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40 Mysterious Photos That Will Keep You Up At Night

The world is full of magic and mystery. Thanks to the power of the internet, a long list of strange and unknown facts are available to make us question everything we have always known about the world. The unknown is out there, but sometimes, it’s just lurking around the corner.

These spine-chilling pictures and their stories are sure to tickle your mind. We only hope they will not keep you awake at night. While some can be easily explained away, a few will make you question if the truth is really out there—and if it can ever be explained in a way that we can understand…

Missing Russian Heiress Is Found

It was in 1918 when the Russian royal family was executed. However, rumors persisted that some members remained alive. Specifically, the Tsar’s youngest daughter, Anastasia, was believed to have escaped. The basis of this speculation was the discovery of the family’s grave after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Image via Library of Congress

Only three skeletons of the four Romanov sisters were found. Then in 2007, a second grave was unearthed. They were the remains of a female whose age was similar to Anastasia. Thorough DNA testing revealed it was indeed her.

Natural Columnar Basalt

There are giant basalt columns located in various places of the world. These are usually shaped in octagonal form, though they can be seen in different geometric figures. They protrude out of the ground as though they were cut by hand.

Image by @pangea_2018/Instagram

Though these large columns appear to be a product of mother nature, many mistakenly think these were artificial. However, there is no question that these geological columns have a natural origin. Their unusual shapes are the result of the stones’ molecular structures.

Death Valley’s Sailing Stones

Anyone passing by Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa is sure to see huge rocks with long tracks behind them. They may have also wondered why no footprints or paw prints are found alongside them. Well, just how on Earth did the rocks move?

Image by nathanbalwdinpix/instagram

No one really knew what caused the tracks until 2013, when winter observers noticed that the cold weather caused ground moisture to freeze over, thereby creating a thin layer of ice that decreased the friction resistance of the ground. The stones are then easily pushed by the wind, making them eerily sail on their own across the dry lake. 

Kraken On The Shore

New Zealand siblings Daniel, Jack, and Matthew Aplin were casually going for an early morning dive near Wellington’s Red Rocks track when they saw something unexpected on the shore. There was a 13’9” long Giant Squid—or architeuthis—lying on the beach.

The sight of such a creature is very rare. Some have even thought these giants to be the stuff of myth. However, specimens found intact and washed up during the 19th century on various shores confirmed the existence of these sea monsters.

The Noise Of The Taos Hum

Located in New Mexico is Taos, a small town situated in Taos County. The area has been inhabited for thousands of years. But very few know about—or understand—a phenomenon heard in the area referred to as the Taos Hum.

Image by @royusch_unterwegs/instagram

The noise is a low-frequency, continuous hum heard by only a few people, but it has been consistently talked about for years. No one knows the source of the hum—which baffles experts to this day. The phenomenon was even featured in the popular science fiction series, The X-Files.

Footprint Of The Yeti?

It was in 1951 when a man took a picture of a large footprint on the peak of Mount Everest. Many believed the print belonged to a yeti—a mythical creature known colloquially in the United States as “Bigfoot.”

Image by @pieterprincee/Instagram

However, analysis proved that the print did not belong to Bigfoot but a bear species that has long been extinct. So, alas, perhaps Bigfoot is indeed still out there but has been too shy to show himself to the world.

The Mystery Of The Voynich Manuscript

Created during the early 15th century, the Voynich Manuscript was discovered in 1912, but its contents and meaning have largely remained a mystery. No historian or language expert has managed to decipher the contents of this enigmatic manuscript.

Image via Wikipedia

The book was written in an unknown language. Yet language experts agree that its content is real. It also contained human anatomical sketches as well as celestial constellations. A few researchers believe the manuscript was a medicinal document, but no one really knows for sure.

Deep Sea Tracks

These giant tracks were found deep under the floor of the Pacific Ocean. According to geologists, these tracks were not made by natural geological processes. The discovery saw 3,500 depressions that measured 2.5 meters in width and 33 centimeters in depth.

Image by @CoastalPaleo/Twitter

The authors of the report claim that their dispersions were not random. Could it be Godzilla cruising along the floor of the West Coast? Though researchers could not confirm the origin of the holes, they are sure that the activities of a group of whale species were responsible.

The Strange Hessdalen Lights

This rural Norwegian valley has been experiencing a strange phenomenon since the 1930s. There have been instances of strange lights appearing in the sky above the Hessdalen valley. The lights could be seen hovering in a single location or moving at a quick speed.

Image via Imgur

At times, the lights’ color, duration, and shape would vary. Unlike the aurora borealis, this mysterious celestial phenomenon has kept scientists wondering. No one knows what causes these lights or their origin.

