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A Day At The Beach Made Funny

There’s a whole lot to do, down by the waves. But not everyone is lucky enough to be driving distance from the fun. As the famous tune claimed: ”If everybody had an ocean across the USA, then everybody’d be surfin’ like California.” The Beach Boys were really onto something!

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious, lazy day at the beach. The sand and ocean always promise relaxation, joy, and more importantly — hilarious pics! Social media has upped the game to new levels, too. Even animals are getting in on that photogenic fun in the sun, and why shouldn’t they? Dogs are especially guilty, but they’re not alone!

Seeing Double Doggy

One pooch decided to take a walk on the wild side, here on pebble beach. And it looks like this isn’t the first time it’s happened, by the look of that warning sign!

If it ever becomes necessary to replace the illustration, the internet already has the perfect photo, right here! From the pose to the leap, and even the leash, everything is perfectly positioned. The snack could be improved, though: Pebbles are terrible!

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Snapshot

All the single ladies, all the single ladies. And single old dude at the end? That’s not how Beyonce sang it, and no one is fooled. Sir, this not your moment to shine!

Shirt in hand, this fellow didn’t want to be overdressed — a total faux pas, on a day like this. Strolling down the beach, opportunities like this just present themselves for the lucky few. And for the unlucky many! This photo bomb is going to require some serious editing, whether it means cropping or coloring. Super creepy, really!

Human Beach Board

Cowabunga, dude! This is not the average split second caught on film, and it’s difficult to imagine this ended safely. One friend flying through the air, the other jumping on top with all his body weight. Near future ouch?

Maybe so, but that can’t take away from this photo gold. Truly amazing, as a matter of physics! It’s hard to say which is more stunning, the vertically flying man or the friend that managed to get on his back. Watch out silver surfer, there’s real competition today at this beach!

Stallion Struggles

Romance has been defined by knights on shining horses so many times before. The novels, poems, and movies featuring this slick move could fill an encyclopedia of love! Today, however, this scene features a few key differences.

One member out of five seems to be a bit less sentimental. It’s hard to miss him — the man in the middle! He looks truly pained, but why? Maybe it’s the syrupy sweet nothings he has been forced to hear in the hot sun. Or maybe, this expression is from getting0 his toes stepped on by two horses, one on each side. Either way, it might just be tie to float away, and fast!

All Bummed Out

And now, a charming couple just enjoying a few rays in the sand. Sadly, they’re not totally alone in the magic. Two’s company, three’s a crowd. But what about three plus one rude butt?

It’s hard to miss this situation even for the most polite viewers. Photobombing the moment, one gal’s bum is really stealing the show today. The happy couple could never suspect what’s happening right behind them. Namely, this behind. There’s a time and a place for Downward Facing Dog: If there any yoga excuse, it’s time to fess up!

Every Dog Has Its Day

For whatever reason, folks keep getting the inspiration to bury themselves in sand. Sometimes, neck deep! This woman seemed to be in the mood for a little bit of just that. But doggo didn’t quite understand the game!

And why should he? It’s not like owner-lady does this everyday. This is something new! At some point, she knew it wasn’t a wise idea to bury herself alive. Probably this moment, caught on film! Trapped and subject to pet farts, there was now no escape. Hopefully, no lasting damage was done!

Awkward Amour

Ah, young love. There’s nothing quite like that first rush, where time stands still. But does the world really stop in that moment? Maybe for the participants. But not quite for this single friend, sandwiched in between two couples!

Undoubtedly, there’s a soundtrack to this situation. As that old song said, “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.” Escape is imminent. No one can tolerate this level of smooching and PDA for very long! Rightfully so, because this is nauseating.

Up, Up, and Away

Extreme beach sports have never been more accessible, whether its jet skiing, water skiing, or hang gliding over the water. But some people are always looking for that next rush of adrenaline. Nothing conventional will do!


This cheeky fellow decided to invent a new game, tired of all the classics. Step one: Glide and ride. Step two: snatch every bikini in sight! This unsuspecting participant has no idea she is playing, most likely. But he seems to be enjoying himself, regardless. Rules are meant to be broken, ties are meant to be untied! 

