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40 Epic Cheerleader Moments Captured On Cam

Cheerleaders were initially employed to motivate sports teams, but now they are frequently applauded by audiences at regional, national, and even international events. If you’ve watched the Netflix show Cheer, you’re undoubtedly already aware that modern-day cheerleaders are sought after, admired, and, let’s face it, superstars in their own right.

However, there have been times when they fail to live up to our high expectations. We may see them as humans with superpowers, as demonstrated by their stunts, but nobody is perfect. The following images feature cheerleaders who were not quite ready for the camera but who were catapulted into memedom. So get ready to experience genuine elation!

The Cheer Pyramid Collapses

When Bart Simpson is humiliated in public and proclaims, “This is the worst day of my life,” Homer tries to console him but ends up making things worse by responding, “This is the worst day of your life so far.” Remember that line? It’s been around for a while now.

When things seem to be getting worse, you may feel helpless. It looks like this when things stop falling apart slowly and begin to fall apart quickly. The only thing we can do is sit back and wait for it to happen. At least when things go wrong for most people, their co-workers aren’t falling on their faces.

Friendship Goals

It’s common to hear people talk about their “wingmen,” but we think they should also talk about “wing women.” Please take a moment to honor all the outstanding wing women worldwide. This lady is among those competing for the title of the year’s “best wing woman.” That is how true friendship manifests itself.

Isn’t it amazing how powerful cheerleading can be? It’s not just for show—there are benefits to mastering the profession! What a directive! So much harmony! The cheerleader down below is even smiling as she’s doing it. It’s awe-inspiring!


It isn’t illegal to lie on a resume. They aren’t official documents, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea to do so. It’s estimated that 40% of people lie on their resumes. Of course, they’ll fabricate an address, exaggerate their titles, and overstate numbers, but lying about your technological abilities is the worst thing you can do.

“Yes, I’m familiar with handstands. I’m excellent at them.” After you’re recruited, you can run into trouble when forced to perform in front of others. This image forces us to conclude that this person has no prior cheering experience.

This cleverly positioned photograph cracked us up because of the cheerleader perched atop the pyramid, who is pretending to smile while the rest of the structure is about to crumble around her. It’s how some of us react while going through a rough patch in our lives.

We never expected to have such a close connection to a cheerleader, but here we are. At times, all we can do is maintain a positive attitude and hope for the best. Even when things go wrong, we have to remain cheerful.

That Looks Painful

Cheering is a dangerous sport—as anyone who has ever done it can attest. According to some reports, cheerleaders actually sustain more concussions than athletes who partake in challenging contact sports, such as hockey and lacrosse.

Although this cheerleader was seriously hurt while performing a stunt, she saw the act through to the end. What a brave woman! We hope she went to get clinical assistance when the routine was over. 

Most of us know the old saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” but we can’t help but feel that it just doesn’t apply to us. After all, we must pay our bills, and we don’t see any employment openings that allow us to spend our days snuggling cats.

So, people are obliged to labor in whatever job pays the bills, even if they dislike their workplace and colleagues and almost live for the weekend. This is how people look when they leave work at 5 p.m. on a Friday, especially when their supervisor has their backs turned.

Daddy’s Girl

We can’t help but smile when we see this photo of a young girl and her father practicing cheer fundamentals. While it may be difficult for some parents to get enthused about cheering, we have to give this guy respect for making the time to bond with his daughter despite his busy schedule.


A child’s desire to improve increases when their parents actively support their interests. Hopefully, this father will be able to watch his daughter execute this trick in front of her friends and coach at a cheer competition in the future.

Front Pocket

Women are acutely aware of how inconvenient it is to wear clothing that lacks functional pockets. Even some jeans lack pockets—on the front or back. It’s not unusual for designers to sketch pockets but then fail to stitch them in. Some pockets are designed to be so small that you can’t even put your keys inside.

Is this a ploy to get us to buy handbags? That’s our guess. In order to keep her phone and purse safe while performing, this cheerleader devised a clever solution—just take them with you on the field. But there’s only one place they can go.

Trust Exercises

As a traditionally female-dominated sport, male cheerleaders often face discrimination from individuals who should keep their opinions to themselves. “Don’t be a male cheerleader. People will assume you’re gay,” for example.

“You’ll never be able to touch a lady as long as you’re wearing that outfit,” they claim. Indeed this image proves that the naysayers were utterly wrong. After all, we know that cheering is a serious activity, and each member of the squad must be professional and have confidence in one another.

The Worst Type of Stain

It’s up to you to decide which rules you’ll follow and which ones you’ll break, and whatever you choose makes you who you are. You might be aware of the “do not wear white after Labor Day” rule. If you thought this was an outdated piece of advice, we urge you to reconsider.

