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Dos & Don’ts & Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

We live in a magical time, with a click of a mouse, items we want or need can be bought and shipped right to us. We use this often because of its convenience, no crowds, no lines, and great sales. People spend hours at a time shopping online (even at work) so it’s safe to say that online shopping is now a part of our society expanding the global marketplace.

But how often were the products you ordered way off from how they look online? Probably always. But while most of the times and differences are minor, sometimes the different are straight out absurd. Very absurd.

Realistic Expectations?

As wonderful and time-saving as online shopping can be there’s always a risk of buying something defective or something that just didn’t match what you were looking for at all!

Unfortunately, for these buyers, the win of a better price or convenience was really a hilarious loss. Take a look at these examples of online shopping gone wrong. 

Ho Ho Horrible

Traditional “real tree”, or an easier “artificial” tree. We all love Christmas trees, the fun time trimming them, and the time with family and friends. But, when it comes to the trees shedding needles and sticky sap, or sending someone under the tree to water it, it is a bit much.

This customer decided to buy a plastic one from online and skip the cleaning and the hassle! When this tree arrived, it seemed well, not festive at all. Maybe this buyer should make a run to the nearest garden center next holiday season.

Pitch A Tent?

Time to get cozy! After receiving a pajama order, this lady tweeted, “So, I thought I ordered this really cute wifey nightgown but this is what I got instead. Lol just don’t buy anything online.” What exactly was bothering her so much about the product?

Obviously, the size! Is this some kind of practical joke about the size of wives, these days? There’s no way that she could have anticipated the outcome of this innocent PJ purchase. Usually, if the size is wrong from abroad, it runs small. Perhaps it was a small from the plus-size department?

Black Mamba

Sometimes an order really does come in without design errors. But today is not that day! One lady ordered a glimmery minidress online and learned this lesson the hard way. Take a look at the skirt and bust, and compare expectations vs. reality!

Documenting the disaster for all to see on film, viewers immediately understand her pain. Without a doubt, the skirt and sparkle ratio is not what was advertised. And that’s a big deal, despite what these designers seem to have concluded. Perhaps honesty is the best policy, internet?

Red Riding Hood

This smiling woman doesn’t remember seeing that the material of the dress. Perhaps she assumed it was real silk, from the looks of the ad. But for the price, that has to be unlikely! Lesson learned: Next time, just go to a brick and mortar shop.

This is probably going into the costume pile, unfortunately. Whether it’s the wrinkled, cheap fabric, or the disappointing quality of the detailing, no one could have given it good reviews. Perhaps next time, that part of the site is worth a peek before purchase!

Drunken Decisions

The centerpiece of just about every living room is the TV, no doubt. People put them on tables, sometimes. But to achieve just the right Feng shui, a little more intention is needed in design. One girl decided to try online deals. Did she succeed?

No, it’s not really the right vibe. Most people will realize immediately that this isn’t going t fit the room. Any room, actually: That’s mainly due to the fact that the stand is made for ants. Hopefully, she didn’t pay the standard price for human furniture!


No one can argue that a good Marvel costume is going to be the talk of the Halloween party. With so many superheroes to choose from these days, it can be hard to decide on the right look. How did Spiderman work out this year?

Well, for one, the mask does not go all the way down to his shoulders. On the costume model, that is clearly advertised as the design. But this is just too short, even for a tiny neck. Superheros are supposed to fully camouflaged, and this just doesn’t cut it!

Princess NOT

Inspired by the impressionists, this dress really caught one girl’s eye online. Blue, pink, and yellow on elegant white silk? Watercolors and a long, flowing train? The order was not a hard decision: Yes, please! What would Claude Monet think of the look?

The answer is that this will probably not make it to the Louvre Museum. Why? The fabric seems pretty wrinkly, right off the bat. And the design looks like it was printed on, quite cheaply. Hopefully, no one will notice the details, slow dancing in the dark!

Distorted, To Say The Least

One time use beauty face masks have been all the rage, a trend hailing from South Korea in recent years. Promising to deliver moisture and more, these treatments are a luxurious night at home. Sometimes, though, what arrives in the mail is a little confusing! What’s this here, today?

