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Kids Give The Darndest Answers In Tests

Oh, the age of innocence. Kids sometimes say the darndest things, but they say this out of pure naivety and innocence. They have tons of questions for you, and sometimes when the tables are turned and when you ask them a question, then they give the most outside-the-box answer you could imagine.

While these answers make it seem like these kids need a few more days in school, we could probably learn a thing or two from them. These kids sometimes take the answer too literally and run with it, much to their teacher’s frustration and amusement. If you’re up for a couple of laughs, then buckle up and enjoy the darndest answers from the darndest bunch of sweetheart kids. 

Finding The X

Whoever invented algebra had a thing for torturing kids at school. How did we go from adding and subtracting numbers—which is difficult enough as it is—to adding and subtracting letters. Kids have to find the value of certain letters amongst other figures.

Some kids make fun by taking things too literally. When this kid was asked to find X by their teacher in class, he literally pointed it out as if the teacher had somehow misplaced the letter. We’re not sure that’s how it works, though. We just hope that the punchline was worth the point in the test. 

Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

When you’re young, you tend to believe in a lot of fantastic things. This is the age of make-believe when kids persist in a world of imagination half of the time. Anything is possible for a kid with a hyperactive imagination. This test was not meant to test the imagination, but the answer was pretty imaginative nonetheless.

This kid argued that this question couldn’t count because ghosts aren’t real! When asked how many ghosts were left, the kid offered a resounding 0, with notes to explain himself. This is a practical kid with a no-nonsense attitude. Maybe he just gave up the ghost on this test.

Nerd Alert!

Kids are hilarious, but they can also be so unapologetically honest. Maybe it’s because adults are always asking them to tell the truth. When you get to talking with these little ones, you’ll soon find out that they do not hold back when it comes to compliments or insults.

A kid was asked the cause and effect of this picture. To an adult, the answer is very obvious—but to a kid, not so much. As adults, we can easily give the correct answer to the question: Tony being a nerd is the cause—playing the piano and gaining a cool skill in the process is the effect. Nerds rule! 

God’s Favorite Heavenly Body

Astronomy is a very interesting subject, but you’d better pay attention in class cause if you don’t, you might miss a couple of interesting facts. This kid must have fallen asleep when their teacher was discussing the planet Saturn.

We give this kid +A for effort in coming up with a creative answer to a very technical astrological question. They must be watching too many Beyonce music videos, or they really think that Saturn is God’s favorite planet that he had to put a ring on it. Just don’t let Jupiter, Uranus, or Neptune know!

Cruel Giraffes

A child’s eyes can see everything and, at the same time, nothing at all. It all depends on the child’s powers of perception. This child seems to have strong empathic abilities looking at the smaller giraffe in the middle and could hardly understand why the others would be so cruel.

According to Darwin’s theory, only the best suited for their environment pass on their genes, and those not well suited ultimately die off, but this did not convince the child. Maybe this kid is our hope for the future. After all, humanity did not flourish through competition alone—cooperation also helped to put us on top of the food chain.

Are You Smart?

We go to school to get a head-start in life and learn how to adapt to the workplace, but there’s no guarantee that everyone will come out intelligent. Some things just can’t be taught. For example—to get by in life, you have to overinflate your sense of importance, at least on the outside.

This kid might be the latter type of smart, going off his test answer. Next time, the teacher had better be more specific with her questions as this kid seems to have mistaken this question as a subjective one. Don’t worry, kid. You’ll make a great middle manager someday.

Judy Goes By The Looks

This kid, Judy, might be a good prankster or have a ridiculous sense of humor. We just hope the answer did not get little Judy in trouble. The boy in the picture obviously looks sad that he fell off his bike, but that was not what Judy noticed at first glance.

Judy’s option was one of the choices provided in the quiz, but she added it anyway. That’s too bad for the artist who drew the boy. But, whether the artist knows it or not, their work got unsolicited advice from a young lady who felt that her opinion needed to be heard. 

Mom’s Happy Hour

Kids are very observant. They are like little sponges that take in all the information they can. Some adults could learn a thing or two from this kid’s observation. Who better to give their blunt opinion than an innocent child?

