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Clever Tips for an Organized Kitchen

Minimalist or not, these are clever hacks that everyone needs to know. How many of us are annoyed when all of a sudden we can’t seem to find the ingredients we need while cooking? Or how about when the kids are asking where the cookies or their snacks are? This might not be maddening in the first few weeks, but in the long run, these simple things can be infuriating. 

From repurposing old containers to creating hanging storage out of hooks and vertical bars, these tricks will not only save you space but money as well. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at some of the most creative and practical ways to organize a kitchen. We guarantee you’ll come away with a list of ideas that will transform your home. Enjoy!

Storage Baskets And Shoe Boxes As Pantry Organizers

The first installment in our amazing feature is the use of storage bins and shoe boxes. Having a pantry where beverages, food, dishes, household cleaning chemicals, linens, and other provisions are stored is great, but only if it’s organized.

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In addition to organizing the pantry according to all the different product types, you can also use storage baskets and recycled shoe boxes. To make it even easier, add a simple label to each box.

Tired Of Stacking Your Pots And Pans?

Many people are still inclined to use their cabinets as storage for pots and pans. That can be alright, but there’s a much better way; one that saves space, reduces clutter, and improves the look of your kitchen. Centuries ago, instead of stacking these pots, they created hanging racks like the one pictured here.

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The idea was very simple. Having these racks hanging means it is easier to find and identify the pots or pans you need to cook the dish you want to prepare. 

Keeping The Trash Bags On A Roll

You might be wondering why we added this to the list as trash bags when bought are rolled out already. Well, how many of us have lost or misplaced our trash bag rolls? To make sure that this won’t happen again, try rolling it on a stick.

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You can even create a rack on the side of a cabinet or the inside of the cupboard under the sink to attach the stick to. That way, you will never lose your trash bags again. Try it, it’s a lifesaver!

Maximizing Plastic Gripper Clips

If you’ve ever watched any DIY videos about garages and woodworking, you will notice that most of their cabinets have gripper clips installed. These are in place for the sole purpose of saving space. We can use the same idea with our kitchen cabinets.

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The only difference is, we are going to use plastic gripper clips instead of metal ones. Just follow the picture that we have included, and make sure to try small items first.

Creating DIY Dividers Like A Pro

At this moment, you might already have a full idea of where we are going. If in case you are still lacking some space even if you have huge cabinets, creating a divider will solve your issues. 

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The good thing about these panels is you can build them with simple materials such as cardboard boxes or even repurposed old planks of wood. Before you start this project, make sure to measure the dimensions. 

Repurposing Mason Jars

If you haven’t tried this simple trick before, now is the perfect time. Kitchen utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives are usually shut away in a drawer. There’s no problem with that as some kitchens have a designated cabinet for these utensils.

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However, if you prefer to be more creative or you have beautiful utensils to show off, try repurposing old jars. You can paint them and add labels if you want, or keep them looking rustic.

An End To Messy Cutlery Drawers

A couple of slides back, we talked about repurposing old mason jars as containers for kitchen utensils and cutlery. What we have next is another option for systematically storing tableware. This process is done at many restaurants, and it’s a trick that’s worth copying.

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Having wood dividers will solve all your cutlery storage nightmares. Just try to find a plank of wood that matches your cabinet, check the measurements, cut it to size, and when you’re done fitting the pieces together, apply some varnish.

Hanging Baskets

We don’t know the origin of this idea, but it is brilliant! Say you already have installed dividers on your kitchen cabinets and you’ve already repurposed mason jars, but you are still lacking space – hanging baskets can save you from your troubles.

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All you need are some L bars, a drill, and some basket cases. If you don’t want to damage your walls by drilling into them, you can use adhesives, but you just need to ensure you don’t go over their recommended weight.

Unconventional But More Organized

We have to admit that one of the reasons we don’t want to try new things is because we are deeply attached to our traditional ways. We can’t ever blame anyone for that because we are guilty of it ourselves.