Everyone wants clean, healthy skin. But this K-beauty Winnie the Pooh mask is a little bit scary! The package was friendly enough, but it just doesn’t transpose well on a human face. Some might even call it horrifying. They’re not wrong!

Carefree Clothes

A matching two-piece set is always an exciting wardrobe upgrade. That was the prevailing wisdom, anyway, before online shopping. Now, it’s hard to know what will arrive, size-wise. Today, there was a surprise: This too-tiny fashion tragedy is an automatic return. Or an exchange, at least!

The shorts were not shown as low-rise, but yet they are. The top? It’s itsy-bitsy, though it does the basic job of covering her bits. If anyone had doubts about customer satisfaction here, just look at her face. That’s one unhappy review, right there!

Denim Hell

Forever in blue jeans, this one is not. When one gal tried to order a trendy pair from the net, things went very wrong. No one could ever expect that the appliques would be this badly done. Could they? Online, anything goes these days, it seems!

The craftsmanship is not top quality here, to say the least. At first glance, the fading is really not a subtle change in color. Was this a last-minute smear of bleach? Whatever was going on that factory should be a crime. Someone call the fashion police, now!

Bejeweled Mess

The fit and cut of the dress are not appealing at all, in real life. It’s easy to see why this shopper fell for the ad, though. The original photo is actually quite elegant! Looks can be deceiving, as many online orders have proved again and again.

The customer’s face says it all: Hopes and dreams dashed, this is serious buyers remorse! It looks like this was being marketed as a bridal gown, and there’s no way that’s about to happen. Saying yes to the dress is just not an option here!

Bowl Of Fun

Why is this ladle so large? Usually, it’s one of those things in the kitchen that comes in a pretty standard size. Clicking on this item shouldn’t a risky buy. It’s not clothing! Still, it seems there is always room for a mismatch. Why not try a prison-style spoon?

With enough capacity to feed gruel to hundreds of hungry inmates, it could come in handy. No one wants to over-scoop on the job. But is this customer a lunch lady, behind bars? Unlikely, internet! Condolences to a shopping victim, yet again.

Purple Disaster

This pastel creation is modeled well, online. It’s eye-catching with a peek-a-boo style, and contrasting colors. It even leaves a little something to the imagination. Checking all the right boxes, one girl decided to order fast. But after receiving this dress, it was more horror than hot!

First, fashionistas will notice they forgot the tie. That totally changes the cut of the dress, and it’s not a small issue! Transformed from a ballgown to a muumuu, this is more PJ than pageant. And what’s up with the square neck? In summary, zero stars.

Less Than Perfect Fit?

Inspired by the Kardashians, bodycon dresses are all over the fashion marketplace. With the right cut, they can be very flattering! The stars know the good designers, and model the, accordingly. Sadly, this one was a budget buy. And this consumer got what she paid for!

Here’s where the internet comes in: Someone here tried to save money by buying her dress online. And of course, she got more than she bargained for, in the end. Way more loose fabric, to be clear! Review: Body-conned dress, would be more like it.

Trash The Dress

Every man wants to look buff and toned. This gentleman has really taken the time to trim and build his muscles. It’s definitely worth showing off!

We’re thinking that this body-hugging dress, was just not what he had in mind when ordering a gray tank top to show off his upper body physique.

This reminds us more of a Kim K dress, than a burly muscle shirt! On the bright side, he could be up for sexiest man of the year even in that garment! He knows how to rock the look!

Not That Kind Of Girl

This customer is definitely the athletic type which makes this next fail so funny! Ordering hiking shoes probably because she is rugged, judging from her wounds and bruises. She is probably interested in her next challenge, not heels!

Impractical, dainty heels make this fail especially funny, there may be a dance in these shoes but not a hike!

Latest Latex

Some clothes can be harder to shop for than others take latex and leather, for example, they have to be the exact perfect size loose enough for you to breathe but tight enough to hug your figure.

As any woman knows, stockings can be very expensive and these particular type of thigh-highs can run for more than regular stockings.

