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42 Hilarious Snaps From School Students Today

As a student, you are expected to be well-behaved in the classroom and pay attention to what your teacher says while studying regularly and doing homework. This can make the life of a student both boring and difficult. Some students are good at this—they study hard and focus on their work and make the best grades.

Not all students excel, though. But some students have a gift for humor. These students deserve a grade of “A +” for being the kings of wit and for helping their fellow students through the otherwise dull days. Read on to see 42 examples of learners who are beginning to think outside the box and who are no longer afraid to be out of the ordinary.

What’s In a Name?

This student at Langstaff Secondary School casually provided a fake name when asked for details for his ID, but the staff didn’t seem to notice. Hilariously, when the ID card was printed, they didn’t check the details. When the school gave out the official student IDs, everyone at this school must have been cracking up.

Image Courtesy of dailyedge

What makes this one even funnier is the school’s motto: “Maturity Through Responsibility.” It looks like there was a breach in responsibility somewhere down the line. We don’t know why he chose this particular name, but if you like Disney movies, you may remember Jaffar, the villain in Aladdin. We’re not sure he looks like the character, but given that he pulled this off, he must be quite the schemer. 

Taking Action

The topic of this lesson was verbs, or as they’re also known, action words. This student was instructed to fill in the blanks with verbs that relate to something that they enjoy doing with family and friends. However, the instructions didn’t indicate that the answers had to be different from one another.

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

The student responded to the question by quoting lyrics from the song I Like to Move It. This student probably spends their time at the local arcade practicing their moves on Dance Dance Revolution! The student certainly looks pretty passionate about this hobby of theirs, so it’s likely that they are pretty good at it.

Old School Tea Party

Locker checks are a common thing in most schools. Teachers go through students’ lockers, looking for any dangerous items students might be hiding. Normally, teachers will just find normal things such as books, papers, combs, or whatever students need to survive school.

Image Courtesy of hahastop

Imagine the teacher’s surprise upon opening this high school student’s locker and seeing a miniature dinosaur tea party with a working chandelier inside. Of course, we want to find out where the student got these items. This kid is heading for an art major for sure!

Less Than Clear instructions

“Less than” < and “greater than” > are two terms used to compare two values in math. Shapes and symbols are more practical than words in math because they can be easily understood by anyone, whether they speak the same language or not. In this case, our student here seems to be having trouble understanding basic English.

Image Courtesy of liveabout

In this particular case, the student interpreted the instructions differently because they thought they could write “or” in each answer. So, instead of writing the symbol to compare the two values, he wrote “or”—which is technically correct, we guess.

Congratulations, I guess?

Tens of thousands of students partake in the classic cap-and-gown graduation tradition of decorating their attire with messages to loved ones, past and present classmates and teachers, and even future goals. In this case, however, this student seems to have taken it a step further.

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

It’s no secret that tuition is expensive. But for many college students, taking on a lifetime of debt is simply the price they have to pay to get a competitive edge in the job market. This indirectly benefits employers, who then gain leverage over their future employees. Maybe someone should get Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons on the case!

I’m Just Being Honest

At school, children are asked what they want to do with their lives when they grow up. Typically, youngsters will respond that they want to be a doctor, teacher, pilot, scientist, astronaut, YouTuber, and so on. This child, however, has a unique set of life goals.

Image Courtesy of Acid Cow

We’ll go ahead and presume that this student is a boy based on his handwriting. His responses, on the other hand, were pretty direct and quite different from what a typical child would respond to. At least he’s ambitious!

Bottle It

One day, a group of students decided to pull a prank on their teacher by decorating their desk with the plastic bottles that they’d collected. We are not sure why these students did this, but the teacher surely loved the mini-room.

Image Courtesy of pikabu.ru

What a clever idea. It’s like a special and separate space for the teacher that also allows them to maintain a certain level of supervision over the class. I bet teachers would love something like this. Maybe they should start selling these things on Etsy!

