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40 Fashion Faux Pas Committed By The Kardashians

It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike the Kardashians – they will still be out there living that signature controversial lifestyle most of us are grateful we will never have to endure. They will also remain the greatest influencers in the fashion world – a characteristic some of us would low-key enjoy. They have the power to sell makeup, shoes, underwear, and pretty much anything else you can put a price tag on. They’re not perfect, though.

The Kardashians have managed to unintentionally mismanage their image due to glaring fashion errors. Below are some of the most egregious ways the Kardashians have proved that despite their fame and money, they – just like us – are human after all.

The poop is in the posing?

Some people gasped at Kim’s dark-yellow-colored outfit. Many fans believed the inspiration for the look was a candy wrapper, while some thought she was trying to copy Colonel Mustard from the Clue board game.

A rare few cannot help but remember the time they were sick with stomach flu and had to go to the bathroom. The moment they saw Kim wearing this outfit, they had poop flashbacks. Some also believe that her garb must have produced “squeak squeak” sounds every time she took a step. We can only guess.

Toe be, or not toe be?

The Kardashians have a special affinity with clear plastic shoes. No one is sure why this is so, but we accept them for who they are and what they like. This picture is horrific evidence of their love for transparent forms of footwear. It also proves that they’re willing to suffer for fashion.

Though it is evident her toes are gasping for air and need to catch a fresh breeze, this Kardashian can still rock this outfit – sweaty toes aside, of course.

Mad hatter

Kendall is a much sought-after fashion model. Most everything she wears becomes viral and so has the tendency to fly off store shelves. But for some reason, this 90s-style hat is unbecoming of her.

With the giant stuffed beanie and the fake gold jewelry around her neck, anyone would think she was trying hard to be a rapper from the street. The only problem is that she looks more like she came from Sesame Street. She could have been on her way to a Halloween party in this odd outfit. Who knows?

Scuba diving fashionista

A lot of people were left speechless when Kim walked out wearing these glamorous cycling shorts with a matching gray top. Or could it be scuba diving gear that was specially made for an under-the-sea catwalk?

Whatever the case may be, Kim decided to present a very unflattering outfit for all to see and judge as ugh-gly. Will die-hard fashionistas forgive her? Only time can tell. We’re starting to understand why she let Kanye take over as her style guide while they were married.

Everything denim

You can never go wrong with denim. Whether it is stonewashed, ripped, or bleached, denim will never go out of style. But there is something off with this all-denim outfit rocked by Kylie. Is she going overboard?

Maybe she decided to wear denim because it is her favorite style. However, it’s clear that someone forgot to give her the memo that too much denim can be overwhelming. We can’t decide if it would look better or worse if the denim all matched. Also, what’s the deal with that ridiculously long belt?

Is beige eternally in fashion?

The Kardashians seem to have a preference for donning the same colors from head to toe. Kim is no exception. Though she is beautiful in beige, it does appear that she hates all other colors. Whether it’s her outfits or her home decor, she seems to always want to go beige or bust.

This bell-shaped outfit did not help her cause. It is unflattering and makes her look chunky and boxy by failing to accentuate her curves. Every body shape and size can be beautiful, but this dress just does not suit her. 

To mop or not to mop?

Kim’s marriage to Kanye proved she’s a loyal one-man woman. This outfit also proves she is a one-color fashionista. If she wants to wear a gray and dreary mop as an outfit, who are we to stop her?

Fortunately, her outfit can double as a car washer, so maybe it was a good deal after all. We wonder if Kanye put her up to this. If so, we hope she develops her own sense of style now that the relationship is over. 

Leggings are for the lazy

Wearers of leggings all over the world can unite with the Kardashians, who also seem to be wearers of leggings, and with good reason. Leggings are very cozy and practical. However, there is a time and place for everything, and this is nowhere more true than with leggings.

Kim’s brown leggings are simply off-putting. Similarly, Kourtney caught the leggings bug and wore them as if she was going to a 1980s aerobics-themed Halloween party. Take note that leggings are perfect indeed, but only when you are going to the grocery store or picking up a latte at your local coffee shop. 

Plastic is fantastic

Kim Kardashian had difficult pregnancies that almost placed her life at risk. However, that did not stop her from looking as glamorous as she possibly could. Who says you need to be unglamorous during pregnancy?

Still, forcing your feet into these mega-tight plastic shoes seems unnecessary. It is common for pregnant women to have some slight edema (aka swelling), especially around the ankles. So it seems unnatural for her to stuff her feet in ill-fitting shoes for the sake of vanity. 

