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39 Shady and Embarrassing Stories Shared by Real Estate Agents

By Samuel Morden | January 4, 2023

Being a realtor has always involved demanding work, but it’s become even more intense in recent years. Buyers are more frantic than ever, and the market is volatile. So, realtors must be tough cookies, capable of brushing off the demands of the profession. Thankfully, there are sizable commissions to balance out all the negatives of the trade!

Another benefit of being a realtor is hearing the bizarre backstories behind property sales. To give you an idea of the incredible gossip realtors are privy to, we’ve collected the most outlandish and entertaining tales ever told by real estate agents. Of course, all of them are true.

The only question is, which one will you like the most? Let’s find out.

Nasty Tenants

Real estate agents must deal with buyers and tenants while handling properties. Tenants are usually neat, quiet, and upstanding members of society. Sadly, this Denver grandmother met the other kind of tenant – the type that all real estate agents and landlords dread.

The depravity required to do something like this is off the charts. If they were pouring garbage into an existing hole, we might be able to see their logic. However, these individuals dug a pit specifically for this purpose. Wouldn’t a garbage can be easier?

Creepy Stalker

If you’re planning on renting a new place, consider thoroughly cleaning the home before you move in. It’s always terrifying to find out what a landlord or prior renter may have installed in a rental unit. Check out The Watcher on Netflix, and you’ll soon be convinced.

We’re not surprised at all to hear that the woman got a big dog for protection. It’s sad that she had to deal with a stalker as persistent as this. The culprit was hopefully apprehended and made to feel the full force of the law. If put in her shoes, what action would you take?

The Couple That Lasted a Century

This is heartbreakingly wonderful. It’s heartwarming to see this couple face the reality of their situation and take steps to make things easier for their loved ones. It’s even more touching that they passed away around the same time.

We wonder what it feels like to reach a century in age. How much of your childhood would you remember? Would life feel unbearably strange? Or would you have developed too thick of skin to care? Whatever the case, we hope these two found the peace and rest they deserved. 

Unsettling Discovery in a Billionaire’s Home

Another troubling aspect of real estate work is seeing the dark side of some clients. Whether we like it or not, our homes often mirror our hopes, anxieties, and flaws. This billionaire, who indulged in a rather disturbing pastime, is a prime example.

We’d be tempted to call the police on this guy. It’s common knowledge that millionaires are a unique species, but we never imagined they’d have a hobby as outlandish as this one. Why would a person want to fill their home with so many dead animals? 

Screaming Kids and Baby Daddy Arguments

The female protagonist of this next story seems like the kind of person who would be a terrible parent. How can you possibly have six children yet fail to keep even one of them under control? Wouldn’t you figure out after the first one that you’re not cut out for disciplining kids?

You’d think she’d have the good sense to warn the kids to remain quiet when they see a house they might be moving into soon. Since the mother had to resort to locking herself away, it was obvious that she and her children were in a difficult situation. They didn’t end up with this house.

Uninvited Visitors

As a real estate agent, one essential step before presenting a home is to inspect it. It’s a gamble, but you never know what or, in this case, who you might uncover. They might have been able to prevent this odd incident if they had just done a sweep.

What were they doing, exactly? Why were they passed out and half-naked inside the house? Exactly why did they light the fireplace? Despite the abundance of queries we have rolling around inside our heads, this story is not getting any clearer. We’ll have to leave it to our imaginations to fill in the rest!

Impossibly Tragic

The child in this story appears to be quite the scoundrel at first glance. After all, he hurled obscenities at the real estate agents. Sadly, there was more to the story than they realized, as there usually is. The real estate agents had encountered him in the middle of the worst moment in his young life.

His parents were selling the house and getting divorced. Worst of all, one of them had run over and killed his dog. We honestly can’t blame him for being hostile toward the real estate agents. We hope things are now looking up for that poor kid.

Wake-up Call

We regularly hear tips for buyers from real estate agents, but now it’s time to deliver some advice to sellers. If you fail to confirm precisely when a real estate agent is scheduled to arrive, you could find yourself in a sticky scenario like this one. So, always make the call and confirm an appointment time.

If something like this happened to us, we’d probably wish the ground would open up and swallow us whole. We can only hope that the real estate agent was alone when they showed up. If they had potential buyers with them, the situation would be infinitely worse!