This is why we don’t buy fitted items online. These look like garbage bags more than anything else, definitely not what this poor girl is looking for in the style tight-fitting latex.

Pride Aside

Canada Day, from the world leader in maple syrup, so much that it has a maple leaf on its flag, the home of Wayne Gretzky, and those ever so polite Mounties, Canadians celebrate their unique country.

I’m sure when this man was ordering his shirt online, he was thinking of nothing but manly Pride. Manly just really doesn’t suit the shirt at all. It looks like one Fit For A Teen. he pulled it off anyway!

Phone (And Face) Cover

You and your best friend! You are inseparable. How about ordering a phone case with a picture of you two together! That’s definitely sweet. The way that the phone case arrived, was not in any way sweet or typical.

The placement seems to be quite intentional. Isn’t that strange? Maybe the people printing the case thought it was an unflattering picture and didn’t want to embarrass him.

Supersize Me

During football season, what’s better than a great lounge chair?  Judging from his hat he’s a big fan! There must have been some confusion when ordering this leather lounge chair. This was exactly the opposite of what he expected.

Instead of getting the perfect armchair quarterback, a place to hang, relax and drink beer; he was delivered a tiny chair fit for a small child. Maybe he has a dog or a toddler that come watch football with him.

Beat The System

Preparing for camping is always an ordeal. There’s getting together the gear, organizing stuff, loading everything into the car, then setting up at the campsite, unloading everything else then putting up the tent. who can even remember how to put up a tent even from year to year.

This was a major camping fail but this guy looks really cozy in the 2 person tent with no room for anyone but himself. We guess a 2 person tent in China has different sizes than a 2 person tent in the western world.

Keeping It Simple

Everyone knows the great accessories really make the outfit, you can go from casual to dressy with just a few items. This trendy cardigan spices up a plain white T-shirt and jeans. This Modern Cape can take even the simplest outfit to new heights.

The customer who ordered it was expecting minimalism but I think he got more than he bargained for.

This Modern cape was literally a piece of fabric with two holes randomly cut out and for what it’s worth, he ordered it in Gray and that clearly navy blue.

Purple Problems

If you’re looking to change up a room, the simplest and easiest way it’s to pick an accent rug in a bold color. This can really modernize the interior design of any living space.

When this couple ordered this royal purple rug on the internet, they really thought they found the perfect solution to liven up their space. To their shock, though, the rug was tiny. The picture on the internet with not quite the same size they received. I hope they got a full refund.

Bad Apple

With modern technology and design, it can be harder to spot a counterfeit from the real deal. That’s not the case here, we’re not sure who these crooks thought they were selling to but even the logo is incorrect.

The font on the wristband makes it really clear this isn’t an Apple product. I’m sure there were some disappointed buyers when they received this bad apple. Hopefully, they reported this fraudulent seller, and no one else got scammed.

Bad Apple

Everyone wants to get the best deal on electronics these days. Especially when buying Christmas gifts. This gentleman went shopping online to get the best deals, he stumbled upon a very inexpensive iPad.

Since it normally sells for hundreds of dollars, he thought he found the deal of the century and bought this immediately. However, instead of a great deal, it looks more like a child’s toy! Here’s the lesson: if it’s cheap online and it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Smells Great

Entirely sure why someone would purchase a product called a bag of unicorn farts. Maybe they decided to splurge on a Whimsical purchase, but I wonder what they thought unicorn farts would smell like.

Maybe it was because the packaging describes the product as 100% magical Majestic, and mythical. I’m sure it was a real let-down, to realize this was simply cotton candy in nice packaging.

When In Paris/London

Souvenirs, when you’re on vacation you really don’t want to waste your precious time looking for the perfect souvenir. Maybe this traveler grab the first thing that they saw without inspecting it? But London’s most distinctive symbol is Big Ben, not the Eiffel Tower.

Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower is in the middle of Paris France. However, it happened, this Tourist got the souvenir of a lifetime with this t-shirt to fail.

Define Small

Shopping online it’s really hard to judge what size we need one more online shopping. Sometimes the model used to be super short, and we have no idea. We assumed this girl who bought this skirt, decided going with the small size small was safe because that’s what she normally wears.