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This trick is very simple. What you see is what you get. Rather than piling up your pots and pans, try storing them sideways. All you need is a dependable rack that can hold the weight of your kitchen utensils.

Bamboo Steamers As Containers For Spices

As soon as we see a bamboo steamer, we automatically assume that there’s a pork bun or dumplings inside. Yes, don’t worry, you are not alone – we understand! Of course, these steamers can also be used for other purposes.

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If you want to make sure that your garlic and onions stay fresh, use a bamboo steamer as a makeshift container. It is no secret that this type of steamer absorbs moisture well, keeping condensation from pooling up under the lid.

Wooden Pegs As Napkin Holders

DIY videos are a trend right now, so you might be interested in trying this trick from a popular DIY series. If you truly want to impress your friends and family regarding your creativity, now is a perfect time. You only need two things: Wooden pegs, and wood glue. 

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Remove the springs from the peg then carefully align them to create an arch formation. Be careful gluing them together, and make sure they are perfectly aligned.

Repurposing Mason Jars 2.0

We already discussed mason jars as a makeshift container for our kitchen utensils and cutlery. Now, here’s another trick that will get you excited. Who would have thought that we could use the bottom of the cabinet as an improvised holder?

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Drill a horizontal bar beneath a cabinet, towards the back, then drill the lid of each mason jar to the bar. It should look like the example shown in the picture.

Securing The Knives On Your Countertop

Here’s a trick that might not be welcomed by everybody. First, just by merely seeing the picture, it does look like we just ruined the beautiful countertop. Second, putting a hole in the countertop doesn’t look easy.

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However, if you are open to this suggestion, then here’s a tip. Rather than recklessly putting holes in the countertop, try to measure first and check the stability of the wood. Don’t attempt this with a metal or marble table.

The Versatility Of A Lazy Susan

Why is it called Lazy Susan? Well, Thomas Jefferson was tired of his daughter whining about getting things in the kitchen one item at a time. So, he decided to create a container that is still being utilized after two centuries.

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Why restrict Lazy Susan to being a tray for spices and condiments only? You can use this amazing invention everywhere. The good thing about the versatile tray is that you can store it inside the cabinet, or even on your countertop.

Attaching Storage Rack To The Side Of Your Refrigerator

What do we commonly see on the side of refrigerators? That’s right, magnets, stickers, receipts, and more magnets. Did you know that you can maximize the side of your refrigerator the same way as you can with your kitchen cabinets?

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All you need to have is one of the vertical racks that are sold at stores across the world. Just remember to put light items only in this rack to ensure it’s able to hold the weight.

Yes, You Can Do That Too!

It does look strange and unusual to place a hand towel inside the sink. However, to a minimalist, this is a thing of beauty. It is secured neatly in one place, and you will no longer have an issue with water dripping out of the towel.

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There are a lot of versions to this track. Some prefer to use plastic handles with suction cups attached to both ends. While others install a more permanent horizontal bar (with proper guidance, of course).

A Technique For The Ages

It must be in our human nature that regardless of how big a refrigerator is, there seems to be not enough space for everything. You tried putting in dividers and reused mason jars, but there’s still not enough space.

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This is the best time to invest in tiny drawers. Next time you visit IKEA or Walmart, ask the store personnel about plastic drawers that can be attached to your fridge. They come in different sizes and colors too!

Spice Fridge Magnets

To be honest, this is the first time that we’ve heard about spice fridge magnets. Upon doing further research, this innovative container has been around for the longest time. It’s a shame that we didn’t know this earlier. They are incredibly cheap and stylish.

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When you pick up your tiny drawers, invest as well in these magnets. They can usually be found in the kitchen section. This container also adds aesthetic to your boring refrigerator, and we can’t wait to try them ourselves.

Repurposing Mason Jars 3.0

Here’s yet another clever use for the ever-versatile mason jars. Instead of keeping your baking ingredients in their box or putting them in Tupperware, we strongly suggest that you use mason jars. We have four powerful benefits that back up this recommendation. 

