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They’re Not Wrong—40 Answers That Are “Technically Correct” Shared On Twitter

Sometimes playing Captain Obvious can get odd but interesting reactions. Sometimes by bringing awareness to something so painfully obvious, we can get a laugh out of people. It is honestly mind-blowing to see something that we take for granted presented in such a naive or transparent way.

You’ll start to wonder whether you understand everything as well as you thought. We browsed the internet and found countless examples of hilarious, mind-blowing information that we think you should know about and we think that you will definitely enjoy. Here are some facts that are somewhat obvious yet will shock you nonetheless. 

Keep Calm and Work Smarter

They say you should ask for a kid’s opinion when you want to know the truth. Then again, you never know what goes around in the minds of children. They are carefree people, which allows them to have creative minds. That is why most of the time, they notice the little things and come up with unexpected ideas that we don’t see.

This kid was clever in answering this question. Being in elementary school and coming up with answers during exams can be such a struggle for a child. Their minds are mostly wandering about wanting to play. But this kid decided to use his playful wit to come up with answers instead of wasting time thinking of other words. 

Don’t You Worry

If we got a message from a family member or friend informing us that they were being taken to the hospital, our initial reaction would be to panic and become worried. That’s why, although we don’t need to keep everyone up to date about everything we do, we should give the people we tell full context.

This guy didn’t seem to make himself clear when he told someone about going to the hospital. Then again, he could have put it another way. He could have explained how his cousin couldn’t speak or walk, which would have caused his friend to really panic. 

Count Von Count… Counts, Right?

People are constantly intrigued by things that may or may not exist—namely, otherworldly creatures. But imagining various creatures can be fascinating—even children know that. Modern literature fuels our imaginations, drawing on mythological and fictional creatures that inspired movie characters like Edward in Twilight or the other famous showbiz vampire.

When discussing these night crawlers, you have to define what is or is not a vampire. But when someone asks if Count Von Count… counts… The answer will always be yes. One, ha ha ha… vampire! It’s so easy you can do it on one finger.

Getting In The Car

The rise of dating apps has—for good or for bad—changed the dating world. People get to meet people not just within their vicinity but also worldwide. It makes us wonder, in these modern times when people connect easily, do men still practice chivalry to impress their partners?

Chivalry probably isn’t practiced as much now that women have the right to access to their own income, and men don’t have to prove themselves as the least likely to abuse or dominate them in order to win their favor as income providers. But then again, it’s true—the car door isn’t going to open itself, no matter how manly you are.

Triathlon Champion

Triathletes require a tremendous amount of stamina and endurance. You can build this through rigorous training and practice. But it’s not only about training—in addition, getting to the actual tournaments requires expensive special equipment. However, if you think about competing with a shark, it all comes down to how well you perform during the third event.

When it comes to swimming, there is no doubt that a shark would be at an advantage, and humans would undeniably win at running. But when it comes to cycling, we wonder which among the two would be better? I guess you could say you have a two out of three chance of winning—unless you have to cycle across a beach.

Challenge Accepted

Challenges are popular on social media these days. There are dance challenges meant to get viewer engagement, and there’s the infamous ice bucket challenge meant for a good cause. This Twitter user was certainly up to the challenge of showing people where he lives using food alone.

This guy really embodies the spirit of lateral thinking. If we were to accept the challenge, we would instead present our native dishes to describe where we live. But he used the tip of a corn chip to point it at the map. We admit, he definitely nailed it. 

Just Sharing

You’ll never know what kind of people you will interact with on the internet. Some are helpful, and some are bored and just want to troll you. Hence the phrase, “think before you click.” Whatever you say on the internet can be misinterpreted—case in point, this example.

Social media is one way where you can freely express yourself and share your thoughts even if no one cares. For example, this guy took to Twitter about how his grandfather didn’t fight two world wars for silliness. Someone replied and replied that it was impossible, given that he would have been too young. Neither points are wrong! 

