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The Crazy Rich Lives of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan

Being in a family of glitz and glam, the Kardashians-Jenners or the KarJenners, have always been in the limelight. With their huge influence and success, they even had their own reality show. It gave us a glimpse of what happened in their lives on and off cam. After debuting in October 2007, Keeping Up With the Kardashians was one of the longest-running TV series in the US. 

It is worth noting that their show made them who they are today. The KarJenners know how to make the most out of their popularity and their influence on social media. However, with millions of dollars spent, there’s a growing list of questionable buys that have us scratching our heads. Still, some of their purchases prove that they are also smart investors. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how the KarJenners make use of their millions.

Kylie’s Luxury Car Collection

Kylie Jenner probably already has some cash saved up for rainy days. But the self-made billionaire has not been shy about flaunting her fortune. Despite the criticism of some and the jealousy of others, she just shrugs it all off and couldn’t care less. 

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A Buggati Chiron, a Ferrari, a Range Rover, and multiple Rolls Royces are among the many high-end cars she owns. Her impressive automobile collection is said to be worth over $15 million. Kylie Jenner, the mastermind behind Kylie Cosmetics, also has a history of surprising loved ones with lavish gifts, including luxury cars.

Real Estate Investments

From grandiose family homes to bachelor pads, luxury condominiums, and desert getaways, we can tell that the Kardashian-Jenner clan makes wise investments. Moreover, we’re pretty impressed by how they’ve made sure to live in the same area. 

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It can be challenging for an average person to spend enough quality time with family, but the KarJenners make it happen through their real estate investments. This family is wise when it comes to acquiring houses, and they’ve collectively made a fortune along the way. Flip It Like Disick, a KUWTK spin-off, reveals that flipping properties can be a viable business.

Granny Kris’ Expensive Gifts

Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian family, gets a lot of attention for managing her daughters’ successful careers. But as generous as Kris seems with her kids, she is even more helpful when it comes to her grandkids. She loves spoiling her growing family of grandchildren with lavish gifts whenever she wants.

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Kim’s firstborn was lucky enough to receive this Louis Vuitton music box worth $3,500. The music box plays “Rock-a-Bye Baby” and has an adorable girl twirling around inside. For those restless nights, this is indeed a must-have for every new parent with a baby.

Environmental-friendly Towels

Kourtney is undeniably the health freak of the group, and she makes no apologies for it. We had a good time watching Kim and Kourt fight it out at North and P’s Candy-Land-themed birthday party when the eldest sister wanted to avoid sweets and gluten.

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The co-founder of Poosh, Kourt, will tell you that there are many ways to live a healthy life, one of which is buying organic towels. They’re made from organic cotton, which makes them super absorbent and affordable at the same time. 

Their Precious Jewels

It’s understandable why Kim keeps her jewelry simple. We, too, would be cautious of displaying our jewelry after that traumatic incident in Paris in 2018. There, she was seized at gunpoint, and her 20 karat diamond engagement ring was stolen.

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While exact figures are unknown, it has been reported that the women in this family are huge fans of jewelry designer Elaine Schwartz’s designs. They are regularly seen wearing her jewelry, including Khloe, who loves long nails and exquisite diamond rings.

A Fendi Stroller Amounting to $12k

A few months after Kylie Jenner announced she was pregnant, she was pictured taking a walk with her four-month-old daughter. Although it was just one snapshot of Kylie and Stormi enjoying the sun, everything about them screams expensive. From their outfits and even the stroller, everything was Fendi. 

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With the pram priced at a whopping $12k, money is clearly not a problem for this family. We understand mothers want what’s best for their children, so we hope this stroller won’t just be for one-time use. Perhaps Kylie can pass it on to Stormi’s cousins.

Private Jets for Quick Escapades

For most of us, using travel miles to upgrade from coach to business class when we fly and scoring a first-class seat if we’re lucky seems like luxury travel. But commercial flying and the Kardashians don’t seem to mix well. They have a different version of luxury, and it involves flying in private jets.

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When the Kardashian-Jenner family flew to Armenia in 2015 and again in 2019, Kim didn’t hesitate to ask for a private plane with full-size beds, spacious seating areas, and comfortable bathrooms. Some reports also say that Kylie bought a private plane valued at $70 million.

