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Tips and Tricks To Make Your Home DIY Dealings Easier

Do you still call a professional for problems you think you could fix on your own, but need a little advice to get you started? There’s never been a better time to learn new skills. Today, we’re lifting the lid on secrets that joiners and plumbers don’t want you to know. These secrets are sourced from the professionals themselves. .

Once you put them to use, these life hacks will stay with you for as long as you live, and you might save yourself a small fortune in the process. Read on and become more confident in your DIY dealings. 

Keep Your Floorboards Silent

Hardwood floors sure keep your house looking elegant. They can elevate the style of a house and even bring up the property’s value depending on the quality of the wood and how well the design fits with the aesthetic of the room. 

But time can wear out your wooden floor, especially if planks come loose. Every step can cause it to squeak, something that no homeowner wants to deal with. For a quick fix to this problem, you’ll just need a bottle of baby powder. Sprinkle a little powder over the loose board between the cracks to help muffle the noise. 

Scratch-Proof Your Car

Do you have a small garage that can barely fit your car inside? This might be why your car has seen a lot of scratches lately, especially on the doors. Getting your car inside every day might require patience and skill, but you’ll barely need to use any effort for this quick fix.

Fix a couple of pool noodles to the walls as lining and you’ll never see scratches on your paint job ever again, at least not when you’re backing into your garage. The noodle halves will cushion any accidental nudge every time. 

No More Wrench Gaps

Few amongst us own a different-sized wrench for every occasion. Only professionals tend to carry around a huge selection of wrenches fit for every type of bolt. Sometimes though, you just need the right tool for the job. But before you start opening up your purse or wallet, we have a great hack to save you time, space, and money.

Rather than spending your hard-earned pennies, use them to fill a gap in your wrench. Look at the example above. Now even the smallest of bolts can be adjusted by adding a few extra coins. The best part? The pennies are refundable once you’re done. Win-win.

Hammer Away In Safety

Intimidated by the idea of hammering a tiny nail into the wall? Do you fear for your finger’s safety? Many thumbs have suffered in the service of hanging a simple painting, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Save yourself a trip to the X-ray wing with this little trick.

Who knew that something as simple as a fine-toothed comb, bobby pin, or clothesline peg could dispel so much anxiety? Now you can hammer away in confidence, giving you more power and a much more precise hit. You still need to remember to aim for the nail, though.

Quick Fix To Your Paint Problems

Do you have some extra kitchen foil hanging around? Foil isn’t just good for baking or cooking. It can also serve as a valuable tool in your DIY project, especially for those messy ventures like wall painting which can be hard to clean up. It’s the last thing you want to deal with after a long evening of evenly applied rolling. 

To make cleaning up just a little bit easier, cover the tray before you pour the paint. You’ll be able to reuse the tray without having to deal with crusty old paint and once it’s had a chance to dry on top, the foil will come off without a fuss.

A Better Use Of Cat Litter

Sometimes Doing It Yourself means coming up with creative uses for everyday objects. Here’s an unusual example of this: kitty litter. Not only can kitty litter be used to help your cat clean up, but it’s also a great grease buster. All you need in addition is a brush. Just don’t use your cat’s, unless you want to give Minxie a new hairstyle for the next month. 

Grease and oil stains can be tough to get rid of, but now the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak. A generous sprinkle of cat litter over the stained spot of carpet or floor before a good scrubbing can help to get rid of a nasty stain.

Banish Paint Splatter

Most DIY painters might tell you that it’s impossible to avoid a few spills and splatters on the job. One wrong placement of the brush can spell disaster for your carpet. But let us introduce a simple but highly effective technique to help lessen the splatter.

The next time you set out to paint, tie a rubber band around the pot to avoid unwanted spillage, just like in the picture above. The band can be used to wipe unneeded paint from your brush, or it can be used to rest your brush directly on the pot. Cheap and effective.

Free Your Carpet From Snags

A well-groomed carpet can elevate the aesthetic of any room if it’s kept well. There’s nothing worse than a carpet with a lot of snags and stains. The cost of having your carpets replaced because of a few snags can cost a pretty penny. 

Here’s what you should do the next time you see a few snags sticking out of your carpet: take your sharpest scissors and snip off the frays, then using a fabric glue dab a few drops on the freshly snipped snag. Press down on the stem with a heavy book. No one will be the wiser. 

Leaky Seat? 

Do you suspect your toilet is leaking? Before you call that plumber, there’s a quick test you can run to see if there really is a problem. Don’t worry, you don’t even need to own any special tools or have any technical know-how. 

