toilet paper if she offered to turn herself in.

Charmin made a commendable effort to assist the authorities in locating their suspect by using this honeypot strategy. We aren’t sure if the Mad Pooper took advantage of this offer or not, but we think she should have. Even if you still prefer to do your business outside, you can always sell it!

Tic Tac Toe

Both the chocolate companies Kit Kat and Oreo, which were followed by the same influential user on Twitter, Laura Ellen, had to compete with one another to win her favor. It was evident that both companies wanted her to choose them over the other.

They settled with a snack VS snack duel, in which Kit Kat challenged Oreo to a game of choco-tic-tac-toe. Naturally, Oreo was not going to let this matter go unaddressed, so the company swiftly replied to capture even more of Laura Ellen’s attention.

Oreo’s Move

Oreo retaliated viciously with a witty wordplay in which they utilized Kit Kat’s motto in the hashtag “Give Oreo a Break,” which was then followed by an image of a half-eaten bar. Oreo took a risk with this action, and it was clear that she should be paying attention to what she did.

It is still unclear to us which brand Laura ultimately opted to go with or even whether she went with any particular one at all. In the game of marketing chess, Oreo and Kit Kat both turned out to be formidable adversaries in their respective categories.

4.5 Million Birds

Here’s a man who went right for a brand whose name includes the word “smart” and paid the price—with math! It is unclear if he anticipated this tweet getting noticed, but he should have known better. A company like Smart Car would never allow anything like this to go unchecked.

Instead, they replied to the tweet with evidence demonstrating that their smart vehicle technology could not have been affected by a single bird, which should have been abundantly clear from the beginning. 

Heartless Jellyfish

Isn’t nature amazing? As well as being pretty to look at, some jellyfish are known to live forever. Perhaps that’s because they don’t have hearts to break, a fact pointed out by MoonPie, of all people. Not that corporations are actually people—we mean MoonPie’s Twitter account.

Having no heart is rather depressing when you think about it. This remark was not allowed to pass unnoticed by the Monterey Aquarium personnel in charge of the Aquarium’s Twitter account, so they added another intriguing fact—jellyfish do not have brains either.

Another Mean Girls Ref

A new language emerged around the time of the release of the Mean Girls movie, and it quickly became widespread among younger viewers. “On Wednesdays, we wear pink” became a classic fad that is still going strong to this day.

Everyone was attempting to “fetch” success by following the trend and riding it to its logical conclusion—except for Cascade, who decided to opt-out. With all of these quick reactions, they are, if nothing else, keeping at the top of their game when it comes to marketing on Twitter.

Try Tinder

Old Spice has, without a shadow of a doubt, established a brand culture like no other. This is in part thanks to the highly distinctive advertisements the company put out. This tweeter rolled the dice with Old Spice in the hopes of attracting some attention to themselves.

They were absolutely correct, given that Old Spice did reply to their tweet in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, all they did was suggest that he give Tinder a go rather than looking for love in the wrong areas. If you ask us, it was well worth our time to give it a chance!

Like Real Life

Cascade has never shied away from going the extra mile to produce ads that are not only original but also very realistic and based on real-life scenarios. This individual said that one of Cascade’s ads accurately described her and her husband Jon’s experience with the brand.

There is no question that they have perfected the skill of producing ads that resemble the genuine household, enabling viewers to connect to their brand and briefly consider aspects of their own marital lives. We do not doubt that the use of this talent has helped put Cascade’s goods on the map.

Total Solar Eclipse

Even though it wasn’t the first or the last event of its kind, the solar eclipse that occurred in 2017 was a pretty spectacular sight. People got themselves ready for this extraordinary occasion by grabbing some sunnies, coffee, and munchies. Many decided to go with Golden CupCakes as their top choice.

MoonPie did not take kindly to the news that the Golden CupCakes would be the official “eclipse snack” after Hostess Snacks announced it on Twitter. It is a shame that MoonPie did not win this title, as they seem like a much better fit than the other brands.

Don’t Argue With Us

When picking an opponent for a pointless dispute, you need to exercise extreme caution. Make sure you know who you are poking at so that you don’t get drawn into the situation. In this particular instance, the individual was much too ready to criticize Merriam-Webster for something he was unaware of.

It would seem that Danny took his complaint about “funner” not being a valid word to the dictionary people. Because terms such as “funner” and “stupider” exist and can be found in dictionaries, the joke was on him. Merriam-Webster did not waste any time correcting him!

Slay, Wendy’s, Slay!

Wendy’s usually reacts quickly to queries, trends, and mentions on social media. IHOP is a good illustration of how they have not been afraid to voice their criticism against their biggest rival. If there’s one thing people love about Wendy’s confidence on Twitter, it’s that she doesn’t hold back.

Wendy’s is not in the least bit worried about its rivals since they are so far ahead of them in terms of technological prowess. These clever comments are, without a shadow of a doubt, gaining them more followers on Twitter—and clients.

Netflix Claps Back

Before this tweet, Netflix and Conan O’Brien have never engaged in any kind of online conflict with one another. However, O’Brien took the opportunity to attack Netflix’s recent output announcement by joking that their new motto should be “Quantity.”

O’Brien was probably surprised to get a reaction like this. The fact that Netflix went ahead and announced the 1,138th episode of O’Brien’s program is more than enough to make him rethink the tweet. Then again, we can never get enough of Conan!