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First, it is a see-through container which makes it easy to see that you’re picking out the right ingredients. Second, mason jars are thick and don’t break or shatter easily. Third, they are easy to clean. Finally, you can easily put a label on each one.

Using The Space Underneath The Sink

For some, putting items underneath the sink is a big no-no. There’s this ongoing stigma that underneath the sink is the perfect place for bacteria, viruses, and of course cockroaches to breed and fester. 

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However, if we religiously clean it, we can use this massive space for our cleaning materials. You can attach a horizontal bar for those sprays and soaps, and you can use small containers for your brushes and sponges.

Pallet Rack For Your Kitchen

Here’s another example of an unusual but dependable thing that you can use in your kitchen. Sure, Joanna Gaines doesn’t like this idea, but it is perfect to some. First things first, we should answer this question: What is a pallet? 

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A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiency. In simple terms, this wood formation can handle the maximum load without breaking easily. If done correctly, you can customize this according to your design and liking.

Command Hooks Activated

Hold on to your seats as we are halfway through our kitchen hacks list, and the best tips are yet to come. We already discussed several ways of keeping our pots and pans organized, but what about their lids and covers? Well, we have a great answer to your question.

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Try visiting the dollar store and buying some command hooks. These hooks differ in size and shape but they can do the job with ease. Stick these command hooks on the cabinet doors and there you go – lid holders!

Finally, The Perfect Condiment Box

It is still puzzling to us that nobody has yet invented a reliable sauce box. I mean, we are pretty sure we are not the only ones who are sick and tired of finding sauce marks on our table or countertops. 

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To finally get rid of this problem, all you need is patience, creativity, and a cardboard box. This style of box usually contains six to eight beers, so you can either enjoy them yourself or if you’re a non-drinker, give them to a beer-loving friend.

Sorting Your Fridge By Food Groups

You might have all the space-saving hacks and makeshift containers for your fridge, but if they’re not arranged properly, then you will continue to have this type of problem. Proper fridge organization is commonly overlooked, and we are guilty of it.

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Sorting your fridge by food group should become second nature. This is the best way to ensure you don’t waste any of the precious food you buy. Though we know our fridges should look like this, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t jealous of how beautifully the fridge in the picture has been organized.

The Dynamic Duo Of Hooks And Crossbars

If you are not a fan of stacking your pots and pans into your kitchen cabinets, and you don’t have space for hanging racks over your stove, there’s no need to worry because we have another trick for you.

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The use of hooks and crossbars has been present since the 1800s, and we cannot express how thankful we are for this invention. Try replicating what we have in the picture, and you can thank us later.

Hanging Fruit Baskets?

Isn’t it strange that we can see this type of storage in any fruit store but we are hesitant to apply it in our very own kitchen? That is understandable considering the space, design, and work it takes to create this kind of storage.

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In reality, it’s not that hard to create a look like this. Simple racks, glue, and screws will do the job. Also, do not overload these hanging fruit baskets as they might break under excessive weight.

Magazine Racks As Chopping Board Storage

You might be wondering why we consider this a hack. While chopping boards don’t necessarily take up much space as you can put them on a cabinet or hang them in your kitchen, if you have multiple chopping boards, then this might interest you.

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If you have an old magazine rack, you can screw it to the side of your kitchen cabinets. Once it’s securely in place, it can store three to four chopping boards, depending on the size and space of the rack.

Don’t Throw That Dresser Away Yet

This is only applicable if you still have open space in the middle of your kitchen and if you still have your grandma’s dresser. Why is it called a dresser? Because it is easier to remember than a chest of drawers.

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Going back to the hack: Old dressers can be used as kitchen utensil compartments. The good thing about using these old drawers is, they are reliable, can be customized easily, and are portable. So, hang onto those dressers!

Recycling Old Containers

One way to help mother nature is to recycle our materials. The world has been ravaged by climate change and natural disasters over the years, and it is imperative to protect our planet at all costs.

