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Celebs And Others With Comical T-Shirts

Sometimes people want to show off their goofy side and to show the world how hilarious they are. Sometimes to do that their shirts do the job. Thumbs up if you would definitely wear a hilarious tee; and if you don’t, these ones would surely make you change your mind.

“Normal people” and celebrities alike – check out out list of funny t-shirts that went viral. 

Husband Of…

Remember this t-shirt? One sunny day, Gal Gadot was snapped sitting next to her husband, Yaron Varsano. During the Wonder Woman craze, this picture went positively viral! You can’t help but love this tee, especially knowing a little bit about their relationship.

These lovebirds have been together for over a decade! and they now have two daughters — Alma and Maya. According to Gal, even her daughters tell everyone “my mom is Wonder Woman”! What a spot-on custom tee, if there ever was one.

Samuel L. Jackson Cubed

Nothing to see here – just a photo of Samuel L. Jackson wearing a t-shirt of Samuel L. Jackson, wearing a t-shirt of Samuel L. Jackson. Got a problem with that?

Yes, this is real. Memorialized on the net now, this ‘inception’ of a tee must have been confusing for the unsuspecting person just looking around. And maybe, that’s just what Sam wanted! Lost for words? Have any questions? Say “what” one more time. Samuel L. Jackson double dares you.

Just Let It Slide

With a bold tee like this, many things come to mind. Does this mystery girl want a tech-savvy person to open up her heart, or is this more about what lies beneath the tee? Inquiring minds want to know!

Does she speak English? Does she only read braille? Whether or not she planned it, people are bound to wonder and stare with that graphic near eye level. Eyes up here, buddy! Unless that’s impossible. Which, let’s be honest, it probably is.

She Ain’t Right, But She Ain’t Wrong

The American Dream is the idea that any United States citizen has an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

Britney Spears would have you believe this applies to her. Everything except the shaving the head part, love. Oh, and Federline. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Mo’ Letters Mo’ Problems

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland and Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams showed off their No, No, No, Notorious t-shirt set. Not too matchy-matchy, is it?

This pair wore tees that linked in a very clever way, but what about their time apart? Any shout out to rapper The Notorious B.I.G. means a few Biggie Smalls references, for sure. It’s a nickname worth wearing, if there ever was one! Perhaps these outfits are designated for the pajama pile, outside of their magical reunions. Can’t confuse the public in bed!

Ball Buddies

The tables have turned! How cute is this pic of Major League Baseball player Justin Verlander taking a selfie right beside a tiny fan? The athlete in training clearly idolizes him, judging by the name on that Jersey.

It looks like the barista already has a sneaking suspicion about what’s going on, right under her nose. Her smile says it all! The younger customer is going to be in for a surprise, and a good one. It’s not everyday that you meet your idol with full fan gear, at random — but today is definitely that day!

Not Gonna Happen

Well, this tactic could not be more obvious. On a good day, people would call this guy a walking red flag. But so far, his boozy date hasn’t quite noticed the big, bold letters!

Unfortunately for him, beer goggles are unlikely to help. What a creep, right? No amount of beer chugging is going to make all the ladies see him as Ryan Gosling. It’s hard to forget a warning right in front of their faces. And rightly so, it seems!

Guilty As Charged

If there ever was a t-shirt to avoid during the commission of a crime, this one would be it. Convincing the jury of his innocence after this mug shot is going to be a difficult one. More than usual, even.

It’s not clear what this fellow was arrested for, but he certainly has a sour look on that puss. Why didn’t he just wear something less conspicuous? Maybe he was just arrested by the fashion police, to be fair. Orange is not the new black, at least in real life. Not this tone, anyway!

Bieber Boys

Every concert has its share of silly tees. Deep in the crowd, sleuths have uncovered a few passionate Justin Bieber activists. Or have they?

The internet questions if these are truly Beliebers. Are there any girlfriends behind the scenes? These cheeky smiles do leave the viewer wondering if they lost a bet. Or maybe, this is the latest coca-cola campaign on Instagram. At the end of the day, this scene mostly remains a mystery. Maybe Justin himself could weigh in and help? No one knows his true blue fans better, that’s for sure.