Getting a Little Overconfident

The handwriting on this paper suggests that a student in grade school or elementary school wrote this. Most of the answers were penciled in pretty accurately, except for questions four to six, where the student seems to have taken things in an interesting new direction.

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

It’s clear from their eraser marks that this student was unsure what to say. Ultimately they chose a humorous answer instead of something serious. When in doubt, give it your best shot. The student might grow up to be a great comedian.

Taking it too literally

Math exams can be a challenge, especially when the instructions are unclear. In this case, the instructions seem to contain a spelling mistake! This student was smart enough to give the correct answer and a literal answer, resulting in an answer the test makers probably didn’t expect.

Image Courtesy of travelfuntu

This is a great example of intelligence and, at the same time, wit. If you’re more intelligent than the people making the test, we think you’d deserve top marks. We have to give it to them for drawing the axes perfectly as well.

Mama June at School

A picture of Mama June, star of the TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, was placed behind the window of the door in this school. A student decided to have a life-sized face picture printed out. The picture looks so realistic and creepy at the same time.

Image Courtesy of Acid Cow

If a student saw this picture of Mama June, they might turn and run in the opposite direction because the face just looks freaky. This might be the most accurate portrayal of how kids feel after a long day at school.

Posters of Bills

Students have a lot of fun playing jokes on each other. They like to taunt their teachers and even their principal, and they do so by posting subversive notices around the school. For example, here’s one that says, “Post No Bills.”

Image Courtesy of brightside

This notice refers to the flyers that have been posted around campus. This particular student took it in a different direction by posting pictures of famous people with the name Bill. He even included a picture of Bill Murray and we couldn’t love it more.

It is still gas, right?

By looking at the photo, the questions seem to be about the different states of matter, solid, liquid, and gas. This is probably a section on elementary science. From what we can see—so far, so good—the student has answered every question correctly.

Image Courtesy of Huffington Post

However, when the student penciled in the last question, they gave a rather unusual answer, to put it mildly. Their response was “fart” which is… correct, we guess? It is, indeed, a gas. However, we can’t from memory remember where it fits in on the periodic table.

School of Memes

Students have been making fun of signs for years, usually with the help of a little vandalism. After some careful analysis of their high school’s name above the entrance, some insightful students noticed that if you take out certain letters, their school’s name makes the word “Lol.”

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

So some students decided to change the name of their high school. They took out the other letters, leaving the letters L-O-L, and the name of their school became LOL High School. Which classes do you think they offer? Perhaps a class in meme creation, or one that teaches students how to put pictures of people’s faces on animals.

Picture Perfect

Graphing calculators are like best friends for students, who rely on them to solve equations and plot graphs. But for some students, the graphing calculator is more than just a tool; it becomes a virtual canvas on which students can express their creativity.

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

One student found a way to make a picture-perfect photo of their math professor using a calculator. Who would have thought that graphing calculators could produce such accurate images? It’s safe to say that this student has a career in comedy or the arts ahead of them.

I’m Wide Awake

If you are a student with many projects and assignments on a full schedule, staying awake in class might be a challenge. That is why this one student came up with a clever way to avoid getting caught napping.

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

This creative student cut out a picture of wide-awake eyes from a magazine. They then taped the eyes to their eyelids to keep them open during class and not get caught by the teacher. Let’s just hope their teacher doesn’t pay that much attention; otherwise, they might not notice their student blink for several minutes, which might lead to an awkward situation.

Plant in a Cell

Students were asked to illustrate a plant cell and illustrate its most important parts in this exam. One student took a different approach with a creative interpretation of the question’s wording with an equally interesting result.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

We think that this student took things too literally. This drawing of a plant inside a prison cell is just the funniest thing ever! And the student even identified the parts of the prison cell correctly. The pupil would get credit for following directions, at least if they were in a comedy class. 