Open your toilet tank and empty the contents of a Kool-Aid packet into the water. You’ll know if there’s a leak if the bowl becomes colored after leaving it alone for an hour or so. Now you can decide if you need to pick up that phone or not.

Rust Stains Are A Thing Of The Past

Aluminum cans and other beauty products can leave a nasty stain on your countertops. It is tough to remove and difficult to avoid if you have more than a few of them. The best way to get rid of this type of stain is to prevent it from happening in the first place with one of our DIY hacks. 

Have any old bottles of nail polish hanging around? Don’t throw them out just yet. Instead, coat the base of your metal can with polish before you put it down on the counter. Say goodbye to rust stains for the last time. 

Don’t Panic! It’s Organic

Are you itching for a different wallpaper? Taking down old wallpaper can be costly if you need to have professionals do it for you. Once again, we’re here to give you a little life hack that might save you a tidy sum and keep your walls looking fine.

There’s an inexpensive and chemical-free way of taking down your old wallpaper. Simply combine equal parts of water and vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray it over the wall and leave it for fifteen minutes. The wallpaper should be nice and supple and easy to lift off.

One Brush To Rule Them All

The amateur’s mantra is that if you want to paint, you’ll have to buy a fresh set of brushes every time. Reusing an old brush covered in paint crust just won’t give you the same results. But what if this just wasn’t true? We have a simple hack for you to peruse, making reuse a no-brainer.

After painting, it’s vital that you keep the brush in a plastic bag, preferably a high-quality one with a plastic seal. Squeeze out all of the air before sealing and it’s ready to be stored. This way you’ll have a flexible brush head ready for use right out of the bag.

Showerheads Need Love Too

Like everything in the house, showerheads need maintenance from time to time. Unlike other appliances, showerheads get little to no attention until they get clogged up, leading to lower levels of water pressure. Eventually, there will be nothing else to do but replace the poor thing.

Here’s a tip to prolong the life of a showerhead. Take a plastic bag and fill it up with vinegar. Submerge the nozzle in the bag and secure it with a rubber band. Leave it there for a couple of hours. Rise the dirty water afterward and watch in awe as the water pressure comes right back. 

Showerheads Need Love Too

Like everything in the house, showerheads need maintenance from time to time. Unlike other appliances, showerheads get little to no attention until they get clogged up, leading to lower levels of water pressure. Eventually, there will be nothing else to do but replace the poor thing.

Here’s a tip to prolong the life of a showerhead. Take a plastic bag and fill it up with vinegar. Submerge the nozzle in the bag and secure it with a rubber band. Leave it there for a couple of hours. Rise the dirty water afterward and watch in awe as the water pressure comes right back.

Carpet Dents Can Disappear

Carpets can make or break the overall look of a room. Most homeowners are very particular with their carpets, going as far as hiring professionals to replace the whole carpet at the sight of a few imperfections, costing them a small fortune.

Who knew that the solution to their problems could be found in the freezer. Ice can easily remove annoying carpet dents. Just place ice on the dent and leave it there until only water is left. The thawed ice helps carpet fibers return to their original shape. 

Tile Tips and Tricks

People who keep to a strict budget don’t usually hire other people to do a job that they know they can do alone. But something as daunting as replacing tiles can make even the hardiest homeowners doubt themselves. Cement is not to be taken lightly, especially when it can permanently affect the look or shape of a room.

Home repair professionals are not cheap. Their services can cost more than an arm and a leg. Here is a trick to keep them at bay: when installing tiles, soaking the stoneware in water makes them more malleable, hence, easier to cut. Who needs professionals when you can do it yourself?

Getting Out Of Sticker Situations 

Some say that retail therapy is a good way to relieve stress. If you can’t avoid purchasing an essential item, then don’t grab that stress back over something as simple as peeling off a tricky sticker. Have that label off your newest purchase with this simple hack.

Blow dryers have more uses other than drying hair. Use one to easily peel off labels from new purchases. Turn your hairdryer on and hold it over the sticker. Watch as the sticker easily peels away, leaving no mark. 

Top Secret Cover-Up

Who knew toothpaste could be used for far more than just cleaning your teeth? It can be used as plaster when needed. Some people use it on walls. It’s a handy tool when you have small kids in the house making a mess of things. 

You don’t need wall putty, just apply regular toothpaste and no one will even know the difference. It can fill unsightly holes and gaps left on the wall. This especially works well on white walls as a quick fix when you have company coming over at the last minute. 

How Many Potatoes Does It Take To Unscrew A Light Bulb?

