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40 Tweets About Moving In Together That Went Viral

Love is not just a score in a tennis game. For these couples, it is all about making peace with their partner’s quirks. The realities brought on by moving in and living with the love of your life are a source of pride for some and proof of maturity for most. 

Immortalizing their precious moments of being together through a tweet makes that togetherness more special. Having that tweet go viral may be enough for many to seal the deal and cherish their union forever. Read on and enjoy these moving-in-together stories that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Candlelight Dinners Forever

People have the oddest obsessions. Of course, collecting scented candles and adorning every corner of the house with them may not seem strange at all to the one doing it. 

This guy experienced the uncanniness of candle obsession when he moved in with his girlfriend. Clearly, there is nothing wrong with seeing a wick of fire and inhaling fresh scents every time you walk around your house. It could have been worse. Plus, candles are romantic so enjoy it while the wax lasts.

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch

The beauty of moving in with your partner is that every day is like a date night. You eat together, cook for each other, and maybe save some money in the process. Going out is replaced by eating in. The joy of sharing a meal is doubled.

If your partner can only do the bare minimum in food preparation and considers a ham sandwich as a decent meal, you can surely relate with this positive-thinking guy. He indeed saved money by not having to buy food, but he is enjoying a paltry-looking lunch.

Toilet Humor

Moving in together can drastically change the dynamic of your relationship. No longer will you be sending cute “good night” text messages to each other. You can say it right to each other’s faces, live and in real-time.

Of course, your conversation topics may change as time goes by. You may no longer be discussing your favorite movies. Instead, you will talk about the best toilet brand for your home and the comfiest toilet seat. You know, real stuff.

Love Or Money

One of the biggest changes when moving in together is sharing financial decisions. You do not get to haphazardly buy something without consulting with your partner first. Bills must be split, and you often do not get to spend as much as you would want on entertainment.

Splitting the bills will help you and your partner become more mature. It’s not just about purchasing anything you want – you now get to think of how your spending will affect someone else. This couple is making wise financial decisions as they are able to save almost a grand just by moving in together. 

Poetry In Motion

It is normal for couples to have some disagreements in their way of doing things. They may have different methods of pressing a toothpaste tube or folding laundry. These little things are trivial for some but critical for others.

This tweet hints at Jennifer’s frustration about her partner’s dishwashing habits. Thankfully, she was able to channel her exasperation creatively by making a love poem about the proper way to put dishes in the dishwasher. Good communication is definitely the key to a lasting relationship.

Never Too Late To Learn

Learning is a lifelong process. You can learn on your own, but it is best to learn with others. Moving in with your significant other will help you discover a lot of amazing lessons about life and yourself. Your partner will teach you life hacks and vice versa.

This guy learned an essential lesson that will serve him for life. After moving in with his girlfriend, he discovered the wonders of fabric softener. Surely, he will never do laundry the same way again.

Late Night Ritual

Everyone has a nightly ritual. It is something one does before sleeping. Some need to drink a warm glass of milk before bed. Others like to watch television until they fall asleep. Sharing your space with someone means bearing witness to their unique sleeping habits.

Now that you and your lover are in the same bedroom, all your rituals are out in the open. This tweet acknowledges the downside of moving in together – your secrets are revealed for your partner to see and, hopefully, not to judge. Fortunately, her partner did not mind her watching A Star Is Born before dozing off.

Duck Tales Revelations

We all had favorite items growing up. This tweet acknowledges the fact that we often justify our own childhood obsessions while being perplexed by the odd favorites of our partners.

When a woman discovered her lover’s childhood duck collection is still alive and well, even though he has long since grown up, she cannot help but feel amused. This lady even seems to find the collection cute. Her partner is displaying it all because he is proud of it, and so the woman feels she should be proud of it too. That is love!

Fart Away

Moving in together requires revealing all aspects of yourself and finding out everything about your partner. Some may be shocked to find out their partner is a human after all and that they go to the restroom like everyone else.

While holding in farts may be normal at the start of a relationship, everything is expected to hang loose once you move in together. Impressing your partner goes out the window. Being natural is the name of the game. If you feel the need to hold in your farts, ask yourself why you’re not comfortable letting them out. If your partner loves you at your best, they should also be able to accept you at your fartiest. If not, maybe flatulence is not the issue at all.

