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40 Ridiculous Used Items People Tried to Sell Online

Everyone loves to get a bargain. This is so true for some people that they barely stop to wonder whether the “bargain” they’re getting actually has any kind of practical value. Usually, it is enough that the thing is cheap and a little bit weird. Those two factors are, after all, the basis of a great bargain-hunting story to tell your friends.

Of course, not all products sold online are listed seriously. People have many bizarre reasons for trying to sell strange things, and in the pages beyond, you’ll discover some of the strangest items the internet has ever had to offer. 

“Roller Skates” For Sale

A pair of these used roller skates should be far cheaper than this. These “skates” seem to have been improvised with the help of a lot of glue and very little common sense. It is a mystery how the seller came up with the price.

If a video was included on how these skates can be used, this product could literally be flying off the shelf. But because buyers were left to use their imagination, it would be a miracle if they moved an inch.

Special Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This is not your regular piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. This is special and deserves $50 of your hard-earned money. After all, it’s not every day you get to see the world’s longest piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Though experts still need to verify the authenticity of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch specimen, you can either just believe what you’ve been told or enjoy having the lengthy piece of cereal on your hand while boasting about it to your skeptical friends.

Mirror For Sale, Reflection Not Included

Mirrors are not that expensive, but antique mirrors can fetch a high price. People or reflections found in mirrors are usually not included in the sale. This girl simply had to include herself in the picture to illustrate that the mirror is 100% functional.

For an antique mirror, the price is relatively cheap. We wonder if it’s really antique. We also wonder if the girl is a gymnast or a ballerina because her legwork and balance are amazing. It also made the mirror look more interesting than it really is.

Classic Car For Sale

No one knows if this is a joke or a legitimate ad. Usually, Facebook buyer groups are able to moderate fake entries and retain only the real ones. This ad is a cross between the two.

A seller from Tennessee apparently has been keeping this classic car for years and decided to sell it online for only $300. This vehicle’s gas mileage is questionable because there is no visible motor on this car. It also resembles the Flintmobile, also known as the Canopysaurus – Fred’s car from The Flintstones

Gaming Chair For Sale

Buy this item at your own risk. The price of this gaming chair is reasonable, but the environment it is in is highly questionable and probably filled with bacteria you don’t want to have contact with.

Either the seller likes apple cider vinegar very much or prefers to go to the bathroom in plastic jugs to save time and energy. If you decide to hunt down this gaming chair and purchase it, don’t complain to us about the smell – we did warn you!

Ugly Shoes For Sale

Online buyers should steer clear of false ads that promise one thing but deliver another. However, this product seems to be the real deal. It’s so real that even the seller is not mincing words about what he thinks of these shoes.

One man’s garbage is another person’s treasure. This guy hates this pair of pinkish-orange Nike kicks so much he is practically giving them away. But hardcore Nike fans are sure to snap this up faster than you can say, “Just do it.”

Understatement Of The Year

Sellers have one goal in life – to make a sale. Some of them would do practically anything just to make people buy what they’re selling. This ad is all the proof you need.

Birkenstocks are actually sturdy, quality products. But a heavily used pair of Birkenstock will never look pretty. This seller is trying to convince buyers this overused pair of sandals is only “gently used” and worth $80 when anyone could easily get a free pair just like them from their nearest dumpster. What a scam!

Got (Breast) Milk?

Etsy is a place where artists and crafters can get creative and launch their unique products. But this item is simply too one-of-a-kind for anyone to take seriously. It is a mystery why this seller decided to put breast milk in homemade soap.

It is also a mystery why some soaps have oats, and some don’t. What does breast milk soap even feel like? Is it actually good for the skin? Is there a reason why no popular brand of soap has breast milk in it? These questions demand answers that no one really wants to know.

Everything Must Go Divorce Sale

Cheating can break a relationship. It is also legal grounds for a divorce. But selling your partner’s things because he has cheated seems a cathartic and completely fair way to get the divorce ball rolling.

It is unclear if all these items are made of leather. If they are, these goods are a steal at $1,00 for the lot. We wonder what she sold in part one of her “cheating husband sale.” All those goodies need a new home, and everyone wants to help an ex-couple move on.