The Other Side of Driving

Driving has upsides and downsides. It allows you to go to different places. But it also means that you have to look out for the safety of everyone around you, in or out of your car, and you have to protect the car itself from thieves. There’s also damage, which can be costly to fix. One of the worst things to happen while driving is getting a cracked windshield or broken wing mirror.

Well, we stand corrected. Crashing and dying is probably a little worse than having a scratched paint job or dent. If you were dead, nobody would even be around to be mad that it happened!

Banana Bread

Cooking and baking are something that helps us feel relaxed and take away all our thoughts and worries. However, with so many dishes that you can bake or cook, it is somewhat stressful to decide the kind of food you want to make. A good start is banana bread.

No, not that banana bread! Although, yes. It technically is a banana in bread. This Twitter user seems to have a different interpretation of what “banana bread” actually is. We’d hate to know what he thinks a “bathroom” is. 

First Homeless Muppet

Sesame Street is one of those shows that many of us grew up watching. Adults should pay attention to the show, too. The stories often reflect social change and changing attitudes. For example, more Americans than ever are facing homelessness due to inflation and job precarity.

All that being said, there’s something we’re forgetting. When Sesame Street introduced a new homeless character, this Twitter user felt that it was unfair to Oscar the Grouch. He pointed out how the character lived in the trash for years.

Shop that Sells Fans

OnlyFans has undoubtedly grabbed the internet by storm since its creation in 2016. A new way for people to make a living off the internet is through an app that enables content creators to build channels that attract users. Some people’s ears, especially men’s, will perk up over herding the words “only fans.”

This shop has the same name as the app. The only difference is that they are true to their name. They literally sell only fans. Given that OnlyFans is just a new app, we suppose this shop is the original. We wonder if they’ve ever considered taking the app makers to court over the name. 

From Space

The vastness of space is simply incredible. Even if there are countless new approaches to learning more about the Solar System, we will never be able to comprehend it fully. In this lifetime, we wouldn’t be able to discover everything that lies beyond a certain range.

According to this Twitter user, who we assumed is very much fascinated with outer space, no one has been able to identify where a specific radio signal received from space came from since it was first detected in 1977. But then someone replied and told them that it was from space. Well, duh.

Safe and Sound

Some people enjoy the rush of risky activities, including scuba diving in the deep sea, racecar driving, or skydiving. These people are highly enthusiastic about their hobbies, probably because they’re good at them. If they weren’t so good, they probably would be less enthusiastic. They’d be dead.

We had honestly never given this any thought before; it makes sense, given that everyone who would review the business would have survived any activity. Why would they give a bad rating? It’s kind of like healthcare—nobody would choose not to buy healthcare if they died without it. 

Bottle Of Water

Every school should have a fire drill for the safety of its students. Even at a young age, we are taught what to do in case of an emergency. Everyone needs to know these drills since it is tough to predict when or where an emergency might occur. Keeping that knowledge in mind is valuable under pressure.

Even though we think it’s good to implement fire safety procedures at work or in schools, we don’t think it’s a fix-all solution, and we’re not sure if this one bottle of water will actually put out any fires. Still, it could put out a tiny fire… so they’re still technically right. 

Cowboys On Horses

Many people certainly dreamt of being cowgirls or cowboys when they were young. Something about being a nomad going about on a horse all day, fighting evil (or being the bad ones), seemed incredibly alluring. They also got to dress up in cool costumes.

Have you ever considered the fact that cowboys ride horses instead of cows when they are called cowboys? We didn’t either till right now. And this meme has us wondering why we never gave it any thought. 

A New Tourist Destination

Going to one of the many national parks in the United States with your loved ones may be a lot of fun. It can be insightful to see the many cliff faces, observe the various shades of soil, and learn about the local culture and history.

