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Entertaining #IGotCaught Responses From Jimmy Fallon’s Audience

Funny hashtags began dominating Twitter around 2017. Now, anybody can share anything from tragic marriage proposals, disastrous birthday celebrations, wedding fails, and even odd graduation events. These hashtags became so dominant on Twitter that they are now being used by multiple platforms. Late-night show hosts have caught onto the movement and are now using it to dig up incredible stories from their audiences. 

Among all the segments that were created, one stood out from the rest. When Jimmy Fallon was introducing this segment, he couldn’t even finish his sentence without laughing. The hashtag was #IGotCaught, and a lot of people shared their unforgettable moments of being caught in the act. Get ready because most of them are as cringe-worthy as they are hilarious.

Screaming Yay!

Twitter user @rachel_winters shared a moment her aunt will never forget. Before eventually ending up together, her aunt and uncle were having conversations over the phone. Her uncle asked her aunt on a date and prior to hanging up the phone properly, her aunt screamed “YAYYY!”

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@rachel_winters

For some, this might be a little bit awkward but that event probably solidified her uncle’s decision to go on the date. Her aunt’s excitement could not be contained at that time, and we think that’s adorable.

Hiding From Toddlers Isn’t A Piece Of Cake

Motherhood is arguably the hardest job in the world. If you ask any momma right now, they will tell you. Well, there’s no secret that moms can do anything seamlessly. From doing the laundry and cleaning the house to cooking food, they can do it all.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@creativespaceforme; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Meek_Milf_

However, as @Meek_Milf discovered, lying is not a strong point for most moms. She tried to trick her 3yo by going to her room to fold the laundry. She went there to eat a piece of cake, but her toddler followed her and caught her in the act. Busted!

Why Did You Do It, Mommy?

One of the hardest parts of being a mom is eating something that is not suitable for your kids. For some reason, these young ones seem to have a radar for where these foods are located. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@therisefarm; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Julie_Powell

Twitter user @Julie_Powell’s shared a funny encounter with her daughter when she was caught red-handed eating Santa’s cookies. Her daughter was visibly upset and uttered the words “Don’t do it next year!” Come on Julie, not Santa’s cookies, please.

For The Love Of Star Wars

Avid fans of Star Wars will do anything to watch this epic movie saga. This film franchise is a cultural icon in its own right, with one of the most obsessed fandoms in human history. This lady called in sick to school just to go to the midnight Star Wars premiere.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@artby_gizienski; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@loforme

Everything seemed to go according to plan, but upon watching the news the next day, she realized with horror that she was in the background. Tough luck there, @lofome. Maybe next time, be on the lookout for news cameras.

Thou Shall Not Throw A Big Steak

If there’s one thing that food lovers hate, it is food waste. This is understandable since it is a waste of money, time, and valuable provisions that could have nourished someone. We are still bewildered by what @MaxDeLigne’ was thinking here. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@tee_eats_88; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MaxDeLigne

According to her, she wasn’t hungry but was invited to have dinner. While the food served was mouthwatering, she didn’t have the appetite for it. So, she decided to throw her steak out of the window. The problem is, the window was closed. Who orders steak when they’re not hungry? Get a salad next time, and have the leftovers packed up to take home! 

Use The Calendar Method

Most of us had a moment during our childhood years when we messed up badly but didn’t want our parents to find out about it. Who wants to be scolded for a week, or worse still, grounded?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sekretsalat; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@leapbaby625

Twitter user @leapbaby625 shared a story about accidentally putting a hole in the wall. She covered it up with a calendar, and surprisingly, nobody noticed it. What a slick move there, Sara.

Good Luck, Bro!

During first dates, it is imperative to focus on the other person. You should remain composed, calm, and collected at any given time. Avoid holding or using your phone as that is a major turn-off.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@statboyslim

Twitter user @statboyslim ignored all these etiquette rules and did the unthinkable. Not only was he texting in secret about how bad the date was, but he also sent said messages to the poor girl. Things must have been painfully awkward after that! 

Instant Prayer Unlocked

Anyone who says they haven’t dozed off at work is 100% lying. Yes, it is against the rules to sleep at work, but sometimes, it is impossible to resist the urge to have a quick nap. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@redmax.products; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Cristyseabow

The young lady who shared this moment under the name @Cristyseabow stated that she was tired and dozing off when her boss caught her in the act. She was surprised but she had a plan in mind. Instead of being rattled, she just slowly raised her head and said, “Amen.” Genius! 

