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39 NFL Memes Celebrating the Teams We Love and Love to Hate

In our humble opinion, the NFL is one of the greatest leagues around, and football is one of the greatest sports. The strength, courage, and skill of the players all draw millions of fans to TV screens and stadiums across the country. Alongside cheering for their favorite team (and booing for their arch-enemies), NFL fans also participate in the game by sharing memes. 

NFL memes are everywhere online because they get made and shared across social media platforms by loyal fans (and trolls) alike. We’ve collected some of our favorite NFL memes – ones that celebrate (and make fun of) the players, managers, and referees we love to hate. Touchdown!

A Late Flag

If you watched the NFC Championship Game between the Packers and the Buccaneers, then you know that it was close. Also, you probably know – especially if you’re a Packers fan – that the referees were the real problem. 

Late in the fourth quarter, they decided to pull a flag – which all but guaranteed that Brady and the Bucs went to the Superbowl. This is despite the fact that the Bucs had their fair share of penalties throughout the game! Rough call. 

A Rough Wikipedia Entry

Wikipedia is supposed to be an even-handed website with helpful information. However, it doesn’t always work out that way – sometimes the editors can be a bit biased. Just take a look at this definition of “NFC Championship Game.”

Yikes! Either some gloating fans of the Buccaneers or some disheartened fans of the Packers joined the editing squad and reworked the definition. Looks like the NFL needs to change the rules a bit – give the Packers a chance to win the NFC Championship Game! 

The Open Secret

The meme below shows the moment when Bills’ cornerback Tre-Davious White stumbled upon the Ravens’ secret playbook. What did he find? Nothing we didn’t already know before – the secret is less secret than we thought. Take a look. 

As everyone knows by now, the Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson is fast. Those two words – Lamar fast – basically sum up the approach of the Ravens. White and the Buffalo Bills no doubt knew this before, but it’s nice to get some validation! 

Jedi Knight Mahomes versus Jedi Master Brady

Like the Jedi ranks of Star Wars, NFL quarterbacks have different skill levels. The Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes is a Jedi Knight who is gaining strength and power. The Buccaneers’ QB Tom Brady is a Jedi Master. 

Although Mahomes’ powers might have doubled since the last time he faced Master Brady, it still wasn’t enough to defeat Brady and win Super Bowl LV. It looks like he needs to double down and further develop his powers before taking down the master. 

Switching It Up

An ocean without fish doesn’t make any sense – neither does a Super Bowl without Tom Brady. The talented QB has been in 10 since his professional career started. The two just can’t be separated. Not all fans like that, though – they want some surprise.

Not that kind of surprise. Brady left the Patriots in 2019 for the Buccaneers. Fans got excited to see someone else in the Super Bowl, but in his first season with the Bucs, Brady managed to propel them into the Super Bowl – and win.

Jesus versus the Bengals

Some drivers love to customize their license plates with messages that are important to them. However, with such limited space, it doesn’t always work. The “Jesus Saves” plate below had to cut out the “a” and “e” and double up on the “s.” The fact that a Bengals sticker is right next to it led to confusion. 

The woman on the left got the intended message. The trolling cat on the right saw it through a football lens: Jesus versus the Bengals. That’s quite the Sunday night match! 

Stiff-Arming the Bern

If you’re at all familiar with the Titans’ running back Derrick Henry, then you’re aware that his signature stiff-arm can be devastating. Most who go against it are quickly tossed aside as the 6’3 247lb “King Henry” continues down the field. 

In the meme above, however, Henry isn’t tossing aside other players. Instead, he’s stiff-arming Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – which, to be honest, wouldn’t be that difficult considering how much physically stronger Henry is. Bernie seems to be taking it in stride, though. 

At Home With Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield is well known for his skills on the field. He’s also quite famous off the field for a series of commercials with Progressive Insurance. The “At Home With Baker Mayfield” ads have a light-hearted vibe that made them a big hit. 

The success of the commercials, however, didn’t translate into success for the Cleveland Browns – at least not this year. Instead of playing in Super Bowl LV, Baker and his teammates had to watch it from home. 

A Comic for Packers’ Fans

The little cartoon below sums up the dashed hopes that Packers fans have had over the past 10 years. Despite the fact that Aaron Rodgers – who has won 3 MVPs – is the Packers’ quarterback, they still haven’t managed to win an NFC Championship Game since 2010. 

That’s frustrating for everyone involved – Rodgers, the team, and the fans! It seems like it’s the same thing each year. Green Bay plays incredibly for the entire season and then ends up dropping the ball when it matters most. 

Goodbye Pro Bowl

Although people get all riled up for the NBA’s All-Star game, the same can’t be said for the Pro Bowl. This under-appreciated event – canceled in 2021 due to COVID concerns – pales in comparison to the Super Bowl.

As the meme above shows, most people just don’t care – they find it unnecessary. There’s not much the NFL can do to fix that, either. We say the NFL should cut its losses and end the tradition of the Pro Bowl once and for all. 