Designer Clothing for Kids

Having loved ones close by has its advantages, especially if you’re part of the KarJenner clan. Grandma Kris, also called “Lovey” by her ten grandchildren, recently took care of her eldest grandson Mason by providing him with a Versace bomber jacket valued at $3.5 thousand.

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It is no surprise that these kids are into wearing designer clothes. Although, according to some rumors, Kourt and Kim’s kids were seen wearing hand-me-downs of their much older siblings. Most probably, the only thing that we have in common with the KarJenners is that we also wear hand-me-downs from our family members.

Full-sized Gyms at Home

Khloe has invented the term ‘Revenge-Body’ after being referred to as the fat sister in the past. That’s why when it comes to maintaining her rock-hard body tone, this fitness enthusiast is not playing around. Thus, Khloe and the rest of the family all have state-of-the-art gyms installed in the comfort of their homes. 

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Moreover, trainers and dietitians are also employed by the family to keep them in peak physical condition. Having a home gym is a luxury for some. However, when you’re being followed by photographers who are looking to capture your every flaw, it makes absolute sense to work out at home instead.

A Bathroom Toilet Covered in Gold?

We love getting an inside tour of celebrity homes, and we especially love to see these homes in minimalist designs. Don’t get us wrong – we appreciate how they blend so many different colors and textures with open space. But just how do gold-plated toilets, which cost $750,000, fit into this design?

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To be fair, the $750,000 price tag is for four gold-plated toilets, not just one. Obviously, it’s up to you to decide whether this extravagance is justified since Ye is very particular about how his wife dresses and their abode’s interior.

Their Glamorous Makeup Rooms

Kim and Kylie Jenner have really made it big with their own makeup lines. Many of us look to them as role models, copying their style and getting advice on looking our best. To take it a step further, the women in this family each have their own in-house “glam-rooms.”

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Given that these women need to be picture-ready almost all of the time, it makes sense to have their own makeup rooms at home. With their own team of makeup artists and stylists, it indeed makes getting prepped and ready much more convenient and manageable. 

A Vacation Home Worth $12 Million

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will remember when Kris Jenner went to Palm Springs with Corey Gamble. Kourtney and Khloe thought it was supposed to be a girls’ trip, so they were not pleased to see Corey there.

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For this luxurious villa, it was reported that Kris Jenner paid a whopping $12 million. Located in the La Quinta neighborhood in the desert, the mansion has 14 thousand square feet of living area and 11 thousand square feet of outdoor space, which is as ridiculously massive as it sounds. Additionally, the estate features seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

Dental Grills with 24 Karat Diamond?

Thankfully, this trend was short-lived and has long since been forgotten. While it’s unclear exactly how much Kiki spent on the unusual statement jewelry, she must have appreciated her loyal fans’ input. This is because she stopped wearing the eye-catching accessories shortly after their criticism was brought to her attention.

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What we do know is that her hubby Ye (formerly Kanye) got his set for $60k. We all know that getting diamond anything is, of course, expensive. It is believed that having 160 diamonds plated in 24 karat gold would cost you upwards of $150k. So Kim’s grills probably cost a pretty penny.

Kendall’s Love for Horses

While her sisters are most often in the spotlight, Kendall Jenner has kept a relatively low profile. She’s spending the fortune she makes from her modeling career on her passion for horses. The supermodel received her first horse at the age of ten and is an excellent equestrian.

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Kendall keeps her horses a few miles away from her hometown in Calabasas, California. While the supermodel is occupied with dominating the catwalk, she still finds time to return to her first passion, riding. Her most recent acquisition was Dragon, which she introduced to her family of European mares in 2018.

Sterling Silver Ice-Tongs

The question of whether Kim married Kris Humphries as a publicity stunt is settled. Now, let us all take a look at one of the stranger gifts they received. These ice tongs from Vertigo can be purchased for $260, and the only unresolved mystery is whether they were returned or whether the pair shared this and other gifts.