Working from Home

After that shocking entry, here’s a humorous spin on telecommuting. Since the pandemic, many more people have been working from home. However, most of us do more generic office work. We’ve never considered the possibility of doing what this lady did, but this story has gotten us curious!

The only problem we have with this interesting line of work is that the lady did it with her daughter. That seems a little inappropriate. We can only hope they sat at opposite ends of the house and never heard each other’s calls. 

Stocking Up

It’s a well-known fact that those with millions or billions of dollars have a drastically different way of life than the rest of us. This story offers undeniable evidence of that. The majority of us would utilize boxes or cabinets to store extra goods. Well, not this millionaire. Instead, they put that money toward a fresh new Ferrari.

Since they were so wealthy, having a Ferrari was no different from having a gigantic storage locker. Maybe they realized they had made a mistake and got rid of it before the realtor returned. What course of action would you have taken if you were the real estate agent?

Inside a Mafia Mansion

Some listings feature peculiar extras that need to be clarified. When you consider who owned the houses described below, their strange inclusions make perfect sense. In the future, you will know exactly what to do if you discover a mysterious button in your bathroom or wardrobe.

Though curiosity may take hold, we wouldn’t advise poking such buttons because you never know what can happen! It’s strange to imagine a Mafia boss trying to escape while naked in the shower. That’s one way to avoid responsibility for your crimes!

Secret Doors Discovered by Realtors

This following entry is, thankfully, a bit lighter. However, it’s still odd, so hang in there! As kids, many of us pictured ourselves living in a mansion with hidden rooms and passages. This real estate agent discovered the real deal, but no one realized it at first.

The location of the hidden doorway is the most peculiar aspect of this post. However, we also wonder why a secret door connecting the two bedrooms was needed in the first place. There’s no way this would benefit them that makes any sense to us. Can you figure it out?

Clothes Optional

This is one humdinger of a post! Usually, the house is more interesting than the people who live there when you visit. However, in this case, it seems the real estate agent and their clients may have gotten a little too close to the homeowner.

We have no idea how we would react in this predicament. How would you react if someone walked out completely undressed at an open house? Should you treat it seriously or pretend it never happened? What a funny thing to happen to a real estate team! 

Foot Fetish

In short, this guy was a foot fetishist. It’s crazy that he was so forthright about it, and we feel he scheduled the second showing only to get a better look at the realtor’s feet. Do you think foot fetishism is strange or commonplace in the modern world?

Though we don’t want to kink shame, we do think it’s unfair to make potential buyers feel uneasy when offering them a house. Don’t drag the rest of us into your fetishes and fantasies.

Leave Now

A few scary tales have been told so far, but each can be attributed to common human behavior. However, this one? This seems to have happened for no apparent reason, and it’s giving us the creeps. We get the feeling that ghosts formerly roamed this apartment.

It’s comforting to know that the spirit is nice and even amorous. After all, this ghost could have done much more harm in its afterlife. A full-blown poltergeist attack on the flat was a distinct possibility. However, they only dropped a few petals. It has a certain elegance; perhaps its creators intended it to entice the next visitor.

Finding the Home Owner’s “Special Plant”

This person performed a thorough cleaning before displaying the residence. Considering what she discovered, though, she should have done it sooner. Thankfully, this kind of discovery wouldn’t be such an issue now that marijuana has been legalized. However, back when the incident occurred, it was a problem!

Would you hide the plants or try to flush them down the toilet? These plants can fill the entire home with a strong odor, so it must have been someone quite reckless who left them there. 

The Worst Listing Ever

The following story isn’t actually from a realtor but from a viewer. Still, it makes for great comic relief, demonstrating that some things you read in a real estate ad are not necessarily true. Real estate agents know how to spin the truth, so what you read is not always what you get.

The ad wasn’t entirely off the mark; there was an attached bathroom – it just wasn’t quite what most guests expected. We have no idea why a toilet would be placed at the foot of the bed, but now that we think about it, the placement does sound handy. 

The Creepiest Hiding Place

We have another story of a secret chamber. However, this one is far more sinister than the last. Why would anyone want a room like this in their house? Our first instinct is that the realtor should call the police because something sinister was happening there.

It’s also possible that nothing even remotely out of the ordinary was happening. Maybe the homeowner kept a dog or other animal there throughout the winter to protect it from the elements. An entirely logical explanation could be found. Still, we wouldn’t consider staying there under any circumstances; how about you?

Who Do? Voodoo!