Ancient Airplane

A group of archeologists unearthed several fascinating items from ancient Colombia. The objects were made of precious metals and created more than a thousand years ago. Oddly, one of these items resembled a modern-day airplane. The figurines had animal heads, but their bodies shared similarities to planes.

Image via Imgur

Adding to this mystery is the discovery of a similar-looking plane-like object in Egypt, made more than 2,000 years ago. Aviation professionals agree that the ancient items do seem to be exact replicas of some kind of gliding vehicle.

Fairy Odd Circles

When you see Namibia’s grasslands, expect to see the unexpected. Specifically, expect to see clusters of dry, bald earth in the field of yellowed grass. Nothing grows where these small circles pop up on the ground.

Image via Wikipedia

Many reasons have been given to explain the phenomenon. Some claim that these patches appear because of how the grass naturally forms—to manage its scarce water supply. However, no conclusive explanation has yet been put forward. 

The Hipster Time Traveller

This 1941 picture has everyone suspecting the man wearing sunglasses in the middle of this picture of being a millennial hipster, given that he seems to be wearing clothing that is definitely not appropriate for its time.

Image via Wikipedia

To explain away the oddness of the picture, which appeared in 2010, many people claim that he must be a time traveler. Photo analysis revealed that the image is genuine. However, clothing experts claimed that the man’s sunglasses were available in the 1920s. His t-shirt is also not a shirt but a knitted sweater.

Out-Of-This-World Socotra Island

Located off Yemen’s coast is Socotra Island. The area is subject to extreme heat and drought. It is also home to the most out-of-this-world life forms. Take these amazing umbrella-like trees, for example.

Image by @tomrist_/ Instagram

The Dragon’s Blood Tree—a species endemic to the island—grows in a mushroom-like fashion and has a red sap. Apparently, more than 30% of Socotra Island’s plant species are not found anywhere else. What could have caused such a strange evolution here?

Sixth Sense

This phenomenon should be evident in everyone’s lives, as we have all experienced it at one time or another. Humans and animals have intuition, also known as our “sixth sense,” which helps us find answers or make the right choices without explanation. At times, our intuition can prove to be a helpful guide.

Image by @giizeleoliveira/ Instagram

Psychologists believe our intuition is based on real information we have but are only unconsciously aware of, which is difficult to assess and study. All we know is that we have it—whether we like it or not.

Creepy Grand Canyon Picture

Approximately five million people visit the Grand Canyon annually. This picture is of a man who visited the canyon in the late 1970s or early 1980s. After driving a few hours along the canyon, his group decided to take this eerie picture.

Image via Imgur

If you look in the bushes, you can see a pale-skinned man wearing black and staring directly at the camera while standing in the bushes. The group claimed no one was there when they snapped the shot. However, several Reddit commenters pointed out that the picture seemed to have been photoshopped.

Cell Phone From The 1930s?

A YouTube video in 2012 showed a clip from the 1930s wherein female factory workers were seen walking down the street. However, many thought there was something odd when a woman seemed to be holding a device near her face.

Image via Imgur

Many believed the object was a cellphone. Could it be? It is unclear if the woman was holding a mobile phone or perhaps something else that she happened to be holding near her ear when the photo was taken. Still, some claim the woman was testing out an experimental device.

The Famous Mystery Spot

This tourist landmark outside Santa Cruz, California—specifically in Redwoods—is famous for being a mysterious spot. Though this appears to be a commonplace hut, it is an excellent example of a gravitational anomaly. The hut was constructed at a specific angle wherein trees grow around it.

Image by @santoshritti/ Instagram

As a result, surfaces look even, but rolling balls move in counterintuitive directions. Room proportions are also confusing. Its notoriety allowed the place not just to serve as an example of quirky architecture but a place where researchers can go when testing alternative theories.

Highly Acidic Red River

The river that runs through the mountains of Sierra Morena is similar to the God-sent curses mentioned in the Bible. This river is bloody red and could terrify anyone. It certainly leaves an apocalyptic impression when viewed up close or from above.

Image by @phototravelie/instagram

Though the color is due to the high amount of metals and minerals in the water, no one knows why the river has such high acidity. Some claim that the water is as acidic as the small amount of water that can be found on Mars.

The Undecipherable Beale Ciphers

A trove of treasure is reportedly hidden in Virginia. Back in 1820, a certain Thomas J. Beale gave a box to an innkeeper and instructed him to open it if Beale did not return after ten years. After two decades, Beale never came back. The innkeeper finally opened the box and found three sheets of paper filled with codes.

Image via Wikipedia

The innkeeper asked the help of James B. Ward to decode the texts. Only the second script was decoded, revealing a vault’s existence. The other scripts were not decoded. Ward published the codes in a pamphlet to enlist the public’s help to break the rest, but they were never solved.