The Coolest Cuties

This youngster really knows how to pose. But as smooth as he may be, his monkey might be the one really stealing the show. Cool, confident, and cuddly — a textbook case of monkey see, monkey do!

Stand back, admire this moment in the universe. A charismatic kid, the reclining monkey, Mr. tropical parrot joining in, and all on a Spiderman towel. If anyone claims this isn’t awesome, they must be banned from the internet. No more laughs, goodbye! This pic is tailor-made for the web, and on the web it shall stay forever.

New Dog, New Tricks

Strings and things, just what a puppy likes. Knowing this little pooch, this beach babe should have tied a double knot! Now, it’s too late. There’s no stopping the inevitable now, which might mean a game of fetch.

Hopefully, there are nude beach rules — and no cops! If this puppy actually gets his way, this girl is going to be short one bikini top fast. Pretty awkward, unless its all part of the plan. Maybe she just doesn’t like tan lines, and this is a pet trick to help out?

Release the Rainbow

Why, what’s this? It appears this man had a rainbow deep in his pants, and he wanted to share it with the world. Why not reveal the rays over blue skies, for all to see?

Well, that’s probably not really the case. It looks like it might just be another perfectly placed man and background shot. Sometimes, the photographer just gets that lucky! The second rainbow looks like it’s going into his mouth, too. Drinking a rainbow and peeing all colors at once? Intrigued viewers will have many theories, all untrue!

Hugs Not Drugs

The Jamaican shore is not just a place to get a brand new tan. It’s also a place to meet brand new buddies! Usually, it’s easiest to bond on shared interests and hobbies. Looks like these two are on the same wavelength, doesn’t it?

As the great Bob Marley once said:“Herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction.” It looks like these fast friends already agree on the principle. And with this many baggies he’s bound to be the most healing guy at the beach!

Gotta Catch ’em All

Mother and child, frolicking on the beach. A charming sight to see. But from this giant hand, there was a terrible plot. Capture them both in a sand pail, and then — the unthinkable.

What will become of mother and child? Will they be trapped in the sandbox forever? Unlikely, it turns out. With the right angles and effort, anything can look bigger or smaller on camera! Just by making a few adjustments, the blue bucket grows 20 times its size. The people shrink, itty bitty. And then, the photo fun begins!

Riding it Rough

Couch surfing has never been done quite this way before! Flippers ready and holding on for dear life, these two are riding waves like nobody’s business. Not a total wipe out yet, either.

Maybe they just misunderstood the concept of couchsurfing. This is way too literal, guys! Most people just use that popular site by that name to arrange home stays and hospitality exchanges. Unfortunately, their lodging is now one sofa short if they ever want to try it out the right way. Nobody wants to sleep on wet, rotting furniture, even for free!

Heads Up

The scene begins: A day at the beach, enjoying the breeze. The sun shines above. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. But something is out of place, and it should be disturbing this young lad a bit more!

Lifeguard, on alert! A headless boy on the left, the smiling top. On the right, a bending bottom. The horror, unmatched. Who is taking this picture, instead of administering CPR? How did the decapitation happen, right here in broad daylight? So many questions, folks. But for now, it’s time for 9-11!

Bride Has a Beak

When most people picture penguins, they probably think about frigid arctic scenes. Perhaps they imagine these birds running away from polar bears, their snowy nemesis. But the truth is, this species lives all over the globe!

Penguins live in South Africa, the Galápago islands, Australia, and more! And in their personal lives, they mate with one lover forever and ever. On a good day, beach guests can spot Happy Feet: The Wedding. Here, these delightful birds have a choice location and a full bridal party. No need for fancy tuxes, either. The original penguin suit is more than enough!

Sun’s Out, Nun’s Out

Nuns are a mysterious bunch at the moment. A life of oath keeping is a noble one, most would agree. But it’s not the most modern choice, and many don’t understand how it all works on the day to day. Like, are they even allowed to go to the beach?

Yes, it turns out everyone is welcome at the beach. Just like everyone else, the religious love to wind down on their days off. After all, didn’t Jesus himself walk on water? It’s not hard to find where this gal got her inspiration from. But as a regular mortal soul, she needed the surfboard!