Help Me Help You Help Me

Two of our favorite actors took love thy neighbor as thyself to a new level.

Ryan Gosling and Macauley Culkin just set the bar for BFF relationship everywhere when Ryan decided to showcase a picture of Culkin wearing a t-shirt showing Ryan wearing a t-shirt of Culkin.

Thar She Blows

Caution: The release of intestinal fumes puts inhalers at risk. Side effects include momentary loss of oxygen, dizziness, and possible coma. Please consult a medical professional, pronto!

Yes, this tee seems strange. Unprecedented, even. But sometimes, the body has a mind of its own. At least this lady is warning pedestrians to take preventive measures for their own safety, right? While this may have seemed like an attention-seeking play at first, it may just be a random act of compassion. Thank you, fart queen?

Mama Mia

Pretty girls are everywhere on social media. But not all of them know how to gain 23 million followers. Mia Khalifa has been building up a pretty popular Instagram account recently. With everything from athletics to couture shoots, she just seems to get those likes and clicks. But what about casual wear?

She’s got that covered, too. Sporting this white tee, she got cheeky with fans here. But was Mia trying to tell the world something in particular? Recently engaged to a Scandinavian chef, it looks like they might have some major news. In 9 months, maybe it won’t be a secret anymore!

How Long Is Her “Boyfriend” Away For Exactly?

Really?! So how long is your boyfriend away for? This would definitely work for a James Bond type figure that is easily attracted to unavailable women.

Seems she likes the heat, adrenaline rush and element of danger that comes with eating the forbidden fruit. What could be steamier than a tryst with someone that you can’t have?

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Well, look who we have here, someone who wants to have the whole pool to himself. He must have been the king of mischief while growing up.

Nobody will actually take this seriously, but if eventually found true, he should be banned from all public pools before he floods people with liquid waste.

Shaming The Girls

The famous designer Miuccia Prada once explained: “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” What is this man trying to express on social media, with this sassy pink tee?

There is a message here, and it’s intended for the ladies. Shame on all the girls who haven’t snatched him up yet! According to this fellow, he’s worth it. The market isn’t reflecting his value back to him, but the tee is sure to remind them. Won’t it?

Hipster Jake

Haha! Jake Gyllenhaal really lightens some of the tension on the gay community with his t-shirt.

With all the campaigns and debates about the gay community, Jake seems to be reminiscing on his gay cowboy role in Brokeback Mountain as his tee indicates, “I was a gay cowboy before it was cool!”

At Least He Tells The Truth

We really would have allowed curiosity leads us to ask him what he did that landed him in this state but then taking a second read at his shirt gives us extra caution.

Who knows what he can do to us? They say that “curiosity kills the cat”, we would just take this advice and walk away safe.

Don’t Try This At Home

Sometimes, it is funny to be inaccurate. Intentionally or unintentionally, there are plenty of laughs in a misspelled tee! The question is, does this guy know anyone is chuckling?

Whether it was conscious or not, this message really just makes people with an accent feel like they are in good company. It’s better to laugh than to cry, as they say! Spelling mistakes can unite us all, with the right attitude. In this case, though, one thing must be stated. It is not advisable to crap one’s hands, unity, or not! Noise, no noise. Just say no, please!

Basic White Tee Instinct

Basic Instinct was a phenomenon, and it really hasn’t gone away. Sharon Stone has been quiet lately, but maybe that’s okay. She’s well established as a vixen in the biz, and fans span from the 1980s to the 2020s. She’s got a lot of love, out there! Who’s this charming young stalker?

Sharon probably never thought she would be worn, literally. But today is a special day, indeed. What are the odds they would really run into each other when he is out and about? Must have planned, but it’s still internet gold.

Confidence Is Key

A lot of unwilling boytoys have been on the receiving end of one question. Specifically, the question of all questions: “Does this make me look fat?” We all know the safe move is a big, fat no!

