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40 Unusual Things You Can Only Find in Singapore

If you’ve never been to Singapore before, you really must read this before you go. On the other hand, if you’ve had the good fortune to visit Singapore at any point in your life, you’ll probably recognize some of the following uniquely Singaporean quirks. Small though Singapore may be, there are plenty of things that can only be found within its borders, making it a one-of-a-kind country.

You’re about to discover dishes that can only be found in Singapore, restrictions that have never been heard of anywhere else, and gorgeous scenery that’s sure to make you want to book a flight there right away. You’ll also get to enjoy a generous helping of bizarre things and unique oddities that can only be found in Singapore. Enjoy!

Public Apologies

When it comes to making amends, Singaporeans tend to go overboard to the point where the rest of the world feels obligated to pitch in. It appears that publishing an apology in a newspaper is a very normal practice, even when the apology is directed toward a single individual.


At first, we would find a public apology like this interesting and flattering. However, we feel like some incidents are too private to be revealed in this manner. Now everyone knows that Mr. Choo hit Mr. Woo in the face! 

Not Cool

In Singapore, the only time you’re allowed to “act cool” is during the day. It’s not advice or a suggestion; it’s the law. Singapore prohibits the use of sunglasses at night. When we initially heard about it, we assumed it had to do with safety concerns or perhaps so officials could see people’s faces clearly.


On closer inspection, however, we discovered that the legislation has nothing to do with safety. According to this sign, the issue is that you’re not permitted to act cool during the night in Singapore. It doesn’t make any sense, but the law is the law!

Flush It

Singapore is among the world’s cleanest countries and aims to keep it that way for as long as possible. So the first guideline to remember when you’re looking for a public restroom is this: when you’re done, don’t forget to flush.

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If you do not flush the toilet after using a public restroom in Singapore, you could be hit with a fine of $150, and if you do not pay the fine, you may face charges that carry a prison sentence. What a thing to get locked up for!

The Hawker Center

The Hawker center is a must-see in Singapore. It’s like the world’s largest shopping center, but it’s exclusively for food. Yes, this entire mega-mall is dedicated to food. Despite its intimidating appearance, this center has become a defining feature of Singaporean cuisine.

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The rule is straightforward: The food gets better as the line grows longer. So, it’s time to put on some comfy shoes, get ready for a lengthy wait, and enjoy the Singaporean culinary culture since you won’t find it anyplace else in the world.

Fly a Kite

It’s a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of Singaporean humor before you go. Take a look at this sign for a moment. Our first impression is that the government cares about its residents and has a lot of fun ideas for them to try in the great outdoors, like flying kites.


Then it dawns on you that this is a clever way to point out that kite flying is prohibited in Singapore. Some parts of Singapore do not allow kite flying or balloons. So, be careful about which outdoor activities you select!

Learning Singlish

Yup, you’re not hearing English but Singlish. Listening to a discussion and wondering why it starts sounding like English and then doesn’t is a sign that it is not the language being spoken. Singlish, the common street language spoken by the majority of Singaporeans, unites the country’s diverse cultures.

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It is a combination of English with various Eastern languages, such as Malay, Chinese, and more. Most of it will sound like gibberish to someone who doesn’t know the language well. However, the trick is to pick out a few keywords and make an educated guess from there!

Dealing with Censorship

To erase inappropriate information or delete photographs that violate another person’s privacy is one thing, but if you are going to delete it from one source, should you also delete it from all other sources?


Whenever a publication such as a magazine or newspaper prints something that does not adhere to the censorship guidelines in Singapore, it is typically removed from the publication. It is standard practice in Singapore to provide specifics regarding the location of the information that has been removed and why it was removed.

The Kitty Cafe

This one is reserved solely for folks who are passionate about cats, as it is difficult for us to fathom how anybody else might appreciate it. You can find cat cafés throughout the city of Singapore, making it easy to spend time with a cat if you’ve had enough touring and shopping.


We are not sure whether you are allowed to bring your own cat or if you have to make do with what they have available, but in any case, this will ensure you have a great afternoon with cuddly companions.

Be Careful

Before stripping down, we always check to see that the blinds are down and that no one can see what we’re doing. On the other hand, in Singapore, it is not sufficient to ensure that no one can see through something. It’s illegal to expose yourself in public, and you can face punishment even if it happens without your knowledge.


This means that before you go to the bathroom in Singapore, you must make sure your neighbors aren’t watching. You don’t want that bathroom trip to end up costing you $2,000!