The Lion King And Its Neighbors

Who could forget the classic animated movie, The Lion King? This Disney film still holds some of the records in animation history. The movie was made possible by a talented cast and crew who brought the characters and their songs to life.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_MarkWithAnM

Apparently, the movie was so great that every time @_MarkWithAnM’s watches it, he reenacts the opening scene with his cat. Unfortunately, he left the windows open. Now the neighbors know his secret and are probably wondering when the next show will be.

Mother’s Instinct At Work

We are in no way condoning this kind of behavior, but most of us have tried it at least once. Cutting class is part of school life. It is where our creativity is developed as we come up with schemes to get away with it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thewildsweetpea

Sadly, the scheme attempted by @thewildsweetpea and her friends didn’t work out so well. She skipped class and drove her pals to lunch. They were having a great time until her mom pulled up next to them at a light. 

The Party Starter Was Born

If middle school and high school are where we develop our talent for cutting classes, elementary school is where our eyes are opened to what is and isn’t socially acceptable.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@zenyaole; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@dancemomLAUREN

This young lady will always be remembered as the party starter by her classmates. Twitter user @dancemomLAUREN remembered an embarrassing childhood moment in which she stood up in a class and said “PARTYYYY” because the teacher left the room. Unfortunately, the teacher was still within earshot and caught her in the act!

Tooth Fairy Is Cheap

Nowadays, kids are becoming more interactive, funny, and sarcastic. This could be because of the surroundings, the TV shows that they are watching, or perhaps their parents’ behavior is rubbing off on them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lottielocketsx; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JMKrogstad

A young mother with the Twitter account @JMKrogstad, shared a funny story about her daughter and the Tooth Fairy. Apparently, the Tooth Fairy provided some money but it wasn’t enough, so Jessie’s daughter snuck in to take some money from her mother’s purse. This was a cute but naughty move.

Say Your Prayers And Take Your Vitamins

During the golden era of wrestling, there was once a captivating figure by the name of Hulk Hogan who had the catchy slogan, “Say your prayers, eat your vitamins.” Some kids don’t want any part of it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@zittnanova_mili; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@boyd_kimberly

When @boyd_kimberly was a kid, instead of consuming those vitamins, she hid them in the seat cushions. It was a perfect crime until her mom decided to clean the couch.

If It’s Not Documented, It Didn’t Happen

Before the social media era, there was once a time when we wrote our personal experiences and confessions in a notebook. It usually started with the phrase, “Dear Diary.” While this was common practice, keeping the diary hidden from others was a hard task.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@marabouess; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ZabumbaHI

Twitter user @ZabumbaHI thought that she outsmarted her mom when she snuck out of the house. Unfortunately, her mom was able to find her diary and busted her. To be honest, we feel like the mom was the one in the wrong here for not respecting her daughter’s privacy. 

Santa’s Computer?

Christmas is one of America’s favorite holidays. It is where you take a break from work and enjoy time with your family. The whole event is made even merrier by the addition of food, drinks, and gifts.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kraftybugph; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LisaTreon

The plan was simple for @LisaTreon: Wrap the Christmas presents as neatly as possible and attach tags saying “From Santa.” However, her plan backfired when she forgot to turn off her PC as the kids saw her tags. Whoops! 

How To Fail At Sneaking Food Into The Cinema

There is no debate or argument with this one as we all agree that the price of food in cinemas is insanely high. This is why a lot of people get creative in trying to sneak their own snacks inside.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ernglovefood; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@StillNotJenna

Many are successful, but some are busted right at the doors. Twitter user @StillNotJenna tried to bring pepperoni and sausage using a tote bag but failed due to the strong food smell.

What’s Up With Writing Everything In Our Diaries?

Most kids who grew up in the 80s and 90s spilled plenty of secrets into the diary they hid under their bed. At that time, it was the best way to remember special moments and keep secrets from everybody.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@meeesheee17

We should have known that anybody could have easy access to those secrets once they found the book. That is the story of @meesheee17 who wrote “Pay mall back” in her journal and was then caught by her mom. Once again, why are these mothers snooping in their kids’ journals?

The Power Of A McDonald’s Hash Brown

Some former employees of fast-food chains have claimed that eating the food at work every day made them sick. This wasn’t the case for Twitter user @Ktbug710.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@maddieleefoodie; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ktbug710

She shared her story with Jimmy Fallon, explaining that she was working at a drive-thru at Mcdonald’s. She had a pocket full of hash browns and ate them in her car while her boss watched her. What an odd story! 

