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Celebrities Who Look Scarily Similar To Their Kids

By Dale Birdiby | September 3, 2022

Diamonds and designer dresses are all well and good, but let’s face it: The ultimate red carpet accessory is a matching child — a lookalike, a mini-me! These days, the phenomenon is becoming more and more common. 

Fans can’t help but notice the resemblance, more often than not! 

It’s uncanny: Check out a few surprising celebrities with lookalike children, next!

Brad Pitt & Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Little Shiloh is part of a big, beautiful family. Everyone seems to have a unique look, with Angelina’s adoptions from around the world. But that swept-back blonde hair looks pretty 1990’s familiar, and some see a bit of Brad going on!

Divorced and now actively involved with their own production gigs, mom and dad are always up to something interesting. Maybe one day Shiloh will star in films, too! Only time will tell, but Jolie-Pitt is a name that will be hard to miss on the billing. Or anywhere, ever!

Jennifer Lopez, Max & Emme Muñiz

Look at Mama Lopez! Fans all recall Jennifer’s pregnancy and her joy in bringing these two into the world. A double blessing, without a doubt!

As a mom, her ambition grows. There’s the new job as a judge on World Of Dance, and her sportswear line Niyama Sol. Impressive, indeed. The real question is, do the younger ones look more like Jen or dad Alex Rodriguez? Tough call, even for a professional judge!

Gal Gadot & Alma

As the cliche goes, some women just have it all. Example: Gal Gadot and that includes her daughter Alma! 

Fun fact: Her mini-me was present in some Wonder Woman scenes, as Gal was already pregnant during filming. Gal shared her feelings about being a wonder-mom in an interview, not long ago. According to the actress: “Alma, I’ll tell you, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” Beautiful stuff, Gal!

Britney Spears, Sean & Jayden James Federline

Brittney Spears is always well known for her funny faces, outside of her pop music career. She is also famous for her hit records thoverearly two decades. Famous songs of hers include Hit Me Baby One More Time, and later on Toxic as well as kissing Madonna in the video for Me Against the Music.

Look carefully at her two sons, and you’ll see them making a Brittney smile just like their mommy. Who knows, maybe they both will grow up to create pop music and follow in her giant footsteps. It does not seem to be too much of a task to tackle given the talent their mother has!

Kylie Jenner & Stormi

While Kylie Jenner stole the spotlight from “momager” (mom and manager) Kris Jenner, we’re certain daughter Stormi Webster will eventually outshine everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

The 16-month-old baby girl is the star of Kylie’s Instagram stories, where she’s dressed in fashionable yet adorable outfits. Jenner calls Stormi her “real-life bestie” and “mini-me”. We can’t wait to see what Stormi grows up to be like!

Drew Barrymore & Frankie

A beloved romantic comedy actress, sure. But Drew’s real-life love life has been challenging! What’s the history, again?

The actress has been engaged 5 times, married three times, divorced 3 times, and had two more long-term relationships. At the end of it all, she has two darling kids! Olive and Frankie are still very young, just entering elementary school. But do they look like mommy Drew? Fans are slowly realizing, yes!

Prince George & Prince William

Big-cheeked Prince George is the firstborn of Prince William and Duchess Kate. He is also the second in line to the British throne!

George has been with his parents around the world, though it’s not clear he will remember much of it. Like father, like son, the little prince has inherited a whole head of blonde. Will it stay light? Only time will tell!

Kate Moss & Lila Grace Moss

Fun fact about Lila Grace Moss: This young model has already appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Mama Kate continues to strut her stuff on the runways. Now, fans can see their faces up close to compare the genes at play. Both seem to share a lot! Lila and Kate are close, and often seen together.Seeing double isn’t so bad, in this case!

Luna Teigen Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Model Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the parents of lovely little Luna, a staple on social media pages these days.

Mom clearly likes to pick out glam outfits for both of them, and Instagram can’t get enough! They’re just Ordinary People, really. It’s too early to say which direction Luna will go in, but she certainly has two mentors in her house if she tries fashion or music!

Kulture Kiari Cephus and Cardi B

Kulture is the daughter of Cardi B and rapper Offset. Since her birth, Cardi B has shared a few pictures of the babe on social media. And fans oohed and ahhed!

Will the next generation go into rap, too? Maybe Kulture will be more into science! It’s way, way too early to say. But one thing’s for sure: This is one happy, rhyming family.

Jay Z & Blue Ivy Carter

Jay-Z has always had ninety-nine problems, but Blue Ivy ain’t one! With parents on their way to billionaire status, what the future entails for this stylish little one is sure to be luxurious.