That’s So Raven

It can be difficult to watch the Baltimore Ravens play. During the regular season, they’re unstoppable. The unmatched skill of quarterback Lamar Jackson takes them into the playoffs where, many assume, they will continue their winning streak. 

But then, something happens. The team that was unstoppable in the regular season suddenly gets stopped. Do they switch bodies or something? It seems to happen year after year, prompting the meme-maker above to quote a famous Disney show – That’s So Raven! 

Mahomes’ Blurred Vision

Patrick Mahomes got pretty banged up during the regular season. A foot injury and concussion is not something you want in your recent past when you’re headed to the Super Bowl. Although Mahomes powered through, his field of vision might have looked a little like this:

Playing the biggest game of the year with that kind of vision is nearly impossible. Although Mahomes’ focus is next-level, even he couldn’t see clearly enough to pull through for the win. There’s always next year, though. 

Name Change

It’s crazy to think that the name “Washington Redskins” remained for so long despite the fact that it was offensive to so many Native Americans. Sometimes names are there for so long that they get left unquestioned. But what if we switched it up a bit?

The kind of switcheroo picture above is bound to give many a new perspective on the issue. Would we be comfortable with a football team named the “Caucasians”? Probably not. Luckily, in 2020, the Washington team dropped their controversial name. 

Bad Move, Jared

Jared Goff was instrumental in getting the Los Angeles Rams to Super Bowl LIII in 2018. Although the Rams lost, it was still quite the achievement. Despite that, however, he was eventually traded to the Detroit Lions in 2021. 

As you can see from the meme above, this meant leaving the city of Angels for the city of Detroit. We’re not saying that Detroit doesn’t have its benefits; we’re saying that it’s hard to beat the weather, beaches, and celebrity culture of Los Angeles. 

Can’t Get Rid of Him That Easily

Some fans thought that the league was done with him, but then he came back. Tom Brady, of course – back where he left off. After the Patriots lost to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, many thought it was game over for him. 

Turns out he was just taking it to the next level. After Brady left the Patriots and moved to the Buccaneers, he managed to lead the team all the way to the Super Bowl – in his first year! 

Houston, We Have a Sports Problem

There’s something about Houston, Texas that makes athletes want to leave. Is it too scorching hot in the summer or something? Seriously, take a look at the meme below – the city doesn’t have a good track when it comes to retaining great players. 

This applies to basketball with Russell Westbrook and James Harden, baseball with George Springer, and football with DeAndre Hopkins. All four of these pro players wanted to get out of town. Houston, we have a problem. 

Big Ben’s Sadness

If you take a gander at the meme below, you’ll be quick to notice just how sad Big Ben is looking. The famed quarterback is on his 17th season with the Steelers. Although he’s no doubt talented, age is catching up with him. 

Age and, as the meme above says, the fact that a lot of great players have been let go. Chief among those is wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le’Veon Bell. Shortly after that, the Steelers ended up losing to the Browns.

Could Have Had That Third Ring

Despite his incredible skill, Russell Wilson hasn’t received a single vote for MVP. Ever. At the start of the regular season, he came out killing it. Fans and players alike thought it was an open-and-shut case – Wilson would walk away with the award. 

That, unfortunately, didn’t happen. As his wife Ciara says in the meme above, he should have given the ball to Marshawn Lynch. It seems like Wilson always gets right up to the edge and then comes back. Better luck next year. 

Brady Never Gets Old

Brady’s mix of good genes and a rigid diet has led him to stop aging! Or at least that’s what it seems. Take a look at the picture below – his 23-year-old face doesn’t look that much different from his 43-year-old face. What gives? 

It’s almost like he hasn’t aged a day in the past 20 years – and, as the meme suggests, he might not age a day in the next 20! Time might not be as kind to Patrick Mahomes. What’s the secret to Brady’s youthfulness? 

When Drew Left

It can be tough to see a legend go. After 20 seasons in the NFL, the Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees called it quits. It was a heartbreaker for many football fans, akin to what Titanic and Iron Man fans felt during pivotal scenes.  

Although Brees’ last game was a rough one – losing to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers 30 – 20 – we shouldn’t remember him just for that. He had a solid and consistent two-decade run and we look forward to his weekly football analysis. 

Drew Bees

When Drew Brees retired in 2020, the last game was an emotional gut-punch, and he was sorely missed. One way to pay homage to Brees is with memes like the one above. Another way is to pun his name a bit and have some fun.

With a name like “Brees”, that’s pretty simple – just chop off the second letter. It looks like the Drew Bee swarm is ready for some off-field action. Maybe they can help with the weekly analysis? 

Getting Pumped for Next Season

When the Bills lost to the Chiefs, most of the Bills’ players hung their heads low and went to the locker room. Not wide receiver Stefon Diggs, though – he stayed on the field. Not only that, he stood there and watched the Chiefs celebrate. Why? 

