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40 Hotel Hacks to Achieve a Stress-Free Vacation

We always fantasize about getting away for a bit to decompress. Traveling rejuvenates the mind and the soul. People who travel often will tell you incredible stories about their adventures. You might even be inspired to pack up your belongings and travel to an unfamiliar location yourself. Whatever kind of vacation you go for, there’s one thing that no one can deny: traveling brings joy. 

There are some brilliant methods to take your hotel or motel stay to the next level, whether you’ve booked a Super 8 off the highway or a 5-star luxury hotel. We’ve compiled the best tips and hacks to make your stay completely amazing.Keep Watching

First Thing’s First: Unpack Your Things

When you arrive at your hotel, instead of leaving your belongings in your luggage, lay them out in an orderly fashion for a more relaxed stay. You can avoid wrinkling your clothes by hanging them up if a wardrobe is provided.

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Once you’ve got everything set up, you can quickly shower, drink some coffee, and do your thing. When you have a full day ahead and don’t want to waste time looking for things under a mountain of clothes and wires, this habit is beneficial. 

Secure Your Valuables

You might not feel safe leaving important belongings in your hotel room. Given that you are in a foreign place far from home, this is reasonable. However, even in a hotel room, you can improve your chances of keeping your belongings secure.

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Hide your valuables under a mound of clothes inside your luggage. If someone opens them and looks inside, they will only see clothes and move on. It’s not 100% foolproof, but it adds a few extra percentage points at least.

All Aboard Sleepytown, Mind The Gap

Blackout Curtains! They are a gift from the slumber-gods to those of us who enjoy sleeping in past sunrise. City lights and noise may block you from the tranquility you had hoped to find on your vacation. Sometimes though, even the smallest cracks of light can break through and disturb your sleep.

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All you need is a closet hanger with pant clips, and you’re good to go. Pull the curtains closed and use the hanger to clip the two curtains together over the gap. In this manner, until you open them yourself, no light may enter or exit your sanctum.

Welcoming Hotel Guest With A Different Scent

The ambiance of a freshly cleaned hotel room instantly relaxes and soothes guests. But have you ever entered a motel or hotel room and noticed that it smells a little…off? Then don’t worry; we’ve got an instant hack for you, just in case.

Image Courtesy Of gosocial/Reddit

Your hotel room will smell like fresh flowers in no time if you attach a car vent air freshener to the AC unit. This is especially useful in humid locations, where rooms are forever sticky and uncomfortable. Put an end to the foul odors!

Because You Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

We tend to forget things when we leave on vacation, about as often as we forget things when we leave the house on errands. Boarded a plane only to discover that you’ve forgotten your house keys or charger? Consider it a thing of the past.

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When we return from a vacation, we most typically forget our chargers, cords, and keys. Keeping things close at hand is an easy approach to ensure you don’t forget anything, but an even smarter thing to do is tying your keys to your charging cord together.

Sing Your Heart Out With An Instant Speaker

Need some music to set the mood? Maybe you just want to listen to some tunes while getting dressed. The right soundtrack can help set the mood. However, if you use this trick, you won’t need to bring a speaker. You’ll be able to use the extra space in your luggage for something else!.

Image courtesy of Jessica/Insider

Build a makeshift speaker using the hotel’s coffee mug. Simply place your phone inside, and you’re all set! Play a song at the desired volume, and you’ll get the same amp as if you were using speakers.

Off the Counter Please

We all want to believe that cleaners clean bathroom counters thoroughly. At the same time, you can never be certain. Although rooms and bathrooms are cleaned frequently, it’s never hygienic to leave personal items such as a toothbrush on any surface.

Image Courtesy of flytrippers.com

Make a hole in the bottom of a paper cup, flip it upside down, and stick your toothbrush in the hole to keep it clean! Keep those bristles away from any microorganisms lurking on the surface.

Heat Them Up

Before you hit the road, most hotels and motels offer a complimentary continental breakfast. But all too often, the butter is as hard as ice–how are you expected to spread that?

Image Courtesy of Erika Burch/Lifestyle

Instead of waiting for the butter to warm up at room temperature, place your packets of butter on top of the toaster to melt while toasting your bread. By the time your bread is toast, the butter will have softened and become easier to spread.

The Longer You Stay, The Lower The Rates

If you intend to remain for an extended period on vacation, you should inquire about room prices with the hotel manager. If you inform them of your intention to stay longer, they may offer you a discount.