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If we’re just talking about etiquette, then the silverware should have been returned. Still, Kim decided to do things her own way, naturally. After the wedding, she sent thank you cards to all guests, noting that she would be donating twice the cost of the gifts to the Dream Foundation.

Extravagant Family Vacations

True fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan look forward to seeing which family members get along and which ones don’t during each season’s vacation. We gawk at the luxurious location and expensive accommodation while watching the family interact.

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We love watching the KarJenners head off on vacay because we know there will be a lot of drama and fun. It was entertaining to watch the Kardashians visit Iceland. During that time, they had to make sure that Sofia Richie felt included. We also enjoyed watching them visit Greece – a trip that included Caitlyn Jenner’s sons Brody and Brandon.

Lavish Christmas Parties

​​Over the years, Kris’ annual Christmas parties have become iconic. We certainly enjoyed watching the past couple of seasons, especially when Kris entrusted the party planning to her daughters. It didn’t matter to us where the party would be held, just as long as we got to see the drama unfold between the planning and the big night.

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This clan doesn’t believe in the phrase “less is more.” Instead, they try to make every holiday party they host as extravagant as possible. In 2019, Kourtney hosted a party that was rumored to have cost $1.3 million and included pop singer Sia performing for the guests.

Their Ever-Growing Collection of Designer Handbags

For some of us, owning an expensive designer handbag is a status symbol. For the KarJenner family, who starred in their own reality show, that feeling stopped being special by season two. They still treat these bags like necessities rather than luxuries.

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Kim’s collection of designer handbags is ever-growing, with several Louis Vuitton, Judith Leiber, Dior, and YSL bags. Held in Palm Springs, her 39th birthday netted her three bags, totaling $12k. Not bad – until you consider the fact that Kim’s black leather Birkin retails for around $19k.

Well-designed Walk-in Closets

We wonder if the sisters in this family regularly share their ideas about organizing their closets. We can’t get enough of the tidy yet practical manner in which all their clothes are displayed. We would do anything to see our stuff organized like theirs.

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Their closets would definitely make you feel like you’re shopping in a luxury boutique on Rodeo Drive, just with a better selection of shoes and handbags! Louboutin and Manolo pumps adorn their closets, resting next to the latest Birkin and Prada bags. Khloe’s closet also features massive islands where she can display her expensive lingerie and eyewear.

A Dedicated Closet for the Handbags

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to own walk-in closets that are to die for. However, the queen of lip kits puts even the most lavish movie stars to shame. Kylie reportedly spent $1 million to create a custom-designed room that would house her growing collection of handbags.

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She has over 400 bags – a collection so expansive she needs a closet to house it all – with the latest from Fendi and Gucci, as well as the ever-popular Birkin and Chanel. The only dilemma she faces is which bag to use for the day.

Playrooms as Big as Toys-R-Us

While their homes are often monochrome throughout, the one room that looks vibrant in every KarJenner home is the playroom. These rooms have various toys, musical instruments, and even stages for entertaining relatives. Kim’s home was built using earth tones, but this room looks far different from the rest.

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The playroom in the Kardashian-West household has enough toys and goodies to rival what you’d find at a toy store. Each of Kim and Ye’s children has their own dedicated space in the massive playroom. Older sis Kourtney took her playroom game a step further by having a mini-home devoted to her three kids.

Lavish Birthday Parties

We saw pictures of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson celebrating baby True’s first birthday on Instagram. We can see that the KarJenner family takes birthday parties seriously. They went all out for True. The mother and daughter even wore matching dresses by renowned designer August Getty just for the occasion.

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Mindy Weiss, a well-known party planner in New York, gave True a bright and fancy party with balloons, ponies, unicorns, cotton candy stands, and more. We didn’t discover how much the final bill amounted to, but of course, for the Kardashians, money is never an issue.

Mini Luxury Cars for the Mini Kardashians

The Kardashians are famous for having an extensive collection of luxury cars, but the KarJenner children are even more impressive in this regard. They aren’t old enough to have their driving permits, but True is already sporting a pink Bentley worth $20k.

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Kylie, who is the proud mom of Stormi, has purchased a fleet of cars for her little one. These include a Mercedes and a Barbie-inspired Corvette. She currently has a dedicated space in the garage for Stormi’s mini cars.