The Marina Bay Sands

If you wish to use the rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands, you’ll need to be a hotel guest. It’s often regarded as the best hotel swimming pool in the world. From the hotel’s highest point, guests may enjoy stunning views that some believe are worth the price of the stay.

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Consider purchasing a ticket to Skypark Observation Deck if the nightly cost for a hotel room exceeds your means. Restaurants and bars may be found here, as well as the same breathtaking views of the city. This is definitely worth the money.

Watching Animals at Night

Many things are more interesting at night, but we were willing to bet that going to the zoo wasn’t one of them. In 1994, Singapore was the first country in the world to provide a “visit the zoo in the dark” experience. Though spotting animals in the dark is a challenge, it provides a level of excitement and mystery that can’t be matched by daytime activities.

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This experience doesn’t involve seeing creatures confined in cages. Rather, you get to see animals in their natural habitat. These are all creatures that are more active in the evening, making this encounter genuinely one of a kind.

World-Class Festivals

In the same way that Singapore is a diverse territory made up of a patchwork of many nationalities, the country also has a multitude of holidays to enjoy. Have you ever considered only celebrating Christmas during the month of December? You may want to rethink this.

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There’s never a dull moment in Singapore. Whether it’s Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, or Christmas, they’re all celebrated with equal enthusiasm. The people of Singapore certainly know how to throw a good party.

Chewing Gum

The assertion that chewing gum is against the law in Singapore is not an urban legend. It’s not a myth. Since 1992, it has been against the law in every way possible, but in 2004, a few exemptions were made that allowed people to chew gum for specific medical and dental purposes.


The government of Singapore thought that this was the only way they could regulate and maintain the country’s cleanliness, and what a clean place it is! They passed a rule against chewing gum, and if you’ve ever stepped on hot, melted gum in the street, you’ll understand why.

Understanding Acronyms

We’re not sure if this is due to laziness or efficiency, but if you want to move around in Singapore, you’ll need to know their local codes. The natives have an extensive collection of slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations at their disposal for verbal expression.

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Here are some illustrations to help you get a clearer picture of what we’re talking about. Hopefully, this will get you started on the path toward comprehending the various street signs in Singapore. SGH, ERP, and GSS stand for the Singapore General Hospital, Electronic Road Pricing, and Great Singapore Sale, respectively.

Dunk-in Dinner

This doughnut has everything you could possibly want, starting with the fact that it is a floating donut in which you can enjoy brunch or dinner. The second thing you can do is take in the sights of the Singapore skyline while you relax and bask in the serene atmosphere.


To tell you the truth, no other donut can transport you more effectively along the path to peace. The slogans are so catchy that they practically write themselves. Dunk-in dinner, anyone? Who’s up for floating brunch?

Fish Head Delight

Everyone is aware that the head has the most flavor of any portion of the fish, making it the greatest part to eat. As a result, the people of Singapore decided to go the extra mile and create one of their most renowned dishes: fish head curry.

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Would you consider eating a dish of curry with a fish head swimming in it? It seems like it would be more courteous to tear the meat off the bones rather than have Nemo looking at you while you eat.

Cocktails for Breakfast

The cocktails you’ll find in Singapore are very different from those you’re used to at home. Local Singaporean traditions are meant to be represented in the flavors. In this case, we’re not talking about an apple pie or a double mac and cheese cocktail. Instead, we’re discussing a “Gula Melaka” (palm sugar) cocktail or “kaya toast” (typical Singaporean toast with jam) cocktail.

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Whether the cocktails are made with flavor extracts or the actual food is chopped up and added to the drink, we think the Singapore cocktail industry has gone a little over the top in terms of creativity.

Strike a Pose

If you’re in Singapore, you’ll want to check out this museum. The building resembles a big Rollei camera due to the presence of over 1,000 cameras dispersed across it. Singaporeans, like everyone else, are crushing it.

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Everything camera-related can be found here, from pistol cameras and vintage photos to new and used camera gear. This should be at the top of the list for everyone who has even a passing interest in photography or is curious about what things look like when they are taken apart.

The Mama Shop

The term “Mama Shop” does not refer to a store that carries items for infants or toddlers; it also does not indicate that the store is run by women who have children. So, what on earth do they mean by “mama shop”?

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When it comes to a mama shop in Singapore, you can find just about anything you can dream of at a lower price. They are located all over the place, mostly beneath apartment buildings, and exploring them is necessary while you are there.

Midnight Mustafa

Nothing could be worse than arriving in a new place at midnight, exhausted from travel but unable to sleep. This situation is even worse if you have nothing to do to pass the time. Singapore will never allow this to happen. The Mustafa shopping mall operates around the clock, so you may go there whenever you need something to do while you wait for your internal clock to synchronize.