This mom mustn’t be as discreet as she thinks she’s being when it comes to drawing on her coping mechanism of choice. It might be a little embarrassing for her—and the teacher—the next time they meet at the parent-teacher conference. 

Tough Cookie

Kids can be clumsy, but they can also be pretty durable. That’s not to say that they should be put in harm’s way. It’s just that when kids fall, sometimes they’ll just dust themselves off and get back up again. After all, learning not to fall is the first step in learning how to run.

This kid knows what is up. He’s a tough cookie, after all. When it comes to playtime, there is no use crying over spilled milk. When you fall, you have to get back up and deal with it. However, we’d probably recommend washing the scratch afterward, just to be safe.

Nice Try

Children may have more on their minds than what will be on their next quiz or getting a high mark during school. If you haven’t studied for your quiz, you can always try outsmarting it. This never usually works out, but it’s always worth trying if you don’t have the answer.

This kid gave outsmarting their teacher their best shot, but the teacher wasn’t having any of it. Nice try, kid. Though technically correct, this was not the answer the teacher was looking for. Better luck next time.

Cry Baby

After their Christmas vacation, young students are typically excited to get back into school to hang out with their friends again. The long vacation gives the students enough time to spend with their family, and after the year’s end, they are able to return with a fresh start.

The new year is traditionally started with a new year’s resolution. This typically just lasts a couple of months, but at least you tried. This kid wants to be less of a cry baby in the coming year. Don’t worry; many of us couldn’t seem to snag this one, even as adults. 

Without A Cause

Kids are straightforward, unlike adults, who are a little bit more complex and conniving—probably because we’re taught to do it over the course of our careers after school. When we’re young, we know who we are. We’re proud of it, however naive it may be to believe.

We’ve got a rebel on our hands! We’re not sure if the kid knows the meaning of the word, but this kid still thinks he is one. Whether he knows the meaning of the word or not, we think he’s grasped the spirit of the word with his four-word answer to a three-word question.

Measuring Your Patience

Admit it—kids can be a little annoying at times. With all their boundless curiosity and energy, they can throw a relentless number of questions at you. You just have to be patient with them. But when things like this happen, it can really test your patience.

Still, at least the kid got the answer right—twice, technically. Of course, it’s an easy question if you know the meaning of the word “foot.” A football can’t conceivably be longer than one foot in length, after all. But we’re just showing off now. 

Math Is Hard, Man

Math was one of our most dreaded subjects. It’s hard enough when they ask you to find X. Then they also ask you to find Y. Then the whole alphabet gets loose! Worst of all, they even ask you to show how you came up with the answer.

It’s hard enough to come up with the answer, never mind having to explain it. This kid found a shortcut to the question and tried to keep his answer short and simple. “Math.” Well, it is the means by which they came up with the answer.

Sign Here And Here

For history buffs, a question as simple as “Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?” has a straightforward answer—but not for this kid. If I were this kid’s teacher, I’d think about awarding them a mark for creativity.

After all, it was signed at the bottom of the document. In a sense, this kid outsmarted the teacher by teaching them a lesson—always be precise when asking a question—if you want an exact answer, you’d better make sure there’s no room for interpretation. 

Karaoke Class?

What is love? It’s a deep question that has puzzled philosophers and thinkers throughout the ages. Who can blame this kid for trying to answer the best way he knows how? By filling out the rest of the lyrics. To be honest, going off the questions of this quiz, there can’t be any wrong answers.

This kid must have been listening to their parent’s favorite song—it’s certainly not a modern hit on the charts these days, that’s for sure. Maybe it was trending on TikTok at the time. Who knows? You can’t fail this kid. We give him A+ for effort. 

The Power Of Love

When asked, “What is the strongest force on earth?” they answered, “Love.” To be fair, it’s a profound answer and the right one in many situations. It’s just a pity that they didn’t express this idea in a setting other than science class.

This probably wasn’t the answer their science teacher was expecting them to give, but we think the question was defined poorly. We think that “Love” was probably not in the top ten, however. This kid must have dozed off in class and thought they were being asked a morality question in the test. 

