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30+ Epic Fails That Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

How many of us have tried doing things our own way, thinking it would make the process much faster but ended up with a disaster on our hands? Let’s be honest, reading the user manual is so boring that just jumping in and giving it a go seems to be the best option. Instead of saving money, however, these bold experiments usually come back to haunt us. 

There’s a reason why guides and product manuals were created – they offer the safest way to carry out repairs and maintenance, with all the details needed to do a good job. Unfortunately, some of us don’t like to read instructions. In honor of the headstrong among us, we’ve gathered some of the funniest examples of DIY projects gone wrong. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this funny montage.

Would You Like Mold With That?

We don’t know what this person was thinking, but they clearly forgot the most basic rule of eating any food. Before you devour anything, make sure to check it first. This can be done by smelling or even just looking at the food to see if mold is forming.

Reddit u/yuvk

It was too late for this lad as he only noticed that the bread was moldy after consuming three whole slices of it. You’d think the first bite would have been enough of a clue for him to turn on the light!

The Key To A Bad Time

If you don’t cringe when you see this picture, you’re a stronger person than we are. We can guarantee right now, that whoever owns that key must have uttered all the profane words in the dictionary.

Reddit u/theperfectslurpee

Luckily, when the keys fell into the drainage, it wasn’t raining. All the owner needs to do is to remain calm, and plan out a strategy for getting the keys. A thread with a small magnet on the end may well do the trick.

A Beautiful View

It would be hypocritical of us if we didn’t admit that we would love to live near the golf course. Who wouldn’t love staying on the edge of a beautiful slice of lush greenery? It’s a great way to combine our love of city living with our love of nature.

Reddit u/starbitcandies

However, living this close to a golf course is a different story. We wonder how many windows were broken before the owner decided to move to another location.

Sprinkle A Small Amount Of… Never mind

Cooking is therapeutic, but it can also be troublesome. There are people who are gifted at preparing food. Indeed, it seems like they are born with the gift, while the rest of us struggle with the basics.

Reddit u/scoobdrew

This poor person was just starting their day by frying some sunny-side-up eggs. They tried to spice it up by adding some peppercorns, but disaster struck. This is why we need to double-check our kitchen utensils before using them!

The Worst Kind Of Perfect Landing

If this was gymnastics, then the judges would’ve given the flour container a perfect score for a flawless landing. The owner wasn’t so impressed. Of all the possible landing positions, this has got to be the worst.

Reddit u/loserwhit

As you can imagine, many people commented on the original post, providing tips on picking it up without leaving too much mess on the ground. Our suggestion is to slide something like a thin but sturdy sheet of cardboard underneath before flipping it up.

Staples To Clips?

If you read the label on the box, you might think there’s nothing wrong with what this person has done. It takes a second look to see where the problem lies.

Reddit u/dumudm983

The person was probably in a rush when they bought the clips instead of staples. The box is also misleading, so we can’t really blame them for grabbing it without a second look. Hopefully, they still have the receipt so they can take it back to the store.

Can’t Make This Up

Having pets such as dogs and cats is exciting, but it also helps us relax. The woman who snapped this photo was not enjoying either of those states. Everybody knows that cats are notorious for not giving a damn, but this is a step too far. 

Reddit u/allergies____

In true cat fashion, these furballs knocked all the makeup brushes down into the litter box. To make matters worse, the litter box contained fresh poop from the fur babies. We bet she threw every one of those brushes in the trash! 

How To Fail At Unlocking The Building

The common fear when we unlock doors is that the key might fail to work or get stuck or broken. However, this man had experienced something even more awful than that.

Reddit u/alec7717

It was his turn to unlock the building, and he was eager to do it. As seen in the picture, this guy has a lot of explaining to do, and it’s likely that his co-workers will not believe him. Thankfully, he had a snapshot to prove that it wasn’t his fault.

How Not To Bake A Cake

There was once a legendary show on the food network wherein a guy baked cakes like it was nothing. He shared a lot of techniques and know-how on how to bake cakes properly, and this made viewers want to try it for themselves.