The following story exemplifies that outsiders can only partially understand the inner workings of another person’s home. Admittedly, we couldn’t find legislation against “hanging chicken heads and bones on your wall,” but we think such a law should be created immediately.

Another thing: we’re stumped as to why anyone outside a voodoo practitioner would want to adorn their home with occult symbols. You wouldn’t want to mess with a witch, so this real estate agent better hope the homeowner liked them and didn’t do any voodoo on them.

Weird Squatter

How was this woman able to stay in this house for so long without anyone noticing her presence? The story sounds like something from a scary movie. We hope she got a secure place to stay after the real estate agents found her there.

In this case, the realtor discovered and removed the elderly squatter before the house was put on the market. Suppose she was still there when a new family moved in; how would they feel? They might suspect a ghost was lurking about!

The Door Must Face West

It’s inevitable in the real estate business that you’ll encounter some challenging customers now and then. You can be as nice as you want, but some people will always be tricky to work with, and nothing you do seems to help. Some customers are relentlessly picky.

When she says there is a “negative energy in the steel,” what on earth does she mean? Just why is it imperative that the entrance point westward? Her worldview has so many unanswered questions that it’s impossible to imagine that she’ll end up in the right home. Some folks are too needy to handle.

Karma Strikes

There are always opposing viewpoints in a situation like this one. A possible explanation is that the bank foreclosed on these properties, forcing the homeowners to sell when they didn’t want to do so. If that’s the case, we can empathize with the homeowners’ plight. But to act in such a bizarre manner is astounding.

When the bank discovered the source of the toilet issues, we imagine they demanded a substantial payment from the former homeowners to cover the expense of re-plumbing the house. That’s what we mean by terrible karma – in the end, their act of defiance probably wasn’t worth it.

The Creepiest Caravan

The full backstory of your home is something you might never learn. You can find out about the property’s history and the neighborhood’s background online. But there are certain dirty little secrets, like the one behind this caravan, that you won’t find just anywhere.

Knowing that your caravan was formerly owned by a notorious serial killer is shocking. We don’t know if we’d be able to sleep in there again! Aside from the police searching the place, the user made no mention of anything suspicious being left behind, which is good news.

Stating the Obvious

It’s hardly shocking that the realtor couldn’t sell the house because of its condition when they arrived. What a dreadful thing to discover! Given that the body sat there for two weeks in the sweltering heat, we can’t even begin to imagine how foul the odor was.

When something so terrible happens, you cannot accomplish much. The house should be torn down completely because no one would want to live there if they knew its shady past. Would you handle living in a home where someone had passed away and been left to decompose for weeks?

Strange Bedroom Sinks

When seeing a property, it’s natural to have some questions for the owners. To explain their decision to relocate, for instance, you may ask, “has there been any damage?” It is perfectly acceptable to inquire about the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as this real estate agent did when she asked about the bedroom sinks.

The reply you get, though, might not be as harmless as you think. The truth behind these odd bedrooms was so amusing that it helped the realtor make a sale. The anecdote was a massive hit with university students, and we can see why.

An Awful Discovery

The following piece raises more questions than it answers. Surely the homeowner would have noticed the stench of a dead body in the attic. And if this person had a job or a family, wouldn’t those people have asked questions? It seems like something odd is happening with this scenario.

Hopefully, the unfortunate man in the attic found some peace. However, we’re not so sure about the homeowner’s story. Is it more likely that she never noticed the stench or that she murdered her husband?

A Sinister Reason for Delaying the Sale

This one is heartbreaking and upsetting in equal measure. This is proof that if there has been a delay in your purchase, you, as the customer, should constantly check on its progress. Your real estate agent may tell you one thing, but there may be another explanation. Therefore, you have no reason to feel guilty about prying.

You need to investigate the cause of any cracked drywall you encounter. Otherwise, you may end up in a home like the one described above. Curiously, the realtor could have made this information available to the buyer. However, we imagine they didn’t want to jeopardize the sale. 

Working in the Industry

Many people consider Los Angeles to be the “City of Angels.” However, anyone who has lived there knows that the nickname “City of Angels” is more than a little misleading. Many residents spend too much time getting drunk or high. Furthermore, everyone you meet will proudly proclaim that they “work in the industry.” What are your thoughts on Los Angeles? Leave a comment below and let us know!

The realtor had no idea the homeowner worked in the adult industry. Why they didn’t clean it up before selling it is a mystery. Perhaps they calculated that it would increase the asking price. Whatever the case, it’s crazy to be doing this right next to a primary school.