Still, this young lady is causing more than a bit of confusion for the internet community. Maybe her sense of humor is all about irony because she looks far too slender to wear this message at all. Get this girl a mirror! Boyfriends everywhere agree: It’s time to retire this question, once and for all.

E.T. Phoned Fan

Stephen Spielberg always had big dreams. He entered the movie business and made them all come true, one by one. But today, a very different dream is coming true. Behold: A shirt defining a very specific wish, and the action right on camera. What are the odds?

Pretty low, maybe. But sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. Fans have to wonder: Was this photo op planned? Or was it fate? Maybe he willed it into existence. This kind of surprise is probably part of the Spielberg universe, all the time!

A New Era

This is not grammatically correct, but no one cannot deny the idea makes a whole lot of sense. The question is, does this girl know what philosophy she is broadcasting to the world?

Simple but golden advice, all captured on one tee-shirt. Think less, stupid more. If people lived their lives with this concept in mind, we might have a lot more laughter. And who wouldn’t want that? Too much thinking, not enough stupid. Not enough stupid tees, not enough thinking. Confused? Good, that seems to be the goal here!

Escape Of The Eva

Life with annoying paparazzi and unnecessary media attention, is no walk in the park. Maybe that’s why Eva Longoria’s tee reads what it does. The actress just wants a little privacy, people!

These days, it’s likely she finally found her precious peace and quiet. With less camera attention after Desperate Housewives, Eva is finally enjoying a little life outside the spotlight. And she desperately deserves it! Wearing sunglasses 24/7 has got to be a real nose-pincher. Be free, Eva!

Practically A Superstar

Unlike many fame chasers, this girl seems to have a healthy perspective on her place. Sure, she’s gone viral for her tight, pink tee. But that’s internet famous, not Hollywood known! Plus, she could just be the flavor of the week. That’s how the game goes, and she gets it.

Viewers may wonder if she truly understood the shirt — and the situation — she was getting herself into here. A double meaning is afoot: A hooter on her hooter, friends! Does she work at the famous restaurant chain, or what? Questions, hoo ha’s, remain.

Subtlety Is Key

Graphic tees are one way people express their style on the weekend. There are all kinds of jokes and mottos on them, something for everyone. Designer Alexander Wang once remarked: “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” What is going on here, though?

The tee in question does have a practical function. It warns guys at this party that they have no chance with her when she’s sober. But is that a mixed message she wants to send? Bring a friend, girl!

Your Words Not Mine

Madonna is not a stranger to controversy, but she always seemed like an independent woman. Today, her tee tells another story. For whatever reason, the pop star claims to be in a cult. The question, is which one? Los Angeles has its fair share, any day of the week.

According to the singer: ”I don’t care if people worship turtles or frogs – if they’re good people, that’s all I care about.” Maybe she decided to spread the love this way, with a print to get people talking. She’s come a long way since “Papa Don’t Preach”, it seems!

Close Enough

The classic map of Asia really needed an update. Sure enough, there’s a tee for that! This design hints at one possible change. Why not redraw the boundaries until it looks exactly like Africa? Copyright laws, be damned — if an idea is good, it’s good for everyone.

Other possibilities exist. Perhaps the slowly shifting tectonic plates have simply moved again. After all, the continents used to be a blob. Pangaea, they called it. Has the planet evolved? Will there be a war for original names? Only time will tell, and maybe on tees!

Fast Food Is All The Same Anyway

It’s hard to appreciate the sheer number of moo’s that go into the burgers of America. Too many, some say. Others say, not enough! But there’s something new in town, and everyone will wonder about this sandwich. What exactly is a hamberger, anyway?

Greasy, salty hamburgers are sold by the millions every day. Some consumers demand a vegetarian version, new and improved. Others are excited to try the synthetic, lab-grown meat in development. Maybe this mystery product could be tasty, too. But the slogan needs a relaunch, for one reason above all: Sounds like human meat!

Bill Murray Being Bill Murray

Not every actor gains a cult following after their debut. But Bill Murray is an American treasure. Movies, TV, writing — what can’t this man do, on or off-screen? Young and old alike can’t get enough of this guy, year after year. It’s like Groundhogs Day, in a way!