How To Convert A House Into A Home

There is a stereotype that men have no idea about maintaining a house. When some people think of bachelor pads, they imagine something along the lines of what a child would create if left to their own devices. The bathroom cupboards would, of course, be empty or messy. Guys are thought of as experts in going with the flow rather than stocking up or preparing in advance.

This tweet seems to fulfill that exact stereotype. Josh tweeted about his once empty medicine cabinet. Since his girlfriend moved in, it is now stocked with proper supplies the way a medicine cabinet should be. Does this mean the stereotype that women convert houses into homes may also be true?

An Environmentally-Friendly Relationship

Home gardening blossomed in popularity in 2018. The presence of plants in a home adds color and a lively feel to one’s surroundings. It is also helpful for the environment because each plant has the ability to produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

This couple loves plants so much they decided to keep 150 of them in their house. Add in 73 carabiners and 14 exfoliating mitts, and their family is complete. How much is too much when it comes to carabiners and exfoliating mitts? If you’re in love, too many is never enough. 

Bath Time Is Me-Time

Your me-time is precious. It is the moment in a day when you get to practice self-care. It is a sacred space that needs to be protected at all costs. This time can be spent crying, reading a book, or just being still and silent.

This tweet shows how one person’s me-time can be another person’s sexy time. Communication is key in any relationship. When moving in together, boundaries need to be expressed and understood by both parties. One may consider the bathroom as a place of solitude, and this must be respected. 

Sharing Is (Not Always) Caring

Couples often pick food off each other’s plates. This can be seen when they eat out, especially if one person’s food arrives before the other’s. Your order of fries may be considered communal by your partner, and you may soon find that there aren’t any left for you.

When this couple were eating at a restaurant, one of them decided to go to the bathroom. The other must have been eyeing off the onion rings. Don’t they know that leaving your lover’s food alone is a great way to show that you really care?

Relationship Rivalry?

It used to be that knowing details about each other’s families was more than enough to make or break a relationship. But now, this doesn’t seem to be enough. One’s sports team affiliation holds more weight for some couples.

Being a diehard sports fan of a rival team may not go down well for some partnerships. This tweet came from a guy who discovered how much of a Yankees fan his girlfriend was. Apparently, the discovery caused him to question his life decisions. Fortunately, he found her out early in their relationship, so he can still bolt out if he needs to get out of there.

Showering Becomes An Option

Before moving in together, couples are expected to put their best foot forward. On a date, they are supposed to look good and smell good. You get to see your partner looking clean every time you meet. But once you live together, things change.

There is no fixed schedule for bathing. You get to see your partner all the time, from morning until nighttime. There is also no need to dress up or clean up. Sometimes, you spend the entire day in the same clothes you woke up in. All things considered, it’s best to talk with your partner about any expectations you have of each other.

Obsessive-Compulsive Order

Moving in together involves moving boxes of stuff into one house. Stacking the boxes away makes the entire process easily manageable. This woman is in the midst of moving but seems stuck in limbo with her boxes.

She was so used to living on her own that when she finally moved in with her significant other, she continued to live life with her boxes. She has yet to settle in and put her life in order. In this case, she needs to think outside the box to get things moving. 

Pet Closet

You don’t just move in with someone when you decide to live together – you also move in with their pets. It is normal to expect your partner’s clothes to occupy most of your closet space. But this guy was more than surprised to discover that his closet was colonized by the clothes of his girlfriend’s dog.

His girlfriend’s dog has 4,000 outfits. Of course, this could be a slight exaggeration. It is unclear if the dog has personally chosen the clothes or if he is just being made to wear them. Still, 4,000 outfits for an animal that naturally does not need to wear them seems like overkill. 

The Bigger, The Better

Couples who move in together need a lot of adjustment during the first few months. Getting used to your partner’s bedroom routine, eating habits, shower rituals, and pet preferences are just a few of the details you must address.

Sleeping in the same bed can be a source of discontent. You may be used to having the bed all to yourself, but now, you need to share it with someone else. Getting a bed that is large enough for both of you becomes a necessity. A California king is a great option.

Over Or Under?

The hottest debate in the world has always been whether toilet paper should be over or under. This is one of many disputes most couples need to deal with when moving in together. This tweet from a guy who discovered his girlfriend’s toilet paper preference has made him question his life choices.