Catching Up In Class

We’re going to assume that attendance at this lecture is crucial. That being said, plenty of hardworking students struggle to meet their sleep quotas due to the burden of papers and assignments. As a result, going to class, even if it’s only to sleep, is far preferable to not going to class at all.

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

We’re sure this wasn’t the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, but it must have been the best this student could come up with under the circumstances. We can only imagine how funny the professor would have found this if he happened to pass by.

Going all out

Here’s a sight you wouldn’t expect to see unless you happen to be watching ESPN SportsCenter. A group of ambitious high school students set up to broadcast their school’s basketball game. Unfortunately, though, it looks like their set is just for show.

Image Courtesy of Diply

While their fancy headsets don’t actually look plugged in, they certainly look like professional sportscasters. One of them even went all out with a suit and tie. Perhaps they have sports commentary ambitions. Better jump on those communications degrees, boys! 

Taking Notes

Senior high school students have a long-standing tradition of pulling one last final prank on staff and faculty members before they graduate. What can’t be explained is how they managed to get enough time to produce this painstaking masterpiece.

Image Courtesy of Seventeen

Some kids broke into the faculty office and slapped sticky notes on every surface—including the desk, bookshelf, window, and even the printer. Best of luck to the teachers who will have a hard time finding their books. Maybe it’s explained on one of the notes.

Recipe for Fun

High school is one of life’s most memorable times. A great way to remember those years is through a yearbook. Many students spend days agonizing over what to wear and what quote to put under their picture that best represents them.

Image Courtesy of ifunny

Mason Goodman looks handsome in his coat and tie. It’s unusual, though, for a senior to write a recipe for pancakes as his class quote. His classmates, who might be inspired to make a yummy and fluffy pancake, will surely be hungry by the time they finish reading his quote.

Adding two extra letters

You can’t choose your family name, no matter which profession you’re in. However, these students seem to have difficulty resisting the temptation of playing with the sign on their professor’s door, Dr. Hedgeh. The students would add the letters “O” and “G” to their teacher’s name, which led to this little note.

Image Courtesy of xaxor.com

Dr. Hedgeh should just get used to it since this prank shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Sorry, prof—but it’s not like you can do anything about it! Maybe you should just stop being so pointed and embrace being A. Hedgehog. 

An Honest Opinion

Honesty is the best policy, and this student’s answer is a great example of how honesty can actually pay off as the teacher rewarded them with a point for straightforwardly answering the question, even though it probably isn’t a textbook answer.

Image Courtesy of coolimba

We don’t know what the program in question 5 is about, but it’s probably a really difficult one. So, rather than fretting over answering the question, this student simply answered it frankly, earning an additional point for their honesty.

A Calculated Letter

One morning, a calculus teacher found a note from one of their students on the classroom door. Apparently, one of their students hadn’t done very well on the test. Rather than arrange a meeting, they decided to let out their frustration through an open letter.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

This student made a good point. Math tests do tend to end up being complicated, and not everyone can be as fluent in math as exam makers wish them to be. However, this student took it up a level by turning their protest letter into a hilarious commentary.

In Their Natural Habitat

As a student, you can feel like an animal in a cage inside the classroom, especially when crunched by schoolwork. By the look of these students hard at work behind their bars, this appears to be true. So a student made a sign warning people in the office not to disturb an engineer at work.

Image Courtesy of laughbreak

Engineers do indeed spend a lot of time working seriously. If you want to view one up close, make sure not to make any sudden sounds or movements while they’re busy. Or throw a cold pizza at them and let them continue their work afterward.

Hole on the floor

When students are bored in class, they often do things to pass the time. In this case, a group of students literally bored a hole into the ground, allowing them to see the classroom below. The hole then became a form of newfound entertainment.

Image Courtesy of me.me

With a piece of yarn and a Cheeto, students lowered an offering down the hole to a student below. We wonder what it must have been like for that young girl to finally see this strange treasure from above. It must have been like manna from heaven.