Image Courtesy of destinationreunions.com

People are frequently unaware of this and end up paying more for their extended stay in a hotel. You may get a decent price when booking online, but if you call the hotel personally, you may be able to save more money on your vacation than you anticipated.

Maximize Your Resources

When going away, it’s always difficult to remember to bring water. Nine times out of ten, you’ll forget and get thirsty when you really need to stay hydrated, especially in hot places. Then you’ll end up spending your hard-earned money on water. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Image Courtesy of Denver Hotels/Travelocity

Is there a water dispenser in your hotel’s gym that you can use for free? Before you go, make sure you get your water bottle filled. You’ll save a few bucks if you don’t have to buy bottled water at the next gas station.

Forgot Your Wall Charger? No Worries!

If you’re new to traveling, you may not be aware of the fact that different countries have different wall socket types. If you’ve brought an incompatible phone charger but still have a USB wire, there’s a simple solution.

Image Courtesy of deborah / Pinterest

Many recent televisions have USB ports on the side or back where you can plug the cord in without issue! If you know this trick, you can get by without a converter.

A Missing Bedside Table

No nightstand? Hotel rooms without a bedside table are still common, for some reason. Maybe they assume that their guests pack light and that we don’t need a nightstand.

Image courtesy of mahlanks/Reddit

Simply refold your bedcover to make a small pocket for all the items you need at arm’s length, such as your cell phone, remote control, or glasses. Now you can keep your stuff close by without leaving them on the floor next to your bed.

Extra Chargers for Guests

Every one of us forgets to bring something with us on vacation at some point. If it’s not the wall plug that you’ve forgotten but your phone charger, don’t worry!

Image courtesy of Rebecca Harrington/Insider

It has become such a prevalent issue over the years that many hotels keep their own collection of phone chargers behind the desk, just in case. Visit the reception desk and ask if they have a charger that can take your phone, and they may be able to provide you with the right one.

Soundproof Your Room

If you’re staying in a busy hotel, peace and quiet can be difficult to come by. People will be constantly coming and going. Even if you’re in your own room, the noise can get through and deprive you of your tranquility.

Image courtesy of Wendover Resorts/Twitter

Roll up a towel or blanket and place it near the crack of the door to soundproof your room from outside noise. Noise and light will penetrate your room no longer, hopefully helping you to get a sound sleep.

Continue Streaming Your Favorite Show

Vacation is a period of time when people are able to relax and unwind. This could involve anything from reading a book to lounging on the beach to watching TV!

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If you’re visiting a different country, it might be difficult to find your favorite shows, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Don’t pay for on-demand movies. Connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI and catch your favorite Netflix episodes.

Instant Humidifier

Aircon can be a lifesaver at times, but being in a climate-controlled hotel room comes with some downsides. You may feel dried out from all the artificial air. Our bodies require a little humidity to function properly, and prolonged air conditioner or radiator use may harm our skin.

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To avoid this, simply place a damp cloth in front of the AC unit. This will allow moisture to circulate around the room which might prevent you from becoming a raisin during your stay.

A Clean Vacation

Housework should be the last thing on anyone’s mind when they’re on vacation. However, washing laundry is an unavoidable reality, especially if you’re lucky enough to be on a long trip. Using hotel laundry services can be costly, but here’s a less expensive alternative.

Image courtesy of Erika Burch/Lifestyle

Just wash your clothes in the bathroom sink. Place some plastic over the drain and weigh it down with pennies to keep the water there. Soak your clothing in the water with detergent until they’re clean.

More Chance to Bond With The Kids

If you’re traveling with children, you’ll probably have to share a room. An extra cot in the room means more money out of your pocket. There’s a way to save on this cost, with a little imagination.

Image courtesy of Erika Burch/Lifestyle

Use pillows to divide a huge bed into two smaller beds. This creates space for you and the kids without having to deal with little (or big) starfish. This also makes telling bedtime stories much more fun.

Iron On The Go

Even if you iron all of your clothes before traveling, there’s nothing to do to straighten out your outfits if they get creased on the way. If you ask about ironing services at the hotel, you’ll be hit with a laundry list of additions to your bill. Literally.

Image Courtesy of Erika Burch / Lifestyle

What are your options? We’ve got a good one for you. While you’re taking a shower, keep your clothes on a hook in the bathroom. Your hot shower’s steam will smooth out any creases in your dress. You’ll be ready to head out in style once again.

Celebrate Special Occasions

If you’re on vacation to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary, honeymoon, or birthday, you should tell your hotel about it ahead of time. Who knows, there may be a special surprise waiting for you.