But this skirt ended up being way smaller than her normal size small. It won’t even slide around your legs let alone fit her hips!

Knock Knock Joke

Time and time again we see people ordering online trying to get the best deal on a piece of electronic equipment. Electronics or one of the most expensive items we can buy.

This person ordered the latest the greatest big screen on TV from an online site, and unfortunately just didn’t get his money’s worth.

Wow, the thief left a piece of wood in a protective film so it would seem like that was the real weight of the TV.  We hope this guy got a refund he was clearly scammed and so was the store.

Short-Term Solution

Buying curtains. This could be one of the hardest jobs you have when decorating your home. You have to find the perfect set of drapes that match the style of your room the carpet or the floor and the contents of the spacer decorating. That just seems like a real-time waster.

This single gentleman thought he was being smart he went online and ordered the first curtains that caught his eye and in this case the Royal Purple. Clearly not what he expected.

Model Not Included

Well, slavery has not been legal for the last several hundred years, we’re not sure why the commenter below is so angry or what universe he is living in. We’re also quite confused about what money this guy spent to obtain the model.

This could be just a really tasteless joke but whatever the circumstances, this comment is a giant fail and a pretty ignorant one at that.

Spreading It Thin

One of the worst things about moving it’s constantly trying to figure out what stuff you need to buy because you throw it away in the move. From knickknack salad bowls, two pieces of electronic equipment. Sometimes we throw things out and really regret it later.

This woman decided to order a cheese board online, It seems like an amazing 2$ deal. What she got when she opened the package was a miniature set too small for even $2 to use.

What A Snake

What are the greatest joys that came about with the advent of the internet is that you can find anything you want no matter how weird random or tasteless it is. This guy ordered a belt where the clasp was made to look like a snake’s head, not our personal choice.

But Everyone likes what they like, we’re sure he was surprised and elated to find exactly what he wanted online. However, when the package arrived the snakehead really looked Al Ladle, we hope this didn’t ruin his dreams.

Stilts Not Included

Most clothes nowadays are mass-produced in factories. Thanks to technology they can be found even by robots, so there will never be a human mistake. This poor person, or should I say unlucky person decided to order a normal pair of jeans with a standard length.

What they received may have been great for a professional ballplayer but it definitely doesn’t work 4 the average height person.

Gender Free For Me

Fashion trends they come, and they go. one of the biggest trends in fashion right now is uni-sex. A lot of big gray brands have been producing garments worn by both men and women.

A lot of traditionally masculine styles are now worn by women sometimes with a slight feminine touch added.

Well this wasn’t the case in this story, this girl ordered a plaid dress from an online clothing site and received a man’s button-down shirt instead. We know shirt dresses are really popular but this is just really ridiculous.

Cold Truth

Sometimes we see something in the clothing store we just have to try on. but after we tried on, and we look in the mirror we realized it only looks good on the hanger and not on your body. Unfortunately, this poor guy ordered his jacket online, and you can see just how well it doesn’t fit.

Not only did it not fit, but he ordered this in tan and it was shipped to him and mustard yellow!  Hopefully, he learns to try before he buys next time!

Childish Games

Brittany ordered this plush toy carrot duo after her baby girl refused to eat vegetables. She thought it would be a good idea to buy a doll version of the vegetable her daughter didn’t like to eat. That really sounds more like a scary movie but anyway, she thought this would be a perfect fit.

However, what came in the mail was a real carrot with permanent marker on it, they just resembled the face is seen on the toy in the picture. I guess that’s a new way to play with your food.

Ghost Of Star Wars Past

Princess Leia! Who doesn’t want to be her! This has been the best selling costume for many decades! The outfit is cute without being to reveal, and everyone can recognize who you are!

How easy could it get, pick one out online then go to the mailbox, get dressed and you a star wars princess? Pretty sure this girl was devastated when this costume arrived in the mail.  Costumes are an all-time classic.

This looks more like the ghost that you make from a bedsheet! It’s oversized, and well just ill-fitting. At Least she is a good sport about it!