Well, if you take the meme above into consideration, it was because Diggs was a huge fan of Tyreek Hill. He was sticking around to get Hill’s autograph. Either that, or he was getting motivated for next year. 

From Sports Car to Used Car

Although this one hits below the belt, we think it’s pretty accurate nonetheless. Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson is so stunningly fast in the regular season that he’s almost like a luxury sports car. When it comes to the playoffs though, things change. 

Instead of a luxury sports car, Jackson becomes like a broken-down used car left in the woods somewhere. All that explosive speed just seems to die overnight. It leaves many of us wondering how and why it happens – and how to fix it for next season. 

Covid and Dallas Cowboys

When Covid first reared its ugly head in the early months of 2020, many Americans thought that it would be over by summertime. That didn’t pan out too well, though. It keeps dragging on. 

Trying to guess when Covid will end makes as much sense as trying to guess when the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl. The last time they did that was in 1996! We’re keeping our fingers crossed though, hoping the Cowboys win and Covid ends in early 2022. 

The Goff Wheelbarrow

Although quarterback Jared Goff is no longer with the LA Rams, we still find the next meme funny and apt. Goff had a lot of high hopes placed on him when he entered the NFL in 2016 – but things didn’t go as planned, to say the least.ADVERTISEMENT

The meme above makes Goff into Chief Wiggum being pulled along by the Rams defense and star running back Cam Akers. Perhaps that’s why Goff was traded to the Detroit Lions for the 2021 season.

Brady Is Here to Stay

In the world of football, some questions seem impossible to answer: Will the Green Bay Packers ever win another NFC Championship Game? Will the Dallas Cowboys win another Super Bowl? Will Tom Brady ever leave the NFL? 

Brady is like Covid – he’s sticking around. Despite 20 years of being pummeled and bruised, he still manages to exceed expectations and win everything from regular-season games to the Super Bowl. We imagine in five years or so, he’ll still be around doing the same. 

Comparing Quarterbacks

We love this next meme because it perfectly sums up the dynamic between quarterback and team for the three best QBs out there: Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. Take a look. 

The Chiefs are pulling along Mahomes as he directs them from the back. Brady is out in front of the Buccaneers pulling the wagon along with them. Rodgers, however, is left trying to pull the entire Packers team all by himself! Talk about being dealt a bad set of cards. 

Replaying the Past

Super Bowl XLIX saw an incredibly close match between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. It came down to the fourth quarter and, unfortunately for Seahawk fans, the team made a fatal mistake that cost them the game. 

The meme above is a harsh reminder of that brutal day – the day when the Seahawks decided to throw the ball rather than run it. The rest is history – Butler intercepted it and the game was over. Perhaps this meme can act as a helpful reminder. 

Gronk’s Training Videos

Gronk is well-known for his fun-loving attitude. After a year-long retirement, he decided to come back and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Training began during covid times, so things were a bit different. Don’t worry though, Gronk adapted to the times! 

Rather than in-person training, players were on an honor system and had to record their sessions. As you can see from above, Gronk did it in his own unique way – and we’re laughing hard! Technically, he still did all the training. 

College Football is Back

We all have our own emotional moments. For many girls, it was when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character died of hypothermia at the end of Titanic. For many boys, it was in the movie Avengers: Endgame when Robert Downey Junior spoke the famous words, “I am Iron Man.” For a lot of men, it’s something else. 

Namely, the release of the EA Sports College Football game in the near future. It brings tears to their eyes as they think about waiting in line for one of the greatest games on earth. 

Goff’s Rough Move

Our heart goes out to Jared Goff. One day he’s in beautiful Los Angeles winning games where the sun always shines. The next day he’s in gritty Detroit losing games where the winters are cold. As we saw from a post above, that’s a rough transition. 

Alongside a change in weather comes a change in risk. Detroit is widely regarded to be more dangerous than LA. That being said, Goff can only focus on one thing at a time – leading the Lions to victory! 

Aaron Rodgers the Wisconsinite

Although originally from California, Aaron Rodgers seems to fit in perfectly in Wisconsin. The quarterback has been playing for the Green Bay Packers since 2005, and it looks like he will continue to do that for the foreseeable future.  

Even though he’s not a born-and-bred Wisconsinite, Rodgers has surely proven his loyalty to the state over the past 16 years. We don’t see him leaving anytime soon – why would he? When Rodgers retires, he’ll retire as a proud Packer. 

Undercover Linebacker

Linebacker Za’Darius Smith loves to have a little fun with people – both on the field, at home, and when he’s out shopping. The post below, taken from his social media, is a classic case of going undercover at the local Walmart. 

Aren’t you that famous linebacker? We imagine a grin starting up on Smith’s face as he thinks about how to answer. He sidestepped the “would you like an autograph” approach and chose to go for something a bit funnier. Classic move!