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35 Mansplainers Caught In The Act At The Gym

When you search the term “mansplaining,” it describes an incident where a person, specifically a man, comments or explains something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner. This term is defined by Rebecca Solnit, a feminist author. 

And where is the perfect place for mansplainers? The gym. Yes, the gym is where most men spend their time. However, when ladies come to do their workouts, men try to intervene, giving unsolicited pieces of advice to women. However, most of them ended up embarrassed. This list will provide you with 35 different stories where mansplainers did their deeds in the gym.

Just Be Professional

Becoming a competitive dancer is not as easy as singing your ABCs. It takes years of practice to become one. Moreover, it requires continuous practice as flexibility and being strong are requirements for you to compete. When males at the gym try to mansplain how a girl should do her stunt, women just smile and continue.

The woman was doing a full split while the guy was talking to her. Is he serious? He had no idea who he was talking to. The woman was already an expert in her field since she could walk.

Not For Women? Think Again

One mansplainer explained that there are specific exercises that are made for women. Women should not focus on the tricep sides. However, they should center on leg exercises because, as he said, women are good in that respect.

Keep WatchingThis woman was surprised and thought that the man was crazy for thinking that way. The woman just continued doing her own thing and did not mind the mansplainer. What a crazy statement it was!

Women Are Not Objects

Women getting objectified by men is not news anymore. In fact, some men go to the gym just for sightseeing. Not only is it gross, but it’s sexual harassment.

This mansplainer was not thinking as he gave unwanted comments about a woman’s body to another woman. Moreover, he said that his statements were compliments and motivating for women. Excuse me? Some men think that they are superior creatures, don’t they? Okay, next!

Don’t Comment On What I Wear

Most of us don’t understand what mansplaining is, and if you are still trying to decipher what it is, this scenario is the best explanation ever. A female gym-goer was happily doing her own thing at the gym when a man approached her and said that he’d been watching her do her exercise… but not only that.

He also mentioned that she had been wearing her sports bra wrong all along. How can you tell a woman that she is wearing her sports bra wrong? Such misogynistic behavior. Gross!

Thanks For Your Unsolicited Myth, But No Thanks

Women usually appreciate men who are concerned about their safety. However, some men are just mansplainers as they tend to justify their “concern” just to mansplain women. There is a myth out there that says that women are not supposed to lift big weights just because it will damage their ovaries. Just ridiculous.

This woman was astonished by his statement. Clearly, he doesn’t know the facts and just relies heavily on myths. Thanks for the unsolicited advice, but no thanks.

Less Talk, Fewer Mistakes.

During a workout, someone might walk up to you and ask you some questions. Some guys will decide to flirt—but this specific guy went too far as he asked some random and foolish questions to a woman who’s busily doing her workout.

She definitely knows what to do and not do during her workout. Walking out is just the right thing to do when you realize that you’ve nosed too far into someone else’s business. Remember, if you don’t have something nice to say, just keep quiet.

Get Lost

It’s somehow harder to focus on what you want to do when people try to enter your personal space, especially if you are in the gym where there are so many bad-mannered people, especially men. 

This woman had enough when she was just trying to focus on her workout. A man randomly removed a piece of equipment from her hand without a word. She was dumbfounded and asked him why. The man said that the said equipment wasn’t meant for girls and that she should not be using it. This bad-mannered man does not deserve to be in the gyms knowing how impolite he is.

You Clearly Can’t Do It

Most men think that they are superior beings. They think that because they are men, they can do everything, and that includes being powerful physically. Pull-ups are one of the most difficult exercises, and a woman was performing one when a man said something about her form.

The woman courageously went down the bars and let the man do the pull-ups. However, to his embarrassment, he couldn’t execute a single pull-up. He ended the conversation by saying that he USED to do it all the time. A lie just to save face. Oh well.

Encouraging? I Guess Not

Why do men usually like to intervene with women doing their own workouts, as if they know everything? 

This man started to “encourage” a woman who seemed to be struggling in her workout. However, the woman was not struggling; but rather, she was just doing her own thing. Sometimes, it’s better to mind your own business because women or people, in general, can become uncomfortable knowing that other people are watching their every move.

Backhanded Compliments

Some men think that they are being considerate just because they give backhanded compliments. However, that is not the case; it’s more of an annoying thing to say rather than a show of concern.

A man at the gym gave some backhanded compliments to this woman about her form and her being a potential runner; however, what he didn’t know was that the woman had already successfully run a marathon. The man’s advice was not needed here.

Unsolicited Feedback

We’ll say it for the nth time: if you don’t have anything good to say, just keep your mouth shut. Providing unsolicited advice to women at the gym is not needed unless you are her personal trainer or part of the gym’s staff.

Approaching a woman in the gym and saying “You must breathe” is one of the most impolite actions ever. Some men assume that women in the gym are all first-timers. Not a good thought, my man!

Too Much For Her? Says Who?