Flamingo fashion

It is common knowledge that the oldest Kardashian is the most sensible. However, in this picture, she seems to be wearing either a pink cauliflower or flamingo design. This snap had everyone wondering whether she may not be sensible at all.

She could have at least changed her outfit to something less cauliflower-like or with a tad less pink. We are not judging her. In fact, we are grateful to know that – just like us – she too can make embarrassing fashion mistakes.

Wax on, wax off

Rumors were rife that it was Kanye who had been dictating how Kim should dress whenever they were out in public. Based on this image, that may actually be the case as both stars seem to belong to another world.

Specifically, they appear to be wax figures wearing 90s-era costumes at a Michael Jackson concert. They are simply too shiny in this picture – too shiny for comfort! They do not look human at all. We hope no photographers were blinded by the glare. 

Too cool for fashion?

Kanye seemed to want Kim to wear the same style he was wearing whenever they were pictured together in public. But we’re not sure what Kanye’s intentions were with this style. It looks like Kim is sporting the look of someone who was in a hurry to get out of the house and so decided to wear lingerie over a jacket instead of putting on tracksuit pants.

We forgive Kim. Mistakes happen even to the best of us. We just hope that Kanye did not intentionally choose this outfit for Kim to wear. If he did, maybe this is one of the reasons for their divorce.

Velour is so old-fashioned

Is that a warm winter couch Khloe is wearing? Or has she repurposed the cushion covers from her mom’s sofa? She looks like she is a bit late in her obsession with Velour tracksuits. If she was wearing this at the time when Juicy Couture was at its peak, we would not judge her one bit.

Her hair is standing to attention due to the amount of static on her outfit. To add a cherry to the cake, she even paired it with black furry sandals simply because she can. Why not? It’s a free country, after all. 

Trashy fashion

Kendall Jenner has good taste, or at least she used to. Maybe this picture captured her on one of her days off. Why she decided to wear a trash bag while out in public is anybody’s guess. The odd shredded look on the edges of this trash-bag-like outfit seems a futile effort to give it a bit of style.

Fortunately, the furry keychains she is also sporting seem to complete her intention to look like a classy bag lady. All she needs now is about half a dozen cats. 

Not so pretty in pink

There was a time when Khloe was not the fashionista she is now. She used to make bad fashion decisions prior to her lifestyle change. This picture is proof of her unfashionable past.

This jumpsuit is more than just unflattering. Its bright pink color seems to shout “ew” and is a tad vulgar. Did you notice the leopard print on her shoes? We wish we didn’t, but there it is. Honestly, this outfit is pretty fun, so we understand why she chose it. The style just doesn’t match the era she wore it in. 

Kim’s statement belts

Kim Kardashian liked to wear statement belts as a way to, well, make a statement. This was at the same time she donned neon coats and ponytails. Her belts seem to say what she herself can’t.

Unfortunately, no one understood what she wanted to say. The reason why she opted to wear a purple shirt is also unclear. Fortunately, Kim has left all these fashion sensibilities behind. She has turned over a new leaf, and we are all grateful for it.

Peek a boo

Just like everybody else, the Kardashians love to wear underwear. Unlike everyone else, the Kardashians seem to love showing everyone how much they love to wear underwear. Here is Kris Jenner to prove our point.

The mother of the Kardashian house doesn’t seem to mind the fact that her shapewear is clearly on display. Indeed, she seems very comfortable being caught wearing shapewear by an over-eager gaggle of paparazzi. Whatever floats her boat is fine by us. You go, Kris!

Kylie’s Anime-inspired look

If pictures can paint a thousand words, then this picture has a million things to say. We are just not sure if it’s something anyone can understand. First, we kinda love Kylie’s anime-inspired hair-do. However, the rest of our outfit is incredibly mismatched.

The core outfit looks like workout wear, but the white sweater around her waist is a mystery. The biggest head-scratcher of all is her jelly sandals and black socks. If anyone knows what’s going on, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Leopard fashion

Khloe has better fashion sense now, but she wasn’t always like this. This photo was taken back in the early days of KUWTK. Khloe looks like an animal ate her alive and she only managed to get out by crawling out of its skin. This picture makes her appear as if she got out of a snow leopard’s stomach and wore its fur as a souvenir.

Fortunately, Khloe has wisened up. She now knows better than to use animals in her fashion statements. We love her toned-down 2022 style.  

Why wear jeans at all?

It used to be that Kim was too cool for trousers. This time, she literally kept herself cool with jeans that allowed the wind to waft freely through the massive rips and tears. Why she found it necessary to still wear jeans despite them being torn to shreds is beyond us.