Image courtesy of munnartourguide.com

If you inform the hotel that you’re on your honeymoon, they may include some complimentary presents as well as offering their congratulations. You may be eligible for a discount or perhaps an upgrade at no additional cost.

Fine Dining Across The Board

It’s an experience in and of itself to travel with children. You may not be able to do as many activities as you could alone, but you do get to experience other things, such as dining in before bedtime. However, children have a tendency to make a mess while they eat.

Image Courtesy of noteably.com

You can avoid this by using items from your hotel room. An ironing board is usually available for use. This board can be used as a makeshift table, a perfect place for children to put their plates on while they eat. It’s better than getting pizza or breadcrumbs under the sheets!

Shower Cap for Shoes

People often go on vacation to buy things for themselves and their loved ones, souvenirs that remind them of their vacation. However, after buying so many presents, there may not always be enough room in your backpack when you return.

Image courtesy of fabiola gurrola/okchicas

If you buy shoes, for example, you’ll have to cram them into your already-stuffed bag. In that case, you can bundle your shoes with the shower cap from your hotel room and then store them inside your luggage so that the shoes don’t scuff your clothes.

Make Friends With the Reception Desk Team

Whatever you may need, the receptionist will make every effort to locate it for you. You can always acquire something at the front desk, whether it’s a charger or some extra amenities.

Image courtesy of Aurora/burma.irrawaddy

It’s always a good idea to double-check the front desk for any of your needs. You can get a lot of freebies on your vacation. Not only do some hotels supply fruits and chocolates to their visitors, but they also provide hair straighteners and other things.

Burned Out

Traveling in the summer is exhilarating, but it can quickly put everyone in a bad mood when the heat turns up. We may enjoy hot places, but we want the hotel to be cool when we return.

Image courtesy of lifemag/novi.ba

If your room does not have an air conditioner, you can use a wet towel to bring the temperature down. Place the wet towel against a window so that when air flows through, it cools your room as it enters, allowing you to get some much-needed respite.

Food Delivery Right at your Doorstep

If you’re one of those people who live out of their luggage as they travel from place to place, hotel room to hotel room, you’ll know that excellent food is hard to come by. It’s possible that the hotel you’re staying in might provide good food, but in all likelihood, it will be too costly for your taste.

Image courtesy of Stephen Matthews / dailymail.uk

Our top tip is to order meals from other restaurants. If you’re hungry, you can always go to McDonald’s and order your favorite meal, or use whichever food ordering app is available.

Fridge on the Run

A mini-fridge may not be available at your hotel. However, this does not mean that you have to drink lukewarm beverages or store leftovers out in the open. There is another way!

Image courtesy of 35136 / caffeinamagzine

Make your own personal ice bucket by putting ice in your bathroom sink. With ice, you can keep your drinks and leftovers chilled. The best part about this DIY trick is that when the ice melts, it just goes down the drain, so there’s no mess to clean up.

Bring your Comfort Food

Here’s another way to save money while you stay in your luxurious hotel. If you’re tired of shelling out the big bucks for fancy meals and want something cheap and cheerful, consider making instant noodles. How, in a hotel room, you ask?

Image courtesy of roamancing / Twitter

If your room has a coffee maker, you’ll be good to go. You can cook your supper in minutes by pouring hot water right from the coffee maker into your noodles.

Be Straightforward About Your Concerns

Instead of suffering alone in silence, it’s usually better to express your concerns or problems. If you are dissatisfied with your hotel’s service, you can always let the staff know and let them address the issue professionally. It’s their job to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible, after all.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

There’s nothing wrong with complaining as long as you’re polite and respectful. Once you’ve informed the hotel employees and manager of your problems, they’ll have a chance to make things right. If you don’t say anything, they’ll never know.

Small Token of Appreciation

It doesn’t always work, and in particular places, it may cause offense. But if you’re confident that you can pull it off, why not give this one a try? After all, a lot of hotel staff aren’t being paid as well as they should be. A little extra cash in their pocket might make their day.

Image Courtesy of businessinsider.com

When you check into a hotel, you’re sometimes asked to produce an ID. If you smuggle a $20 dollar bill in with a polite inquiry about getting a room upgrade, you might just get one. Or maybe they’ll just hand the bill back. 

Being Loyal Has Its Perks

Being a loyal customer pays. If you are a regular frequenter of a certain hotel, you may be able to negotiate a bargain that would not otherwise be available to other guests.

Image courtesy of Jennifer/allwomenstalk

Customers can accrue points and bonuses and redeem them on their next visit if their hotel has a loyalty program. You can get free stays, small upgrades, free meals, and other rewards if you join these loyalty programs.