One of the most amazing experiences ever is watching a mansplainer who can’t follow his own advice. But then again, some people just don’t think and continue to do their own thing.

This woman was working her legs by using the leg press. A man walked up and told her that the leg press equipment was too much for a girl. Then, things changed when he tried the equipment and asked for the help of his friend. I can just imagine the woman smirking while knowing about this. Small win!

I’m Okay, No Need To Worry!

Weightlifting is one of the deadliest exercises. It is said to be deadly because you need a lot of strength training to do it. However, there is no rule that says that men are the only creatures able to do weightlifting. 

This girl was astonished when a guy randomly pulled up her weights just because he thought that she was struggling. Yikes!

Condescending Workout Mansplaining Alert!

Asking someone about their workout is somehow okay, especially if you are just asking for advice. That being said, asking something and questioning someone’s workout routine is a no-no. 

This woman shared how frustrated she was with the mansplainer who advised her to have fewer reps in her routine. What a condescending thing to say!

Don’t Underestimate My Power

Women are capable of lifting heavy equipment as well. As you all know, there is a women’s division on weightlifting, and you can see for yourself how competent they are.

After successfully pumping 15-pounds, this woman decided that she should go on the next level. But while struggling, a man approached her and handed her 5-pound weights, suggesting that she should try it instead. It’s offensive.

Mansplained A Personal Trainer

We’re stunned by this story. If your average person can be mansplained, can you believe that a trainer can be mansplained as well? A person who had to study and build years of experience was mansplained as well. 

Every time a woman excels, there will always be men who come and try to mansplain. We can feel the frustration of this trainer, knowing that she’s wearing her trainer t-shirt and holding her gym plan while it happens. Very impolite!

Triple Kill!

We didn’t think it was possible to embody all the most toxic masculine traits the world over, But I guess it’s possible after all. This woman’s account is a roller coaster of bad vibes and rude dudeness. 

First, it is rude to snap your fingers in front of a person to get their attention. This guy instructed a woman to have a proper boxer stance, even when she knew she was doing it right. Finally, the guy told her to push his butt so that he would not fall over. Aside from being rude, misogynistic action is also present. Yikes.

Women Are Incapable… According To Men

Most women in a world run by men experience discrimination and mansplaining on a daily basis. For some men, women are too weak to participate in their sports. However, it’s clear that men see women as a threat. Even in today’s day and age, men still believe that women are incapable.

For most women, this kind of experience isn’t uncommon. A strong woman is paired with a guy who tries to teach her the wrong things. She will then say “okay” so as not to prolong the conversation, knowing full well that it’s incorrect. 

Invest In Soundproof Headphones

Sad to say, most girls who try to focus on their workout routine get approached by men who think they know everything. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in good headphones. At least that way you can have peace of mind.

Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work everywhere. Some people, especially guys, believe that giving unsolicited advice is normal and not offensive. Never approach a woman who is doing her own thing at the gym unless you feel that she is in danger, or if she’s actively asking for help, you know—with words. Basic stuff!

What Did You Say Again?

As if direct confrontation wasn’t enough, women at the gym often find themselves on the receiving end of another weak and sad type of behavior: passive aggression. 

As usual, men are mansplaining and giving unsolicited advice from left and right. Then one mutters something under his breath. Once the woman confronts him about it, he stays quiet and doesn’t say anything. Urgh!

I Trust My PT More Than Some Random Guy At The Gym

Some people have great confidence in themselves. They think they are better than the professionals, which is awkward. This post tells the story of some gym guy who thinks that he’s better than trainers or physical therapists.

This lady in the gym, just minding her own business and with earphones, is following her PT’s advice. Then a man tries to criticize her form and routine. Why do guys think they’re owed an explanation, or even a reply? Jerks.

I Don’t Need Your Opinion

Not to sound like a broken record, but mind your own business in the gym. Whether you think that it’s your concern or not, it’s better to keep your mouth shut than to say something really dumb, as this guy did. We think that this guy needs some etiquette lessons.

When a man approached her while she was lifting some weights, he said that she should not lift until she burned off all her fat. He then went on to say that women should just focus on cardio exercises. What he doesn’t know is that lifting weights is also a good way to burn calories. 

Gym Etiquette

Some rules are non-negotiable in the gym, such as: carry your water bottle and towel whenever you’re in the gym; always return the equipment after use; respect other people’s personal space; don’t mind each other’s business, and so on…

However, this treadmill enthusiast had a different experience. She was using the treadmill when a man took the machine beside her. He had an extremely strong smell because of his cologne. She became nauseated by his smell and transferred to another machine. The guy confronted her for doing so. 

Yup, I Work Here

Imagine being a gym staff member who knows almost all the gym rules and then receiving a man-explanation from a male customer. This is what happened when a guy approached a female member of staff and asked for a basketball. 