Worst Wedding Decision

Buying a wedding dress can be one of the biggest expenses of today’s modern wedding, with pressure from social media and your friends and your family you absolutely have to look perfect on your wedding day.

Sometimes ladies will drop thousands upon thousands of dollars just to find the perfect dress.

This woman decided to order her dress from a random website. Clearly, this risk did not pay off. The dress looks nothing like advertised, and she would have been better off buying in store And having a proper fitting. Luckily she got a full refund and hopefully learned her lesson.

Blown Up Expectations

Okay, 2015 the Yeezy boost line blossomed due to its classic look. But since they’re designed by Kanye West, and he has very expensive taste, fans were disappointed because they knew they couldn’t afford this latest trend from Adidas. Of course, everyone’s always looking for a better deal.

For this shoe they began shopping online 4 a more sensibly priced alternative. Unfortunately, these shoes don’t look anything like their original brand and well they look just plain silly.

Sorry, Not Sorry

A lot of these online shopping incidences I really just innocent mistakes. Unfortunately, some people know that selling products in the line are a quick and easy way to make money.

Shopping online has a lot to do with trust because the person buying them doesn’t even see the product until after it’s paid for and shipped.

This fire was a victim of an online scam, but at least the person responsible for the scam was truthful enough to write an apologetic letter.

Love These Loafs

Slippers typically shoes that slip on you can slide your foot they don’t have places, and they’re really comfortable. This style has a moccasin construction and is favored 5 people who really want to be comfortable.

However, whatever company or whatever websites old issues had the term confused with a loaf of bread since the two items were mixed up to form well to see for yourself…

It might be comfortable but the idea of walking on bread just seems weird. How long would it take before they go stale?

Game Over

Everyone scene the Sci-Fi futuristic films the talk about downsizing to make our everyday lives easier. Even a three-course meal was turned into a piece of chewing gum on in that famous Willy Wonka movie.

So whoever sold this edition of the well-known video game console PlayStation was really excited to try the same concept. The poor customer that received this game console, realize very quickly we still don’t have the technology to make a game system this small work.

Makeup Your Mind

Some items shipped to us Defy explanation.  Jenna got a piece of mail just like that. She posted a picture and put it on social media so she could really Express her feelings.

This was more like a guessing game, on one side this hilarious object was just too funny and on the other side this would have either a really bad mistake or a complete fraud…

She expected her makeup to arrive after she ordered it online but instead of makeup she received a toy sort of resembling a chipmunk inside of a plastic egg.

We’re not sure what that’s even about but if we were Jenna we would just go ahead and throw it away, and make sure our friends never buy from this site.

Poor Pooch

Dogs today Are Not Just Pets. There are members of our family and valued friends. A lot of time they’re spoiled and cuddled just as much as human children.

As it gets colder in wintertime this dog owner wanted their puppy to be as comfortable as possible. So she ordered a sweater from an online dog boutique. However, this jacket really seems more acceptable for tiny dog teacup dog that her standard size canine.

Cat’s Out Of The Bag

All parents hear it the hottest Trend at school, everyone else in the class has this… Kids whine and whine, eventually the parent gives in and purchases the trendy item which will be forgotten about in a couple of months for the next popular trend.

This cool mom ordered a Converse backpack which is all the rage for her son, so he can fit in at school what came in the mail really ended up being fit for a small pet may be a doggie backpack?

Seeing Sideways

Some people are really a big fan of cats. These cat people show off their passion for kitties and everything from print dresses to cat purses two psychedelic Cat t-shirts. This woman wanted to be a little more subtle, and she found a set of cat Silhouettes online to show her love for felines.

What she got really comical, one cat really looks like he’s lived through a cartoon bomb or something Justice equally hilarious.

Crochet Catt

Crop tops a great piece for any girls summer wardrobe. Great for the beach or cover-up at the pool. However, Christy was not so happy with the crop top her daughter received in the mail.

It was so small that she has a picture of her cat wearing it, well at least it does cover everything on the kitten, but definitely wouldn’t cover everything on your teenage daughter. But even the cat hates the weave. So this is just an unusable crochet top.