Blue Ivy is still very young, but she seems to love the art of fashion. Does that mean she takes after mom or dad? Trick question! She definitely looks like dad. Can anyone really disagree?

Kanye & North West

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With mom and dad’s social media footprint, there have to be millions of words to say about Kanye and his daughter North West! 

North West’s talents are a little harder to peg, mainly because of her angelic age! Will the world know more, one day? Undoubtedly, in the reality TV Kardashian clan. But for now, it’s time to play and be silly!

Halle Berry & Nahla

Halle Berry now has a little Nahla in her life! Former life partner and Canadian model Gabriel Audry share this little girl, who is 9 years old today. 

Mama does her best to shelter her from the media and the public eye, so photos are rare! Is there a maternal resemblance? Soon, the world will know more. High school selfie culture is just around the corner!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes became America’s sweetheart when she snuck through windows on Dawson’s Creek. No one could deny her charm, and fans were happy when the real-life actress married an 80s superstar.

Now divorced, mom and daughter Suri are often seen exploring the city, and the public occasionally gets a glimpse into their lives on Instagram. Friends say they are a real team as she now enters the dreaded teenage years!

Billy Joel & Della Rose

The Piano Man has plenty of fans who like to sing along to all the greatest hits. But Billy’s third and youngest child, Della, seems to be the latest listener!

Now, she might even be stealing the spotlight from Billy himself.Della fearlessly joined him on stage to sing at the age of 3. And fans were charmed! They may not look alike, but maybe they perform alike.

Teresa & Gia Giudice

Watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been a guilty pleasure for viewers, especially after falling in love with Teresa.

Some also enjoyed watching her go behind bars, as crazy as that sounds. The controversy was irresistible! In the meantime, fans got to know lookalike daughter Gia.This is no passing resemblance, just one generation apart!

Natalie Portman & Aleph

At 7 years old, Natalie brought their son Aleph to the Staples Center to watch LeBron James play for the third time with the Los Angeles Lakers. His team lost, but he did get points and 14 assists.

From there, fans got the chance to evaluate mom and boy in a side-by-side photo. Does Aleph look more like Natalie or dad Benjamin? More evidence is needed for the final call!

David & Harper Beckham

Harper is the youngest of the semi-royal couple Victoria and David Beckham. She has two older brothers who treat her like a queen. David always says that she is daddy’s little girl!

The littlest Beckham is frequently seen on her parents’ Instagram accounts, and the captions usually just say how perfect she is. Fans think she looks like an equal mix between mom and dad, though!

Kim Kardashian & Chicago West

The newest member of the Kardashian West clang is Chicago West. Kim is pretty generous in posting baby photos on social media, as usual.

Because of health problems, Chicago was born after a surrogate process. Likely the most spoiled baby on the planet, it’s a little early to say who she resembles most. Time will tell, of course!

Mike Tyson & Miguel Tyson

Do fans remember Mike Tyson more as a boxer, a tiger owner, orthe man who bit someone’s ear off during a match?

Maybe soon, they will remember him just as a dad. Son Miguel is growing up fast, and he is out and about the town these days. Observers think there is some facial similarity, as he becomes a man. At least a little!

Will & Jaden Smith

Will and Jaden Smith have become quite the duo. These days, father and son work together on several projects, with After Earth being the latest.

Fans have noticed that Will supports his son’s gender fluidity, and gender-bending means many different looks and outfits. Do they look similar, outside of the fashion changes? Maybe a little!

Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple Martin

Gwyneth is most recognized for her leading role in ”Shallow Hal” co-starring with Jack Black. Apple has not yet started some sort of career to match up to her parents, but she is definitely bound for something golden having the mixed talents of her parents.

Let’s keep an eye out for what the future has in store for little Apple!

Heather & Ava Locklear

Heather Locklear has long been known as one of the most striking blondes in Hollywood. Take a look at her daughter Ava, though!

Although she has done little acting, Ava has become a model.Her Instagram is pretty catchy, too! Mom loves acting and daughter loves fashion. Everyone wins, in Locklear land!

Uma Thurman & Maya Thurman-Hawke

None of you would ever really have known Uma Thurman had a daughter until recently because she did not make many public appearances before. Now, Maya Thurman-Hawke is following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming an actress.

She is finally bursting out of her bubble and making a name for herself. Good luck Maya, we look forward to seeing you everywhere!

Salma Hayek & Valentina

Actress Salma Hayek is well known for her roles in movies, our favorite being the 2002 film Frida, in which she portrays Frida Kahlo. 