Steve Stifler Won’t Be Proud Of This

Remember the iconic film series American Pie? The story revolved around five high school friends who were in the midst of an identity crisis. They wanted to party hard and weren’t about to let anything get in their way.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@green_gnome_projekt; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@McSweeneyPam

If you are going to hold a party, it is crucial to make sure that everything is clean. That was not the case with @McSweeneyPam as she was busted when her parents saw empty beer cans in the garage.

Careless Whisper

When passing gas, there are two things to consider – your surroundings and a potential alibi in case you are caught. Twitter user @R_Montalvo82 had a simple plan: Pass the gas seamlessly by controlling the fart sound.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@R_Montalvo82

To his surprise, it ended up coming out as a slow whistle. This caught everybody’s attention in the library as they were staring at him. Our advice for next time? Find a restroom! 

A Meeting Gone Wrong

Doodling when you are bored at work is the easiest way to fight boredom. However, Michelle, who goes by her Twitter handle @BelleofBabble, made a terrible mistake.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@virtual_learning_nook; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BelleofBabble

Oddly enough, she was writing out a speech from Independence Day. For what reason, we’ll probably never know. Her boss saw her and thought she was taking notes about the meeting. Now Michelle has to scramble to come up with something relevant to include in the minutes she was asked to write!

Public Embarrassment

As a child, these situations are somewhat acceptable. It usually happens if you drink too much water. The story shared by Twitter user @MoeRyeUhhN details something that happens to many kids.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@okhee.kim.796; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MoeRyeUhhN

She was ten years old when an accident happened as she was playing on the playground. Although she acted quickly to hide her peed pants, it wasn’t any help at all. Hopefully, her friends still played with her that day.

Not The Best Tooth Fairy

Due to the many responsibilities they face, parents sometimes forget things, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. However, there are certain things that are considered a cardinal sin in the eyes of a toddler.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@shawndar

Shawnda, who goes by the Twitter handle @shawndar, learned this lesson the hard way. She had forgotten to be the tooth fairy and was just getting the job done when her son woke up. Sorry, kiddo! 

The Irresistible Power Of Pizza

We heard about the embarrassing moment when a fast-food chain employee was caught eating a pocket full of hash browns. Now, it’s time for Cooper, a.k.a @TheActualRoss to share how he devoured a pizza and got caught.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@eatinitblarney; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheActualRoss

They were on their way home when they picked up the pizza. She gave him the box to hold in the back seat. Upon arriving at their house, the only thing left was the crust.

Hidden Ink

Tattoos are no longer considered taboo. It is generally viewed as freedom of expression, but there are still a lot of parents who are not open to the idea, and we totally understand them.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kaitlynmidgett

Twitter user @kaitlynmidgett took the gamble and got some ink. Unfortunately, her tattoo was revealed accidentally when she asked her mom to look at a weird bug bite.

The Element Of Surprise Isn’t A Piece Of Cake

Surprising a loved one is not an easy task, despite what some individuals would have you believe. Countless hours of preparation and planning are needed to make sure that the execution is smooth.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@_special_and_super_cakes123; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@leilathewriter

According to Twitter user @leilethewriter, the plan was perfect and so was the cake that she baked for her sibling’s birthday. However, she made a costly mistake when she posted it on social media. Her sibling followed her on Snapchat, so the secret was revealed. At least you tried, Leila.

Passing Gas Fail 2.0

In another installation of farting fails, Carl Nacar, who goes by the Twitter handle @humantedddddddy, took all the precautionary measures but still failed. He explained that he was in the park when he felt that a fart was building up.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@humantedddddddy

He looked around in all directions and was sure that no one was there. Then he released the gas from his body. The fart terrified a poor fellow who had been sitting peacefully on a nearby bench.

The Operation Was Successful But The Patient Died

There’s a reason why magicians don’t repeat their tricks too often, and @LeahBalee and her friends learned about it first-hand when they were eating at a restaurant.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LeahBaleee

Their scheme was to tell the waiter that they are friends with the manager to get a discount. They were able to get away with it for quite some time before their luck ran out. They tried to use the same trick not knowing that they were talking to the manager already. Whoops! 

The In-Law Chronicles

Having a healthy relationship with your in-laws can be challenging. Twitter user @Mom_In_Heels revealed that when her in-laws showed up by surprise, she hurriedly hid in her room with her kids.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Mom_In_Heels

That was a great plan, but unfortunately, her husband wasn’t aware of it. He even called her to find out where she was. That was Melissa’s undoing. Her husband and her in-laws heard her phone ringing. This young couple needs to learn a thing or two about teamwork!