Gucci Baby Carrier

After the birth of her first child, Kylie couldn’t care less about the cost of this Gucci baby carrier. She didn’t think twice about toting baby Stormi around in it. Apart from the baby carrier being fashionable, it is highly functional, with adjustable straps and the ability to carry babies up to 20 pounds.

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When Kylie Jenner’s four-month-old daughter Stormi was photographed in a Gucci carrier, the product quickly sold out. The double G logoed carrier retails for $800, and secondhand versions retail for up to $500.

Bad Publicity Is Still Publicity

It’s normal to want to capture every moment of your child’s life. But posting those moments on social media could lead to harsh criticism, especially for the rich and famous. For example, many criticized Kim Kardashian for posting pictures of her child wearing a $3,500 fur coat.

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Many anti-fur organizations shared their opinion on North’s outfit along with angered fans. According to Kim and Ye, their daughter is a “girlie girl” who “loves fashion.” However, it is not known if the fur is real or not.

Kourtney’s Self Portraits

Kourtney Kardashian is not shy about publicizing her pregnancies. She’s happy with the way her body has changed as those pregnancies progressed, and she appreciates portraits that show those changes. This is why her home is filled with photographs taken of her while pregnant.

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Kourtney admits that, as a pregnant woman, she feels most comfortable at home. To express those moments of comfort and familiarity within her home, she had high-quality photos taken professionally. The images fit in perfectly with the rest of her home decor, which focuses on natural earth tones.

Stormi’s Designer Shoe Collection

Kylie Jenner’s daughter has a shoe collection valued at over $20k, including baby-sized Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi shoes. Stormi was less than three months old when she bought her first pair of luxury shoes. Now, Stormi even has her own closet dedicated just to her shoes.

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Kylie took to social media to show off Stormi’s shoe collection to her devoted followers. However, the lavish spending habits of the beauty entrepreneur have sparked some criticism. When it comes to enjoying the luxurious lifestyle, Kylie Jenner makes no apologies. We love that she shares everything with us in the form of Instagram pictures.

Kris’ Doppelganger

Having a life-size statue of yourself is definitely a conversation piece, whatever your reaction to it. Recently, we saw Kris’ wax replica of herself proudly displayed in her house during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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The figure was created especially for Kris by the Hollywood Wax Museum. Though we don’t know if this was a gift or a purchased item, we can say that it was beautifully made. In fact, Chrissy Teigen and hubby John Legend did a double-take upon seeing the wax version of Kris sitting in a makeup chair.

$10,000 Worth of Postmates Order

Kendall is a supermodel with a body that makes one question if the girl ever eats. But we’ve seen this model scarf down carb-laden meals like it was her last meal on numerous occasions. Over a four-year period, Kendall has racked up orders on Postmates totaling over $10k, and we love her for it.

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Kendall Jenner has used the Postmates delivery app on multiple occasions to order sushi. She also enjoys sharing her treats with friends. We can totally identify with some of her less fancy selections, such as American cheese slices and Chipotle burritos.

They Never Forget to Share

With its reality show and other endeavors, the Kardashian-Jenner family has earned millions of dollars over the years. The best thing about this family is that they never forget to also give back to those in need. Though the Kardashians aren’t typically associated with charitable work, the family has a long history of doing good deeds.

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Kylie’s profits from her makeup line are shared among worthy causes, such as Teen Cancer America and a school in the Bronx. Kim and Ye donated $500k to help people affected by the California wildfires. Meanwhile, Khloe prefers to donate money quietly, just like her father.

A $4,200 Acrylic Crib

This $4,200 acrylic crib by Vetro is a celebrity favorite. Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s daughter, and North, Kimye’s daughter, slept well in the expensive bed. Sure, it’s costly, but Kim has revealed that the see-through crib has been passed down to North’s younger siblings, making it more cost-effective. Yes, we’re rolling our eyes too.

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The crib features a modern design that’s well-suited to the decor in the family’s home. The kids have been taking naps in the crib, which appeared on their mom’s Instagram page. Vetro claims they produce on a small scale to avoid the defects that often happen with mass-produced products.