When this cheerleader wore white shorts as part of her uniform, she probably didn’t get a choice in the matter; they’re an essential part of her uniform. Just don’t wear white after Labor Day—as far as we know, that’s what led to this terrible shot!

Ball, Face

Cheerleaders have it all: they’re beautiful, athletic, enthusiastic and full of life. But even the most popular cheerleaders suffer through rough patches from time to time. This woman, for example, was clearly pleased to be achieving her dream of being a New Orleans Pelicans cheerleader until she was struck in the head by a basketball.

It was flying so fast that it knocked her off her feet! That must have been so painful! However, in this instance, this shot might have been taken for a motion picture. Either way, it can’t be fun to be hit in the head with a basketball, even if it’s for a sketch or skit.

A Surprised Lift

This picture has so many great elements that we didn’t even know where to begin. We originally planned to target the bottom male cheerleader, but it seemed a little too obvious. Afterward, we picked the cheerleader on the right, who appeared to be shocked that she was, in fact, a cheerleader.

The cheerleader at the top gets special notice because of her priceless expression. A “That moment when you realize” meme would perfectly describe her face right now, as she seems to be dealing with the aftermath of some critical realization that has just occurred to her.

Meant To BeHave 

Have you ever been intrigued by the story behind a picture you see on the internet? That’s an excellent creative exercise, and if you have plenty of free time, you might create short screenplays in your head that are the best novels no one will ever read or see.

As soon as we saw this picture, we were transported back to the ethereal world of Nicholas Sparks’ novels. As it appears like the quarterback and cheerleader are just getting started in their relationship, we are eager to sell the film rights to this book so it can be produced into a movie.

A Test

Dieters know what it’s like to go on and off a diet. Your diet begins on Monday with the belief that this time will be different. It’s in your bones. You are going to achieve success. After all, it’s a new week—a new you. Temptation is nothing.

This person looks like he’s being similarly put to the test by the cosmos. Even though he’s gently balancing the lady on his shoulders, he appears to be pleading with some deity for help. “Deliver me not into temptation.” Keep it professional, buddy.

Need Help

Since there aren’t many good bosses out there, we’d like to express our gratitude to those of you who don’t take pleasure in your employees’ pain. The background of this beautifully timed photo could easily be changed into that of an office environment.

It looks very similar to a group of supervisors instructing an employee on how to execute their job when they have no clue how to do it. Sometimes, it seems like the workers are doing everything, while management simply yells orders from the sidelines because they have the authority.

Making an Entrance

It’s no secret that NFL cheerleaders are known for their incredible stunts. For example, a Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader asked the NFL franchise if she could utilize their zip line one day because she wanted to dance with death.


We can only imagine how nerve-wracking this cheerleader’s zip line stunt was. Seeing their daughter on the news was enough to cause her parents to faint. We have to admit, this would make a fantastic profile photo, though.

Double Kick

Something like this is bound to happen at the exact moment when you’re beginning to enjoy yourself. Life is a string of good and bad moments that can’t be predicted. Whatever is going on right now, it has the potential to either get better or worse. That’s what happened to this cheerleader’s day.

It’s not hard to understand how this happened—backflipping while holding on to the wrists of a partner? All it takes is one bad knee-jerk reaction. Unfortunately, accidents are sure to happen when you’re so close to another person, especially if you’re balancing on their shoulders.

Rocking Out

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can ease the pain when you’ve lost it. Those who are well-off never have to worry about the little things that regular people do. For example, you have to wait before you can purchase anything until it’s at least on sale.

But sometimes, even though money is tight, you see something that you absolutely have to have—and you stop in your tracks and make a face like this. Or at least, that’s what happens to us. It’s a look that says, “I’ve got to have it!”

Got Spirt?

It’s difficult enough being an average high school student—but being a cheerleader while also attending high school? Wow. We know it’s difficult to juggle classes, homework, and cheer practice, but this is basic spelling, guys! If you’re not sure, you can always fire up spellcheck—or put it through google.

This photo does little to erase the negative stereotype that cheerleaders are all about physical attractiveness with no brains up top. Somebody might have to return to middle school for a few spelling classes. Anyway, it’s only a typo, and as the saying goes, “noboy’s pefect.”

A Real Balancing Act

You’re looking at peak athleticism. Most people’s athletic talent would be dwarfed by this cheerleader’s ability to balance on others’ hands. Even Tom Brady would get scared at a dance competition, so we can only imagine the mental clarity needed to pull this cheerleading maneuver off.