Indian Writing is not a well-known place, but this guy has taken it up a notch. This guy, who we assume is from India, is writing. That’s it! This would make an excellent postcard for this guy to give to friends and relatives. Maybe the trend will catch on!

The Importance of Commas

Sending your spouse to the store to pick up a few groceries never ends well, especially if you misplace your commas. Likewise, when you tell someone to grab something from the store without giving them explicit instructions, there’s a danger that you might end up with the wrong ingredients.

Although we know this is a joke, we could see this happening. It’s strange how sometimes the slightest grammatical change can impact the meaning of a sentence. Maybe the man would have come back with one carton of milk and six avocados if she had only used her comma correctly.

It’s All About Perspective

We occasionally turn out to be different children from what our parents envisioned. They may not like how we dress sometimes or find our music a little too loud. You feel that your family doesn’t understand you. Arguments are inevitable, most especially when it comes to hair preferences.

Perspective is everything, right? Just when you anticipate the meme taking a serious tone, it abruptly turns into a joke. We were already thinking of how he was judged at home just because he prefers to style himself that way. He wouldn’t know—he can’t see much of anything.

The Beach Cow Mood

Do you ever find yourself depressed? It’s a good time to go to the beach, bask in the sea, and allow the waves to wash over your thoughts. Sometimes it’s the only thing that can help you. It can help you let go of stress and other things you may be holding in your heart. It seems that a wide variety of creatures experience this feeling.

Ever seen a cow at the beach dipping his toes in the water before? Because we have not, without a doubt, not until now. But as the second poster says, it’s a mood—or rather, it mood—as in, the past tense of moo. You get it. 

Following Directions To The Letter

As a child, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of school was probably taking examinations or pop quizzes. Primarily because you knew that the test would have various questions you weren’t familiar with and that you wouldn’t know how to respond. Sometimes, you need to make an educated guess.

But not all education is equal. This kid seems to have improvised because he didn’t comprehend the question correctly, probably because the paper didn’t provide an example. It’s a pretty inventive method to rephrase the question, break each word off, and put it back together in alphabetical order.

The Importance of Having a Garage

You may be familiar with the stories of these successful entrepreneurs: Gates being a dropout, Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook in his dorm, for example. They all started their businesses from their garages. Yes, it’s true. What goes unsaid is most successful entrepreneurs start out with a few thousand dollars to kick around in the first place.

Mark took a $100,000 gift from his dad. Bezos’ parents “invested” a quarter of million dollars to start his company, becoming one of the wealthiest people on the planet, largely thanks to the efforts of his underpaid and under-protected workers. Unfortunately, due to the inequality levels the billionaire class helps to create, most people in the coming generations will be lucky to be able to afford rent on an urban campsite. Hilarious! 

Not Getting Caught

Property is a crazy concept. You see a shiny object you like and want to buy, and the next moment, if you’ve worked hard enough (or you were smart enough to be born wealthy), you hold it in your hands, and it’s now all yours. But wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to take stuff for free without fear of being punished?

Manifest destiny! It’s the American way! So long as nobody finds out (or nobody’s around to complain) about the missing candy bars, bananas, or land—it’s yours! Of course, we would never condone breaking the law. If you want to take something that isn’t yours without having to make reparations, you’ll have to find a way to make it legal first.

It’s Here

You’re probably familiar with the old dad joke about wearing the “I’m with stupid” shirt while standing beside your friend. With so many varied topics to joke about, telling dad jokes is an age-old tradition—such a straightforward yet powerful joke-telling technique. Here, Scott, a great example of a dad joke told right.

The Pacific Highway, which connects Brisbane, Australia, with New South Wales, is where Scott stands, along with his head. Numerous people with the name Scott have probably wished to exit the freeway so they could take a picture next to this sign. Let’s take a moment to applaud Scott for making the most painfully obvious dad joke.