Sinkless Sink

At the cost of about $35,000, these sinks are a dream for lovers of sleek lines. While it lacks a sink, the trick to avoiding splashes is getting the slope of the counter perfectly angled, directing water down the drain.

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Kimye’s bathroom features a sink made of quartz stone. The stone sink made its television debut when Kim gave viewers a glimpse through her house tour. This sink indeed made an impression and left many people wondering how it functions.

Hair Extensions Are a Must

Lots of people watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the family’s multiple spin-offs. They can’t help but notice how many hairstyles the sisters have in just one episode. Kylie allegedly spent over $7,500 for the hair extensions she used at her 21st birthday celebration.

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Their stylists are ready to show off their hair extension expertise, and the internet is filled with videos of their work. Hair extensions are worn when the ladies want to look their best at an event, on vacation, or even when they’re looking after their children.

Creating the Perfect Holiday Vibe

The Kardashian-Jenner family’s homes are a designer’s dream. They have been featured in magazines that revere their tasteful decor and stylish appeal. However, with huge abodes and thousands of square feet to fill, it can reasonably get hard to achieve the cozy holiday vibe that smaller homes offer.

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Kourtney resolved the issue by decorating her home with six Christmas trees. Kourt’s favorite holiday is Christmas, and she couldn’t resist decorating each child’s bedroom with a tree. She was willing to share her tips for creating the perfect holiday atmosphere on her Poosh website.

State-of-the-art Kitchens

While we’ve witnessed lots of drama and romance in their kitchens, we haven’t seen any actual cooking. We’re all so impressed with their state-of-the-art appliances that we begin imagining ourselves sweating away in the kitchen, preparing a holiday dinner for our family.

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Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have both graced design magazines thanks to their kitchens. They are a dream for all foodies, and it’s easy to see why. The sisters’ kitchens feature limestone floors, marble countertops, and islands big enough for many family members to eat at.

Walk-in Refrigerators

Kim K’s walk-in fridge – an enormous space that rivals many living quarters – is used for beverages and food. Her walk-in fridge is sheathed in crystals, and although most of her fridge is used to store drinks, there’s still space for food.

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The room has air conditioning and space for Kiki to keep enough fruits, vegetables, and other food to stay in top shape. She claims that having an industrial-sized fridge is a game-changer, especially when hosting family events.

Froyo Machine

The Kardashian family might be living the good life, with closets full of designer clothes, a driveway crowded with luxury cars, and fat bank balances. But you have to give the family credit for adding an industrial frozen-yogurt machine to their custom-built abode.

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Getting a frozen yogurt machine may seem unnecessary, but let’s face it, if you could justify one in your budget, you’d probably get one. Given that most celebrities prefer to keep their children’s lives out of the public eye, it’s understandable for them to bond as a family while enjoying frozen treats at home.

The Neatest Walk-in Pantry

Khloe Kardashian said she stores her pantry items in alphabetical order, which might make Marie Kondo jealous. Khloe, who admittedly suffers from OCD when it comes to keeping things organized, refers to her pantry as her “happy place,” and we couldn’t be more impressed.

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In one of her videos, she proudly showed her fridge, which is color-coordinated, based on the rainbow color scheme. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she gave us tips to get organized and create our own happiness.

Rob’s Bachelor’s Pad

We’re not sure who paid for Rob’s $2.25 million home, but we enjoyed seeing Kris squirm as the girls insisted she must be financing her only son. Close to the rest of their clam, the newly bought house is located in Calabasas.

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The spacious house has high ceilings and multiple fireplaces. There are also French doors throughout the home and a butler’s pantry. Rob is making use of this time to work on himself and spend time around his outspoken family.

Swarovski Encrusted Fridge

We remember the time that Kim and Ye opened their home to us. We also recall seeing a Swarovski-encrusted fridge that appeared to be missing groceries. According to reports, the couple spent about $1 million on Electrolux equipment for their gourmet kitchen, including the empty refrigerator.

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While the refrigerator looked like it could benefit from Kimye taking a quick trip to the local market, we were shown more food elsewhere in the house. The pair is rumored to have a kitchen designed to look good for the show and another that’s only for cooking.