The Amazing Fly Ranch Geyser

The Fly Geyser is situated in Nevada and was made during the 1960s. At that time, a geothermal energy company drilled a hole into the ground that turned out to be too near a previous dig. As a result, a geyser developed and is still growing. Currently, the geyser has a height of 9.5 feet.

Image via Wikipedia

The geyser is on private property and has been closed to the public. However, it is open to researchers and scientists. The area was purchased in 2016 by the Burning Man Project. It might provide a refreshing break from the rest of the Burning Man activities.

Easter Island Statues

The statues on Easter Island are referred to as”Moai.” These are towering figures created from basalt and volcanic ash that have been compressed. They certainly leave an impression on the viewer, even though just the heads are visible.

Image by @roycebairphoto/instagram

Between 1250 and 1500, the statues were seen throughout the island. Though there are many theories on the reason behind their construction, no one really knows the reason why they were built and how. 

What Are Naga Fireballs?

During the evening of the full-moon festival in Asia’s Mekong River, balls of orange light in various sizes can be seen rising quickly atop the Mekong river. These balls then disappear into the night.

Image by J A Forbes/ Wikipedia

Some believe the fireballs came from the mythical dragon creature Phaya Naga who lives underneath the murky water of the Mekong River. However, a few skeptics say that the balls are actually flares and tracer rounds fired by people in the area.

The Satellite Of The Black Knight

Black Knight theory proponents believe that a satellite operated by aliens has been circling the Earth for 13,000 years. The satellite was also said to communicate with the radio receivers of Nicola Tesla.

Image via Wikipedia

Proof of their theory was almost revealed when this picture was released by NASA in 1988. The image appeared to be a black object floating in the air. However, NASA explained that it was merely a thermal blanket that was misplaced during an EVA mission.

Panic In Los Angeles

Air raid sirens were heard all over Los Angeles in February 1942. Apparently, US forces saw an aircraft flying over the city. In retaliation, the military launched a heavy artillery bombardment against the aircraft. However, the military saw that they did not attack an aircraft but a mere weather balloon.

Image via Imgur

Still, pictures of anti-aircraft artillery aimed at the object were released, prompting numerous conspiracy theorists to think that the attack was actually against an alien and subsequently covered up.

The Puzzling Book of Soyga

John Dee was an esteemed scholar in Elizabethan England. He collected books, one of which is the Book of Soyga – a mysterious book that was believed lost for more than 500 years. Two other versions of the book can be seen in the British Library archives.

Image via Imgur

The book consists of letters about spellcasting, astrology, alchemy, and chemistry. It was also made up of encoded Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic letters that have not yet been deciphered. John Dee was a fascinating figure interested in all things magic, so this book must have some magical significance.

The Lost World Of Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is situated between Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana’s borders. It is a steep plateau circled by 400-meter cliffs referred to as a tepui. It almost looks as though the land itself has risen out of the world, floating above all the rest of the land.

Image by @nattripbrasil/ Instagram

The plateau is almost inaccessible, but those who manage to reach it report having strange experiences—and not just because of the incredible scenery. The area was said to inspire Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, The Lost World.

UFO Clouds

Notice anything strange about this picture? Something in the sky, perhaps? These clouds resemble a UFO—or perhaps a UFO hiding inside a cloud—but it’s just a regular old cloud formation.

Image by @d_hosfotos/ Instagram

Specifically, these are lenticular clouds. Their scientific name is Altocumulus lenticularis. They develop in the troposphere and hover like flying saucers over homes, planes, and rivers. As strange as they are, there’s nothing supernatural about them.

The Fascinating Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon

In 1557, Conrad Lycosthenes published his Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon. This book consists of general knowledge and chronologically arranged encyclopedic events of Europe. It begins in Genesis, moves through to Greek times and Roman empires, and finally, to Lycosthenes’ time.

Wellcome Library, London

A mysterious part of the book depicts a comet flying over Arabia with a rocket beside it, including monstrous creatures. The meaning behind this entry is currently unknown. 

Beached Sea Creature

Ceredigion’s beach, located in Wales in the United Kingdom, was the site of a mysterious event in October 2017. More than 25 octopuses swam out of the ocean and were later seen lying dead across the sand.

Image by Bryan Burgos un Unsplash

The reason for the mass beaching remains unclear. Some believe that the cephalopods were trying to flee from something in the ocean. No one has an idea what they were specifically trying to get away from or why.

Nan Madol’s Floating City

Nan Madol is one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world. Located in the Pacific Ocean’s Micronesian island of Pohnpei, the ancient city consists of towering stone structures and canals. Even to this day, the origin of the ancient city is unclear.

