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40 of the Internet’s Funniest Elon Musk Memes

Elon Musk has the world believing he’s a genius. He is also funny, at times unintentionally so. Fortunately, he is a man who doesn’t take himself seriously. These memes prove that Musk cares about going to Mars more than he cares what people think of him. He has his own priorities, and he doesn’t let anyone get in the way of them.

These memes prove that Musk – besides having bought Tesla and convinced everyone that he invented the vehicles – is the edgiest edge lord of the internet. The truth about his background is out there, but thanks to memes like the ones you’re about to see, people look past everything shady and treat him like an infallible monarch.

Conquering Mars

Social media is filled with jokes about Elon Musk’s obsession with the fourth planet from the sun. Life would have been easier for Musk if he had been obsessed with the candy instead, but his ambition just got the best of him.

His dream could either save us or serve us up a nightmare. Either way, this meme captures what everyone thinks of his Mars dream. We all hope the world will be better for it. However, the realists among us doubt that his colonization plans will ever materialize. 

Musk is a god

Some people worship the very floor Musk puts his feet on, and their level of obsession is troubling. Believe their memes, and you’d think Musk has done what scientists, businessmen, and even the Buddha failed to achieve. This meme seems to resonate with the Musk worshipers in the world.

It’s true that the Buddha was not worth $237 billion at his peak. However, we’re not sure that being rich and making it look like you invented things that you really just bought are valuable contributions to humanity.

Florida or Bust

Florida is proud of a lot of homegrown things. They have crocodiles, palm trees, tropical weather, and a Tesla! The latest addition to their list is not natural to the state, but who said you can’t call a Tesla your own? No one, obviously.

If Musk becomes the deity of the DMV, proud Tesla owners and Musk minions throughout Florida will loudly proclaim their adoration for him and the salt life. Essentially, this meme is harmless fun, so let’s enjoy it while this Tesla is not in self-drive mode, shall we?

Cars in Space

There has been a monkey and a dog in space, so what’s wrong with sending a car into outer space? As it turns out, there was a lot wrong with sending those poor creatures into space, but in this world, if you have enough money, you can pretty much make anything happen.

Musk being Musk, he made the “car go space” thing happen in 2018. Elon actually sent a car out into space along with a dummy astronaut. Why? Because he can. 

Musk Finds Himself Funny

There are two kinds of people – genuinely funny people and people who think they’re funny. Musk likes to think a lot. He thinks a lot of stuff up, and quite often, he convinces himself that he is funny.

This meme is proof that Musk likes a good joke or two. As long as you don’t make fun of his Mars dream, you’re good. But then, Musk makes fun of his Mars dream too, so laugh on. All is good until the Earth melts, and you’re left to fend for yourself while Musk and his disciples are having fun on the red planet. Don’t worry – this meme will keep you company. 

Gates vs. Musk

Keeping up with who is the richest person in the world is hard work. These billionaires like to take risks, but they also like sitting on the top of the pile. So, the top spot has been swapped around quite a few times.

Bill Gates used to be at the top of that much-coveted list. However, Elon quickly out- riched Gates. If Gates wants to be number one again, maybe he should stop upgrading Windows and start making his own electric vehicles.

Elon Accepts the Inevitable

Elon Musk is a smart guy, but he was also born into wealth. He has sent rockets to space, but he also had his wealthy dad fund the business that eventually became PayPal. He has always had the backing behind him to be whatever he wants to be.

If he decides to become a meme, who are we to stop him? Musk clearly doesn’t mind being silly on Twitter. In fact, he loves using the platform to quite literally impact market movements. One tweet from Elon can send stocks or cryptocurrencies crashing or surging. We’re curious – how is this not market manipulation? 

Musk Can Do No Wrong

Musk has become everyone’s favorite billionaire. He says it like it is and doesn’t hold back. He is also a very memeable figure compared to Bill Gates. This has resulted in his stans having some crazy mental blocks when it comes to the shady things he does.

Without necessarily meaning to, Musk seems to have rallied people against Gates. Despite Musk’s infamous experiment of putting microchips in monkey brains (causing at least eight monkeys to die), people don’t seem bothered by how his mind works. This meme proves it.

Musk Can Do Anything

Musk claims that he slept on the couch of his office during the early years of putting up his own company during the 90s. He also claims that he showered at a local YMCA because he was so “hard up.” However, his mother was a successful model and his father was a multimillionaire who gave Musk an eye-watering amount of money every month. Make of that what you will.

Fast forward to now, and Musk can not only afford computers and a shower of his own, but he also has a lot more hair on his head. “Hard work” truly can get you to places you never thought possible.