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It’s so large that it doesn’t get too crowded, so it’s a great location to stroll around in, and it contains nearly everything you could possibly need. A 24/7 shopping mall is one of those things that you can only find in Singapore.

Selfie Coffee

It’s possible that you’ve already seen the popular fad of having your selfie printed on your cup of coffee. Well, there’s an entire coffee shop in Singapore dedicated to this. Customers’ selfies are printed on their piping-hot beverages. We suppose it beats having the cashier write your name in permanent ink (and misspell it)!

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So, how exactly does it work? You place your coffee order, use the provided equipment to shoot a selfie, and voila! A cup of coffee and a selfie in one go. That’s really amazing, isn’t it?

Haw Par Villa

A visit to Haw Par Villa is essential for any family visiting Singapore. Make sure you don’t get too worked up before your big day at this theme park. Though it is sometimes referred to as a theme park, Haw Par Villa is not quite on par with Universal Studios.

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One of the most well-known parks in Singapore, Haw Par Villa features pathways and statues that have been outrageously designed. On the one hand, it’s incredibly interesting, but on the other, some of the displays may be somewhat unsettling.

Finding Free Seats

After a long lunch line and eventually getting your food, the biggest challenge in life is finding somewhere to sit. A packet of tissues will be your best friend if this ever happens when you’re in Singapore and have to go out to buy lunch.


The practice of laying tissues on a table and declaring possession of a vacant seat is widespread in Singapore. It’s even called “Chop-ing.” Considering you only have 30 minutes for lunch, some people think it’s disrespectful, while others think it’s pretty reasonable.

Flip-flops for Everyone

Put away your three-piece suit and overcoat because it’s all about flip-flops and shorts in Singapore. The weather is warm to scorching hot all year round, so there are few times when you’ll want to wear more than flip-flops and shorts!

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Most individuals in the West wear suits, jeans, and sweaters, but in Singapore, it’s pool party vibes all day. Remember that while flip-flops aren’t appropriate for certain formal events (such as weddings or memorial services), they’re generally accepted everywhere else.

Bookish Beauty

When traveling to a foreign nation, many people don’t bother adding local libraries to their itinerary. However, the libraries in Singapore are ridiculously advanced in many areas, making them crucial for all book-lovers to see.


Even if we don’t consider many libraries “crazy,” one library, in particular, stood out as something special. Here, you may find the most comprehensive collection of modern art, along with books on design, health, and fitness. It’s well worth the trip, even if it’s just for Instagram.

The Other Life

It’s not clear to us why, but going to cemeteries seems to be a popular activity in Singapore. The residents of the area assert that one can gain a significant amount of knowledge about life by exploring the remains of those who have departed.

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We’re not going to get into a debate over it, but we have one cemetery in mind that you might want to consider. The most famous cemetery is Bukit Brown Cemetery, which offers tour guides to ensure visitors’ safety while navigating the grounds. Creepy.

Unique Pringle Flavors

If you enjoy Pringles, you should probably book your next vacation in Singapore. We have all had our fill of potato chips flavored with ranch dressing or sour cream and onion, but in Singapore, you can purchase Pringles in flavors you could never have dreamed up.

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Unique choices such as seaweed, soft-shell crab, and grilled squid are just some of the varieties available to customers. Could you think of another strange flavor that would go with your chips? What about peanut butter and jelly?

Uncle and Auntie

In Singapore, any person considered an adult by a kid is referred to as an aunt or uncle, regardless of whether or not that person actually is related to them. You don’t have to be linked to anyone, and you certainly don’t need siblings. You just instantly have a temporary niece or nephew.


Leave the Sir and Ma’am at home and refer to older people as aunt and uncle instead. Just keep in mind that this practice is beginning to feel a little old-fashioned to the present generation of young Singaporeans.

Meet the Turtles

Isn’t it interesting how each country has its own unique symbol? The turtle is Singapore’s most recognizable animal. Turtles and tortoises can be found in Singapore’s museums and restaurants. They are also kept as pets, just like dogs and cats.

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Turtles are a big deal in the area, and many turtle-themed parks are dispersed throughout Singapore. We can only infer that Singaporeans are doing something good because some of these parks are home to turtles that are more than 800 years old!

Dine in the Dark

Aside from your camera and your appetite, you won’t need any other equipment for this supper. In Singapore, it is possible to go out to supper without being aware of the food you will consume. Who would want to do something like this?