Mark Your Calendars

The kid’s teacher was hoping to get a more specific answer when asked the question, “What did you learn about Earth Day that you did not already know?” but this kid seems to have only learned one thing about it—the date of Earth day.

It’s nice that kids are being taught about the environment in school. It’s a good way to kick the can down the road, and it means that we adults don’t have to do anything too strenuous about climate change now while giving ourselves a nice pat on the back for our efforts.

Ready To Go Home

Kids all have different opinions about school. Some are excited to go to school to see their friends and teachers, while others can’t wait until the bell rings and they can go back home. It’s all about perspective, but this kid seems to be having the worst time.

It might be a little harsh to describe going to school in this way. He may feel like he’s under a strict regime now, but at least he won’t also go hungry if he gets poor grades or misses homework deadlines. Take it easy, kid. Hopefully, his parents will put him through counseling, and things will get better.

Fun With Frankie

Frankie is hilarious. We would love to know this kid—their answer is comedic gold. It’s true. Kids are little freeloaders at home. Ah, those were the days. I guess that’s the price parents have to pay for snatching a gleam of sentience out of nonexistence.

It’s not too late for this kid; after all, they’re still young. Go ahead, Frankie. Study hard and do your best at school. Someday, after you earn a diploma, you’ll get a high-paying job, or at least work under someone who has one.

Parental Guidance Is Advised

We all had our favorite teacher at school, right? They were like our second parents away from home, and we learned many things from them. They also provided emotional support to us growing up as kids.

One student was asked, “What do you like most about your teacher?” We were not expecting this answer. This kid must have seen something in their teacher that they admired physically, but joke or not, it probably got them in a lot of trouble. 

A Little Unconventional

This kid must have missed their chance to use the bathroom during recess, or maybe, like most kids, they just have their minds in the gutter. Although their answers might technically be correct, we all hope they learned a lot more in school than this.

Although their answers were technically correct, it might have been more impressive if this student could describe the solid, liquid, and gas with a little more academic formality, but you can’t blame the kid for trying.

Cause And Effect Questions Are Tricky

Timekeeping, or punctuality, is an essential skill. It’s something that educators try to instill in their students. It can be annoying for teachers to have to repeat themselves after the class starts, and worse, a late student can distract the rest of the class.

Flattery will get you everywhere, at least according to one of Mr. Thomas’ students. If you can’t obey the rules, at least you can bend them. Of course, this probably wasn’t what Mr. Thomas was hoping to see. Better luck next time, we guess. 

Checking Out

This question is very technical. You would have to ask yourself: is it worth getting a headache for one measly point in this quiz? Jonathan certainly thought not and threw caution to the wind, answering with a locally correct answer but not with a scientifically correct one.

Instead of figuring out the correct answer, Jonathan tried to make up his own story about why the guy got fired for a seemingly important job. If there were points for creativity, then you get top grades from us. Good luck with your engineering career! 

Sharing Is Caring

The workings of any economic theory seem beyond the realm of an elementary school student, but it seems especially unlikely to us that this student has read and comprehended the ideas contained in all three volumes of Karl Marx’s Capital.

That being said, it’s nice to see young people getting involved in political thinking. If we had to nitpick this answer, we’d probably say that communism isn’t really a situation. Then again, what an unusual question this is.

Finding The Six

It goes without saying that math is hard. We can make this point all day long. When faced with a problem in life, such as this one, sometimes it’s just best to sit back and think of a way to make fun of the concept of math itself.


So when a math test asks you to find the answer by deciphering this seemingly impossible mathematical equation, just have fun with it. Take a breather and hand the test to your teacher. It will be fine in the long run whether they will see you back next semester or not.

Zombie Alert!

Tests can be mentally draining—and don’t get us started with studying for a long quiz then getting nothing to show for it. Sometimes nerves can wreck your score. Even when you know the answer, your mind can just go blank when stress kicks in.

This kid might have been experiencing some of that test anxiety in the middle of their exam. It seems that hours of burying your nose inside books can turn into nothing less than an insatiable hunger for brains if that stress claims you. 

Be Kind To Dogs

This kid must be a dog lover through and through. If this was for an English test, we say this student should pass with flying colors, especially when all the answers are simple three-letter words. They even know how to join some of their letters!