Not only did she execute the character with a score of one hundred percent, but she was also able to dig into her roots and bring that out through her character. Take a look at her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault. Salma would probably teach her girl how to manage life not as she had it when growing up in Mexico.

Julianne Moore & Liv Freundlich

Rumor has it that the ginger gene will be extinct in a matter of years. Rumors are also untrue, and Liv Freundlich is living proof as she is luckily a redhead. Starring in movies such as Jurassic Park as well as others had brought Julianne Moore into the bright spotlight.

Liv is more well known for being the daughter of Julianne, but we will always love her for who she is, and she does not have to be a star in Hollywood to be a star.

Jude Law & Rafferty Law

22-year-old Rafferty Law is making a name for himself in the modeling world. His dad is the famous actor Jude Law. His mother is actress Sadie Frost. Although acting is in his genes, Rafferty insists he is not following in his parents’ footsteps.

He intends on being a musician. He already DJs in his spare time and also plays guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Rafferty is a model for Dior and is known for his skill with the ladies.

Heidi Klum & Helene

45-year-old supermodel Heidi Klum shares four kids with her ex-husband, Seal. The couple vacationed together with Helene, Henry, Johan, and Lou.

Klum is a judge for NBC’s talent show, America’s Got Talent. Helene is also known as “Leni,” and as you can see, she’s going to be a star just like her mom.

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck

Violet Affleck is the first child of Jennifer Garner and Batman Ben Affleck. The 13-year-old is a ball of talent waiting to explode.

She has two siblings: Seraphina and Samuel. Affleck and Garner split in 2015, but are still close.

Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe

The first thing that comes to mind when you see Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon together, is “Bend and snap!”. If it isn’t, go watch Legally Blonde. While you’re at it, watch Sweet Home Alabama too. Ava hasn’t really followed in her mother’s footsteps at all. The 17-year-old doesn’t have any modeling or acting career as of yet, which is surprising.

Her mother’s career started when she was 7, modeling for a series of florists advertisements and winning first place in the Ten-State Talent Fair when she was only eleven. But if Ava went to audition, she could calmly use her mother’s full name and get the part.

Tina Fey & Alice Richards

Alice Zenobia Richards is Tina Fey’s oldest daughter with husband Jeff Richmond. Both Alice and her younger sister Penelope have appeared in their parents’ TV projects. Alice played young Liz Lemon on NBC’s 30 Rock. She has also appeared alongside her mother in an American Express print ad.

Penelope has appeared in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Alice also appears at the end of 30 Rock episodes in the “Little Stranger Inc” title card dressed as a peacock.

James Marsden & Jack Marsden

When your father is a former Versace model you know that you already have the whole star aspect already going for you. If your father starred in films like 27 Dresses, Superman Return, and most recently Westworld, you pretty much know the world is your oyster.

Jack Marsden got his father’s charm and if the 2017 SAG Awards are any indication Jack also has his father’s sense of style and fashion. His age allows him to test the limits a bit with the bleached hair, but if he won’t experiment now, when will he?  Jack actually started his modeling career at comic con in 2017.

Jessica Simpson & Maxwell Drew

This next shooting star in the trend world is the daughter of Jessica and her dad, Eric Johnson. Darling Maxwell can be seen many times on her mom’s Instagram account and is always connected to fashion.

Everyone knows what Jessica did for fame. Music was never the same after she went back to private life! Fans have still seen her talents in department stores, with shoes and dresses, galore. Now in case, Maxwell wants to compete with her mom’s clothing line, she has a pretty cool name to do it! Both family names are there: Maxwell is Eric’s grandmother’s name, and Drew is Simpson’s grandmother’s name. Nice choice, right?

David Beckham & Brooklyn

There are very few celeb kids that are as down-to-earth and grounded as Brooklyn Beckham. His father is one of the most famous footballers ever. His mother is a global fashionista and lifestyle guru. Most kids use this kind of pedigree to get ahead early. Not Brooklyn.

Brooklyn took on a job in a café as a teenager, and instead of heading in front of the camera has chosen to stay behind it. The aspiring photographer has already published a book of photo collections. Now 20, Brooklyn has set his sights on New York.

Jessica Alba & Honor Marie Warren

Fantastic 4 and Sin City veteran is much more than an actress. Other than featuring in comic book franchises she founded “The Honest Company”, an ethical consumerism brand of household consumer goods. 

Honest boasts its Honestly Free Guarantee – a list of components that Honest promises to never allow in its products. The company was valued at $1.7 billion as of August 2015. On the home front, Jessica tries to expose her daughters to as much of the Latina culture as she can, and is raising them to be bi-lingual. Her vision iisher words “They are going to be global citizens and will need to understand many languages, including Spanish, to make a difference in the world.”