Elon Buys Twitter

Elon has all the money and power in the world to buy anything he wants. When he decided to buy Twitter, everyone was less than shocked. After all, he is always on Twitter, and he has $44 billion in spare change.

However, there are currently issues about spam accounts that need to be resolved. Knowing Musk, he clearly won’t let trivial matters get in the way of his goal. The world waits with bated breath to see whether Elon is going to put his money where his mouth is. 

Mars or Bust

Boys will be boys. Besides fast cars, motorcycles, and skateboards, there is one thing the male gender will go gaga over. We all know what that one thing is.

Colonizing another planet, of course. The planet they’re set on is Mars. Why? Because it’s there, and it’s the nearest neighbor to Earth. Thankfully, Elon Musk is with us to make our Mars dreams come true. Though residency on Mars may initially be limited to the rich and powerful, we can still dream, can’t we?

Elon Can Do Whatever He Wants With His Money

Elon Musk is a billionaire many times over. In his mind, he has worked hard for his money, so he deserves to spend it any way he wants. If he wants to buy Twitter instead of helping with world hunger, no one can stop him.

He may have more than enough to end world hunger or give thousands of people homes, but that’s technically none of our business. If he wants to focus on ventures that will give him a hefty return on his investment, he’s free to do what he likes. Humanity can take a back seat – Elon still has tons of posts to tweet. He is into earning money, not saving lives. 

Mars, Here We Come

Going to Mars and actually living there is so far-fetched that no one apart from Elon has taken the idea seriously. The logistics, extremely high costs, and impracticality of the endeavor are strong deterrents to most logical people. However, Elon has never let logic get in the way of a catchy idea.

Elon Musk claims he is actively making the idea of living on Mars a reality. He also claimed he’d be upgrading our brains with microchips within five years in 2018, but that project has been a massive fail, with little more than some confused pigs and dead monkeys to show for it. 

Baby Name Controversy

Elon Musk is brilliant at making business choices that require out-of-the-box thinking. He seems able to convince his stans of anything, and it seems all he has to do is use a few big words and hold up a blueprint and investors throw money his way. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that he has zero baby-naming skills.

When he and his former partner Grimes decided to give their son a distinct name, a lot of people raised their eyebrows. Very few know how to pronounce it. We guess the kid will have difficulty pronouncing it himself. If you’re curious, the correct pronunciation of each of those symbols produces a name that sounds like Ka-el. So, he’s basically named his kid Kyle, but edgy.

Musk and Lord Farquad

The movie Shrek unintentionally got Edgelord Elon’s attitude down pat with Lord Farquad – a stereotypical leader who is willing to sacrifice people’s lives (except his own, of course) for the sake of his kingdom. Elon’s statement about Mars was eerily similar to Lord Farquad’s speech in Shrek.

In the movie, no one likes Lord Farquad (and rightfully so), but when Elon said that the first passengers to Mars will likely die, people only shrugged their shoulders and agreed. For some reason, people still like Elon, despite his Farquadian tendencies.

Life Is Hard

Elon is wealthy and very influential. Losing billions would be but a flesh wound for his bank account. So, when his standing as one of the world’s richest people fell a few places from what it once was, Elon probably didn’t feel a thing.

It’s highly likely that he didn’t lose a wink of sleep over the fact that he was poorer than before. After all, his billions are still intact, and he has many years ahead of him to earn more.

Musk Mandate

People can’t help but find something to meme about Musk. Thanks to Covid and the need to wear masks, a lot of his fans found it fun to play with his last name simply because they can.

Since Musk sounds a lot like “mask” and everyone needs to wear one, some just couldn’t help but put two and two together to create a meme that will make anyone smile while waiting for the virus to pass. We’re sure Elon didn’t mind.

Hope Is Dope

People are naturally hopeful. This includes billionaires and crazy geniuses. Elon Musk is hopeful that his dream to live on Mars will one day come true. He sees space as the final frontier, and he wants everyone to consider this a noble ideal to pursue. Unfortunately for Musk, a lot of people care more about the problems down here on Earth.

Some people are so grounded in reality that they can’t see Musk’s viewpoint. They even find Elon’s dreams impractical and selfish. Food and shelter are basic necessities everyone should have. Perhaps if we focused on fixing the problems here, we wouldn’t need to run away to Mars. 

Gain Twitter and Lose Your Soul

Elon Musk made a decision that would make him happy. He quite literally had the choice between buying Twitter or putting an end to world hunger. Apparently, Elon chose to focus on buying what would make him happy. You go, girl?

