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40 Ridiculous Signs Found in Restaurants Around the World

With so many food options available to us in the modern world, restaurants and fast-food joints must be creative with their signage. A humorous sign could, after all, make the difference between someone walking by or entering the restaurant and tipping generously.

Of course, not all restaurant signs are designed to be funny. Some are created in an earnest effort to get unruly customers to behave more civilly. Funnily enough, these signs often end up making us laugh even harder than those designed with humor in mind. To prove this point, we’ve collected a mix of both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious restaurant signs from all around the world. Get set for plenty of chuckles at these ridiculous signs.

Canine Cops

For those who don’t know, El Arroyo is a Tex-Mex restaurant that’s famous for its meme-worthy signs. While their food is good, most El Arroyo pics you’ll see online are related to the jokes and thought-provoking ideas they share on the signs outside their restaurant.

We would love to get a glimpse inside the minds of our canines and understand what they’re thinking when they do certain things. Like the people behind El Arroyo, we would love to know what our pups think of police dogs!

Just Do It 

This sign is bleak but funny. We bet they get a lot of good Samaritans going in to get a feed. After all, no one wants to think of a poor restaurant owner starving. Of course, this raises an interesting question: how could someone who works in a kitchen starve if they have all the ingredients to make you food?

If we dig into it a little deeper, it’s also clear that we won’t starve if we don’t eat here. We have plenty of food at home, and there are other restaurants in town. This sign’s logic does not hold up to scrutiny!

The Logic Checks Out

While the last sign’s logic fell apart on closer inspection, this one definitely checks out. The deal isn’t all that great, but at least the logic is there. Would this draw you into the bar for a few drinks?

We like the strategy the bartender is using here. Why not put a positive spin on an everyday situation? Pay double for two beers, and you’ll get a second beer absolutely free – we bet this deal sounds better and better the more beers you drink.  

Turn Yourself Around

Addiction is a serious topic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find humor in it. Indeed, for many people who struggle with addiction, it’s crucial to be able to laugh and stop taking themselves so seriously. The following restaurant sign should help.

Addictions can range from alcohol and sugar to gaming and even sticking Q-tips in your ears (seriously, look up Q-tip addiction when you finish this article). Hokey Pokey addiction sounds like it could actually be good for you. At least you’d get your exercise in every day. 

Please Don’t Copy This Smug Sign

If you love good coffee, you’ve probably seen some version of this sign in a café. There’s something so smug and condescending about it that just never impresses customers. Indeed, this is a good way to ensure people don’t bother coming back to your café again.

Since these café owners want us to act like it’s 1995, we’re sure they won’t mind if we only pay $1 for the coffee, right? If they want to bring back the 1995 wifi situation, we’re bringing back 1995 prices. 

Clever Marketing

If this is for real, we actually kind of like the idea. The wait staff and chefs size you up and then choose your meal for you. We would definitely go there at least once, but the uncertainty would probably prevent people from making this their regular lunch place.

We wonder if they at least let people fill them in on their dietary restrictions. Also, do they ever punish people with truly terrible meals? If so, their karma-based restaurant would be more accurate but we doubt they’d impress their customers!

Speaking the Truth

This sign comes across as pretty desperate, especially given how quickly it appears to have been sprawled on the sign. Desperate though the owner may seem to get customers, this is kind of cute. We’d consider eating there.

What kind of food do you think they serve there? We’re imagining a pizza joint or perhaps a diner that specializes in Philly cheesesteaks. Do you think the decor in the restaurant would be just as bleak as the sign? We hope not!

Food-Based Flow Chart

This restaurant decided to bring a bit of science and logic into its signage. However, we have a feeling the flow chart might have been rigged. Take a look and see what you think.

It seems all roads lead to “yes.” We feel sorry for any vegans or vegetarians who read this sign! There’s clearly no room for their way of life in this restaurant. For everyone else, the answer is clear – just go in and eat it. You will, after all, become a “true” warrior. 

Thanks for the Help

We are big fans of menus that show us exactly what each meal looks like. This is especially helpful when you’re traveling and don’t speak the language all that well. Seeing what you’re going to get can help you make a wise choice. This restaurant has taken things a little too far, though.

The tea, the root beer, the Pepsi variations, and the Dr. Pepper all look identical. We’re also pretty sure we could have guessed at the colors of the strawberry soda, lemonade, and Mountain Dew. 