Reddit u/bakedfails

We are no experts, but we’re pretty sure that’s not how you bake a cake. That is just thick chocolate syrup with extra flour to make it rich. Perhaps the person responsible should have just bought one instead of trying to bake it!

Where’s My Money?

Imagine this: You are down to your last remaining bit of cash, and as you hurriedly try to withdraw it at the nearest ATM, this happens. What if you were on a date, or purchasing something important? 

Twitter @twat987

We can clearly picture the sheer frustration and anger this guy must have been feeling. If this happened to us, we would probably have a public meltdown. We really hope this guy was able to safely retrieve his cash.  

Hole In The Wall

Talk about DIY gone wrong! This is painful to see. Taking on DIY projects enables us to uncover latent talents and creativity. Some manage to do it in a blink of an eye, but others need to learn by trial and error.

Twitter @xirandii

It was supposed to be an easy TV installation, but as you can see from the picture, this young lady tried a lot of times and failed. At least she managed to get her wall-mounted TV in place eventually! 

Cooking 101: University Edition

As a college student, it is imperative to know some tricks for surviving university life. There are times when we discover awesome hacks that everybody should be aware of, and then there are the epic fails that should never ever be attempted again. This picture shows an example of the latter category. 

Twitter @kieranriley123

Clearly, this college student didn’t know better as he directly put the chopping board inside the oven. No, this is not photoshopped – it happened in real life. If he was thoughtless enough to do this, we’re not sure if he’ll be able to pass his exams.

That’s Not How You Do it

Sometimes, even the experts drop the ball. In this case, we mean it literally and figuratively. Instead of the car getting checked or fixed, it accumulated a whole lot of extra damage.

Twitter @offrip

The amount of frustration the car owner would be feeling can’t be reduced into a single sentence. Luckily, the owner does seem to have a sense of humor. This is not the “drop” that he was asking for.

Blender Blues

Being healthy is more important than ever. We are still in the grip of the pandemic, and keeping healthy with exercise and a clean diet is a must. They say your health should be on top of your priority list, but this person took the advice a little too seriously.

Twitter @katierobson4

Using a blender to create a healthy smoothie only takes a couple of steps. For some reason, however, this poor guy’s blender tube catapulted into the ceiling. Next time, we strongly suggest eating the fruit as it is.

What’s For Lunch?

This usually happens when we are in a rush to get to work. We either forgot our lunch or we picked up the wrong things on our way to the office. Having a packed lunch is economical and can save you a lot of time, but only if you pick up the right bag.

Twitter @JuanfranB_

This poor guy made the ultimate mistake. With a bag of cat poop and a bag of food in his car, he threw out the one he was meant to keep and kept the one he was meant to throw out. What an awful mistake!

Better Add A Warning Label

Having coasters saves you from troubles such as table stains and liquid spills. This hotel attendant was surprised when he noticed that a chunk of one of their coasters was clearly bitten. 

Twitter @hotelluxband

At least the Airbnb host got a laugh out of it. They also earned a lot of likes and hilarious comments when they shared it on social media. We’re guessing alcohol was involved in the decision-making that led to the tenant taking a bite out of this coaster!

The Worst Housemate Ever

Taking a nice shower is soothing and can relax both our body and mind. There’s just something about the way the water hits your hair and slides down over your body. However, the feeling just isn’t the same if a nasty ex-housemate steals your showerhead.

Twitter @ghost_ndy

On top of that, his housemate apparently owes the guy 200K. Now that is another level of pettiness! We really hope he doesn’t mean 200K in US dollars because that’s an insane amount of money to lose to a showerhead-stealing housemate! 

You Had One Job

Clearly, the plumber took it seriously when his boss said to follow the customer’s design. The left picture shows the desired design for the drain, but the plumber had another vision. 

Tumblr u/fail

According to some online critiques, the picture looks like it is elevated, but who would want their drain to sit higher than the tiled floor? We hope the owner asked for a refund.

A Great Way To Start Your Day

To most adults, having a sip of coffee first in the morning just sets our mood. The aroma of the brewed beans and the taste are just the perfect starter for the day.

Reddit u/lolcofffee

Unfortunately, the owner of this mug was still a little too sleepy when she tried to get some coffee. Yes, the mug was upside down, but to be honest, this kind of thing happens to the best of us. 