Since his girlfriend chose to place the toilet roll under, it seems some matters need to be discussed. A heart-to-heart talk with his partner may be necessary to clear up this issue before everything goes down the drain.

Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

Opinions are given freely and don’t cost a thing. That is why there is a surplus of them floating around even when they are not needed. This tweet about a woman offering her thoughts on the best time for couples to move in together went viral for various reasons.

Some believe she is correct. Others take her opinion as constructive criticism. Different strokes work for different folks. The best opinion is one that you came up with yourself because it will be based on your own experiences. Approach every decision with a positive mindset, and even if you make the “wrong” choice, you will learn valuable lessons.

Roommate-Free Forever After

Moving in together has a lot of upsides. Besides the freedom to spend most of your time together, it also offers the advantage of being able to afford an apartment without having roommates.

There is a moment in a person’s life where roommates are a necessity, and there are also times when living with them is no longer feasible. The positive results of being able to afford a place of your own surely equate to a few feathers in your couple’s caps.

Happy Together?

The phrase “live, laugh, love” has become so popular that these words have been made into many a poster. But what would you think if you saw it on the wall of the apartment you were planning on sharing with your girlfriend?

This is exactly what happened to this man who could not help but tweet the utter helplessness he felt. Should he confront her about the horror he feels? Will their difference of opinion wreck their relationship? If both are open to compromise, they will probably live happily ever after.

Free Stuff!

When a couple decides to move in together, they pool their resources and furniture into a single place. When one is bringing a treadmill and the other has a couch, both technically get an extra item at no cost! If you need to buy anything new, you get to split the expense. 

It is a win-win situation. You get to save money and use free items all at the same time. It is indeed similar to getting a discount on everything. This tweet proves it. 

Oui Oui

Love makes the world go around, but humor keeps everyone sane. One of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship is being able to adopt a light-hearted attitude. It takes the pressure off a serious situation, and you also get to laugh and learn from your mistakes.

Being with someone who can make you laugh is a gift. This tweet is an example of a relationship that values wit and a small dose of hilarity. Who doesn’t want to be in a relationship that has both?

Internal Exhaust Fumes

The body is a wonderful thing. It helps us achieve our goals as long as we take care of it. It also emits toxins as a way to cleanse itself. The presence of smelly gas from the body can be likened to a vehicle’s exhaust pipe. Therefore, people should not be ashamed of farts. 

This tweet seems to harken back to one episode of How I Met Your Mother wherein Barney went out to the street just to fart because he did not feel comfortable enough to do it in his girlfriend’s presence. Though moving in together does remove some of the romance, being real with each other ensures that your relationship will last in the long term.

Another Set Of Eyes

Getting married offers tons of benefits. This tweet went viral because a lot of people agreed with the opinion expressed. When you live with someone and you lose an item, you literally have another set of eyes to help you look for it.

You might have missed the location of the object, but your wife or husband may easily find it. It is an evident advantage that a lot of people seem to take for granted. Thankfully, this sweet tweet reminded us of the benefit of living together.

Making Up Special Holidays

It is not against the law to make up a special holiday that only you and your partner celebrate. In fact, this is actually a sweet and adorable gesture. This tweet went viral for that exact reason. When this couple decided to play along with each other’s quirkiness, the end result is a retweet-worthy post.

It also reminded every couple that International Girlfriend Day is indeed a day the entire world should celebrate. Of course, some people want to make this event a daily thing. Surely, girlfriends all over the world would not mind, but their boyfriends probably would. 

Food Makes The World Go Round

Love may make the world go around, but food makes girlfriends love their boyfriends more. This tweet validates that fact. This woman was not shy about explaining that relationships are not at all complicated. The three words women want to hear the most are “I have food.”

Jewelry does not top the list of women’s wants. Whenever a woman is upset, the best way to cheer her up is by giving her tasty food. Her favorite ice cream flavor will likely do the trick.

Who Will Turn The Lights Off?

One of the most debated issues among couples who move in together is who will turn off the lights at bedtime. No one wants to be the one to stand up after getting into a cozy bed just to turn off the lights.

Though the burden of having to shut off the lights is now shared between two people, there might still be an argument over who will do it. Other tasks that are hotly debated include who will take the trash out and who will wash the dishes. 