Raptor Meme

Who doesn’t love the thoughtful raptor meme? Since we’re used to seeing it on our computer screens, it’s fun to see one out in the wild, so to speak. Would this encourage you to try out the amazing $1 pizza?

We think we’d have to give it a go. After all, even if it’s not as good as the sign claims, you’re only a dollar down. What have you got to lose? We think that artistry is worth at least a dollar anyway!

Fried-ian Slip

Kentucky Fried Chicken has such loyal and obsessive fans that when it changed its branding to KFC in 1991, conspiracy theories quickly spread among terrified consumers who worried that the brand was no longer serving real chicken. If KFC isn’t careful, signs like this could inspire another chicken panic.

Clearly, they were trying to advertise an “unbeatable feast.” However, a crucial letter fell from the sign, transforming the feats from unbeatable to uneatable. That’s what we call a Fried-ian slip!

Wait, What?

This sign gets increasingly strange with every new word. How many days do they think there are in a week? If this is the level of understanding they have about basics like the days of the week, we’re not sure we’d be willing to trust their food prep skills!

There’s something very Alice in Wonderland about this sign, though, so it’s kind of growing on us. We still don’t know that the food would be that great, but we’d at least give it a try, especially if they were offering a tea party!

Humans Are Weird

El Arroyo strikes again with another adorable observation about how weird humans are. We’ve never thought about clapping in this kind of depth before, but now that you mention it, El Arroyo, it is a strange practice. Why do we hit ourselves when we like something?

The more you like the thing, the harder and faster you tend to hit yourself. We did a little digging, and it seems that clapping most likely came about sometime in the 6th century BCE in Athens. 

Who’s Up for Pie and Lattes?

If a friend invited you for pie and lattes, you’d probably jump at the chance to enjoy these decadent treats. Imagine how disappointed you’d be if you showed up at the address they gave you only to discover it was a pilates studio.

Thankfully, pilates is actually quite fun, so by the end of it, you’d probably be pleased you were tricked into coming along. The best part? After your workout, you really can go and get the pie and latte you were expecting! 

We’ve All Done This

We know we’ve already featured El Arroyo, but we couldn’t leave this one off the list. Every lid has made this mortifying mistake at least once. Calling your teacher “mom” is an easy mistake to make, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing.

For all the teachers out there who have been called “mom” over the years, we recommend following El Arroyo’s advice and taking it as a compliment. You can also take it as an excuse to treat yourself to something special on Mother’s Day – you deserve it. 

Meow You’re Talking

This restaurateur is clearly a fan of Super Troopers. In case you haven’t seen the film, there’s a scene in which two cops play “the cat game.” They pull over a driver, and the one doing all the talking has to try to say “meow” ten times during the interaction.

We bet a lot of customers had fun with this game. The key is to make the meows natural by replacing other words. “Are you ready to take my order meow?” “I don’t know meow to decide.” “That’s very a-meow-sing.” You get the idea! 

Math Humor

Okay, we promise we’ll cool it with the El Arroyo signs after this one, but as math geeks, we had to give this one some love. For those who don’t remember too much from their high school math classes, “mean” is another word for “average” in statistics.

The “mode” is the most commonly occurring number in the data set, while the “median” is the value that lies in the middle when the numbers are arranged from lowest to highest. This is why that strip you see in the middle of some roads is called a median strip. Now you know! 

Don’t) Do It for the ‘Gram

If you’re one of those people who has to snap a picture of every meal you eat, we have one question for you: Why? Do you really think other people care what you’re eating? Do you care what other people are eating for lunch?

Worse than those who simply snap a pic are those who awkwardly thrust a thumbs-up into the mix. Worse still are the influencers who bring an entire studio set-up to lunch. If this sounds like you, we recommend avoiding the restaurant that created the sign above!

All Roads Lead to Yes

Here’s another food-based flow chart that’s suspiciously positive. Can you really trust a flowchart in which all roads lead to yes? In this context, we think we’d be happy to go with the flow. There are drinks involved, after all!

Whether you’re having a brilliant day, a “meh” day, or the worst time of your life, you know what to do when you see this sign. Head inside and have a drink. You’re sure to find some solace with the friendly staff and the other customers who have been coerced inside by this suspicious flow chart. 

That’s Nasty

One thing we love neon signs for is their propensity for malfunctioning in the most hilarious way possible. Of all the letters that could have gone out, this sign dropped the two that left it declaring the restaurant was “nasty.”