Music To My Ears

When we were young, there were moments when we had no choice but to strictly follow what our parents told us. From eating your greens to mastering a musical instrument, some rules were unable to be broken. Of course, there will always be that one kid who figures out a way to get around even the strictest of rules. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kateinholland; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CorrinneDiller

As @CorrinneDiller shared on her Twitter page, she was not fond of those keyboard or piano lessons. So, she prerecorded the lessons to skip her practice. Unfortunately, her mom found out when she stormed into her room and the prerecorded lessons were playing. 

The Art Of Skipping Classes

If you are going to skip class, make sure that you are not hanging out within 100 meters of your classroom. That is the first and most fundamental rule. Holly, also known as @hollyglows70 on Twitter, decided that the library was the safest place to hide.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fhclibrary; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hollyglows70

Failure was written all over her plan as her teacher decided to visit the library that day. Imagine deciding to skip class but then ending up precisely in the spot where your class is going to be taught!

Pretending To Be Sick

To those who aren’t familiar, Styx was an American band from Chicago that produced countless hit songs and albums. They paved the way for a lot of musicians, and seeing them live is a moment to be treasured.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ateliero.blanko; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@noteverygirl91T

hat’s what @noteverygirl91 did. Instead of going on a date, she canceled it pretending she was sick. The problem was, her date was also at the Styx concert and could see her in the front row.

Sneaky Move

Having a sibling is one of the most precious gifts in the world. You can depend on them most of the time, and they are the constants in your life. On the same note, having siblings can create sibling rivalry.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@bookingwithbordeaux; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LittlebearJC

When @LittlebearjC spilled a bag of flour while sneaking into the cabinets, she didn’t feel like cleaning it up. Instead, she sprinkled some down the hall, leading to where her brother was sleeping.

Skipping Class 101: Dispose Of All Evidence

This is the third example we’ve shared of people failing at cutting classes. Some students manage to effortlessly skip class, avoiding getting caught and enjoying their sneaky time off. Most, however, are not so lucky.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@chloebryon; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MDavisbot

Here’s a tip: It is essential to dispose of all evidence that you cut class. Twitter user @MDavisbot forgot to do this. She skipped class to go to a mall opening but got caught because she went back to school carrying balloons that screamed “GRAND OPENING.”

The Bart Simpson Trick

If you are a fan of The Simpsons, the longest-running animated show in the world, then you know what we are talking about. There’s an episode in which Bart begins drinking. He is caught by his mother but is quick to lie that the “alcoholic smell” is actually a new candy flavor.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mattliptoncomic

This event happened in real life for @mattliptoncomic. We are not condoning underage drinking, but if he had a better cover story, he might have gotten away with it.

The Toothpaste Trick

Ah yes, sibling rivalry is still alive. When it comes to practicing your tricks, more often than not, our siblings are the perfect crash test dummies. Take, for example, what @officialumairs shared on his Twitter page.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@flamingoorganising; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@officialumairs

His younger brother has a love of drinking cold drinks. Every time his brother indulged his Slurpee cravings, he would tell him the inevitable brain freeze that ensued was because he didn’t brush his teeth. Soon enough, his little brother uncovered his dirty trick.

Time To Have Your Eyes Checked

One of the most awkward moments in your life comes when you try to call or wave at a stranger, mistaking them for a person you know. However, sniffing them like a dog, like what @layyouder did, is beyond embarrassing.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@layyouder

How would you even bounce back or apologize to the stranger that you just sniffed? I mean, come on Leyla. What’s wrong with a simple “hey, cuz”? Hopefully, this was a valuable lesson for her.

Finally, A Successful Fart

The last installment of #IGotCaught farting is actually a success story. If somebody farts, it immediately sends a signal to your brain to either move away or crinkle your nose.

Tweet courtesy of Instagram/@jorgelgarcia_

Jorge Garcia, who goes by the Twitter username @jorgelgarcia_, defied all odds and used his gas to land a job. He was in the midst of a job interview when he passed gas. The interviewer heard it, and they both laughed. The amazing part is, he got the job. In fact, the interviewer wasn’t even annoyed when he farted.

I Was Asleep During That Time

Who doesn’t love binge-watching TV shows? A well-known TV host once perfectly summarized binge-watching, explaining that once you start, you forget every plan you have for the next day. We couldn’t agree more.  

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lizzyandchloedollsandart; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mollyligonn

When Molly, who also goes by the Twitter handle @mollyligonn, was questioned by her mom, she claimed that she had been asleep all night. Little did she know that her mom had heard her clapping every 20 minutes to the theme tune of Friends. Yikes.