Today, he encountered a younger admirer. The tee gave it away! Here, fans can enjoy Bill as a statue of himself, in hipster form, standing next to Bill as himself, in fisherman chic. The perfect day out for both involved, no doubt!

Let Me Work It

Modern dance has its fans and its foes. Not everyone understands the gyrations, the bumping and grinding. But model Carla Delevingne won’t accept disrespect. There’s no official code of conduct regarding twerking yet, but this celebrity wants some input!

The controversy could continue for a while. Not everyone likes to see those sultry, yet wild moves. But these days, most people do! Maybe Carla is just ahead of the curve, with this tee. Twerking is not a crime. And if this model has any say in the matter, it never will be!

Hodor Is Okay, Everyone!

Fans of Game of Thrones are well aware of the character Hodor who only communicates with words that echo his name Hodor.

It is only right that this fan met the actor who played this amazing character Kristian Nairn wearing a t-shirt with the words Hodor. Yes, Buddy Hodor!

Playing Hard Ball

Pink is definitely not a regular color for men but what is more surprising here is what this shirt says. This man is definitely not ready to go into the archives when it comes to love, the young guys better get in here to see their competition.

Before you dismiss his potential, please read what his shirt says again. Call your girlfriend to be sure she is still yours.

Who Would Confuse Them?

Who doesn’t know Samuel L. Jackson? It still seems like some people still manage to mistake him for the less famous actor Laurence Fishburne who starred in The Matrix Trilogy.

When this shirt should not even be seen on Samuel L. Jackson.

Neither Are You

“Lol, you’re definitely not zayn malik”, just some over the top fans who can’t seem to get enough of you.

But I guess our supermodel Gigi Hadid means to make things clear with her t-shirt; you are either Zayn Malik, or you don’t stand a chance!

I Speak Just Like The Youth

Let us just say you should live while you can regardless of your age. This man here is telling us “I am still alive and I am not going anywhere anytime soon” that should be good news for his family but for the non-family members especially the male folk, this might just mean more competition for “swag”.

No human is a cat, you only get to live once!

That’s Some Massive Shade

Looking for a way to shun your haters?

Then taking lessons from the British sensation Rita Ora who is seen in this picture wearing a t-shirt that clearly shows her as an independent woman lighting her own way.

Safely Riding Dangerously

“Do as I say not as I do”.

Just two things involved, it is either he does not know what his shirt says, or he is out here to show an example of the consequence of disobeying this. Don’t follow him.


Sometimes the patient dog is the one who dies of hunger because the fattest bone is probably too fat to carry itself down to meet the dog.

Life lesson from this shirt especially in this age where there is so much competition, it is important to hustle for the good things. The tables have turned.

Harsh World

You don’t find Minnie mouse crying on a regular but whatever can bring tears out of the eyes of an inanimate object definitely has real skills in getting tears out of things.

For the record, “Deadmau5” is also pronounced as “dead mouse”. Even Minnie does not want to die.

Dreams Do Come True

Make a wish, and it just might just come true.

This fan totally got her to wish when she met with Irish actor Andrew Scott who is well known for playing the character Jim Moriarty in the popular BBC series Sherlock alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. That is one lucky shirt lady.

Telling It Like It Is

This is a perfect example of when the text fits the situation, or when life imitates the print. Did this man make the unlucky decision to dress the part or was it a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Handcuffed while wearing a t-shirt that expresses how you feel in that situation, even if it involves getting arrested, is probably the definition of “meta”.

Setting The Bar Sky High

This little fella has definitely set the bar sky high with that tee on. And we see him living up to it in this picture with Victoria’s Secret Angel – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

What we don’t know is how long he’d be able to maintain this high standard for.

It’s Britney Bitch

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know that something wasn’t right here? Breakups hurt, and even celebrities are not immune. Britney clearly made a decision here, and she wants to talk about it.