They deserve kudos for the perseverance necessary to get through rehearsals—stunts like these need to be practiced until they become second nature. Kudos to the man in the bottom right of the photo. He is aware that the cameras are monitoring him and is respectfully turning his eyes away.

Excitement Overload

It’s not easy to find a partner these days. Even today, with so many apps that allow us to communicate with new people, finding a partner can be challenging with all that extra competition. With the transient nature of dating, it’s hard to maintain anything in the long term.

In the beginning, when you’re still in the stage of attraction, you’re both probably a little nervous about showing your real personality. This perfectly timed snapshot of a cheerleader reminds us of the stage in a relationship where you’ve been dating for some time and are ready to exhibit your true colors.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

This seems to be quite dangerous—we hope the girl on the right received medical attention right after this photograph was taken. Although cheerleading is a great sport, it can occasionally be frightening. It’s interesting, however, to imagine the young lady on the right being an afterimage of the young lady on the left.

To be successful, one must be able to maintain emotional equilibrium while remaining focused and motivated. It’s a balancing act, after all. This is how we feel about Mondays VS Fridays after a week of unfulfilling and low-paying work.

Contagious Sneezing

A lot is happening in this picture, but the first thing we would want to mention is how much of an appreciation we have for cheerleaders. These people—both men and women—amaze us with their strength and the incredible things they can accomplish with their bodies.

We’re also a fan of their funny freeze-frame faces. This person’s face is making the same expression that other people do when they can sense a sneeze coming on, but they have to concentrate really hard actually to let it out. Achoo!

Uncomfortable Position

Even while cheerleaders are typically viewed as perfectly made up and photo-ready, it’s only natural that their photographs look ridiculous while in the middle of the action, just like the ones we’ve collected for this list. Here’s an illustration of what we mean.

They look how we feel after making a poor choice and almost instantly coming to terms with it. Both of them appear to be mulling over whether or not they can undo a recent decision they’ve made. Either way, we hope they found a way out of their predicament. 

Up And Over

As a result of social media, it has become increasingly difficult for people to maintain a healthy work-life balance and maintain a healthy relationship with their significant other. Of course, nobody really knows what they’re doing when they’re adults.

But that’s one of the essential mysteries of adulthood that few people are prepared to confess openly. This hilarious image piqued our imaginations. Even if you asked this male cheerleader, he’d probably have no idea what was happening in this picture. Even so, he’s still going strong.

Slam Dunk

There aren’t many things more frustrating than losing a debate and being unable to think of anything to say to salvage the situation. Yet, one of life’s greatest joys is being able to say just the right thing at the right time. This perfectly timed photograph perfectly captures the sensation of winning a debate.

It happens to all of us. There was no doubt in your mind about where the debate would go and how it would begin. You were prepared for the other person’s attempt to silence you. It’s time for you to take center stage. Slam dunk!

Don’t Look Up

Everybody has seen the “What has been seen cannot be unseen” meme, which features a wide-eyed black cat with its ears curled back. But there are numerous variants, including a wide range of amusing animals. So, although we adore and think highly of those cats, wouldn’t this image also make a great meme?

Even though their facial expressions are so different, they both seem scarred for life due to the experience. Unfortunately, we don’t know what that young lady on the left witnessed. But whatever it was, her friend on the right seemed pretty amused. 

Smooching the Floor

There is no longer room for anyone to pass judgment on cheerleaders, whether for a high school team or in a national competition. In order to succeed, you’ll need a lot of guts and perseverance. Our muscles would be torn, our ankles sprained, and our brains concussed if we tried to climb the pyramid.


But isn’t this a tragedy that could have been avoided? What a nightmare it would be if we were to try to explain to the doctor how we ended up face-planting. We knew we’d spend our entire cheerleading career at the bottom of the pyramid, holding everyone else up.

Wonderwoman’s Successor

This is an easy entry for the year’s coolest cheerleading shot! And if the competition doesn’t exist, we’ll be the first ones to start one with this picture as the winner. Also, this girl must have a great deal of faith in the men tasked with catching her as she makes her decent.


One topic that keeps popping up is how many bruises these cheerleaders must sustain during rehearsals. Stunts like this take a lot of practice, so we can only imagine the mental fortitude it takes to perfect a routine like this.

Watch Your Step!

Cheerleading has its ups and downs, just like any other strenuous physical exercise. Several unsuccessful practice runs precede a successful lift or throw. The female on top appears to have lost her footing and is on the verge of sliding backward.

Regardless of the direction of her fall, it appears like the only ones concerned about the outcome are those directly in front of her. One girl is reaching for her in terror, while the other is preparing to flee. Fortunately, neither is in the direction of the falling girl.