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NOX is the location to visit if you want to treat yourself to a truly luxurious experience. Take a look at the brighter side: No one will ever know if your teeth are covered in green bits after you’ve devoured your meal!

Fun Day at the Airport

Are you up for a trip? Visit the Singapore airport. One of the world’s top hubs for air travel, Changi International Airport has become a popular tourist destination without requiring passports. Locals study at the airport while families stroll around the many parks and eat at any of the airport’s many eateries.

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The best part of all is that full-length movies are shown in the terminal for passengers to enjoy, whether they are departing or arriving. Just head to the airport if you’d like to catch a movie.

Unique Snacks

Singapore is one of those countries where normal things are made ludicrous and strange. The snacks are no exception. Singaporeans don’t just settle for popcorn or dried fruit when it comes to snacking; they have their own idea of what constitutes a snack.

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The multicolored and weird world of snacks that you may find here includes examples such as dried seaweed and dried fish filets. These are only two examples. Who’s hungry for a dried anchovy?

Fortune Telling

A stroll around the streets of Singapore will transport you back to the traditions of the past. In this day and age, who wants to know what the future holds? Telling fortunes has been and continues to be a popular activity on the streets, and it does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

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Sit back, relax, and pay attention to what the psychic says if you are interested in going back in time or gaining a glimpse into the future. They could convince you to alter the routes you have planned for your upcoming trips.

Tour of the City in a Sidecar

Discover the hidden alleyways of Singapore not on a conventional tour bus like those seen in every other country but in a one-of-a-kind Vespa sidecar that can only be found in Singapore. These Vespas will transport you to parts of this gorgeous place that other tourists have never seen, and the drivers will reveal all of the area’s best-kept secrets.


The Vespa sidecar tour guides offer a one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found in Singapore. They guarantee an unforgettable journey by providing a wild and exciting time.

Hopping Frogs

The French may have brought frog legs to the East, but the Singaporeans took it to a whole new level. They made frog-leg porridge a thing. How appetizing does this sound to you?

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The sheer name of the meal is enough to turn us off, even though it is said to be incredibly nutritious and high in a variety of minerals and vitamins. You may have imagined that the porridge is eaten for breakfast, but that’s not the case. It is typically eaten with dim sum and other meat dishes.

Multitasking is King

If you are considering switching careers and becoming a taxi driver in Singapore, you should be aware that the income is not very high, and you will likely need to find a second job to pay the bills.


This cab driver is looking up the stock prices on his phone. It appears that this is something that is frequently seen in Singapore. We are compelled to admit that we are impressed by the ability of this driver to focus on the graphs while avoiding colliding with the vehicle in front of him.

ABC – Dessert or Dinner?

Singapore may get very hot. For desserts, of course, you’ll have to leave room in your stomach. This dish is known as Ice Kachang, consisting primarily of shaved ice covered with beans, corn, and syrup of various flavors. Is it enticing? No, we weren’t that into the idea either.

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After looking at the picture, it should be rather obvious what “bean ice” is – it’s the literal translation of “Ice Kachang.” This dish is also known as ABC, which makes sense because it’s where it all starts.

Indoor Fishing for Prawns

Have you ever considered going prawn fishing in an enclosed space? Well, you can live out this strangely specific dream in Singapore! Though it might sound unusual to us, indoor prawn fishing is considered a national activity in Singapore. Rather than going for a stroll around the lake or having a picnic by the water, people in Singapore gather around an artificial prawn farm.

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They get together with their buddies, bring some refreshments, and then go off on their own version of a beautiful day spent outside in nature. Alternatively, people can go as near to nature as they’re willing to get and simply buy some cooked and packaged prawns.

World Toilet Day

Cleanliness is highly valued in Singapore, as are public restrooms. Toilets are a big deal to them – so much so that they make a whole day out of honoring them! On November 19th of each year, they commemorate World Toilet Day.


Though it’s a holiday intended to be enjoyed by people worldwide, only Singaporeans show up to celebrate. Although we’ve found a way to make light of this day, its real purpose is to draw attention to the dire state of worldwide sanitation. All they have to do is come up with a new name, and they’ll probably get more global attention!

Pig Intestines

Some people eat sushi, others eat fish and chips, and others consume pigs’ guts in their native countries. Pig intestines are a common delicacy in Singapore and can be found just about anywhere. This dish has been dubbed “the grossest dish around” by several food bloggers. Would you be brave enough to taste it?


Nothing goes to waste in Singapore; thus, the intestines will be cooked. Although it isn’t as common on the streets as it once was, this bizarre food is nonetheless considered traditional.