Would you still eat here? Or would you take it as a sign from the universe, warning you that you’re not going to have a good time? We would still take a chance. Oddly enough, some of the best meals we’ve ever enjoyed have been at places that have less than spectacular decor. 

Nihilism for Breakfast 

The person who wrote this sign must have been reading Arthur Schopenhauer at college. It’s okay, though. Most people go through at least one nihilistic phase in life, especially if they study philosophy.


If you’re wondering whether the restaurant is really named GNTRBT, we can confirm that it is. Well, sort of. This stands for Giant Robot. They’ve just removed the vowels along with any sense of positivity in this sign. If you’re going through your nihilistic phase at the moment, you can find GNTRBT on Instagram.

The Beauty of Bad Reviews

Businesses can be built or destroyed on customer reviews, and nowhere is this more true than in hospitality. Even just one bad review can do incredible damage, but this restaurant has taken a unique approach to dealing with negative customer feedback.

If you run a restaurant, would you be bold enough to put out a sign like this? To be honest, we’re kind of curious about just how bad that meatball sandwich is. We’re keen to test it out to see if that reviewer on Yelp was just being a contrarian. 

Snoop Soup

One thing we love about Vietnamese and Thai restaurants is the fact that they often put puns in their names. We’ve seen Bow Thai, Pho Get It, and now Pho Shizzle. As Snoop fans, we think this one might be our favorite!

The other thing we love about Vietnamese restaurants is, of course, how good the food tastes. If you’ve never had pho before, we suggest that you find your nearest Vietnamese restaurant and try it today. Who knows? You may discover that Pho Shizzle is in your town! 

No Adult Tantrums, Please

We have all had moments in our lives when we would have loved to have done an epic table flip. Maybe your boss is being a jerk, a coworker won’t stop yammering, or perhaps the food you ordered is just depressingly underwhelming. Whatever the case, most of us keep the whole table flip idea safely stowed away in our imaginations.


Apparently, this isn’t the case in Japan. From this sign, we can only assume that customers regularly flip tables when they’re unhappy with some aspect of their service. We’re actually kind of impressed by their boldness!

Steak Lovers Know

The whole “poems are hard” joke has been overdone like a bad steak. However, we’ll give this sign-writer a pass because they referenced blue steak. True steak lovers will instantly know what we’re talking about, as blue steak is the pinnacle of deliciousness, so long as it’s prepared and cooked right.

If a restaurant offers blue steak (rarer than rare), that generally means they’re getting fresh cuts of meat and not ever freezing them. It also means the chef knows what they’re doing as it takes skill to get blue steak just right.

No Thanks!

Gas is the last thing you want to get after you eat a meal. Of course, they mean a different kind of gas, but still, it’s impossible to look past the implications. We don’t think we’d be comfortable taking the risk.

If you had a giggle at this sign and ate at the place anyway, you’d only have yourself to blame if you got gas a couple of hours later. Your passengers would not be impressed, especially if it was a hot day and you had a long drive ahead of you. 

Shoe Prejudice

One of the most common fashion faux pas to be referenced in modern society is the horror of socks with sandals. People are quick to judge until they try this style for themselves. There’s something deliciously comfortable and rebellious about rocking the socks-with-sandals look, so we’re not sure we’re cool with this sign.

Don’t knock it until you try it – that’s our motto. Sometimes, comfort has to win over fashion, and when it comes to socks with sandals, this is a personal choice that should be respected. 

Hipster Humor

Hipsters are famous for saying things like, “I was into beards and neck tattoos before they were cool.” While it may make you a true trend-setter to get into a style before other people think it’s cool, you shouldn’t take this ethos into your coffee drinking. Get into your Americano before it’s cool, and you’ll be in a world of pain.

The funniest part about this sign is that it’s outside of a café – the hipster’s favorite hangout. We bet the barista who wrote it has a beard, tattoos, and plenty of Mumford and Sons on his Mp3 player. 

Enough Said

This sign is so confusing, we love it. We bet plenty of people went in just to find out what on Earth is going on and why the restaurant just has the word “egg” on its sign.

Perhaps they were offering their answer to the endless circularity of “What came first – the chicken or the egg?” Maybe they’ve sided with the egg, and that’s that – they’re taking a stand. If so, well, more power to them! Sometimes, you have to take a stand, and it may as well be about eggs. 

Emotional Blackmail

Have you heard of love languages? People tend to express their love through things like acts of service, physical affection, or gift-giving. In this case, it seems whoever wrote the sign has one love language only – drinks. If you love them, you’d better be ready to buy the next round.