Free Couch Crumbs

Facebook marketplace is the perfect location for cheap deals. Unfortunately, some people prefer to use it as a dumpster where they display horrific things in the hope that they can sell them for a high price. This “tiger print” couch is one of them.

For only $1,400, this couch comes with free crumbs that have probably been there for decades. For the same amount, you can get a brand new one that’s crumb-free. Choose wisely.

2-in-1 Mother’s Day Gift

This Mother’s Day gift would have been perfect if its intentions were made clear right from the start. Is it really meant for footwear, or is it made for other purposes? Is this a real product or an item meant as a joke? Either way, it seems no one is laughing.

If this product is meant as a fun joke, we’re all for it. But if this is a genuine gift idea, this is the worst Mother’s Day attempt ever made. In all honesty, a $5 gift card would have sufficed.

Nice Try, Nathan

The below ad was posted by Nathan on the Spokane Buy/Sell/Trade page. His goal was to sell this car to a gullible buyer who would believe that the vehicle was previously owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

To provide evidence for his claim, Nathan made sure he included a photo of The Rock actually driving the car. If this doesn’t convince you of the authenticity of the item, good for you because we aren’t convinced either.

3D-Printed Shrek

Technology has greatly advanced, and we’re all the better for it. Machines have made life easier and more fun. 3D printers are one such product that allows people to create anything they want, but sometimes, as seen below, people mess with ideas that should never have seen the light of day.

This toothpaste topper is cute because it resembles the lovable character Shrek. But when you start using it, its lovability suddenly becomes questionable because the toothpaste is coming out of Shrek’s behind. For $7, this is too expensive and a tad cringey.

Call Him Maybe

The Chevy El Camino is a classic car. Most motoring enthusiasts would love to have a Camino as part of their collection. However, this particular car may be a handful for anyone who wants to buy it, that is, if anyone would have the guts to actually purchase it.

Some have the skills to restore old vehicles, but we believe it will take more than skills to pimp this ride. It would require a miracle to restore this far-too-gone car. It is not just rusty – a tree has decided to take up residence in the engine bay! 

Free Mattress

This seller could have easily placed this mattress in a dumpster, and he or she would have had the same result. Though this product is being offered for free online, we doubt that anyone would want to snatch this item up.

If a film production company was in need of an authentic-looking prop for a murder-mystery movie, this mattress is perfect. But if you are looking for a clean place to lie down and relax after a long day’s work, skip this product and move on.

Broken LCD For $120

If you’re a performance artist looking for a product that would serve as a technological metaphor for how today’s society seems fragmented and disconnected, this broken LCD would be perfect.

But if you’re a normal person who wants to get their money’s worth, stay as far away as you can from this used LCD. The seller is clearly trying to pass this item off as 100% working when it obviously is not. 

Inflatable Bathtub

This seller is probably one of the most creative online. They may also be one of the greatest con artists on the internet. How one could pass off this inflatable boat pool float as a bathtub is a mystery unless one is bereft of morality and/or a soul.

Still, if you’re open to giving away $120 of your hard-earned money to buy a bathtub you can air pump anytime you want, we won’t stop you. Just don’t say you were not warned.

Kenny Loggins Superstar

The seller who is doing his or her best to convince buyers that this 1970s picture of Kelly Loggins is Jesus Christ probably deserves a room in the 7th circle of hell.

The buyer who is actually convinced that Kenny Loggins is the son of God needs a different intervention altogether. Though the items are literally being given away, anyone who believes Jesus wore a Jerry Seinfeld-esque puffy shirt while holding a glowing orb needs to have their eyes checked.

Whole Cogan Is Not Related To Hulk Hogan

Buyers need to know that Hulk Hogan was a popular wrestler in the 1980s. Both children and adults adored Hulk Hogan. Unfortunately, he is not as famous now as he used to be. That may explain the misspelling that occurred in this Facebook marketplace ad.

Either that or this ad was uploaded by a millennial who was told to type “Hulk Hogan.” Unaware of Hulk Hogan’s fame, said millennial must have typed “Whole Cogan” instead. The action figure looks authentic, though.

Make Google Your Friend

There are a lot of decent sellers online. Indeed, there are probably as many good ones as there are bad ones. We all do our best to avoid the latter and remain skeptical of anything they offer.