Stating The Obvious

Usually, the purpose of a three-word or fewer description challenge is to encourage you to think innovatively and concisely about a particular topic—to fully spark your creative mind. You don’t have to respond if your favorite pizza joint asks for a three-word description on social media, but if you do, wouldn’t you choose something more relevant to its taste?

​​It’s a little weird, but this pizza fan’s response, “Circle but triangle,” is a fitting description. We would have chosen a phrase that more or less represents the food itself, such as “Delicious, cheesy, fluffy.” However, some people prefer just to state the obvious.

Sharing The Same DNA

Even though it seems like people have been on Earth for a very long period, our impact on Earth’s history is relatively small. Many, many other species existed before us and had a significant influence on practically all of the planet’s ecosystems.

According to scientists, various modern species, including dinosaurs, have evolved from creatures that lived in the Prehistoric Era. However, despite our confidence that they do not, this diagram has us wondering whether chicken nuggies and dinosaurs have some DNA in common.

Kid At Heart

Imagine the young child from The Sixth Sense saying, “I see dead people,” but change it to, “I know every phone number.” Online posts about nothing are occasionally made by persons merely looking for feedback from others. This is a classic illustration of that kind of conduct when someone posts something random, and someone else reacts only to oppose them.

This conduct really reminds us of how elementary school students used to act. While they are aware that, in theory, they are both correct, they refuse to admit their opinions in favor of the other. Some people never cease to be amused by stupid things. Ready for the next one?

Staring At Wood

The feeling of reading a book is one of many pleasures in life that, when you give them too much thought, can cause other things to feel weird as well. That must be a regular aspect of being human, we suppose. Even the most basic everyday tasks might raise questions because of the strange ways our psyche functions.

The next time you find yourself looking at a piece of dead wood and hallucinating, remember this: you’re made out of meat and cut from a star hurtling through an infinite void in what may or may not be a dream and that you’re spending most of this dream inside another dream, or making somebody else money, or commuting. 

Under The Scope

For many kids, the most enjoyable part of school is science class. You experience a number of mind-blowing exercises in addition to the challenging assessments, but that’s not even the fun part. Despite having to wait for your turn, you get to learn new things with the help of shiny lab equipment!

The internet, however, made you realize how there is a joke to be told in every nook and cranny of every subject. When someone says, “This is what sand looks like under a microscope,” you probably anticipate seeing an extremely fine-grained image of the sand under the microscope’s lens. Well done, that poster. Well done.

The Jokesmith

They may be corny, but we do love a good pun. What’s a pun, you may ask? Well, it’s only a partly-funny joke or “p-un” for short. The first poster was trying to make a joke about fans of the metal music genre and old-timey smiths, who used to make horseshoes and swords for knights.

But the second poster came in out of nowhere and delivered the perfect pun. It’s funny because all three of the famous Smiths mentioned here—Willow, Jaden, and their dad Will—are all black. It’s an incredible work of art—certainly another one for the alien hieroglyphics museum.

Listen to my Heartbeat

We don’t typically think about our body’s interior organs, primarily because doing so makes us queasy. But it truly is astounding when you consider all the numerous things our bodies can do without us even noticing. However, have you ever thought about whether a perfect match between your heartbeat and another person exists?

It was all very sweet and romantic, pondering the likelihood of such a match until someone pointed out that your heartbeat mimics someone else’s, “Especially if you’re dead.” Thank you for bringing this to our attention, anonymous internet user. Oh, what a great thought.

I Am The Best

Many people believe women should adopt a man’s last name after marrying him, which makes about as much sense as adopting the name of the place you settle down in as your surname. This custom is pretty archaic when you think about it. Women aren’t considered property anymore.

To be honest, if we, too, had her last name, we probably wouldn’t ever feel the need to change it. This woman isn’t going to be switching from being a Best to anything else soon. With her wit and charm, this woman might as well be able to convince her spouse to adopt her last name instead.

Pest Control

Is there anything more frustrating than having a rodent issue in your house? For some people, even the sight of mice or cockroaches is reason enough to move away. However, fortunately for this specific tenant, her cat can fend off any intruders.