When she gave it to him, he said to make sure it was for men, mansplaining that there are different sizes for women and men. Obviously, because she works for the gym, this is something that she’d probably know. It isn’t helping.

The Embarrassing Moment On The Treadmill

What would you do if someone came up to you and told you that you were running on the treadmill wrong? Would you have second thoughts about your choices in life? We definitely have second thoughts about our choices in life.

This woman was astonished when a man approached her and told her that she was running on the treadmill wrong and that women should do it on the opposite side. When the man showed him how to do it, he fell, hit his head, and immediately blubbered that it was his off-day. What a joker! 

The Group Of Men… Mansplainers

How would you feel if you were surrounded by a group of people you didn’t know while they stood there talking about you as if you weren’t still in the room? It would be very uncomfortable, wouldn’t it? This happens to women in the gym on a daily basis.

This woman shared that it was the first time she’d lifted weights without her husband. Apparently, a group of men or mansplainers surrounded her and started to quibble about whether or not her form was correct. Don’t they have any self-awareness? Ridiculous.

Chill Out; Everyone Goes At Their Own Pace

One of the basic rules inside the gym is to mind your own business. Whether or not you want to help, just stay quiet and do your own thing. Uninvited advice is offensive in a way. This girl was doing the exercise the way she knew how. Even if she was still just a beginner, remember, all of us need to move at our own pace. 

This man apparently has anger issues because he blurted out a little outburst. Sometimes it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. Other times, you’re a raging child with more dental plaque than brains, as evidenced here in this guy.

A Rookie Mistake

Giving advice to someone who has more experience than you is a totally cringe-worthy offense. You have to know a person first before you give them advice. Otherwise, you’ll just end up embarrassed, or others will be embarrassed for you.

This is what happened to this woman, who was practicing martial arts. A dude approached and gave her some mediocre advice regarding her kicking techniques. Less than one minute later, he got his butt handed to him, and she didn’t even have to lift a toe. What a chump!

Not My Biology

In ancient Greek times, gymnasiums were used as places for men to exercise both their bodies and minds. Of course, the Greeks were the ultimate dude-bros because they considered women second-class citizens and had other weird behavior. But at least in their gyms, interesting ideas were exchanged. 

There still seem to be philosophers in gyms today, but these philosophers seem to have graduated college in the stone age. Thanks, chump. That was really useful information. Hey, I know another good place to further your biology studies—just remember to flush on your way down and watch out for that first bend. 

More Uninvited Advice

Never give unsolicited advice without asking the person first because, in the end, you’ll just walk away and be embarrassed.

A woman was doing sumo squats when a guy approached her. He told her how wrong her form was. She waited until he’d finished his sermon before letting him know that she was doing sumo squats. The result? The guy was embarrassed. We think he should have been ejected out of an airplane window at a high altitude, but that’s just us. 

Take Note: Don’t Assume Unless Stated

Most guys assume that when girls go to the gym, it is because they want to lose weight. However, not every woman is trying to look as thin and as childlike for you as possible. Instead of thinning out, she wanted to gain muscles—but there were judgemental eyes everywhere.

While the lady was doing chest presses, an older man came over to ask if she was in the gym because she wanted to have a flat stomach. The woman answered that she wanted to build muscles on her arms, and not all women that are in the gym are trying to lose weight—what a donkey.

Should I Be Smiling For You?

Having someone tell you that you should smile is one of the most irritating things ever, especially when a strange man says it. This is what happened to a woman in the middle of her workout. Imagine a man telling you to smile just because it seems that you are struggling?

If we were there, we’d say, “just shut up—you look like you’re struggling to think.” Why would you smile in the middle of a lift? Please keep those opinions to yourselves, buddy. What do men think women are, their little dollies? 

You’re Using It Too

Women are usually approached by creepy men in the gym, after which they will receive a hearty mansplaining session, especially in regards to the use of gym equipment. Why do they always strike up a conversation this way?

When this girl gym-goer used a stair-climber, a man came and pointed out that she should use regular stairs rather than a machine. At the same time, he’s using the exact same machine. Ironic or moronic? You tell us.

Yes, Girls Do Want To Gain Weight Too

Gym guys frequent the gym to gain. They have their protein shakes and multivitamins, they lift big weights, and they set their goals. But girls go to the gym solely because they want to lose weight. That’s what they think, of course. But it’s not always the case.

This young woman was doing cable rows when a man started to talk to her. He told her that the routine she was doing would make her wider. To his embarrassment, the young woman replied that this was her goal. Obviously, he lost face.

Leave Me Alone

When going to the gym, one of the basic rules should be to respect other people. If they’re using equipment that you want to use, you have to either wait until they are done or ask politely. 

This woman was deeply disrespected by a man in the gym. While the woman was using the rowing machine, a man came near her and physically turned down the resistance while she was in the middle of her workout. We can only imagine how outraged she must have felt. This isn’t only an invasion of her personal space but is also quite dangerous. She got so mad she had to report the incident to the police.