A Hairy Hello

If you’ve ever been to a sporting venue, you have probably experienced something like this. In every seat, there’s a handy cup holder in which you can place your drinks while enjoying the game or concert.


The problem is, some of the locations of these cup holders are absurd. If you don’t believe us, have a look at the photo above. There are only two things that could have happened after this: either this person bought a new drink, or they asked the owner of the dreadlocks to purchase them a fresh soda.

Might As Well Buy A Lotto Ticket

How would you feel if you were about to go to your first job in the morning, fresh cup of coffee in hand, then a crow pooped into the tiny cup hole? 

Reddit u/rilescrane

This could change your perception of the day you had ahead. Of course, it looks like bad luck, but at least the poop didn’t land on his clothes or in his hair. Also, the chances of this hole-in-one happening are so slim, we believe it might be a sign to buy a lotto ticket!

Welcome To Norway!

To those who aren’t familiar, Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords in Northern Europe. Temperatures average -6.8 degrees Celsius during winter, and that gives us an instant understanding of this picture.

Reddit u/kajakan

This is not photoshopped as some internet users have suggested. The tenant of the room left the window open, and when he returned, this was what had happened. 

The Worst Kind Of Mistake

This picture screams regret, and the nightmare it represents for the owner is unmeasurable. We are still wondering how it happened in the first place.

Reddit u/couldntdecidemyname

It could be that the parents were having one of those days wherein nothing seems to go right. Until you’ve dealt with endless days of dirty diapers, it’s hard to understand how much parenting can affect your thinking. We hope the clean-up mission wasn’t too disgusting! 

There’s Nothing Duct Tape Can’t Fix

If you’re a big fan of basketball, you’ll be familiar with the epic show, Inside The NBA. There was once an episode when NBA Hall Of Famer Charles Barkley talked about his ankle injury getting taped up with duct tape.

Reddit u/SolidJuho

This lad tried to fix his ripped shorts by putting duct tape on. He had no other choice since he lives 15 miles away from work. It doesn’t look that bad, does it? 

Just Twist And Pull

Wine lovers all adore the beautiful sound of a cork popping effortlessly from the top of the wine bottle. However, we’ve all experienced the horror that ensues if the cork doesn’t pop out as it should.

Reddit u/ppeeez

Instead of pulling out the cork in the easiest and most convenient way, corkscrews can sometimes end up creating a nightmare. Hopefully, this person was still able to drink the wine.

Kids Will Be Kids?

This internet user shared the infuriating moment when his neighbor’s kid decided to “decorate” his car using a rock. It’s clear that the kid meant well, but surely the parents should have stopped this from happening. 


To all petrol car lovers out there, we understand your pain. A little scratch can cause a major headache, but at least it can be buffed out. This would have taken more time, effort, and money to fix. We hope the neighbors responsible offered to pay. 

Wet Cement: An Accident Waiting To Happen

There’s no further investigation needed to explain what happened in this picture. A child tried to ride their scooter over the fresh cement, face-planted, and then ran off crying. Who could blame them? 

Instagram #satisfyingmud

If you’ve experienced working in construction, you’ll know this epic fail could delay a lot of work. Next time, however, it might be a good idea to put more barriers around the drying cement. 

The Tale Of The Bike And The Car

Talking about double damage, this image is the last thing you would want to see if you owned a bike and a car. To add insult to injury, the bike that got crumpled isn’t just any old pushbike. Apparently, it cost $5,000. 

Instagram @luluranksfails

If you are having a bad day, this picture might make you feel better. It’s not that you want other people to be having miserable days too, but there’s no denying the fact that it makes you feel less alone. 

Interior Design Gone Wrong

Any homeowner will agree that saving space is a must in any household. As true as this may be, space-saving plans sometimes backfire in an epic way.

Instagram @luluranksfails

The owner of this house was able to utilize every inch of space but forgot one vital thing. You don’t need to be a weightlifter to gauge how heavy a microwave oven is. Also, why is the microwave oven hanging over the gas stove?