Turd Time

The upside of being a bird is the chance to soar high in the sky. Biggest benefit, for sure! But there are challenges. Today, this gull wonders: Where is the best rest spot, free from pelicans?

Obviously, atop a tiny tanner’s head. Maybe it was the blond that caught the light, attracting this feathery friend. Or maybe it was just time to try something new, after being shooed away by every other vacationer who knew better. After all, there are some major hazards to birds near human heads. And those hazards are mostly poop. Watch out, beach boy!

Doggo Style

In an unlikely turn of events, there is something more interesting to look at in this picture than the model. Sultry, soaked, and on all fours? Seems like that would be hard to beat! But still, something else is even more eye-catching.

Yes, even as she slyly eyes the camera, very few notice the girl at all. It’s not the tropical scenery. It’s not even the quaint, authentic island architecture. A few doggos have snuck into the shot, and they may not realize their romantic moment has intruded. The model certainly doesn’t!

Mugshot Manlet

Four wholesome young ladies enjoying sun sun and waves, right here. The best of friends, it seems only natural to want to capture that moment in their lives on film. What could kill their vibe on a beach like this?

Perhaps the criminal process, that’s what. Do the crime, do the time: It’s not clear what this young fellow did to merit handcuffs today. But he is being apprehended right here and right now, whether he likes it or not. And by the look on his face, he doesn’t like it one bit!

A Lil’ Merman

As a wise crab once said: The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else’s lake. But this little lady isn’t going to let life pass her by. She’s posing proud, enjoying the land despite her finned handicap. And why shouldn’t she?

Well, some would say it’s because this is actually a big, blubbery man! Upon closer examination, there is significant beard. And not only that, but back hair seems to be sprouting as well. Is this just another cruel curse from that evil sea witch, Ursula? A poor unfortunate soul, this might be!

Five O-Clock Shadow

Groups outings are best when everyone’s in sync. But that’s not always the default! It’s challenging to manage everyone’ emotions at the beach, and these pals are struggling. What could be the the mismatch?

One is probably sick of the hot sun. Another may have had a close encounter with a jellyfish. The other likely doesn’t want to urinate on the afflicted, even it’s the only way out of that sting. Yes, people say pee is a remedy! But being asked to participate is no fun, even for a good cause.

Judging That Cover

Vacation is always a great time to catch up on a summer reading list. Adventure, romance, or mystery — there’s a category for every bookworm out there!

Self help books are selling pretty well these days. Is that what this beach goer decided to try today? Picking up a new skill set while getting her vitamin D doesn’t sound like a bad plan. But if anyone still judges a book by its cover, it’s going to be a little confusing why this title was matched with this reader. Seems like she might already be an expert, frankly!

Going Bananas

Most experts would suggest that swimming in the city with shark chum is not the best idea out there. But has anyone really addressed the issue of swimming with nanners in monkey-infested waters?

While this might look like an image right out of a cartoon, it isn’t. It’s quite real, and quite frightening! There’s just no sense in coming in between an ape and his fruit, but she doesn’t seem ready to give it up. Big mistake lady: Monkeys are expert ticklers, not to mention expert biters and pinchers. Toss the peels, and scram!

Go with the Flow

A beautiful, sunny drive down the California coast is one many joys of living in the Golden State. The best things in life are free, as they say!

But to really enjoy this activity, it’s critical to follow the rules of the road. What in the Hollywood Hills happened here, dudes? With so many winding coastal paths, it’s possible they just went horribly off route. But the likelier explanation? Friends who relaxed a bit too long, and forgot about the physics of the sea. Flood tide, high tide, low tide, ebb tide: The pull of the moon never goes to sleep!

Ladies Lift Too

Fit and fab, these four. It’s hard to imagine just how many combined hours at the gym this moment required! Muscles, muscles, and more muscles, and no Photoshop for miles.

As the saying goes, “Behind every strong man, there is a strong woman.” And if ever a photo embodied that saying, it’s definitely this one. Beach goers must be shocked to see they’re all smiles, too: Combined, this has got to be almost half a ton of weight! How did they get to be so strong? Dead lifts, squats, bench press. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Wait For Me!

Seems they were in a hurry and couldn’t wait for daddy-o to catch up. We’re not sure if he’s telling them to wait for him to get out of the way, or if his intention is to photobomb the picture. Either way, it’s hilarious.