Olivia Wilde & Otis Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde gave birth in October 2016 to her second child, daughter Daisy Josephine, so now she and Jason Sudeikis have two amazing kids. Big brother Otis, born in April 2014, has been the center of many shared moments Olivia has put online, so he has gathered a large following.

In 2017, while unable to attend, Wilde won the 2017 Emmy for an outstanding short documentary for the film Body Team 12.

Nicole & Harlow Richie

Nicole Richie is pretty much famous for being Lionel Richie’s daughter as well as acting alongside Paris Hilton in a reality show titled The Simple Life’.

The show was truly a fan favorite as we watched two high-list women do simple things that affected what they viewed to be as beneath them. We don’t know what the future holds for Harlow, but she seems bound to do something to utilize it

Mariah Carey’s twins Monroe and Moroccan

Twins Monroe and Moroccan have Mariah as a mother and Nick Cannon as a father. They tour the planet with their mom when she’s showing off her still amazing voice.

Both can be seen on mom’s Instagram account.

Robin Wright & Dylan Penn

Robin Wright is one of the few actors who transitioned from soap operas to film. Her debut came in the magical Princess Bride and has continued all the way to the recent Wonder Woman.

Dylan Penn (born in 1991), just had to be a model. Her father, Sean Penn, is one of the most recognized actors in film history. She posed for Tony Duran in 2014 and a week later got a contract with Premier Model Management. Don’t think she took the easy way out though. Before modeling, she delivered pizzas, worked as a waitress and as a hostess, interned at an advertising agency, and was a freelance screenplay editor. That work ethic (she probably got frit om home).

Glikeriya Shirokova & Kristina Pimenova

Dad is former Russian footballer Ruslan Pimenov and mom is former model Glikeriya Shirokova. Meet Kristina Pimenova. 

Little Kristina was born in 2007 and has already appeared on the Vogue Kids cover when she was only 8. This is in addition to her athletic prowess as a rhythmic gymnast, winning her first gold medal at the age of 6! In all honesty, I know people that are almost six times her age and aren’t that accomplished! We should expect more of her!

Reign Kardashian Disick & Scott Disick

Reign is now the most famous of the Kardashian clan! He is the child of Kourtney and Scott, who might be separated, but they definitely co-parent amazingly.

While his parents may have a bad history between them, it looks as if they figured out a way to be in Reign’s life. They even vacationed together as a family, including Scott’s girlfriend.

DJ Khaled and Asahd Khaled

Dad, DJ Khalid boasted a few months ago that his son, Asahd, has a $100,000 watch on his wrist! He also produced an album for the toddler.

He is making his way around celebrities when with his father on red carpets around the country. He also has his own Instagram account, so look him up.

Sarah Jessica Parker & James Wilkie Broderick

The only thing that keeps this young boy separated from his father, Ferris Bueller (Really though, Matthew Broderick) is his connection to his mother. In real life, Sarah takes on the role of a mother perfectly.

It takes a lot of hands to multitask being a mother, but we trust and believe that if Sarah could maintain years of Carrie Bradshaw, then she could conquer the world of motherhood!

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

Madonna is very well known for her controversial musical performances as well as her ground-breaking marketing image throughout the decade.

What we did not know about Lourdes (Lola) is that she is a model for Stella McCartney as well as a co-founder and designer with her mother in their new line, “Material Girl”.

Larry & Cazzie David

Larry David is the award-winning comedy veteran behind “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. His 25-year-old daughter, Cazzie, is making a name for herself as a rising comedienne.

In 2017, Cazzie released a web series called “Eighty-Sixed”, which follows the life of a technology-obsessed twenty-something as she deals with insecurities and a breakup. Many praised the show’s wit and Cazzie’s performance in it, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Judd & Maude Apatow

Maude Apatow is the daughter of the hilarious and talented couple Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. It’s no surprise, then, that Maude is following in her parent’s footsteps with her blooming comedy and acting career.

Maude’s film career began in 2007, when she appeared in the 2007 comedy “Knocked Up”, which was written by her dad. Since then, she has appeared in many movies such as “Pitch Perfect 2” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”. She’s also had a recurring role on “Girls.” Her most recent accomplishment was a role in the critic-favorite thriller “Assassination Nation”. You go, girl!

Neil Patrick Harris’s Twins, Harper & Gideon

Actors Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have the most adorable twins, who are already stealing the spotlight on Harris’s Instagram page. The twins were conceived through a surrogate.