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With that said, instead of throwing away those ice cream boxes, ketchup, or mustard containers, reuse them as a canister for your spices. Some people even use these containers for their cereal, pasta, and other baking ingredients. So start cleaning those containers!

No More Space? Not Really

The countertop is one of the most overlooked areas in our kitchen. For some reason, countertops are only known as a palace where you put kitchen utensils and food. However, you can maximize your countertops by adding a nifty two-level multi-function storage rack.

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This will maximize your countertop and provide additional space at the same time. The benefits don’t stop there as you can add some hooks on the side of the rack to hang kitchen utensils.

Magazine Holder Hack 2.0

We already discussed the awesome way of using a magazine rack as a chopping board holder. The next trick might surprise you, but it is ingenious. What is the most common issue if you pile frozen foods in a freezer? They stick together and sometimes it is hard to separate them.

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Next time, if you have an extra magazine holder or rack, use it as a makeshift divider for your frozen foods. The good thing about this rack is, it can be easily cleaned.

Introducing The Curtain Rods

Remember the slide where we discussed the incredible use of command hooks? Well, we have alternative support or holders for your pot covers. This can be easily attained, but it needs patience and precision.

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If you have spare curtain rods, then today is your lucky day. Simply measure and mark perfectly horizontal lines and then screw the rods into the cabinet door. Make sure you use a screw short enough to not protrude through to the other side of the cabinet. You can install multiple rods depending on the size of the cabinet door. 

Repurposing Mason Jars 4.0

If you are still surprised to see mason jars appearing on our list, we can’t blame you. Gone are the days when these sets of jars were just for one-dimensional use only. Did you know cupcake liners and mason jars are a match made in heaven?

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If you have time to visit any coffee or pastry shop, try to be mindful of its surroundings. You will notice that most of their ingredients and baking items are safely kept in mason jars.

Magazine Rack Hack 3.0

If you are amazed by the mason jar’s flexibility, the magazine rack’s adaptability is also a thing of beauty. Apart from being used as a makeshift chopping board holder and a divider for your frozen foods, you can stack up canned goods using a simple magazine rack.

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And that’s not all. As seen on a few episodes from one of the shows on the TLC Network, people have come up with numerous ways to expand the use of these magazine racks. 

Magazine Rack Hack 4.0

Magazine rack hacks, again? Yes, that is correct! By now, we should understand that these magazine racks can do almost anything.

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As seen in the picture, instead of putting aluminum foil and plastic wrap in a cabinet or on the countertop, why not organize it on one side using a magazine rack? Whoever invented the magazine rack, we salute you!

The Hardest Part Of Decluttering

Have you ever used those ceramic plates that were gifted six months ago? How about the ones you received on your wedding day? 

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The hardest part of decluttering is letting go of items that have sentimental value. However, if your main goal is to save and maximize space, then this should be an easy decision. Just let go of those plates you know you’ll never use.

Side Rack Filler Panel

Amongst all the hacks we have gone through so far, this is probably our favorite. It is easy to do, stylish, convenient, and doesn’t need a lot of money. So, if you still have some space on the sides of your cabinet or a space in between the cabinets and the wall, you might want to create a maneuverable side rack.

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If you are not that gifted at carpentry or woodwork, you can go to IKEA or even Walmart to check if there’s one available. 

Display Your Beautiful Dishes

Amidst the cancel-culture that we are in, we are glad that some things are coming back for good. During the 1950s, people usually hung plates and other kitchen utensils on the wall. 

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Due to the invention of other things, this tradition was on the brink of extinction. Luckily for us, there are famous interior designers who still prefer the old ways, and we can see clearly why. 

Always Save Shoe Boxes

This is not the first time that we’ve discussed ways of repurposing old shoe boxes. Tea lovers will adore this idea. Rather than throwing away those old boxes, you can partition them into small containers.

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If you are fond of drinking tea, then you can place tea bags or sachets of tea in these makeshift containers. You can easily design them as well to add a personal touch.