As much as possible, always double-check any product and amount being offered to you. Make Google your friend, and it will never let you down. This buyer did just that when he or she was offered a $250 mug. Upon checking, they found the exact same mug available for only $30. That’s still a lot for a mug, no? 

Keto Or Creep-o?

It is always best to put your money where your mouth is. But when it comes to buying food online, you have to make sure it’s something your mouth will like and your wallet will love.

This $275 food item combines cucumber with raw hotdogs, and it seems like a steal – from the seller’s perspective, that is. If you’re the buyer, all we can say is that eating this monstrosity might actually cause your spirit to be stolen from your body by food poisoning. 

Cheetos Or Cheatos?

Random people on the internet are selling regular items and claiming these things are something uniquely special. This ad is touting that the Cheeto the seller pulled out of a bag was actually shaped like a character from Among Us.

If you are into weird-looking food items, this may be a good purchase. But why would you want to keep a perishable food item that someone’s greasy fingers have already been on? If you’re fine with such details, go for it. We’ll just be here quietly judging you. 

Free Trash

Why would anyone want to offer trash up for sale when you can easily make your own? For some reason, this seller is convinced his trash is worth it. Fortunately, he is offering it up for free.

Unfortunately, it might cost you a few bucks to haul his trash away. Essentially, this seller just wants his garbage picked up at your expense. In many ways, it’s a genius move, but gullible buyers, beware! We doubt you can salvage much of value from that trash pile.  

Creepy Flower Table

The seller of this ad is trying to pass off this creepy table with two humanoid legs as a “plant table,” but that strategy to cover up the creepiness of this product did not escape our attention.

This table is perfect if you are trying to stage a version of Alice In Wonderland for a school play. But if you are considering this table as a breakfast nook, we don’t want to be friends. Please don’t invite us around for a tea party!

DIY Laundry Dresser

This seller is obviously trying to pass off a DIY project as an authentic commercial product and charge a gullible buyer $65 for it. Would you buy this or just make a similar one using materials from your home?

If this seller had even the tiniest shred of a conscience, he would have at least painted some color on that cheap wood. After all, it probably only took him ten minutes to make his “laundry dresser.” We seriously hope no one bought this.

Sculpted Basset Hound

We would find nothing wrong with this sculpted basset hound if this item was made of cake. There is also nothing wrong if a child made this. However, this is actually sculpted from wax-based clay by an adult who probably had nothing better to do with his time.

Anyone could probably make a better basset hound that would cost a lot less than what this item is being sold for. Specifically, anyone could make a better version that would not give you a creepy vibe.

Gummy Worm With Free Mold?

Selling food online is not supposed to be complicated, but these sellers are trying to repackage food to make it interesting and purchase-worthy. Who are they kidding?

This overstretched gummy worm is a great example. There is nothing rare about this item except for the possible mold visible on it. What is rare is its lofty price and the free dose of food poisoning you can get once you eat it. No matter how much you love gummy worms, we don’t recommend this one!

Merry Christmas?

Sellers will do anything to make a sale. They will lie to your face and tell you this mannequin head is a Christmas decoration when it obviously isn’t. It is up to buyers to discern whether they are being deceived or not.

Simply looking at this mannequin is more than enough to make anyone understand that there is nothing Christmas-y about it. The least the seller could have done was make the head sparkly, but that would be too much work. 

Scary Stroller For Sale

If you’re into purchasing items that have been previously used by a malevolent spirit, this ad is for you. A haunted stroller is being offered up for sale. Along with it is a doll that may be haunted too. You can confirm that once you buy the item.

We imagine it would be fun to find out how the haunted stroller behaves. Will it move on its own come midnight? Will the doll cry when it is left alone in a dark room? For $100, this item might also suck your soul out of your nostrils. Buy it, and find out for yourself. 

The Baby Face Centipede

The vintage online market is filled with unique finds you will not find in regular shopping malls. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Other times, it’s horrific. This is one of the latter cases.

Unpopular and rare toys can be seen and bought from the darkest corners of the internet. These one-of-a-kind baby doll faces are a great example. It is fair to wonder why the seller had these in the first place. Who needs a conga line of baby faces? Your guess is as good as ours.