Do you know what your love language is? Ours certainly isn’t buying people alcohol. We enjoy a drink from time to time, but this seems like the kind of love language that could quickly get out of hand – both health-wise and financially! 

Acronyms Don’t Always Work

Business owners love their acronyms, especially if said acronyms spell out real words. However, there are some acronyms that should just be avoided, especially in connection with food. BAD is one such unattractive acronym.

Who wants to go and get bad sushi? The fact that it’s 50% is also concerning. The discount makes it seem like the sushi generally isn’t that great, despite the fact that “BAD” is supposed to stand for “Best and Delicious.” We’re not convinced at all! 

Following Orders

When your boss tells you to do something and do it well, it can feel like a lot of pressure has been put on you. When humans feel like they’re under pressure, they often can’t think as clearly as they normally would. Take the sign below, for example.

The employee responsible for it was told to write something witty and fun on the chalkboard. However, with so much pressure on them, they couldn’t think of anything to write. So, they just took the instruction literally. At least they got the job done. 

Spanish Lesson

This sign conveniently offers a Spanish lesson while also informing passers-by that they can obtain tequila if they step inside. Tequila is a popular spirit made from the agave plant (also known as “mague” in Mexico). “Te amo” is a way of saying “I love you” in Spanish.

What better way to learn Spanish than with a little tequila? If they serve tacos, tamales, or pozole as well, then we’re 100% sold. With happy tummies and a nice tequila buzz, we’re sure all those Spanish lessons will sink in easily. Where can we sign up? 

Food Love Is Forever

Whether it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend, one thing is true – all these relationships come to an “end.” Food, by contrast, does not contain the word “end.” This sign is cute, clever, and correct – your favorite food will never let you down or abandon you.

The only problem is that if you always turn to food, you can end up in trouble. Food addiction is a real thing, and as social animals, humans need our girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends, and other relationships. So, enjoy your food, but don’t take this sign too seriously! 

Spreading Panic

This sign offers a variant of the Mother’s Day one we saw earlier. However, this one is a little more risque. While the Mother’s Day one was directed at teachers who have accidentally been called mom, this one is directed at guys who may be fathers without knowing it.


While it was clearly meant as a joke, we bet this sign inspired some soul-searching and, dare we say it, a little fear in a few of the guys who passed by. 

Spongebob Is Doing What Now?

Well, if Spongebob is doing the hiring, you can count us in. Who wouldn’t want to go to work every day with that loveable sponge who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea?

Most people think of Burger King as a place to work temporarily while finishing school. However, if Spongebob was in charge, we would consider this an excellent place to work for the foreseeable future. Every day would be full of ridiculous antics, and life would always look rosy. 

Disturbing Details

Copywriting truly is an art form, especially when you have a strict word count with which to work. An even greater level of creativity is required when writing about food. Get it right, and customers will be running to your restaurant, their mouths already watering. Get it wrong, and it might look something like the sign below.

Saline tang? Pink flesh? These terms do not paint a pretty picture. Also, what’s with all the exclamation marks? Overall, it creates a disturbing, creepy vibe.

Is This Cannibalism?

This sign is unintentionally hilarious, which is the best kind of hilarious. We do feel sorry for Jessica’s family, but sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. We wonder if the owners of this establishment ever noticed the hidden message their signs spell out.


This sign should serve as a warning to any restaurateurs out there. Before you sink any money into signage, be sure to have a couple of friends take a look to make sure there’s not a horrible hidden message in there that you’re not seeing. 

Is Wendy’s Based on Soylent Green?

Have you ever seen Soylent Green? If you haven’t, don’t worry – it’s a sci-fi film from 1973, so it’s nearly 50 years old now! We don’t want to give away any crucial plot points, so we won’t say too much. However, once you’ve seen the film, you’ll understand why this sign gives us Soylent Green vibes.

Once again, this sign offers an excellent lesson for owners of restaurants and fast-food franchises. You must be careful when crafting signs. Otherwise, you could send some strange messages to the public. 

PC Culture

What better way to end this list than with another sign from our favorite punny restaurant? El Arroyo is at it again, this time taking aim at PC culture. We bet Joe Rogan would approve of this sign.

Comedians these days are forever complaining about PC culture and the fact that they “can’t say anything anymore without offending someone.” The funniest part is, they usually make these complaints while standing on a stage, speaking to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. Tell us again how you can’t say anything anymore.