Britney Spears was captured rocking the inscription ‘Dump Him’ during the time it was rumored that Justin Timberlake had moved in with his new girlfriend. But wait, didn’t Justin say “bye, bye, bye” first? It’s hard to remember now, but Justin and Britney were such an iconic couple back then! Only a tee from the time capsule can capture the drama, at this point.

This Is Too Good To Be True

Everyone applauds the idea and go as far as encouraging you, but you just might be alone on the day of execution, only then will it dawn on you how “not so good” the idea might be.

By the way, we wish him the best while it lasts.

Wiz Kids

Tom Felton’s portrayal of Draco Malfoy was positively chilling. In real life, it seems his costars don’t find him very intimidating, though!

Harry Potter villains are the best villains, but they have plenty of friends on the red carpet. Judging from Rupert Grint’s tee on the red carpet, it seems he counts himself in that group! Real life means Ron hangs out with Draco, and he’s not ashamed. Why should he be? Young, magical, and proud — that’s just the way fans like it!

We Hope He Means The Petrol Type Of Gas

This looks more like a caution notice than an advertisement.

We expect every human to have gas but when a person goes the extra mile to make it known via their shirts, and then we can be sure that this gas is on a whole new level. You can bet nobody will wait for a sample, you just might not live to tell the story.

Hip Grandpa

This looks more like “Those of you who thought I will be dead by now, where are you?

Come and see me even more alive than you expected!” This grandpa is obviously not cutting his haters any slack.

Obviously Not An English Major

Well, who doesn’t love college? College was definitely fun. If only we learned to spell properly while at it. This lovely lady showed her support for higher education by sporting this t-shirt.

However, she kind of leaves you wondering if this was an advertisement to stay in school as her shirt reads “collage” (meaning a piece of art composed of different materials such as photos) instead of “college” (meaning an educational establishment, i.e., a university).

Nirvana Family Portrait

Nirvana was one of the best rock bands in the 90s that displaced the domination of rap music in those days. This group is what we can safely refer to as legendary, while the average millennial might not be able to relate with this, those who are fascinated by music and its evolution would feel on top of the world just by wearing this shirt.

Not being sure if the picture here is the same as that of the original Nirvana band, we can only be glad that this shirt represents Nirvana.

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

If captions on shirts were regarded as a crime, then this shirt might not be so funny, but since it is not, we feel safe. When you are in the wrong, you can be sure that the sound of the siren would wipe every smile from your face and double the pace of your heartbeat.

The police rarely ever fail in nabbing the culprits, if you are innocent, then there is absolutely nothing to run away from.

Where’s Rita?

The creative kind of love is even more attractive when the couple refuses to fall out of love. They have come such a long way, and grandpa still wants to be returned to Rita.

This remains sweet until another Rita appears on the scene, we don’t want any fights, please.

Kidnap Proof?

There just might be an exception to this text, what if the kidnapper is bigger? It will be an extremely easy task then! Let us applaud his confidence though; it is quite obvious he has thick skin.

This means for him to continue scaring the kidnappers away, he has to keep his size intact!

Bye Haters

Sometimes, you need to catch some fun by making your haters feel important for a moment, and right there in a split second, you dash their hopes.

Give your haters the disappointment they deserve, you own your space, you own your joy. Bid the haters farewell.

Midday Drink?

When you are drunk, life in itself is in reverse for you.

Should we say this drunken state was anticipated and that is why this shirt was worn or is it that the person was so drunk that even the text on the shirt had to show it?

Too Much Information

We don’t think anybody enjoys “bad dumps”, there is no way you would be happy having a hard time with your dump.

So let us just say this man is taking out time to appreciate what everyone considers normal, maybe he has had a terrible experience on the flip side.

The Golden Age

The fact that she is managing a smile while wearing this caption is quite amusing. This is one old woman that has probably been tricked one too many times or maybe “everyone” is just one person’s name.

I hope she does not find “everyone.”

Harsh Words

He most definitely loves fresh bacon, doesn’t he? The little piglet just had to surrender to him maybe we can conclude that the love is mutual.

This is the cutest love we have found yet, at least between man and food, where the food loves you just as much.