The Micro Weighing Scale

Surely, everyone’s familiar with the hilarious viral Facebook post this lady recently made. She was expecting a cheap, fully-functioning weighing scale, but got this instead! Someone even commented saying that this weighing scale is ‘large’ enough to weigh an M&M.

Some shopping mistakes are bound to go viral. This lady’s posted just that on Facebook, she was buying a weighing scale but this is what she got instead. One commenter summed it up by saying that the scale might have been large enough to weigh an M&M.

Not My Kid, Not My Pillow

Dinosaur Kids pillowcase. Imagine having that description and you think you’re ordering a dinosaur pillow but instead you could a pillowcase with a picture of a child sleeping on a dinosaur-shaped pillow.

It really wasn’t false advertising they did deliver what they said they would.

A Fabulous Mix-Up

Dylan Tweeted ASOS the following, after his order for black pants was somehow mixed up with this fabulous red dress, “Ayy @ASOS (I might be wrong) but, I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me the wrong order…”

To their credit, ASOS replied, “Ayy Mr. Dylan, you are definitely rocking that dress! Please send over your 9 digit order number and your ASOS registered an email address in a DM and we can organize a cheeky swap to happen?”

Blanket For 0.03 People?

Wish it’s a great online company where you can get a lot of Bargains or a lot of Vine fails.

This customer couldn’t stop laughing when their blanket arrived. They didn’t even get enough material to weave a blanket themselves, maybe a nice towel?

Baking A Cookie?

Camping has its own world of gadgets. This lady’s husband wanted and ever for camping, and she gladly ordered it as a Christmas present. when it arrived well they weren’t exactly sure what they could bacon this… A marshmallow, one cookie.

It seems like a lot of trouble creating a large fire just for that teeny oven.

I Love Mini Lamp

Sometimes we don’t read the specs on an item carefully. One customer from Amazon admitted this mistake, and we completely agree. Reading the details and fine print can normally tell you the size of what you’re buying.

Well, this was a cute desk lamp probably too small for late-night studying.

The Nazi Shoe

Sometimes pictures are a little deceiving online. This customer later said there was an angle I didn’t get to see what ordering my new boots. This would be difficult issued a spot not many people on the planet would want a design like this.

It’s not workplace appropriate it’s not socially appropriate it’s just not appropriate.

Crawling On The Walls

Cats they have their own personalities, most aren’t known for being really affectionate. If looks could kill though well this cat definitely is not happy.

This gift from his owner wasn’t what he expected, we’re not sure if this was a gag gift or if the owner didn’t check the measurements to seller posted but that is one angry cat. We can clearly see that the cat is really upset about this teeny tiny scratching post.

Basically The Same

Everyone likes an item that has a dual-use or changes. Having an item that does more than one thing makes you feel like you got a really good deal. Two or more products for the price of one. However, for this poor buyer, this Christmas mug wasn’t exactly what she expected when she ordered.

Everyone likes an item that has a dual use or changes. Having an item that does more than one thing makes you feel like you got a really good deal. Two or more products for the price of one. However, for this poor buyer, this Christmas mug wasn’t exactly what she expected when she ordered.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

This lady was excited when she ordered the erotic romance novel of the same name. However, upon receiving her hotly anticipated piece of fiction, the temperature went from sizzling to ice-cold when she saw the cruel prank someone had played on her.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” has nothing to do with a computer for those unaware.

The Young And The Hoelesss?

Not only was this particular order request not fulfilled, but the customer has a case to feel slightly insulted.

Being hopeless is one thing, but being “hoelesss” is another thing altogether. We too are hoelesss romantics.

Chainsaw Or Saw-Chain?

Ah yes, eBay, that bastion of good bargains where sometimes deals truly are too good to be true.

What can you expect from a place which wants to be all things to all people? A bad workman blames his tools as the saying goes, but in this scenario, they would be well excused.

Two Left Feet?

A person who is clumsy or awkward, particularly while dancing is said to have “two left feet” and it would appear someone was sending this person a message.

They say, two wrongs don’t make a right, but neither do two lefts.

Teddy Long Legs

This model material teddy bear went from sitting in a playground to hitting the living room runway with its enormous feet.