Cats are well known for their effectiveness in eliminating mice. Still, this particular cat appears to be proficient at all forms of pest management. Hence, the pest control technician who visits this woman’s apartment refers to her cat as an “expert” in the field. He’s not wrong!

Place of Comfort

The more life experiences you have, the more you become aware of how much there is to learn. While some people might think their grain of truth reflects the truth of the whole world, others who have seen more of life might disagree.

There may be wisdom in their words, but it’s also nice to enjoy some lighthearted couch humor once in a while. The phrase “get out of your comfort zone” is said a lot these days. Maybe that’s why everyone is so anxious—everybody’s in the PAIN zone. Maybe we should all try to find our comfort zones and stay there.

The Joy in Finding Bugs

Nothing is more annoying for a web developer than to run across bugs when working on a project. Because of this, it may be a little confusing to think of spiders as website engineers that enjoy finding bugs. But you never know what you’ll learn.

But yes, when they have problems, web developers constantly scour the web for ways to get rid of their bugs. All this talk of webs and bugs is going to confuse the archeologist aliens when they finally find Earth and discover our meme hieroglyphs.

Point Taken

Each person has their own tastes when it comes to dating. We all have certain qualities we seek in a relationship, whether in terms of hairstyle, beard length, personality, or lifestyle. We all instinctively believe that we are the center of the world and that everyone else should share our interests.

This Reddit user nonchalantly assumed that all women shared her views, claiming that she doesn’t know any women who don’t find fit men in gray sweatpants attractive. But when another lady informs her how she never considers any males attractive, regardless of the situation. Well, since she doesn’t know her, the point still stands!

Stating the Obvious

Memes are a great way for people to express their emotions on the internet without getting too serious. They can also be insightful and help us connect with people we’d never otherwise meet. But mostly, they’re just for fun.

This user chose to answer the question presented in the meme in some way that probably embarrassed the original poster. They were probably expecting something like “a million dollars” or “student loan debt forgiveness,” but the way they worded their post left them open for a “technically correct” whammo. 

Which among the Planets?

Take a look at this fascinating chart. It shows the final winnings of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games for the humans on each planet of the solar system. Of course, there’s an obvious winner among each of the worlds if you couldn’t already guess.

Poor Pluto looks like it got disqualified for technically being classified as a dwarf planet—or a plutoid. That’s 14 times in a row! Get it together, Pluto! Well, at least we can be proud to know which planet is the greatest and most free heavenly body in the world—USA! USA! 

The Real Score

William Shakespeare is probably known, at least in part, by every English speaker in the world. If they don’t know his plays, they’ll know his language, as he introduced 1,700 words into the language, most of which are still commonly used today.

The plot revolves around young lovers from rival houses who end up losing everything for each other because of deception and clan rivalry. It sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Well, not really. But only those who have read the story know what really went down. 

A Day To Celebrate

Mother’s Day is such an important day for moms and grandmothers all over the world. It’s a day for children to express gratitude to their carers for the tireless, hard work they have done to improve their lives. Thus, you start to doubt everything when your child decides to change Mother’s Day’s meaning to one in which they are the object of celebration.

We understand how things work, kid. But, would you like to change the current situation? Okay, you can make a move, but your birthday will now be celebrated as Mother’s Day because it “wouldn’t be possible without her.” That seems fair, doesn’t it?

Not Getting Any Younger

Most of us must work hard throughout our lives because we are not born into wealth and cannot afford to buy a home, travel, or spend money on luxuries. This Twitter user didn’t have a lot of money when he was younger, but after years of perseverance, he has gone a long way and is now older.

Even though he didn’t make much money, simply getting through life is a success in and of itself. Life is tough, we know. So it’s impressive to have survived into old age and yet be able to post and joke about it. And his entire tweet is technically accurate.