We could only guess Kanye left these jeans in the washer for far too long, and Kim had no choice but to wear them for a quick grocery haul. We could be wrong, though.

Kardashians of a feather flock together

The reason why Kourtney thought it was a great idea to use the feathers of a bird as a skirt while walking on the red carpet is something only she knows. Does anyone else know why she chose to pair it with a lacy blue top despite it not at all complementing the greenish-black bird feathers?

We actually love how bold Kourtney is willing to be with her clothing choices. For the sake of our sanity, we just hope she will re-think some of her more unique fashion choices and make wise decisions in the future.

Migraine-inducing dress

Mommy Kris Jenner gave her unique genes to her daughters. That explains the family’s odd fashion choices. Her preference for using Italian carpet fabric as a dress is incomprehensible. Just thinking about it is enough to give anyone a migraine, let alone looking at it.

If you did get a migraine but managed to come out of it alive and kicking, then you will be happy to know that there are even wilder Kardashian fashion fails for you to enjoy. Get ready to see some pics you’ll never be able to unsee.

Picnic-style pajamas

Poor fashion sensibility runs in the family. Kourtney probably inherited her mother’s kooky fashion style, hence the reason why she decided to roll up her pajama pants and pair them with high heels and a classy bag.

We are not sure if carrying a baby also counts as a fashion-must-have, but she is carrying it well. In fact, the baby is clearly the most fashionable part of this ensemble. Personally, we’re fans of sleepwear as fashion, but it’s not really on-brand for the Kardashians. 

Outerwear underwear

Underwear has long been fashionably used as outerwear. During the early 2000s, wearing a nightgown over jeans was considered normal and stylish. The same look can even be pulled off now if you pick the right nightgown and pair it with the right outfit.

However, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian simply wore bras over their shirts, and the end result is puzzling. Did they intend for this to happen, or did they make an unintentional error? Either way, their fashion sense is totally unflattering.

Transparent boots

The Kardashians could make an entire spin-off series about their love for plastic footwear. We would love to learn the origin of their plastic obsession and why all family members are so determined to wear such atrocious shoes.

These knee-high boots look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi show. Have you ever wondered why these types of shoes were never in demand? Does this look good on Kim? Apart from looking downright odd, these shoes just don’t seem comfortable. Surely, she’d be sweating up a storm!

Cycle shorts are a no-no

Unless you are at the gym and sweating it out to lose some pounds or just get your blood circulating, cycle shorts are rarely a smooth fashion move. It is good etiquette to wear clothing appropriate to the places you’ll be visiting. Bike shorts are rarely appropriate outside the gym.

Maybe Kim was heading to the gym or just finishing a workout session when the paparazzi snapped this photo. Still, she could have worn something over it to save us from thinking she wanted to look like a rapper from the 90s. 

Flowery 2013 Met Gala

When Kim Kardashian went to the 2013 Met Gala wearing a floral number while heavily pregnant, the media went gaga. Her over-the-top outfit was reminiscent of the movie Mrs. Doubtfire and made some people believe she wanted to remake it with her in the starring role.

Simple is often better in the world of high fashion, and this outfit was one reason Kim made it to that year’s worst-dressed list. The flowers were simply too much. We can attribute her fashion decision to the hormonal fluctuations brought on by her pregnancy, so all is good in the end. 

Self-love is essential

“Love yourself,” they said. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. Having good self-esteem is a healthy way to live as long as you’re not going overboard in your self-care. Unfortunately, Kylie seems too narcissistic for her own good.

Wearing a t-shirt with a picture of yourself is not just flagrant self-promotion – it is over-the-top narcissism that can lead to a full-blown personality disorder. If she is wearing this shirt to make people buy it, then Kylie is a genius. But still, we recommend toning it down just a bit.

Over-the-top yellow

Kris leads the Kardashian pack, inspiring the rest of her family members to go overboard when it comes to anything that they think is good fashion sense. This outfit is not just screaming yellow – it is almost puking it out, and Kris doesn’t seem to mind at all.

There is a bonus feature in this picture. If you see it, you might credit it to a Photoshop fail. We understand if you can’t see it because it is impossible to see an invisible leg. We wish the yellow outfit was the invisible aspect rather than mommy Kardashian’s leg. 

Turquoise and leggings

It is comforting to know that Kim didn’t start out as the flash fashionista she is now. She had to learn the ropes about color coordination and fashion basics, just like the rest of us mortals.

This picture is proof that Kim didn’t have the best fashion sense back then. Her choice of a turquoise tunic over black leggings is dubious at best. Fortunately, some good sense prevailed, and the big bag helped balance everything out. Still, we doubt she enjoys looking back on pictures like this!