It’s true, though—we shouldn’t hit dogs. It’s cruel, and you never know when they might decide to bite back. As this student just demonstrated, inserting another three-word answer into this space should be possible.

Back To The Past

It would be nice to go back and talk to someone important from the past. Imagine all of the things you could tell them about how the future turns out. Even more interesting would be the information you passed on to them that could affect the future.

This kid knows his history. He knows that he would be doing Honest Abe a solid if he told him to avoid going to a play at all costs. It would probably happen some other way, though. Presidential security back in those days was incredibly lax.

Very Clever

This teacher was so impressed with the answer that they gave the student points for their unconventional argumentation. We like this teacher; they seem fun. The teacher probably wasn’t against inserting a little bit of “humor” into their class.

But just for future reference, it’s spelled “Hugh” Jackman, and he is certainly not a color. We wonder if the kid who answered this knows that, as the teacher didn’t seem to make a correction. Then again, the teacher could probably have written, “What is your favorite color” on the test instead.

What Is The Difference?

In math, when you say difference, it usually means the result of subtracting one number from another. Maybe the teacher was not clear on the definition of the word “difference.” We’re still figuring out who is at fault for the strange answer here.

This kid appears to be intimately acquainted with these digits as a result of all of his intensive math studies. Thank you, kid, for reminding us that “eight is all curly [but] six is not.” It’s all because of you that we now know better. 

Only Child

Sisters are wonderful. You get to have a close friend and a confidant. But what do you do if you don’t have any sisters? According to this kid, one thing you can’t do without a sister is answer hypothetical questions on an English test.

This remark cost the kid seven points on the quiz. Kids often take things too literally, and this is a fine example of that. Maybe the teacher could try phrasing their exam questions differently next time. This test might have taught both the teacher and the student an important lesson.

Keep It Clean Kid

This test reminds us of the game Scrabble. You get a few letters at random, and you try to make a word out of them. This kid seemed to have gotten three of them right—but not the last one, and the teacher was not having any of it.

Perhaps it was an honest mistake, or perhaps this student was a bit too familiar with some words that they shouldn’t have known to begin with. Either way, it’s a bad look for the student and teacher alike (but mostly for the student). 

Can You Expand On That?

Peter might not be good at math, but he seems to be very creative visually. Maybe he has the mind of an artist, like a painter. When asked to expand the equation, Peter decided that “expanding” means putting more space between the variables.

Peter better pray that this made the teacher laugh enough to float his grades. Otherwise, he might be expanding his chances of having to retake the class. Peter had better be hitting the math books right now or maybe taking different classes entirely.

Technically Correct

These teachers must be having a hard time grading their students. Either they are laughing out loud while they are grading, or they’re crying their eyes out trying to figure out what they did wrong to deserve such low-caliber students.

Technically, their answers are correct in the most literal sense, but this couldn’t be what the teachers expected. After hours and hours of wasting their breath in front of the class, this is what they get in return. See you next semester?

No Labels Here

This kid needs a little bit more guidance. A few hours of tutoring will help them figure out that racism is not the science of classifying living things. The kid must have caught the “class” in “classifying,” and this other word popped into his head.

It would be nice to say that we no longer put human beings in different categories—at least most of us don’t—many people are still assigned classes based on the place they grew up or the color of their skin. Someday we’ll overcome that, though. After all, we all belong to one family—humanity. 

Box Office Hit

The Hunger Games was a popular book series and, later, a box office hit. The series tackled what the villains of the story called the dilemma of overpopulation (in reality, artificial scarcity). Still, someone should remind this kid that this was fiction and not based on a true story.

Kids are very impressionable and might think that what they see on the big screen is the same thing as real life. That being said, this question is dubious at best since there are still competing ideas about overpopulation (i.e., whether overconsumption should be considered the problem instead).

Naming Names

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, kids are funny. Needless to say, they aren’t always being funny intentionally. Sometimes it’s their hyperactive imagination or their innocence—although there’s no doubt kids can have a sense of humor as well.

This kid named these quadrilaterals like he was just giving nicknames to his friends. I guess his hyperactive imagination told him that these poor shapes don’t yet have names and that the teacher was asking him to name them.