Get a Good Deal on a Real Meal

A stay in a posh hotel room is always pricey. If you add on room service and other expenses, your tab might quickly blow up. Rather than compromising on luxury, make use of their services and save money.

Image Courtesy of Erika Burch / Lifestyle

With the minimal amenities in the room, you can cook a decent supper for yourself. Take whatever you can get. You won’t have to pay for hotel food or a buffet plate, and you’ll save a lot of money by cooking for yourself.

Cover It With Plastic

If you are a clean freak, the prospect of staying in a hotel might be daunting. As a germaphobe, you don’t want to handle a remote control that has been touched by goodness knows how many people.

Image Courtesy of Nwa1348 / Reddit

Although the hotel staff should have the room cleaned after use, you can also take measures to protect yourself from germs. Wrap your remote control in the plastic bag provided by your hotel or motel to keep your hands germ-free.

Scan the Hotel’s Main Website

If you reserve your hotel rooms online, you might be using booking sites that provide discounts on reservations and other vacation packages. It’s useful when trying to save money, but you may be missing out on even better discounts.

Image courtesy of Bairro Alto Hotel/ Lisbon

Before making reservations, check the hotel’s website. There’s a good chance there will be hidden specials or one-day offers that booking sites will have missed. Take advantage of these offers and save money on your holiday.

Free WiFi is a Big Factor

Internet access is of paramount importance in this day and age. We’re so reliant on internet access for transportation, translation, and bookings. Complimentary WiFi in your room is a must, especially if you go abroad.

Image courtesy of thetravel.com

Request complimentary WiFi from your hotel management for the duration of your visit. While you may not want to check your emails or social media while on vacation, having free WiFi for your smartphone will always help in the long run.

Don’t Go With the Crowd

While following the herd might be an easy option, taking a detour may lead to something wonderful. You never know what you’ll find over the hill with an adventurous spirit.

Image Courtesy of lizclarkevents.com

Your vacation is no different. If you visit during peak season, expect to pay a lot for flights and hotels. A lot of the top spots will be taken up, too. However, if you plan a vacation during the off-season, you’ll find lower airfares and hotels, as well as the opportunity to do something unique.

Don’t Stress, Stress Your Concerns

If you believe you’ve received poor service from a hotel during your stay, make a list of everything that went wrong. Write an email to the hotel’s general manager outlining why they weren’t met, perhaps offering proposals for compensation.

Image Courtesy of James Costa/Eat Vacation

If you share your experience with the hotel’s general manager, you might get a discount for your next visit and hopefully better service. The hotel personnel will almost certainly try to improve your experience, and you will have a much better time during your stay.

Upgrade to A Better Room for Free

Most hotels manage their booking by assigning “lesser” rooms first. These rooms may not be in bad shape, but they may have malfunctioning features such as a broken door or window, or a poor view from the window.

Image courtesy of tessa / Reddit

You don’t have to bribe the hotel staff to acquire an upgrade. Just ask to see other available rooms if yours isn’t up to par. It never hurts to ask, and you might just receive a free upgrade.

Kill Them With Kindness

Kindness begets kindness. Give respect, and you shall receive it. That’s all there is to it. Be kind and courteous to hotel employees, and they’ll be more motivated to look after you. It’s just human nature.

Image courtesy of noteably.com

You might receive better service, or at the very least, you’ll put a smile on someone’s face. They will more readily listen to your issues and try to resolve them. If you’re lucky, they might upgrade you to better accommodation at no extra charge!

Distance Matters

When flying, you never know when your flight will be delayed. In some unfortunate situations, flights can be delayed for days at a time. It can be frustrating when this happens. You don’t have to spend all night at the airport if you can help it, though.

Image courtesy of Emily/Pinterest

There are usually a lot of decent hotels near airports, so you won’t have to go out of your way to get back to the airport in time for your trip. If you can’t stay near the airport, see if you can get one more night at the hotel you’re staying at. They may even be sympathetic and offer a discount.

Stay Near The Attractions

Make sure to check the location of your hotel when booking your hotel tickets. Although the hotel may appear attractive, you may not enjoy your stay if it is not in a desirable location, if it is too far out of the city, for example.

Image Courtesy of Hotel Veer/cheaptickets

It’s always good to look for tourist attractions or activities around your hotel. You won’t have to waste as much time and money on transportation this way. If you want to explore your destination, booking a hotel near the city center rather than on the outskirts may give you an advantage.