Clearly, the proportions for this stuffed guy were not well thought out. To make matters worse it just stole the couch. Ouch.

Panda To Pan-Doh!

The line “may appear smaller in real life” has never been more important than in this photo.

If the stuffed panda in the first photo is indeed the same as the one in the second photo, this would make the girl the smallest person on Earth. Keep the panda, send the girl.

Micro Muffins

There really is a difference between “mini muffin trays” and “miniature muffin trays” which someone didn’t carefully read.

Just what you could make in this is anyone’s guess. The effort spent making the dish would expend more calories than anything coming out of that tray.

Wine Shot Glasses

If you like to sip your shots, then this one’s for you.

The number of people who either don’t know how to display proportions or fail to read specifications is startling, to say the least. The fact that it resembles a smoking pipe is just a huge added bonus.

A Giant’s Dustpan

Just who would use this gigantic dustpan baffles imagination.

Unless you’re the giant from “Jack and the Beanstalk” or don’t know to use a broom, you won’t be needing a dustpan this big. Where would you even find a matching broom for it?

Perfect Way To Sneak Food Into Movies

After this purchase, this girl Tweeted the retailer the following, “Thank you @UrbanOutfitters it’s exactly like I imagined x.”

Someone cheekily commented, “Just imagine all the snacks you could sneak into the movies under that jacket…” Now that’s a selling point!

The Fragrant Bouquet

It’s one thing to accidentally order the wrong size or to receive an online order that isn’t what you expected, but it’s another when a business sends you something wacky on purpose. This person clearly placed an order for some beautiful spring flowers.

What they got was a beautiful bouquet of green onions. Why would a company think that green onions are a suitable replacement for flowers? You can’t use them for the same things.

Flowers make great bouquets and green onions make a great salad topper. The best part is that the company even sent a vase. Who wants to display their freshly cut green onions in a vase? Do we wonder if these people ever got the flowers they ordered?

What did they do with the green onions? We would suggest chopping them up and putting them on top of some nachos. Yum!

So Huggable!

When you buy something online, you assume it will be complete. Most people would never order a stuffed animal and expect it to come unstuffed. We bet they got a pretty good deal on this bear and couldn’t figure out why it was so cheap. Then it arrived and they were like, “ohh yeahh.”

So now they have a giant bear that they have to stuff themselves. Would you even bother? Wouldn’t you just throw it away and order something else. Chalk it up as a lesson learned.

Next time these people order online we bet they spend a lot more time reading the item description and messaging the seller to make sure they understand what they are getting. Why would anyone sell something like this? Nobody would purposely buy it.

Is That A Face?

Formal dresses can be expensive. Why pay a lot for a dress if you can find one that looks just like it online for half the price? Well, sometimes you get what you pay for online.

This seller may have offered to the same dress, but they basically just gave it their best shot and sent whatever they came up with to the customer.

Maybe they didn’t even know that the dress they made looks like a giant, jacked-up smiley face. We guess we should all just be happy that it covers all the serious places that shouldn’t be seen.

We don’t know why there is a random spot of sequins in the center. Pretty sure this girl wasn’t happy with her purchase and didn’t wear this dress anywhere. At least we hope she didn’t.

The French Team

The Toronto Blue Jays are a Canadian professional baseball team and compete in North America’s Major League Baseball (MLB). This fan clearly got a collector’s item with this order. How someone could get the name of the team wrong is unfathomable. This is literally the selling point.

The customer Tweeted: I ordered a BLUE Jays jersey online. This is what I got. Thanks, @SportChek #GuessINeedANewJersey #BleuJaysBlueJays

Dad Shoes

Some older parents don’t fully understand the intricacies involved with ordering things online such as checking to see if the sizes are in kids or adults sizes.

Case in point, this person’s father, whom as they Tweeted: My dad ordered shoes online and this is what he got.

Game Of Scams

Scammers and Fraud is everywhere. The hottest game console of the year comes with a hefty price tag. That is what Peter Clatworthy learned the hard way. After scouring the web for hours he found an X box 1 console.

It was a pretty penny $750 The eBay seller had great reviews for he ordered it. But to his dismay, he opened the box to only have a piece of paper with a picture of the X box 1.