The New Form Of Inspiration

This is the definition of “you cannot beat me even at my worst”, he has already pointed out all the flaws you can possibly find in him physically, and he has even beaten you to it.

This man is enough motivation for his entire club, his self-motivation skills are unrivaled. Don’t attempt to get ahead of him; he might just sit on you – anything to win!

Timing Is Everything

Just see how this young boy has innocently planned a reunion, the cow on the shirt does not look too happy though while the other looks surprised, we can imagine the cow saying “Is that you, brother?”

We heard cows can be violent sometimes, we hope the boy does not get his shirt ripped off.

Know Your Limits

She looks Asian, and some people get their names pronounced as “you” over there, so we believe that she is more specific than generic.

For her to be hotter than “you” though, we cannot wait to see just how hot “you” is. Why do we feel like she is hating on “you” though?

Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Talk about knowing your strength and not deceiving yourself. This man should be nominated for the award of “Most Honest Person”. You cannot do without his kind, no matter how smart you get.

This man is probably playing on our minds, he might not be book smart, but he is a game changer.

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

When your dominant gene is naughty, and you let it get the better of you, you might just be taking a picture like this. It is not much of her fault though, she cannot help it, which should be excuse enough for the court.

Believe in her, the 2% “angel” in her might be stronger than the other parts. Her face does not even help us decipher.

Say Squeeze!

Why does it feel like this guy is uncomfortable yet trying to be cool in the situation? More like he is being bullied but cannot afford to ruin his reputation so let’s just keep everything under control.

We hope he does not get squeezed to death, what is even creepier is the fact that someone may actually own those hands.

Trying To Get A Word In

Talk about an extraordinary skill of commanding attention from your audience, a very special charm indeed.

Keep farting till you are satisfied with the attention you have received from them. If you know her, it would be better you listen before she asks you to.

Love Me

Love is where the heart is, no matter how far love is you will definitely find it. This young man is probably tormenting all the ladies attracted to him in his zone.

This is him saying “steer clear, I am taken”. Don’t give up though, who knows if he is just checking your persistence level? Love does not give up.

What Would You Rather?

We are not sure if this man is entirely correct, but we agree with him anyway. He carries the message with so much confidence and swag that we cannot even resist him.

Come to think of it, we expect a smart ass to give us smart shit if it goes any other way, then surgery has probably happened somewhere.

An Embarrassing Zing

This lady might just remain single for as long as she wears this shirt. Well, good news for all the ladies, you can get minus one threat from your relationship.

At least, she ceases to be a threat till her grammar is fixed. Once that is done, I am not too sure if the “boyfriend” is safe.

Not Worried…

Our dear friend is going to be waiting around for a very long time because what goes around comes around, and nothing is definitely going around this time.

Maybe, if there was a little less to go around, he finds a lady love to come round to. A gentle reminder, less is more in this game called love, and yes! We are talking about both effort and size of… ego! 😉

She Fell For The T-Shirt

His tee seems to insinuate that he pulls the chicks in numbers, and he backs it up with the lady seated beside him. He seems to be able to walk the talk, or in this case, sit beside one.

This is really proof that opposites attract. He seems to have his A-game on.

Calling A Spade A Spade

You heard about viewing the cup half full instead of half empty, this is a perfect but hilarious example. This optimist, rather than stating the obvious, decided to count his blessings rather than his calories.

He put a positive spin on his current state. If only we were able to substitute running jokes as opposed to, well, running, wouldn’t we all be happier?

The North Remembers Indeed

Kit Harington was recently seen sporting a t-shirt with a fun twist on the logo and font of the brand ‘The North Face’.

The logo is edited to include Game of Throne imagery, while the slogan was changed to ‘The North Remembers’. The resulting t-shirt is just pretty damn good. Especially when Harington himself wears it.

Self Assuming

Oh my! Who else sees overconfidence on display here? Sure you may if you could just let us know when God’s likely to be finished because we had a pending discussion.

Our friend here probably meant to be nice, but bruh, it just came out all wrong!

Meetings Aren’t For Me

Oh well, meetings weren’t for her until a judge’s verdict forced her into rehab for drinking while driving.