Everything Becomes A Situation

Moving in together changes the dynamic of your relationship. You may have been used to texting each other sweet-nothings. But being literally present with each other every day tends to take the romance out of your textual communications.

Text messages gradually morph into practical concerns, such as groceries, pet food, or house maintenance. These day-to-day details may be tedious, but they are central to your long-term relationship success. Say goodbye to soppy romance and hello to the blunt realities of life.

Don’t Let Your Relationship Go To The Dogs

Love requires that you share your likes and dislikes with your significant other. It also demands mutual respect for your partner’s preferences. So, when this man decided to buy a toilet seat cover, he chose one that expressed his love for dogs.

However, his girlfriend wasn’t so sure. She does not feel comfortable using the toilet in the presence of dogs staring back at her. But is she willing to accept her boyfriend’s choice to make him happy? Would you?

Familiarity Breeds Love?

The process of moving in together is beautiful. But sometimes, the daily demands of life can take a toll on couples. While many use that challenge to strengthen their intimacy, a few are broken by it. There may also be many things you discover about your partner that you dislike. 

This tweet went viral probably because a lot of people were able to relate. If Shelby feels her partner is liking her less and less, it could be a sign that staying in such a relationship may be unhealthy. A professional who is able to help them get to the root of their issues is a must in this situation. 

Two Become One

This tweet illustrates the fact that when a couple moves in together, they are usually referred to as a single entity instead of individual people. This is evident when other people ask you for information about your partner. 

If this occurs, it could be because people are so used to seeing the two of you always together. Expect more instances like this to happen as time goes on. People might also ask you for your partner’s whereabouts and expect you to know where he or she is every minute of the day.

Sharing Is Loving

People have different tastes. Sharing your interests with your partner, and vice versa, as well as mutually respecting each other’s preferences is a sign of true love and respect. Moving in together is one way for both of you to be subjected to each other’s interests – whether you like it or not.

This woman posted about the fact that she can’t help but make her partner watch cat videos all night long. If her significant other makes an effort to watch all the cat videos she sends, then he is indeed a keeper.

Keeping It Real

Date nights during the early part of a relationship required couples to be polite and share their food with each other. Sometimes, one person in the partnership may even sacrifice their last slice of pizza for their significant other. But moving in together changes all that.

Familiarity causes food lovers to protect the last slice of pizza and save it for themselves. Your partner’s needs may still be a priority, but all of that goes out the window when pizza is involved. 

Surrender Is Equal To Peace And Tranquility

Couples who move in together face all the realities that come with sharing a home. More contact requires more communication. Sometimes, seemingly trivial things can lead to an argument. When issues escalate, one usually blames the other, insisting they are the one at fault.

If everyone gives in to their anger, nothing will get resolved. But if someone apologizes and admits their mistake, the relationship can get back on track. The best relationship is when two people accept their faults and mutually apologize to each other – it is never a one-way street.

Interior Decorating Nightmare

Being together sometimes requires assigning responsibilities to each other. You may be in charge of grocery shopping while your partner is supposed to do the cooking. This viral tweet shows the consequence of making your partner responsible for home decorating.

Who knew your partner had Julianne Moore in mind when he decided to change your cushion covers? Though Julianne has such a lovely face, it would be a tad creepy to see her staring back at you when you wake up from a nap on your couch. 

Conversation Starter

It is only when you move in with someone that you realize you carry a lot of opinions about the most mundane things. You might be surprised to know you are actually passionate about rugs, the position of the bathroom mirror, and the softness or firmness of the bed.

This viral tweet probably hit a nerve among couples who suddenly found themselves advocating for certain decorating themes. You learn a lot about yourself when you move in with your significant other. 

All Or Nothing

Moving in with your life partner requires accepting all their flaws and imperfections. Being able to take in everything that they love is a must. That also includes finding a place for everything that they bring into your home.

In this viral tweet, Alice declared that if she is to be loved for who she is, her partner must also love and accept all the books she will be bringing into their house. If she stays, the books must stay too – as they should.

Footing The Bill

One of the realities of moving in together is paying the bills. This might be a trivial matter for most, but it is a sensitive issue for some. This tweet went viral because it shared a truth anyone who has an iTunes account can immediately understand.

The common account drama has been immortalized in this post. Indeed, whoever signs in first must foot the bill forever. To prevent resentment, both should decide who will pay so that this issue is resolved from the get-go