Let’s Get Medical, Medical

This woman failed to double-check the size before making this order as she said in her own words, “Tried to buy new tweezers on @amazon. I should’ve checked the size.”

“I think I accidentally ordered medical equipment. #onlineshoppingfail”

Everyone Gets A Banana!

We live in a great time in history where we can make our grocery orders online saving us plenty of time going to the supermarket, waiting in line and carrying everything home.

However, one disadvantage is that you don’t always know what you get and in cases like this you end up with much more than you bargained for. This person said, “Thought had ordered 4 bananas. Nope. #onlineshoppingfail”

Surprise, Surprise

These instructions seem very clear. Unless you take them literally. I suppose the person who shipped this out doesn’t give any thought and follows the directions to the letter.

Maybe the person delivering just had an off day, and really wasn’t paying attention and reading closely. We are sure that’s not what the customer had in mind! May it was an AI program reading the instructions and not an actual human that would probably make up all feel better about that one.

Barking Mad

Sending flowers to your boyfriend is a sweet, yet a risky idea. You don’t want to embarrass him in front of his coworkers! This girl decided to send him a bouquet resembling man’s best friend! His doggy of course.

What she got was a hot mess! It looked like a gift meant as a practical joke, not something meant to be sweet and kind, Wilted flowers and googly eyes that just begged for help! We hope she got a refund and maybe will send balloons the next to go around.

Auto Mislead

This is why you should always check your auto-correct before you hit send. This mother was going for an extraordinary birthday cake. But, sadly, she had her phone on auto-correct.

What she needed was a little blonde young lady who resembled her daughter. What she requested, on the other hand, was a little visually impaired young lady.

The baker gave her precisely what she requested, a little blind girl. The cake decorator was even sufficiently insightful to add the White Kane. That would be an extra special touch to demonstrate empathy.

Bitesize Meal

Lots of young ladies remember playing house in their own little kitchen. Perhaps they even were fortunate enough to get a simple bake oven heated with one tunnel light bulb.

Obviously, in case we’re playing kitchen, our dolls required smaller than usual kitchenware pots and dish and dinnerware as well.

However, as grown-ups, we usually search for bigger cooking utensils to accommodate our adult cravings, and we aren’t searching for cooking utensils for dolls any longer.

Be that as it may, it appears as though this set would be ideal for portion control, and definitely not realistic for an adult cooking at home!

Interesting Positioning

Do you ever think to yourself, “Wow, that shirt has the perfect pocket placement!”? Probably not, pockets are functional and we love them. That is until they are placed wrong. Then you definitely realize they are in the wrong place!

This poor customer ordered what looked like the perfect Christmas sweater but ended up this bizarre garment shipped to her door.

Was this a sweater for a T-rex? Possibly the company is marketing for the next alien invasion. Looking at this mess, I am embarrassed by even looking at this cringe-worthy experience.

Bigger Is Better

Buyer Beware! If it’s too good to be true then it probably. This person’s boss thought he was getting a great deal at an online auction. But the caption included in the social media post explained it all:

“My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction… It wasn’t until we went to pick them up, that it was at an elementary school!”

Well, that’s why these were so cheap! They’re only half the size of adult chairs! Let’s hope they get resold to daycare or some type of children’s program.

Toe Tights

Halloween, the best time of the year to be whomever you wish to be! Just put on a costume, sexy, scary, or silly and have a good time. This poor dude got sorely disappointed when his package came in the mail. He planned on being Catwoman…. These tights might fit a kitten, but not a grown man.

This was definitely a letdown. It’s not clear if this was a doll’s clothes or if it was just a ripoff, but we hope he didn’t pay too much for these!

Size Matters

When redecorating a room it’s important to tie your whole look together. A great way to do this is by buying a Persian rug. A nice rug ties the room walls, floors and furniture together to create a scene that conveys elegance and wealth.

This young guy ordered a Persian Rug for just that purpose, to maybe spice up his bachelor pad. The size didn’t nearly match the price. This can really be useful as a tiny carpet bookmark, or in a tiny Fairy hallway!