Have Fun Cleaning That Up

Before we reveal the epic fail that happened here, please be reminded to check your packaging properly to avoid a huge disaster. Okay, are you ready? If you zoom in on the picture just a little bit, you will see a difference in color on the carpet.

Reddit u/hugelol

If you guessed that the grayish color is cat litter, congratulations! This infuriating situation was all thanks to lousy packaging. We can almost smell the picture.

No CGI Effects Needed

What a timely post, especially now that the latest installation of The Fast and the Furious is out. It seems that whoever used the ride-on mower to cut the grass in this field thought they were a racecar driver. 

Reddit u/grass2as

Perhaps it wasn’t a lawnmower after all. It’s entirely possible that the owners of these cars were testing out their Tokyo Drift skills on the grass. Whatever caused this mess, we don’t envy the person who has to clean it up.  

How Not To Cook Noodles

For some reason, we can hear Gordon Ramsay screaming at the person in this picture. There are simple kitchen rules that should never be broken, and keeping your sweet and salty condiments in separate areas is one of them.

Tumblr @foofailsd

If you love cooking, it is a must for you to place kitchen utensils and condiments in order. This way, you will avoid disasters such as the one depicted above. This person thought they poured soy sauce into the pot, but it was vanilla extract.

Laptop For Sale

This scene is the stuff of nightmares for everyone who uses a laptop. Such things can be avoided, but we just get so comfortable enjoying meals while we work that we overlook the danger we’re posing to our precious devices.

Twitter @AtrocityVendorr

We know that there’s a big chance of spilling food on the laptop, yet we ignore these signs. Let this person’s painful mistake be your lesson, and always keep food far away from your laptop!

Watch Your Surroundings

Can we just take a moment to understand the frustration this person must have felt? Losing a valuable item is disheartening, and we will look high and low to find where it might have gone. What are the chances of finding the precious item again if it’s been gone for months?

Reddit u/fbmemesmonopoly

This guy proved that it is possible to be reunited with your lost items, even after three months. He must have been on top of the world when he spotted his missing watch. We just hope he was able to get it working again. 

Floating Sofa?

You are probably questioning how the sofa got stuck in between the doors. Perhaps you’re also wondering why their pet dog is so close to such a precarious mess. We don’t have the answers, but what we do know is that the owner needs a professional immediately.

Twitter @turbojedi

This is a serious situation, but It helped us crack a smile. These people must have been so determined to get that couch inside that they refused to give up when it first got a little stuck. We’re pretty impressed by their determination! 

The Grass Is (Literally) Greener On The Other Side

Having a lawnmower helps us cut the grass in the most efficient and convenient way. That is why it is imperative for those who have a lawn to invest in one. This woman decided to mow her lawn, and it was going great until she felt a weird bump from the lawn mower’s blades.

Twitter @stinkythinktank

Unfortunately, her wallet got shredded, including all her money. If this didn’t destroy her day, then we envy her patience!

A Tragic End To The Film

It is no secret that snacks in cinemas are insanely expensive. This is why some people try to sneak food inside the movie theater. The thing is, many of them fail.

Reddit u/ThingsThatAreNotAesthetic

This picture shows what a bad day at the cinema looks like. Imagine spending $50-$80 for snacks and ending up like this. We were told that the story behind the picture was that somebody tripped and the owner decided to take a snapshot out of the aftermath.

Yet Another Laundry Fail

We cannot fathom how a block of cheese ended up in this washing machine. Didn’t Bethany notice the shape and weight of the cheese when she was adding her clothes to the wash? Based on the picture, the lady was washing her undergarment but still somehow failed to notice a block of cheese.

Facebook bethany.pridemore

Other internet users had a field day and made a lot of funny memes and comments relating to this incident. One suggestion was that Bethany may love cheese so much that she wants her clothes to smell like it every day. We hope that’s not true!

How Does It Taste?

We are not even sure where to start here, but we will try our very best. Who has experienced eating something that was never designed to be eaten? If you have, then you are not alone, we are sure of that.

Reddit u/PepperMinimum4979

Apparently, this person thought they were eating a weird chocolate bar, but instead, it was burner wax. No, we are not making this up! The conversation above made it even more hilarious.