Eyes Wide Open

Most children play with dolls at some point in their lives. These baby dolls may not look like the dolls most kids play with now, but they still look adorable. Depending on the time of day you see those eyes, you may find them either a source of joy or a source of fear, especially if you happen to look at them in the wee hours of the morning after waking up from a nightmare.

Actually, these harmless babies are Campbell’s Soup Kids. Also, $10 is not a bad price if these items are indeed originals. If these are in good condition, they could even fetch $50. Toy collectors would snap these up in a jiffy.

The Classic Camper – Redefined

The RV industry had no choice but to re-think its process when supply chain issues were disrupted because of Covid. As a result, people found it necessary to get creative. This person chopped the front axle off of their car and called it a “metro trailer” because why not?

Most people believe that a proper RV must be weatherproof. By contrast, this seller seems to think that converting a car that has been totaled and labeling it a “metro camper” is the right thing to do. Though we do not agree with his stance, we are willing to defend his right to sell it. We’re just not handing over our cash!

Sparkly Decoration

This mannequin would be perfect if it was sold during the 1970s or early 1980s. Now, this item wouldn’t even pass as a Christmas decoration. For one, very few people would want a large, dazzling, sparkling plastic human figure inside their house or hallway.

We admit that this product may have some use during Halloween. It could scare some kids away when placed on a front porch. Other than that, this is simply a sight for (creating) sore eyes.

Half-empty Chocolate Milk

A kid is actually looking for a buyer of his “half drank” chocolate milk. He is willing to sell the item for a whopping $125. We are not sure if this price was a typo since the original price of the full chocolate milk was only $1.25.

Still, this unrefrigerated drink that has already been “drank” may come with free bacteria upon purchase. Are times so tough that even kids have to hustle to make ends meet? We hope not.

Entrance Hall For Sale, Exit Not Included

Vague posts in an online marketplace are a sure-fire way to drive away sales. This picture of a hallway with a decent mirror, umbrella, and shelf is nice to look at. But it is unclear which are actually available for purchase.

No one knows if the entire entrance hall is being sold or if everything in the picture will be installed. Too little information is a sign that the seller doesn’t care, so why should buyers waste their time?

Chia Pet

The Ru Paul chia pet is the perfect novelty gift for those who love drag and plants. It contains the same patented chia formula. Plus, it comes with a design based on everyone’s favorite drag queen. Best of all, it only costs $25.

The price of this item is not far from the prices seen on Amazon, so unlike most items on this list, it is actually quite reasonable. If you have a drag queen friend, this gift is sure to make her say, “Slay!”

Misspelled Product

This ad is a red flag. Firstly, the seller probably got bored playing with his dart board, so he decided to sell it online. But when he uploaded the product, he misspelled the item. It only shows that the seller has little care for details.

Plus, what is the seller doing with all those darts? There are two UK darts and one US dart on one side, while the other side has two US darts and a single UK dart, yet there are no other pieces available. We recommend a standard cork board as it may actually last longer than this boring dart board.

Mixed Bag

This listing is a mystery because it combines odd things, expecting someone to randomly want all these unrelated items together. The greater mystery is that people actually buy these packs, and the seller is doing quite well for himself!

Nate DeVore – Nate_MakesStuff on Facebook – regularly puts all these weird products together and offers them up for sale. His latest creation is Croc-style shoes filled with beans and a rolled-up piece of ham. Those who are into Croc shoes and food must give this product a try.

Fairly Used Office Chairs

This seller has a different definition of “fair.” While others will see “fair” as still somewhat usable, these office chairs are anything but. They are so bad that we think they’re truly not worthy of a test run. The leather has peeled off, and all of them deserve to be placed in a dumpster.

Though the chairs are priced at only $5, the risk you would face if you tried sitting on one just wouldn’t be worth it. You’re better off spending your hard-earned money on decent, brand-new office chairs.

Give Peace (And This Onion Ring) A Chance

There are moments in most people’s lives when they find themselves strapped for cash, and they have to find a way to survive. Unfortunately, this seller is pushing this product too far. What is supposed to be a regular onion ring suddenly became a symbol of peace. Who knew you could purchase peace for only $100?

The catch is that your piece of peace will smell awfully oily and onion-y. It is highly likely that the product got moldy before anyone inquired about buying it.