Skirting a mistake

Kim is not just popular because of her fashionable lifestyle. Her famous behind also helped her become what she is now. So, she makes sure she highlights the famous feature. This picture reveals that she might have forgotten to double-check her clothing prior to going out of the house. Her belt seems to be overwhelming her waist, and her uneven shapewear is troublesome.

Didn’t anyone in her posse of assistants tell her how she looked? We wish somebody did. A nice jacket would have covered this fashion mistake and helped Kim look just as stylish as she usually does. 

No one knows what this is

Kylie has access to the best outfits money can buy, so the reason why she preferred to wear this puffy pink suit is anyone’s guess. Did she want to look fashionable while washing dishes?

She could wash, rinse, and wipe at least ten dishes in ten minutes with this getup. To be fair, this outfit is indeed memorable. We only wish it was for the right reasons! Putting aside how it looks, we can’t imagine how difficult it would be to go to the bathroom in this monstrosity. 

Red carpet fail

The Kardashians probably received no memo about what to wear and what not to wear on the red carpet. See-through clothing is definitely a no-no at a formal event, especially if it is matched with beach-ready shorts. If you want to swim or relax by the beach, this is the perfect get-up.

But a formal red carpet event deserves more than this outfit. Also, the side braids didn’t help her cause. Whoever helped the family improve their fashion sensibilities deserves a prize or a blessing from the Pope.

The leopard look

Maybe Kris Jenner should have opted for the cougar look because she seems to live like one. Her much younger boyfriend, Cory, who is beside her in the picture, would probably agree. Wearing a leopard outfit and overdoing it with matching heels is simply too much for anyone to handle.

Going overboard seems to run in the Kardashian family, and the girls have the matriarch to thank. The origin story of how Mommy Kardashian got her fashion sense deserves its own reality series. 

Goodwill look

Believe it or not, before Kim Kardashian became Kim Kardashian-West, and then reverted back to Kim Kardashian, she was a stylist. Therefore, this outfit seems especially out of place. She looks like she only had five minutes to create this fashion style and so grabbed items from her local Goodwill store!

We wonder if this entire style cost her a dollar. The black pants and pink off-the-shoulder sweater matched with gold jewelry are all unforgivable. We are happy that Kim has come a long way from her Goodwill and Dollar Store-inspired fashion sense. 

Garbage bag or jacket?

Kim looks gorgeous in this pose. It seems she just finished a shoot for Kanye’s rap music video. Her hair and sunglasses are perfect. But why match that with a jacket that resembles a garbage bag? Was this a metaphor for the impending end of her marriage to Kanye? Was she down in the dumps at the time?

Also, her snakeskin pants are mismatched with her shirt. She could have made this a perfect image if not for the unwise fashion decisions. 

Meow meow, kitty kat

The youngest Jenner clearly takes after her mother. Kris lives for leopard-print outfits, and this is something Kylie clearly took to heart. To add insult to injury, she decided on neon green as the color for this leopard-inspired outfit.

Fortunately, Kylie’s specialty is makeup, so we can forgive her for this mindless choice of outfit. Why she decided to go green is anyone’s guess. However, she’s certainly rocking those blonde curls. How do the Kar-Jenners change their hair color so often without ruining their hair? 

The fringe

This picture of Kim and Kanye takes us back to a time when life was simpler and they were still happily building their family. Should we have seen this as a sign that things were not okay? Kim’s fringe skirt is giving us bad vibes.

Kanye seems to be doing his best to match Kim’s outfit, but both of them seem to not be able to believe their own fashion sensibilities. Now we know why they broke up – the truth was hidden in their clothing choices.

Getting camp at the 2019 Met Ball

Can you guess who the Kardashian in this picture is? Notice her preference for over-the-top style. Surely you can’t miss that fur coat as well as the blonde wig. Though the theme for the 2019 Met Gala Ball was “camp”, Kris Jenner took it to another level – one that no one else wanted to visit.

According to Kris Jenner, this is how she used to dress in the 80s. Maybe that is the reason why we are so happy that the decade is over and done with.

Purple and slippers don’t match

Someone should tell Kim that household slippers are great when worn inside the home. They’re not the right choice for wearing out in public. Matching it with purple fluorescent leggings is not just bad – it is a cardinal fashion sin. Also, what’s with the “Holy Spirit” sweater?

Her odd choice of sweater made her look like she’d just stepped off an equally weird carnival ride. Her hair and makeup are amazing, though, and to be honest, we do kind of dig those metallic purple tights.