A Horrific Restroom Incident

Lesson number one in the world of real estate: if you want to view a property, wait until winter. Then, you can check the pipes to ensure they are not clogged; otherwise, you could wind up in the same predicament as this builder. Frozen feces in the toilet is a mystery that defies explanation.

What kind of person would go to someone’s house only to leave such a rotten mess in the toilet? We might feel the urge to tear down the entire structure if we discovered such a thing. 

The incident with the Stool

This one has us scratching our heads, and we can only pray that the child in question was too little to know any better at the time. If not, then it’s extra terrible! We would love to be a fly on the wall and witness the realtor’s reaction to this.

It’s hilarious that the other realtor called it “the poop incident,” though. It gives a false impression that the situation is far worse than it was. Hopefully, they could remove all traces of “the poop incident” and any odor in the bedroom before putting the house up for sale.

Odd Customer

This homeowner is the perfect example of the oddball clientele real estate agents often encounter. He would never say such things to a male realtor; therefore, it’s puzzling that he felt he could share such thoughts with a female one. It’s incredible how some people can be so oblivious.

If he feels comfortable enough to make such remarks to a total stranger, we can only imagine what he says to the women in his life. Nobody should have to put up with objectifying comments like those. It’s no wonder she canceled this appointment. 

Hot Tub

As a final step before leaving your home, you should take out the trash. The underlying motivation behind this action is simple courtesy. You don’t know how long it will be before the new owners move in, and you don’t want them to have to deal with a horrendous mess of old garbage.

However, it’s also possible that the owner purposefully abandoned the DVD as a practical joke. Or, perhaps the former owner just wanted the new owners to know what had gone on in the house before their time.

Unusual Artwork

So far, this list has revealed that some folks are just plain strange while at home. Understandably, some people are this way because the house is a haven where they can be themselves. In this particular example, however, the proprietor was a bit too eccentric.

Given the house’s location, the owner likely did this as a covert form of revenge against the local religious community. Guests would be astonished, we’re sure, to discover such a picture stored in the attic. We’re curious about what the real estate agent did with the artwork after discovering it.

Terrible Parents

It breaks our hearts to watch parents locking their children in their rooms. There is no excuse for treating your child this way, no matter how difficult they are or how badly they behave. The intended function of a child’s room is to be a refuge, not a jail. However, in many houses, this is unfortunately not the case.

There’s no good explanation for the presence of reverse locks on bedroom doors. Knowing that some of the homes had them in the basements makes us sad. Keeping your child in a scary place is even crueler than locking them in their bedroom.

Disgusting Dust

So many stories on this list center on characters forced to survive in appalling circumstances. It’s bad enough to have trash mounds in the way of guests and family members, but what if animals were occupying the ducts in the roof? We can’t imagine how they lived in this place for so long.

Having wild bats as house guests is not only repulsive, but it also increases the risk of contracting a fatal disease. Didn’t we learn our lesson about bats in 2020? How someone could knowingly choose to stay in such a vile place is beyond us. Some folks simply don’t care about keeping things clean.

Quite the Deal!

Occasionally, you may come upon a place that looks like the home of your dreams and find yourself mystified as to why it has yet to be purchased. Everyone has their opinion on what makes a good house. Indeed, a home you find beautiful could be the worst possible choice for someone else. Sometimes, however, a place is so bad that no one should live there.

Thankfully, in most countries, realtors are required by law to provide information that might significantly impact potential buyers’ opinions of the home. The fact that a serial killer murdered eleven people and stored their bodies in the home would be enough to scare most people away!

What’s Worse Than a Roach Infestation?

The practice of “flipping” houses has grown in popularity, especially among non-realtors. A good amount of money can be made with very little cash outlay if you know what you’re doing. Still, even a large sum of money could not tempt us to visit a property like this one.

The inhabitants were as reprehensible as their home was disgusting, so it’s no wonder the house was crawling with roaches. It’s terrible to think of what these people allegedly did. We pray that the children are now in a secure environment.

Strange Students

For this next lady, we feel nothing but shame. Visualize yourself renting your home to your kid and his pals. You may expect them to be appreciative and eager to return your generosity. Remember, however, that the son and his pals were all in college at the time.

It is beyond our comprehension how these college kids could have felt that this sort of behavior was acceptable in a house, much less one that their mother had generously let them rent. The weirdness of college students is on a whole other level!