Officially graduated

When one student from an online college graduated, it’s hard to imagine that he would be disappointed to learn that there was no graduation picture. However, he wanted his friends and family to be able to see how far he’d come, so he bought himself a graduation gown and cap and waited for the mail to arrive.

Image Courtesy of kwejk.pl

When his diploma arrived, he asked the mailman to pose as he handed him his diploma. The mailman thought it was a pretty funny joke and agreed. What resulted is an instant classic online diploma photo. The only thing missing is his family looking on proudly from their respective Zoom windows.

Short But Sweet

Writing an essay can be tricky. It takes a lot of concentration and effort to think of a topic, plan the structure of your essay and write it all down. More so for short stories. Writing a short story can be difficult because you have to tell a whole story using only a few words. There’s no room for slack.

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

The teacher asked their students to compose a short story for their task. Unfortunately, the writing prompt wasn’t too clear. After a couple of minutes, one student handed this in as their final draft. We’re not sure if it was supposed to be taken seriously, but we have a feeling that the teacher wasn’t too happy with it.

Connect The Dots

It’s no secret that some students will do whatever it takes to get excellent grades on their assignments, just like this student who tried out a little trick to get a good score. Apparently, they found the winning strategy to get his teacher to put 100 on their test paper.

Image Courtesy of pleated-jeans

This is all it took: on the right side of the paper, he drew a connect the dots puzzle. When the teacher drew the lines together, they must have thought it was pretty good, because the student got their 100 after all. Smart! Now that’s something we can all learn from.

Always prepared

We’ve all seen students bringing snacks to class—everything from chips, cookies, fruit, chocolate, and more. This is the only student we know who has a true dedication to munching. If we had to give him a nickname, it would be “Snack Pack.”

Image Courtesy of shareably

This student cleverly used tape and what looks like candy wrappers to fashion himself a wearable instant noodle family pack. He won’t be hungry for the rest of the day, that’s for sure. The only problem is that he will eventually eat his way out of storage space.

Just graduated

Watching your child walk across the stage, put on his cap and gown, and receive his diploma is a proud moment for every parent. Why? Because you can see that he’s worked hard to fulfill his dreams. But this wasn’t actually the case for this man.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

This guy attended a graduation ceremony at a school he didn’t even attend. He bought a gown and cap and fooled the other graduates into thinking that he was one of them. We give him credit for the effort, although we’re not sure what motivated him in the first place.

Extra Notes

College lectures can be confusing, tedious, and aggravating. Of course, we understand that professors are simply trying to help us learn by making us take notes and making sure that we listen. But sometimes, they don’t realize we’re not actually learning much.

Image Courtesy of classnote234

The good thing about a laptop is that you can type without disturbing those sitting behind you. This kid took advantage of this fact to help people who weren’t listening. The people behind him knew what he was doing and even took a picture so that it could be shared with you lucky people.

We Deserve More

Going to college can cost a lot of money. Some students even work part-time while they go to school and take out loans just to be able to pay for tuition. Why should education cost so much money when this is the outcome?

Image Courtesy of cheezburger

When you are asked to pay hundreds of dollars in tuition fees at a prestigious university, you should expect to receive a high standard of education, as well as other perks. However, the student who posted this message seems genuinely surprised by the pitiful toilet paper. We are with you, poster.

Making Good Use Of Free Time

It is easy for students to waste time during class or on study breaks. But if you are putting your time to good use, you can make the most of it, just like what these two students did during their free time, along with some creativity and chalk.

Image Courtesy of lolhappens.com

These students are probably die-hard beat-em-up video game fans. They spent their free time making a video game storyboard, and from the looks of it, they don’t need good grades since they have such amazing imaginations and talents for drawing!

One for the books

While many teachers allow their students to let loose on the last day of school, others dread the occasion because of the resulting pranks. Some pranks fizzle and some pop, but only very few go down as legends. This is one such example of a prank that will go down in history.