So now, she’s got to spend the next couple of months through complete detox and those nasty withdrawal symptoms that accompany. I bet those Alcoholics’ Anonymous meetings don’t look that bad now, huh?

FBI On The Scene

Hmm… It looks like this female body inspector’s aim was some humor and attention, but oh well!

He definitely did get the attention alright, as it turns out he has now gotten himself in some real trouble with the actual FBI on the scene. I guess it is safe to say be careful what you wish for!

You Heard The Man!

Guys, what are we waiting for? You all heard the astronaut! With all the current climate change, global warming threats and environmental issues we hear daily, a new planet doesn’t sound like a bad idea, don’t you think?

And maybe just for fun, we would add, “Do earth a favor and get your behind to Mars!”

A Slice Of The Pizza Tree

You’ve heard the phrase the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but this looks like a much more delicious interpretation.

The little baby couldn’t look happier being daddy’s little slice of heaven. Who needs toppings when a munchkin looks so yummy.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For…

…Ice Cream! Well, well, well, would you look at that, model Alexis Ren clearly enjoys being salacious. The Maxim cover girl put a new spin on a 1927 song by explicitly revealing her fantasies.

This is the type of thing better kept behind closed doors. The definition of TMI (Too Much Information).

You’ve Been Caged

Actress and comedienne Aubrey Plaza is known for playing April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, a character whose deadpan expression won over fans.

So when the actress wore this t-shirt of a giant zoomed in Nicholas Cage face, we were the ones who had poker faces. You’ve been Caged!


Stage actor Billy Magnussen is known for the films Into the Woods, Birth of the Dragon, and Game Night.

He showed everyone how much of a fan of himself he was when he was caught sporting this tee with a matching expression to boot. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

No Smiles For You!

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham these days occupies her time by promoting her line of fashion wear and accessories.

Often criticized for not smiling enough by the press, Posh Spice hit back at the haters rocking this tee.

Works For Us!

English singer-songwriter Jessie J took decided to mix up her celebrity status with an everyday item by wearing this fashion tee which reads “I didn’t know what to wear today so I put on this designer t-shirt”.

That’s one way to answer your own question, huh?

Before And After

Actor Josh Peck is best known for playing the bubbly Josh Nichols on the live-action sitcom Drake & Josh. In recent years, the actor has brushed up to the admiration of female fans like the one pictured.

Amazing how much a healthy diet and exercise can do. Big ups, Josh!

Wearing Her Husband

The affable Kelly Rippa has been married to Riverdale actor Mark Consuelos since 1996.

Spotted here is the veteran talk show host posing with a tee shirt of multiple photos of her husband’s head. Will he lose his head over this picture?

Sisterly Love

Talk about some real sibling love! No matter how much of fights you get into with your sibling, that sibling instinct to be there no matter what happens just always betrays your every emotion and gets you all supportive.

With Kourtney Kardashian’s tee, I guess we could all agree that No one loves a Kardashian like a Kardashian!

You’re Not A Duck

This “sorry, not sorry” attitude attains a whole new level by adding the words “little”. Firstly, I guess we are supposed to count ourselves lucky that you don’t consider us to be a water bird.

The word “Hasty” added here is an understatement.

Well That Settles It

Though not everyone is into Star Wars, imagine being amidst some avid Star Wars fans and a tee having the same words as the one director George Lucas has on, you’d definitely be having your ears full.

But thankfully, it’s the director that’s got the tee on, so well that settles it! You can’t argue with the director, can you?

It Really Ties The Picture Together

Can you image imagine as a fan meeting one of your idols?

That must be surreal, now picture how cool this guy must be feeling having met Jeff Bridges, the main protagonist in the 1998 film titled The Big Lebowski and wearing a shirt with the print “The Dude” which incidentally matches Jeff’s character.

Feeling Picky

They say “unlike poles attract”, so let us give him the benefit of the doubt that he has probably seen his future self and can only date those that will bring out the “fitfam” in him.

Models, don’t be discouraged, the future is fit. Keep dreaming; get what you want.