Harris revealed to Barbara Walters in an interview that “We inserted one of my sperm and one of David’s sperm into two eggs with the hope that they would both take, just because we both wanted to be dads biologically. Both took, miraculously.” With their parents’ talent, there’s no doubt these two will be hitting the stage eventually and carrying on the legacy.

Will & Willow Smith

Every member of the Smith family has carved their own individual path and we’re here for it. Willow is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and the sister of Jaden Smith. Willow has been in the public eye since her early teens.

The immensely talented young Willow is all about the creative arts. While she’s best known for her music career, she’s also a songwriter, actress, and dancer. Her debut album, Ardipithecus, was released in 2015. You surely remember her most famous single, “Whip My Hair”, which peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Jamie & Corinne Foxx

Corinne Foxxis a multi-threat just like her dad, Jamie Foxx. In her young life, she has already made a name for herself in the modeling industry with campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabanna, Keneth Cole, and others. She served as Miss Golden Globe in 2016 and is also an up-and-coming actress.

But that’s not all! Corinne is musically talented, and is DJ-ing for FOX’s musical game show “Beat Shazam”. She has also appeared on “Sweet/Vicious”. Acting, modeling, DJ-ing… There’s nothing Corinne can’t do!

Stephanie Boyd, Megan & Morgan

In 2015, a pair of 4-year-old twin sisters became an internet sensation overnight. The reason? Their eyes. As you can see in the picture, one sister has two blue eyes, while her twin has heterochromia, meaning different eye colors (in the same person, that is).

Since their mother opened up their own Facebook page and other social accounts, they have appeared in multiple advertising campaigns and photo shoots. They have become a publicity monster.  While their modeling career brought in the money, their mother, Stephanie, suddenly had more free time. So she started to be active in her community while at the same time managing her daughter’s career. She became famous by proxy, which is like being famous for appearing on a reality show, isn’t it?

Kate Beckinsale & Lily Mo Sheen

Kate and Lily are both actresses, and both share the same superstar charisma. We loved Kate in the Underworld franchise and of course from Much Ado About Nothing, and Serendipity.

Lily is more known for her roles as a child actress in well-acclaimed movies like Click, in which time is frozen by Adam Sandler, and he can control it with a remote.

Arnold & Patrick Schwarzenegger

Judging by his family tree, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 25-year-old son, Patrick, seems destined for a career in politics. Patrick is related to the Kennedy family through his mother, and let’s not forget that his dad is the former governor of California.

Yet he’s more interested in following his father’s path as an actor. His first leading role was in 2018’s Midnight Sun, opposite Bella Thorne. Before that, Patrick scored some minor roles in Hollywood movies as well as some impressive modeling campaigns. He also started his clothing line (at age 15)!

Chris Elliott & Abby Elliott

When Abby Elliott joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for the blank season, she wasn’t the first person in her family to work for Lorne Michaels.In fact, she’s not even the second person in the family to make it on SNL.

Grandfather Bob Elliott was a cast member in 1978. Father Chris was a Not Ready for Primetime Player from 1994-1995. Abby is best known for playing Zooey Deschanel, Chloe Sevignyand Rachel Maddow during her time on SNL. She now appears on Bravo’s Odd Mom Out. 

Kelsey Grammer & Greer Grammer

Kelsey Grammer has seven children. We know Spencer, his eldest, from TV and film. This is Kandace Greer Grammer, born in 1992 she has also entered into the entertainment world.

She was even a beauty queen. She is known best for being Lissa Miller in the series Awkward.

Malia & Sasha Obama

Okay, so Malia and Sasha didn’t exactly steal the spotlight from their parents. After all, we’re talking about former President Barack Obama and former first ladyMichelle Obama. But the Obama girls have made quite a name for themselves as the graceful, stylish young ladies they are.

They’re currently both on the college track but the world can’t wait to see what their lives will look like. Malia is attending Harvard University, where she will be entering her junior year this fall. Although there hasn’t been a formal announcement regarding Sasha’s college of choice, according to rumors she’ll be studying at the University of Michigan.

Kyra Sedgwick & Sosie Bacon

Kyra Sedgwickis a class act, a smart woman, and someone who has a lot of insight into showbiz and the entertainment industry. Together with her husband Kevin, they tried to shield Sosie from the industry, and when she was ten, “to get it out of her system” (you know how kids are!) Kevin cast her in “Loverboy”. From then on the couple had to fend off offers.

Eventually, you can fight fate, but you can’t change it. Sosie appeared 4 years later alongside Kyra in four episodes of Closer and since finishing school is gradually carving her way into the industry.