These students should be given an A+ for their imagination and effort. Just imagine the look on the principal’s face when he walked into school that morning. We’re not sure how they managed to put it together, but they sure were resourceful. 

Modern Day Hero

It’s hard to stay focused in class when your stomach is growling with hunger, especially if you skipped lunch. This guy right here thought of a great solution to help everyone out and feel less hungry: waffles! What a generous dude!

Image Courtesy of brightside

This college student brought a waffle iron and batter to class one day, cooked waffles in the classroom, and shared them with his classmates. We’re not sure whether he gave his teacher a share, but we’re hoping they were blueberry-flavored.

Better late than never

In a final prank before graduation, the senior class took advantage of their last chance to cause mischief. Rather than pranking their school building or a teacher, the graduating senior class of this high school unleashed their creativity by painting the school’s parking lot.

Image Courtesy of seventeen

This note painted on the parking spot says, “If you’re reading this, I’m late.” Well, that is certainly one way to get your message across. But if someone can still read the note and there is no car parked in the parking space, then the person who was supposed to park there is surely on time? Who knows.

Crushed by a dino?

One student was disappointed after receiving the results from one of his exams. This irate student told his teacher that he would get back at the professor by smashing his car with a dinosaur. Though the threat seemed unreasonable, it was taken seriously at first.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

But after a moment of hesitation, the teacher just laughed off the threat and continued on, ignoring the student’s plea. However, the teacher got a good laugh when he found a miniature dinosaur on his windshield. The teacher thought the prank was hilarious, but it wasn’t enough to save that student’s grade.

More than just a graffiti

In university bathrooms, you are likely to find graffiti. The content varies widely, from insults to witty one-liners, to educational but crude drawings of human anatomy. In this case, though, the artist decided to take things in a lighter approach.

Image Courtesy of shareably

The bathroom in this university has a changing table. Someone from the school put an encouraging note on it. The note reads: “Place sacrifice here.” We hope parents will accept this message as a joke and not take offense, in case any of their family members died that way. 

Mail for Jar Jar

Apparently, one student at Portland Community College managed to enter the name “The Great Jar Jar Binks” into his school’s database. How they did it, we may never know. While we must give credit for their ingenuity, we question their rather obtuse choice of Star Wars character.

Image Courtesy of hiveminer.com

If your name is actually Jar Jar Binks, we’re very sorry for your parents’ sense of humor. If you are actually Jar Jar Binks and you attended Portland Community College, congratulations, but it will take a long time for this letter to reach you on Naboo. 

No time for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps provide the energy we need to get going in the morning and sustains us throughout the day. Unfortunately, however, some people are so busy (or stay up so late at night) that they don’t even have time to prepare breakfast.

Image Courtesy of Taringa

The guy in this picture has found a way to enjoy his breakfast even when his classes start early. Who can ever resist bacon and eggs for breakfast? With this set-up, he could even start a business with this and earn a few extra bucks to start paying off his enormous student loans!

Never lose the kid in you!

When teenagers leave home for college, some people think that they will mature and grow out of the childish mentality they had at high school—but that’s not always the case. Even when they get to college, these young adults find ways to have fun and act like kids.

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

Students from this dorm took the furniture out of their rooms and arranged it in the hallway, placing a sign indicating that the ground was made of lava. Students who participated in this prank said that they had a lot of fun watching their friends try to sidestep the lava without touching the floor. What can we say? It’s a classic game!

Tears Enough To Fill An Ocean

If you’re wondering how to make your graduation cap stand out from everyone else’s, take a little inspiration from Spongebob Squarepants. This student couldn’t believe that they had worked so hard for so many years to reach the end of their college journey.

Image Courtesy of ladiesgeekingout.com

The time it takes to graduate from college can feel like forever for some people, but for others, it’s over way too fast. Rather than writing a fancy graduation quote on their cap, this student decided to put something close to their heart on the top.