A lot of people certainly didn’t agree, but Musk clearly doesn’t care about what people think. Feeding billions of people on Earth is not a fun thing to do compared to the joy of making Twitter your online playground. Musk can obviously do what he wants with his money, but he made a commitment to the UN and failed to live up to his side of the bargain. What a hero. 

Midlife Crisis Meltdown

Celebrities hold a lot of power and influence. People look up to them, and some even idolize or mimic their lifestyle. Essentially, celebrities get to do things differently and get away with it.

The way they handle their mid-life crises is similarly unique. While a regular person might just buy a motorcycle or go into therapy, Musk went big and decided to buy his favorite social media outlet. Doing so made his mid-life crisis more bearable because now, it’s not just his problem but everyone else’s.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. A billionaire such as Elon Musk has more than enough money to make his employees all millionaires. But why would he do that? Why would he even consider the idea? We are, after all, talking about a guy who couldn’t spare 2.7% of his net worth to help the UN end world hunger.

A lot of people feel that Elon could have spent his money wisely on helping people rather than buying Twitter. Maybe in Elon’s mind, buying Twitter is helping people. 

How To Spend $44 Billion

There are many ways to spend billions of dollars. But there are only a few people who have billions of dollars to spend. Unfortunately, the people who have the cash seem to be obsessed with spending it on ridiculous, selfish endeavors.

Those who have billions in the bank would rather be frivolous space cowboys than save a single human life. Why not buy the entire Twitter platform for a sum that could have fixed world hunger seven times over? Sounds legit.

Grandpa Musk

Elon is 50 years old. That doesn’t mean he can’t hang with the cool kids. When he decided to engage with Gen Z on Twitter, a lot of people felt he was trying too hard to sound young. Due to his faux pas, a meme was created to honor his Tweet.

The meme might also serve as a lesson for Musk to not fake his way to becoming popular among the cool kids. It might also be possible that Musk intentionally tried to be daft for Twitter clout. Either way, if his goal was to make a meme of himself, he clearly succeeded.

Fans Love Musk

A lot of Elon Musk memes express their adoration for the Tesla founder. This meme is one of them. It perfectly captures how everything Elon is divine in the minds of his stans. If Musk was more charismatic, he could even have become a new-age guru with tons of followers.

Alas, Elon decided to pursue the business route. He’d rather collect money than followers. For now, this meme will suffice. An online image of a Musk shrine is better than no shrine at all for his obsessive stans.

The Power of a Musk Tweet

Elon has always been vocal about his views. He likes to stir things up on Twitter, especially if there’s a chance it’ll cause a stock or an altcoin to crash. He has views that he thinks will make the world a better place, even if people disagree with him.

We love the vibe of this Twitter account, and we’re here for the way the “fat tech exec” matched Elon’s boldness. If Elon had the power to make people lose or gain weight with a single tweet, it’d be an odd skill, but we’d be ever so slightly impressed. 

Elon Loves Rockets

Elon’s dreams to conquer outer space have been brewing since he was a child. It might even be possible that he loves rockets more than people. SpaceX has been around since 2002. So Elon has been working on his dream for more than two decades.

Imagine seeing your childhood dream come to fruition. Elon looks so happy; we can only hope that we have the same happy face when we have billions of dollars to spend on making our childhood wishes a reality. 

Elon Strikes Back

Just when you think you’ve seen all the Elon Musk memes you could possibly see, another one crops up you can never unsee. We bet you don’t even need to glance down to know what the second half of the image will be.

No one knows what went on in the meeting. But people swear it could have been lifted from a scene in Star Wars. If Elon Musk is Darth Vader, who is Luke Skywalker? We hope he and the other Jedis make an appearance soon! Maybe they’ll be interested in sorting out world hunger. 

The Secret

This topic is highly classified. No one really knows the truth behind this strange phenomenon. So far, there is very little information available on why America does not use the metric system. A valid explanation has yet to be provided.

Enter Elon Musk to make the issue highly controversial. The man who acquired Tesla (but has the internet convinced he founded it) decided to share a meme that played on people’s curiosity. Fortunately, everyone just laughed about it. Unfortunately, no one still knows the reason why it is not used. 

Bot Baby

Naming a baby is something that both parents should mutually agree on. There are tons of options available, but whatever name you choose, it must be a good fit for your little bundle of joy.

Everyone’s guess is that Elon was the primary source for the name. Why he chose to name a child something you would name a computer part is everyone’s guess. We just hope the child will be happy with the name once his playmates call him out during hide-and-seek.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Everyone knows that life is not a bed of roses. There are moments of pain as much as there are moments of pleasure. On the outside, Musk seems to have more of the latter than the former. However, he still enjoys complaining about his privileged life.