The answer is half, especially when your light bulb is shattered. No one wants to get hurt when unscrewing a broken light bulb. This is where half a potato comes in. Potatoes are not just delicious, they also double as safety equipment. 

Cut out half a potato then press the vegetable firmly onto the broken bulb. When you have the glass wedged firmly inside, turn the lightbulb to loosen it from the switch. After its removal, be sure to dispose of the lightbulb and potato properly. 

Precision Drilling Tips

One of the most difficult tasks of DIY is drilling through tiles. It requires skill and precision. One mistake can cause injury or permanent damage to household items. This can be a cause of a lot of stress, especially for inexperienced homeowners. 

Here’s where we tell you a secret. masking tape. Just put the tape on the area to be drilled and get to work. The tape will provide friction to the otherwise slippery surface, which leaves you with more accurate aim. 

No More Squeaky Hinges

Do you live in an old house where everything creeks and croaks? This makes for uncomfortable living especially during those scary nights when all the lights are out and you can hear those hinges squeaking away. Spooky nights should only occur once a year, not all year round.

If you want to have a silent night and a good sleep you can use this hack. Sprinkle a tiny amount of cooking spray on bothersome hinges to get rid of the noise. This will lubricate the mechanism, giving you a door to close or open without the spooky sound. 

Coffee Stains Can Be A Good Thing

Every coffee lover has at one point spilled a cup of their favorite brew onto a table or surface. Coffee stains are one of the hardest things to get rid of, especially on lighter and more delicate surfaces. There are cases where a coffee stain can add a little character, though. 

Don’t let today’s pot go to waste. Reuse coffee leftovers on wooden furniture like cabinets, dressers, chairs, and desks by brushing coffee all over them. This will keep the wood looking new, making the furniture stand out in the room. 

Crisp Cuts Through Foil

Scissors can naturally lose their edge when used on difficult material. You should try to use one pair of scissors to cut fabrics and another to cut paper as using one pair for both may dull the edges. The dull edge of a scissor may be hard to sharpen, but we have a solution.

Use aluminum foil to sharpen this essential tool. By folding several layers of the foil and cutting your scissor through a couple of times, you will sharpen your scissors up for their next use. The next time you think about throwing away a dull pair of scissors, try this first.

Screen Saver

Living in a tropical or humid place can bring hot and sticky days without proper ventilation. Installing screens on windows can be a lifesaver as they can keep away bugs out whilst the fresh air can be let in. 

When a screen breaks it can spell trouble as mosquitoes can find their way inside, through even the smallest cracks. This is where nail polish comes to the rescue. Dab a few drops of clear polish between the torn seams. When it dries, the net will be joined together. 

Multiple Use For Peelers

When a screwdriver can’t be found, the unconventional use of a vegetable peeler can do the job just as well. Some people don’t have a place to put tools at all and might face difficulties when one is needed. 

When a screwdriver is nowhere to be found, you can always substitute it with a vegetable peeler. The peeler has a pointed edge that can fit through the grooves of most screws. Turn those troublesome screws with ease with this simple hack.

Recycle Old Plastic Bottles

While you can always compare the greenness of grass on both sides of the fence, why not tend to your own instead? Here’s a useful hack to keep your lawn looking fresh. By recycling old plastic bottles you can use them as sprinklers which can better disperse water over your garden. 

Use a thin nail to poke holes at the bottom of the bottle, making sure the holes are evenly spaced. Attach the opening of the bottle to the end of the hose and a sprinkler is born. 

When Wooden Dents Don’t Work

Old wooden furniture can acquire a few nicks and dents here and there over years of use. If ignoring these characterful imperfections has stopped working for you then try this hack out to recover stressed-out looking wood. 

You’ll need a damp towel and an iron. The important part of this trick is using the towel while it’s still damp. Place the damp towel over the dent and run the iron through the towel over the dent in a circular motion. Repeat this a few times until the dent is evened out. 

Unscrew With Glue

Something as simple as unscrewing a screw can be tedious, period. Pulling a screw can be especially tricky when the surface is slippery, or if the driver does not fit correctly onto the screw’s head. 

This hack can save you some frustration the next time a screw needs to be tightened or loosened. Use a dab of glue on the surface of the screwdriver. It will stick to the rivet and make for a tighter lift. This hack is ingenious when you think about it. 

Another Unconventional Use of Soap

Since they can cause such pain, we have another screw trick for you. Another way to handle screws is by lubricating them with a household essential: the soap bar. 

Buff the screw over a bar of soap then drive it through the hole for a smooth transition. This will hopefully make the turn a little easier on your wrist and arm. Don’t forget to wash up afterward.