The Little Merman

When couples share a romantic walk on a beach on a hot sunny day, taking pictures is something that’s expected. They probably thought they’d be getting an amazing picture of just the two of them but this stranger had other ideas.

Bring Your Own Chair

I always knew that people dig graves but never have I ever seen someone dig a chair. That said, there are two free chairs right there. Why would anyone prefer a chair made by digging beach sand? This is just confusing.

The Importance Of Understanding Tides

The timing of the photographer here is amazing. This picture was taking in that split second after the waves hit her and right before she wakes up. If she was having a hard time understanding the meaning of low and high tides, I don’t think she’ll have that problem anymore.

Everyone Has The Right To Clean Air

This might look like a joke but remember the tobacco companies kill their best customers. That said, even cabs make healthier choices and they don’t dig your cig. Also, littering them is one of the trashiest things anyone can do. Pun intended.

Mrs. Fantastic?

To be honest, this level of flexibility is a little terrifying. That said, it’s good to know that if Mister Fantastic ever needs a partner to link up with, we’ve got someone that would fit the role perfectly.

Son Of A Beach

I can only imagine what this little girl would have felt. Having a whole day planned to have a good time with her dog and her bicycle and those pesky adults just had to ruin it all. Common little girl, it’s okay, they never deserved you anyway!

Dress Code: Beach Formal

When the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde wrote, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” I’m not quite sure he had this in mind. It appears this gentleman lives by those words and has possibly created a new dress code – beach formal. That said, it’s anyone’s guess what creature he’s carrying and why.

All Paws On Deck

No one can tell you’re a dog from the Internet until you step ashore free of felines. This pup looks determined to defy the odds and set sail. It might not be a bad idea to get on board after all; I can’t seem to remember any ships that sunk with a dog captain.

Like A Fish Out Of Water

I guess their date didn’t go so well even though they “clicked”. They didn’t think there would be any porpoise; however, crossing to the other tide helped her release some endolphins. From the look of things, this dolphin was all fin once they got back into the water. She is dolphinately never going to date outside her gene pool again.

The Seagull Stole My Cap

Imagine losing your favorite hat this way; so much for the special gift from his grandkids. Imagine having to convince everyone that you don’t wear the hat anymore because seagulls stole it while he was wearing it. Good luck convincing people that that really happened.

I Take My Work Everywhere

We all know at least one person that always says they can work from anywhere. However, you might not have been told the complete story. What they did not tell you is that they actually have to be ready to work from everywhere. Imagine having a day off only to spend it working on the beach.

She Got In The Way

Again, another amazing photo is ruined by a photo bomber coming out of the ocean. Imagine wanting to feign an ‘unaware’ pose and these young’uns just can’t stop getting in the way.

The Cannibal Is In The Details

When you misread “Come to eat. You’re lunch” as “come to eat your lunch. We can never really get over the fascinating things that can be done with camera angles. A picnic at the beach is always a nice idea when you are not lunch.

Mr. Sandman?

Sandman > Snowman. “Mr. Sandman bring me a dream. Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen. Give him two lips like roses and clover. Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over.” If all arts could be found in the real world, then we have here, the perfect cover for the Chordettes 1954 single.

DIY Floaties

Safety first! Going into any water body, especially one as big as a sea, you should have a life jacket on; especially if you’re not an Olympic swimmer. That said, not everyone would remember to go along with his or her life jackets. Who needs it anyway? You can just make one from plastic bottles.

Jokes apart, do not try this yourself. Get real-life jackets.

The Hipster And The Horse

Apparently, there was a shortage of horses and since two people were left out, they decided to still have the same fun as the group even if they didn’t have any horse to ride. Thanks to the horse mask and some clever thinking, everyone got the thrill and the group photo is complete.

Hot As Hell

Apparently, she thought they were going on a trip to a much darker place when they told her to dress for warm weather. At least, she got to snap pictures and not miss out on all the fun.


Are you a lover of the deep blue and space suit and you need the perfect opportunity to exhibit this love? Well, you can take a cue from this bunch and if you may, ignore their unusual sense of fashion. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the world’s first group of Astronautically sailors.