Image by @theakamu/instagram

Nan Madol, which is said to predate the area’s other settlements, is said to be the original source of the legendary city of Atlantis. Besides this, the stones of this place have the power to fill anyone’s heart with wonder.

The Fresno Nightcrawlers

The date when this grainy video was shot is unknown. However, the footage is credited to an anonymous person from Fresno, California, who apparently captured a set of strange figures walking across a lawn on film.

Image via Imgur

Some believe that the figures belonged to a child and a large bird. But upon closer inspection, that explanation seems unlikely. Do you have an idea of what these figures really are?

An Etruscan Text

When a diplomat from Croatia visited Egypt in 1848 to buy a sarcophagus, little did he know about the unexpected details he would uncover! Etchings can be seen on its side, which everyone thought were Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Image by Speedy Gonsales/ Wikipedia

After ten years, the writing was discovered to be Etruscan and not Egyptian. The former was an ancient culture that formed in Italy’s northern part. The ceremonial Etruscan text was actually untranslatable. Still, the bigger mystery was how an Etruscan item found its way to ancient Egypt.

Costa Rica’s Diquís Stone Spheres

When the United Fruit Company was busy destroying lives, communities, and jungles during the late 1930s in Costa Rica to create banana plantations, they found 300 stone sculptures all over the jungle floor. The spheres measured 6.6 feet in diameter and weighed 15 tons. The stones were later discovered to be part of the Diquis culture.

Image by @joha_2803? Instagram

Many people believed that the stones were made by aliens or originated from Atlantis. However, experts are united in agreement that the techniques used to make them were quite advanced and reflected the unique design of the Diquis people.

Lightning From Volcano

Besides the usual noise, heat, and explosions of stone, ash, and molten lava, volcanic eruptions can sometimes produce lightning. All these factors are more than enough to make anyone shake in fear and believe that the world is coming to an end.

Photo by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash

The volcanic phenomenon is actually called a “dirty thunderstorm” and is the product of static electricity released from the mixture of ashen clouds and other volcano activities. As if an erupting volcano couldn’t get any more terrifying!

The Remarkable Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis map is a map of the world drawn on parchment paper. The map, created in 1513, was based on a slew of maps that had Dutch, Arabic, and Portuguese origins. The remaining one-third of the map accurately reflects North Africa, Western Europe, and Brazil’s shores.

Image via Wikipedia

Similarly remarkable was the geographically excellent depiction of Antarctica, which went unexplored by other explorers until 1770. How Piri Reis created an accurate map remains a mystery to this day.

The Mystery Of Nessie

One of the most popular and puzzling theories in the world of sightings is that of the Loch Ness Monster, known locally as Nessie. The mystery began in 1933, at the same time when scientists, researchers, and photographers, captivated by the theory, swarmed the gorgeous Scottish area to learn more.

Image via Wikipedia

Though some experts have dismissed the pictures as fakes, many still believe that the Loch Ness monster is real and out there—somewhere in the great Scottish lake.

The Martian Stone

Check out these two images. Notice anything odd here? The two snaps were taken a mere twelve days apart. Evidently, a stone that was not present before suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Image via Imgur

Though such an occurrence is normal on Earth because of the abundance of wind, rain, and animal activity, the same cannot be said of Mars. Naturally, you might ask how a rock managed to get there in the first place. It’s a question without a definitive answer.

The Mountain Yeti In Tricouni Peak

This image is from a video recording filmed by a hiker at Squamish, British Columbia. The video depicts a large, dark figure running through the snow-filled mountain slope.

Image by @M Lamont/Youtube

The hiker was innocently trekking when he saw the quick-moving figure. The movement and shape of the figure were totally unlike anything he had seen before. To this day, the video baffles everyone who watches it. Many believe the figure to be a yeti or Sasquatch. 

The Madonna And A UFO

The Italian painter, Domenico Ghirlandaio, created this 15th-century painting of the Madonna with Saint Giovannino, along with what appears to be an unidentified flying object. Though Ghirlandaio was noted for his ability to present religious narratives in a contemporary context, this painting is especially well-known for its uniqueness.

Image via Imgur

The UFO in the background remains one of its most memorable features. Add in the figure of what appears to be a man looking at the flying object from the ground. It makes you wonder—what was the painter trying to say here? 

Mermaids In Fiji

This creature is half-ape and half-fish. It has been described as a kind of grotesque mermaid. Believe it or not, this is not a digital creation or a manipulated optical image—many people have laid their hands on this object.

Image and Art by Juan Cabana

Though this looks real, it is not an authentic sea monster. This photo is a taxidermy sculpture that is among a set of mermaid creations by a talented artist from Tampa Bay named Juan Cabana.