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Shoplifting Analyzed Using Innovative New AI System

AI developments happen all the time, often for reasons and purposes that we might have never expected. However, it would be fair to say that while some AI developments can seem worrying authoritarian, others can be quite good. For example, a new program being developed dubbed Vaakeye could be the ideal anti-shoplifting solution. For anyone who runs a commercial business and knows the impact that shrinkage can have on the bottom line, this could be very exciting indeed!

Indeed, the development has come through work from Vaak, a Japanese start-up with some immensely interesting ideas. They use the AI system to analyze the body language of anyone who comes into the store and is considered to potentially be a shoplifter. Thanks to the numerous body language and alerts that it can give off, store employees can then work out the best way to deal with the situation.

At the same time, it will help to avoid time being wasted on false targets, giving staff a better chance of catching someone who is already in the act of shoplifting. The body language that it can give off can be quite a giveaway, and the AI system is able to thoroughly scan body language in a bid to find out if this is an offense taking place or not.

The development has been ongoing for some time, with the CEO of the company, Ryo Tanaka, saying that the system uses over 100 different body language traits to learn from. This provides it with features including evaluating the gait of someone, their hand movements, and their choice of clothing. Facial expressions, of course, will also be considered.

Indeed, shoplifting is a massive problem for business owners who see their stock removed from the shelves without being able to stop it or act. A tool like Vaakeye, though, would provide those who wish to try and pre-empt a stealing attempt with greater efficiency and precision.

While accusing someone of stealing when being wrong always feels horrible, Vaakeye would both reduce false checks and also help to catch more perpetrators in the action. Can that really be a bad thing?