Beach Day But Not Sea Day

You can’t help but feel for them. They probably had high hopes of getting to feel the waters when they were told they’d be spending the day at the beach. They should have known when they saw their parents taking the inflatable pool. How can one be so close and yet so far away?

Meeting The Stars

Not even on a Grammy Awards night can you find this number of stars in a single location. Although we can’t really see any big name here, their personalities more than compensate for their lack of names.

Giant Surfboard > Small Boat

You might not know but this is an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. There are 66 surfers on this 1,300-pound surfboard and amazingly, the ride lasted for 15 seconds.

How To Get A-Head

Before now, she could barely get ahead but this trip to the beach changed her fortunes. Taking a break was probably the best decision she took because she’s clearly head and shoulders above her colleagues.

Priorities, Priorities

Paying your bill is important, even in the middle of a natural disaster. As they say, the only sure things are death and taxes, but I guess in this hotel, paying your bill ranks just as high. “I did pay in cash, but I guess the tsunami washed it all away.” Checkmate.

Laughing My Head Off

This guy laughed so much he literally laughed his head off. The good thing is that he sees the funny side of it all. It might take a while for him to realize that he actually needs the head on his body to function properly. I don’t think he’ll be able to laugh it off again.

When GPS Goes Wrong

Before GPS became a thing of easy access, people used printed maps and I think they had a better sense of direction at the time. That said, I think the person using the GPS map still needs to learn a thing or two about GPS and how to use them. This picture is evidence of that.

Bend Over Forward?

It’s funny that this trick might look extremely difficult but it’s a lot easier than you think. If you’ve ever tried this at the beach, you’ll realize it takes less than a minute to accomplish. Smooth Criminal: Beach Edition.

Behind The Scenes Of “The Perfect Picture”

Wondered who the photographers of your favorite Instagrammers are? Well, not all of them use professional photographers and those who do, don’t use them all the time. In most cases, it’s their partners. Behind every stunning Instagram image is a boyfriend forced to be a part-time photographer for free. I hear its now a prerequisite for being a Millennia’s boyfriend – you need to be able to take good pictures.

Sorry Stevie Wonder

You really have no reason to wear sunglasses at night… except, of course, if you’re blind. Wearing sunglasses at night would only make you look like a pretentious snob or a super creepy person. It’s not all bad though, because it helps people know that they should stay away from you.


This picture was shot just before the girls had water splashed on them by the ponytailed sunglasses-wearing tan bodied diver. It is still a mystery why someone would wear sunglasses in water. From the look on their faces, they really have no idea what’s coming.

Swinging ≠ Flinging

Not quite sure what they were trying to pull but this looks like they accidentally flipped a baby. You can see the look on the mother’s face. We hope he got a soft landing.

Be Happy Cows Don’t Fly

I still don’t understand why but it seems people burying themselves up to their neck in beaches have come to stay. I personally think it looks creepy, kind of like burying yourself alive, however, some people still dig it (get it?). Some clever thinker decides feeding seagulls close to this guy is the best thing to do and trust seagulls, they returned the favor in the only way they know how. No tipping required.

The Original Mankini

I can only imagine that he did some manscaping while wearing a tank top however, I think he totally forgot about it when he agreed to take the picture.

Partners In Crime

You’d have to consider yourself extremely lucky if your probation terms cover the beach. Ankle monitors, as far as I know, are usually for people under house arrest or under parole to help track their movement and ensure they don’t go where they shouldn’t. In most cases, people wearing tethers usually wear long clothes to cover them up but I guess this couple couldn’t care less.


As far as photobombing goes, this is right up there with the very best. It’s fascinating how he managed to position himself perfectly in the middle of the girls and still somehow get into the right pose thus making him the highlight of the picture. Sorry girls but a sneaky stranger just stole your shine.

Just Rude, Pooch

Sometimes a photo does’t turn out as planned. No big deal, with digital. But in the old days, it was often quite a surprise when the film got developed!

No worries, today is a modern day for two friends to capture the beauty of the beach. Camera ready, the pose, the background, the weather — all seems perfect, and ready to go. But suddenly, doggo appears! Life is all a matter of perspective, as they say. But it’s hard to see any angle at all, with those ears in the way!