When he tweeted about how life seems hard, people couldn’t help but shake their heads. Musk is clearly playing life on easy mode, with all cheat codes enabled. He has no reason to worry about what 90% of the population worries about. Still, his tweet proves money is not the answer to everything – knowing the cheat codes is what solves all your problems.

Billionaire vs. Billionaire

In the battle for the edgiest billionaire award on Twitter, the winner, hands down, is Elon Musk. Gates seems to take himself too seriously, while Musk loves to say and do things that take people by surprise.

Musk also seems to know that in the Twitter-verse, there can only be one king. He made sure he could maintain sole claim to the edgelord throne. On this occasion, Bill Gates sneakily won the upper hand by simply commenting with a laughing emoji.  

Twitter Today, McDonald’s Tomorrow

People seem to love being part of an online community of like-minded people who get together to like or retweet posts that resonate with them.

When Elon joked that he would soon buy McDonald’s after purchasing Twitter in order to fix the fast-food chain’s ice cream machines, everyone heaved a collective sigh of relief. In their heart of hearts, they knew Elon was only joking. Still, one can hope, right? It’s definitely more his style than doing something with his money that actually helps people. 

What’s in a Name?

Elon’s choice of name for his child may have caused some people to scratch their heads in confusion. But Elon being Elon, he clearly doesn’t care what people think. Still, this Twitter user managed to express what many were thinking about.

When the name of Musk’s child was placed near a website link, this Twitter user didn’t know where the name of Musk’s child ended and the website link began. We wonder if the child will have the same problem when it grows up.

Back to Basics with Elon

Elon is mostly known for his highly innovative ideas that are so “technologically advanced” that many of them aren’t even possible within the laws of physics. His creations sound great to those who don’t have the qualifications needed to understand the flaws, and this meme pokes fun at precisely this issue.

Evidently, this is a humorous take on Elon’s tendency to shoot for impossible but cool-sounding dreams. Can you imagine what would happen if Elon went back to basics? Perhaps he’d finally take the UN up on their offer. 

Flat Earthers Elon

When Elon decided to join in on the fun, flat-earthers all over the world had reason to rejoice. After all, Elon tweeted a picture of the Earth from outer space. It was something flat-earthers have long suspected to be true.

Unfortunately, non-believers decided to chime in and like Elon’s post. It soon became obvious that Musk was just pulling flat-earthers’ legs. Still, it was fun while it lasted. It’s good to see the Illuminati chiming in to build on the fun. 

21st Century Colonizer

Elon Musk is this century’s modern-day colonizer. Seeing that the world has been colonized enough, he set his sights on land located outside the Earth’s atmosphere because it’s the nearest option available.

Currently, no one knows for sure if there is life on Mars. Musk is assuming it is free land available to anyone who can declare it as their own. The best way to know for sure is to actually go there and wait to see if Martians come out to welcome Earthlings. 

Ten-year-old Adults

What do Kanye West and Elon Musk have in common? Both are not afraid to speak their minds. Both are divorced from their first wives. Both have made a mark on their respective industries. Based on this picture, both also have the fashion sense of a ten-year-old.

It’s cute that they’re both in power stances, trying to look cool and tough. You show ‘em, boys! We can just imagine Kanye getting all excited and yelling, “come on, Elon! Let’s go play with my dad’s drone!”

Robot vs. Human

People have an ingrained fear of technology. Some believe that robots will take over the world. It would be a nightmare to see our own creations turn against us. However, if we’re really honest with ourselves, it’s pretty obvious that humans are the ones doing most of the damage on this planet.

Fortunately, a Twitter user brought some sanity to people’s unfounded fears. The best solution to prevent robots from taking over the world is to simply throw water at them. The idea is so simple but amazing that Elon couldn’t help but agree. 

Which Superhero Are You?

Of course Elon wants to have superhero status. The Marvel universe doesn’t seem to be big enough for his character, though. He wants to be in a universe of his own, where no one can compare to his wealth or power.

This meme seems to lump him in with other superhero characters that are otherworldly. Elon does have some similarities with Tony Stark. Indeed, he even appeared as himself in the second Iron Man movie. Could an Elon Musk superhero movie be in the works?  

Genius Is 90% Inspiration and 10% Pizza

Geniuses aren’t accepted by society because people find it hard to deal with new ideas they don’t clearly understand. It is easier to reject a complex notion than to accept it.

This pizza is an example of a genius move that very few people would think of doing. Apparently, Elon found this in an old life-hacks article from the early 2000s and thought he’d tweet about it. Geniuses are often rejected by society. Perhaps that explains Musk’s wild popularity.