It’s All On Tape

Amateur DIY enthusiasts can get in over their heads when trying to complete a simple task such as hanging a picture on the wall, especially if nails or screws are involved. You shouldn’t have any problems with screws or nails by now, but there’s an even easier way to get it done. Here’s a secret no professional builder would ever want you to know. 

You’ll need colored scotch tape. Fix it over the two holes of the frame. Use the tape like one would use a measuring device. Once satisfied with the measurement, transfer it over to the wall where you want it to be hung. Use the tape as a guide for drilling in screws.

Don’t Throw That Tape

Adhesive tape can lose its sticky property after a while. What use is tape when it loses its adhesive properties? Before you throw a good roll of tape away, consider this hot trick.

Pop the reel in the microwave for just a few seconds. The old tape will regain its stickiness after a few minutes inside. Now you can use it again as intended. 

Detecting Live Wires Using A Microphone

The number one priority when starting a DIY project is safety. You don’t need to have the tools or experience of a professional, but that doesn’t mean you should put safety measures off when you work. Here’s a tip that might save you from getting shocked by drilling through a live wire. 

Use a microphone the next time you drill into a wall. To avoid being electrocuted, keep a microphone plugged into a speaker and sweep it around where you need to make a hole. If you detect humming, it means that a live wire is underneath and that spot should be avoided.

 An Attractive Way To Track Nails

Tracking nails from a wall can be a tedious task. It’s so time-consuming to search for those tiny little nail holes, especially when the wall has been painted over. Here’s a simple hack to save you time and effort. 

There’s no need to buy a stud-finder, nor should there be any reason to drill in new cavities on the surfaces. All you need is a strong magnet to do the job. Slowly sweep it over the surface and watch the metal pull itself out. 

Working With Clogged Spray Cans

Old Spray cans can get clogged after being put in storage for too long. Its contents can be wasted if the nozzle doesn’t work, and we hate waste. But there’s no point in throwing away a perfectly good can just because of this minor issue. 

Use a small amount of gasoline on the spout and leave it for around fifteen minutes. When you get back, you should find that the clogged nozzle is now clear and ready for use. Think of all the money that you just saved. 

Clean As You Go With This Dust Collector

You might know by now that we’re fans of repurposing ordinary objects and turning them into extraordinary tools. Here’s another one for old plastic bottles. Drilling through walls can be a bit messy, but not when you clean as you go. 

Use an old plastic bottle for this hack. Cut the bottle in half and use it as a shield against wall debris and dust. The plastic bottle should be able to collect most of the dirt from drilling. Clean-up is far easier when most of the mess is already trapped inside the bottle. 

Rubber Bands To The Rescue

Screws can be hard to remove especially when they lose their grooves. For a multitude of reasons, the heads of screws can get dull and won’t fit properly with your screwdriver. Here’s where the simple rubber band comes into play.

Place a rubber band over the screw head whilst turning. Not long after, the bolt should loosen and you’ll be able to take the screw out with ease. The rubber band saves the day. 

Seal It With Silicon

A leaking pipe can be a pain. No one wants to call in a plumber but sometimes you’ll have to do it yourself as a matter of necessity. Here’s a band-aid solution that can at least help put off a dire situation. 

Apply a silicone-based sealant directly to the leaking pipe. It’s an easy fix to mend a leaky pipe, at least until a better solution appears. You’ll likely still need to have a professional look at it though. 

Put A Stop To Banging Into The Room

Bang Bang Into The Room are the lyrics from a famous song popularized by Ariana Grande, but it should never happen in one’s home. If slammed doors are a major issue in your household, there’s a technical fix. 

Repurpose a cabinet door bumper. You only need to screw it into the wall behind your door and voila! An instant door stopper! Accidentally slamming doors will be a thing of the past.

Toothpaste Removes Most Of The Scratches

A family with young children may find more use for this hack than others. Kids love to play rough and as a result, tiny scratches will appear on your delicate furniture. Parents can take note of this hack and save a ton of money.

Squeeze a pea-size amount of toothpaste on the affected furniture. Take a clean piece of cloth and rub it against the scratches gently. Watch them disappear before your eyes. Repeat the process if needed. Let your kids be kids and enjoy those precious years with them.

Show Stopper Band

Ready for another rubber-band trick? If you ever need to keep a door open for any reason, be it a busy cleaning session or moving day, then this hack may be worth taking note of. 

Use a simple rubber band to keep your door open. Secure the band on the door handle on one side then make a twist. You should have an X shape. Tie the band around the other handle to keep it secure. The latch will not lock whenever the door slams, and the door will remain open.