Fear Not an Option

Most days, we’re too busy to pause and reflect on our actions. Instead, our days are filled with rushing from one duty to the next, and we often feel as if we haven’t accomplished enough, even though we hardly have time to take a breath. That’s not healthy, but we’re afraid of the alternative.

We had a feeling this cheerleader is aware of what it feels like to second-guess all of your decisions. The headline says it all. Fear isn’t an option. That’s a look that says, “how in the world did I get up here?” and possibly “this is WAY too high up!” 

Walking on Air

Cheer competitions are a terrific way for young girls and boys to show off their athleticism, and this one looks like it was no exception. Both of the girls in this photo have undoubtedly worked tirelessly throughout their cheering careers to arrive at this point.


Imagine viewing this acrobatic act from the stands—we’re sure our hearts would leap out of our chests. The girl in mid-air appears to be walking on a tightrope. The athleticism and stability required to hold a person in the air like that are nearly incomprehensible to the average person.

When You Don’t Prepare

What’s with the embarrassment of asking someone to repeat themselves when you don’t understand their words? Even though it doesn’t make sense rationally, it nonetheless happens. This perfectly timed photo is similar to when our employer has explained something three times, and we’re too embarrassed to admit we still don’t understand.

So we end up just winging it and hoping for the best. We don’t want to appear stupid and will make uninformed judgments and risk worsening the situation. It’s what happens when there’s no safety net at the bottom. When you’re in a desperate situation, you’ll bury your head in the sand. Or… here.

The Gloat

Is there anything better than the bond between siblings? Nobody else can mess with them. You’ll do everything in your power to keep your sibling’s dignity intact if someone says anything bad about them, and vice-versa. Sound familiar? Many of the siblings we know experienced upbringing in this way.

This picture is just plain funny. In addition to looking like they are having a wonderful time, the two cheerleaders’ faces make for excellent meme fodder. They appear to be witnessing another person suffer the consequences of something they did.

Upside Down

Are these the experiences of an Australian cheerleader? They have insane pyramids, we’re sure of it! Nonetheless, this is a beautiful shot of a cheerleader in action. The photographer deserves praise for capturing this cheerleader in an entirely upside-down position. Also, the cheerleader deserves a pat on the back for pulling off this feat.

Just don’t pat her on the head afterward in case this didn’t work out. To be able to perform as flawlessly as she did, we’re sure she practiced and practiced until she was a pro. We can’t even do a decent cartwheel, and the only workout we get regularly is walking from our cubicle to the vending machine when we run out of coffee or Doritos.

Close Encounters

Some people can’t seem to decide which version of themselves they want to be. It’s fine to put off that important business discussion until tomorrow morning. But suddenly the next day appears, apparently out of nowhere! Against all odds, completely unexpected!

We’re stunned to the core. You’ll never be able to get away from that sneaky tomorrow. Sometimes it’s better to just confront your problems head-on. If that means getting up close and personal with someone, then so be it. 

The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning

Remember “The Wheel in the Sky Keeps Turning” by Journey? That was the first thing that sprang to mind when we stumbled across this incredible online video. Even though they’re at least ten feet in the air, we have no idea how rapidly these girls’ hearts are pounding.

For everyone’s safety, let’s hope they performed this trick with soft cushions beneath them. Imagine what it would feel like to land on the ground after being thrown that high in the air. Hopefully, they landed intact, in one piece—or at least in four pieces.


You’re putting your feet and shoes at risk when you go outside. You’re not the only one there, after all. You always risk stepping on something gross that you wish you could wipe away. It could be a dead insect, an unusual plant, or even a gift from your neighbor’s dog.

This cheerleader’s face depicts the experience of walking forward and feeling something strange underfoot. This isn’t a pleasant experience even when you’re wearing shoes. Yes, it’s a terrible thing to have to deal with!

Must Be Hard

If you grew up with an older sister, you know how they like to take your hand and whack you across the face while asking you to “stop hurting yourself.” That particular cheerleader didn’t require any additional assistance in completing her task. The guy holding her up must feel like he’s watching a real disaster unfolding.


This demonstrates the athleticism required to be a cheerleader in the most serious way possible. To bend your knee to that degree without experiencing any pain takes a significant amount of time and effort. When you put forth so much effort, it can backfire in the most unexpected ways.

Fun at the Beach

This may be the cheer team’s first time hanging out at the beach together, and they wanted a memorable picture to remember the occasion. When it comes to cheerleader moves, one of the most common is raising someone in the air on one leg. It’s a classic.

Via Pinterest

But what amazes us is that each member of the team could accomplish this stunt simultaneously, precisely spaced apart. You know how windy the beach can be, right on the coast, so this would have required a lot of practice and excellent form to achieve the perfect shot.