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Get a Taste of Celebrity Life with These 40 Candid Pictures of Rock Stars in Their Homes

The closest most of us ever get to our favorite rock stars is when we see them on stage at a concert. Amid the light shows, pyrotechnics, and massive hyped-up crowds, these people are elevated to the level of demi-gods. They seem unreachable, untouchable, and superhuman. This is why it’s so fascinating to take a peek inside their homes, and what you’ll find there may surprise you.

Not all rock stars live a life of luxury. In fact, some of your most cherished rock stars lived in rather strange conditions. You’re about to discover who lived with their parents, who had kinky love nests, who had secret kids, who had surprisingly drab lives, and more. Enjoy!

Debbie Harry’s Messy Abode

Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry wasn’t short on cash, but this didn’t stop her from living in squalor. Here, you can see the singer happily lounging in her chaotic bedroom. Though it looks like she must be squatting somewhere, this apartment was actually in the trendy Bowery borough of New York.

Around Harry, you can see scattered music sheets, newspapers, clothes, books, and an assortment of old food and drink containers. Harry is completely unphased by the mayhem. She clearly enjoyed her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

Frank Zappa’s Purple Wonderland

Frank Zappa was one of the zaniest rock stars in history. His music is wild, sometimes hilarious, and often psychedelic, despite the fact that he never really touched drugs. He also famously stood up against censorship and the emerging PC culture. Apparently, he was also a big fan of purple decor.

Here, you can see Zappa with his parents. This home was in Los Angeles, and the picture was taken in 1970. Zappa did sing a cover of Purple Haze – maybe that was a clue as to his purple obsession. This picture is a perfect encapsulation of his unique style – and we love how affectionate he is with his cat!

Jimmy Page’s Classy Castle

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page lives in a perfectly preserved historic building that at least one person has described as “haunted” and “evil.”Page’s palatial pad is called The Tower House, and he’s held onto it for decades.

The house was originally constructed by William Burges – one of the finest architects and designers of the Victorian era. This was one of Page’s main motivations in purchasing the property, and to this day, he says he still finds new details and quirks that reveal the true genius Burges possessed. 

Johnny Cash’s Sleek Black Home

Fans of Johnny Cash also know him as “The Man in Black” because this was almost always the hue of his outfits. It seems Cash was a fan of the noir look through and through as his lush lakefront property in Hendersonville, Tennessee, was completely decked out in dark decor.

Cash picked up this property in the sixties and held onto it until his death in the early 2000s. Both the exterior and interior were dark and somber looking. We wonder whether his dark home influenced the sad turn his music took or whether it was the same inner turmoil that caused him to turn to the darkness for solace. 

Lou Reed’s Samurai Room

Velvet Underground frontman and all-around musical legend Lou Reed had an interesting home life. Though we all know and love him for his musical genius, Lou Reed had a secret double life as a martial arts enthusiast. Indeed, he practiced martial arts for more than 20 years.

In particular, Reed had a passion for knives and samurai swords. Since martial arts and musical success both require a lot of hard work and discipline, we’re surprised to see how haphazardly Reed arranged his knife and sword collection on the walls of his house. Surely such a collection requires more order and precision! 

Iggy Pop’s Simple Life

Iggy Pop has lived a colorful life, so it’s strange to see him looking so chill in these pictures. The proto-punk genius is on his third marriage, and he currently shares a home with his wife, Nina Alu. Here, you can see him in the kind of contemplative mood that probably contributes to his musical genius.

This is a far cry from the wild and eccentric Iggy Pop we all know and love from his film clips, performances, and acting roles. However, that bizarre life-sized doll in the background gives us a glimmer of the Iggy we’re used to seeing! 

Donovan’s Life with Mom and Dad

Scottish musician Donovan always put family first. It was his parents, after all, who introduced him to the music that inspired him to become a performer himself. We can thank the sweet old couple in the picture below for Donovan favorites like “Season of the Witch” and “Mellow Yellow.”

This quaint pic was taken in 1970. In it, you can see Donovan relaxing with his parents. If you picked up a spot of melancholy in his expression, that’s probably because this photo was taken just as his career was beginning to slow down. His star soon dimmed, but at least he appreciated the good things in life. 

Paul McCartney and His Dad

This is a truly adorable picture of Paul McCartney and his dad, taken years apart but in the same pose. Though James McCartney passed away in 1976, Paul took to Twitter in 2017 to wish him a happy Father’s Day. How sweet!

McCartney says he owes his ability to play music and his love for the art form to his dear old dad. James was a pianist and trumpet player, so Paul grew up with music in the home and easy access to instruments he could learn.

Rick James’ Love Nest

Rick James had a love nest because of course he did! Unlike Iggy Pop, Rick brought his wild lifestyle home with him. He brought plenty of beautiful women back to the love nest you see in the picture below. Some of his dates include Elisabeth Shue, Linda Blair, and Catherine Bach.

Rick was a fan of silk everything in the bedroom, and he matched all that decadent silk with gold and brass fixtures and fittings. This bed is clearly where the magic happens – the musical magic, that is. Look at all those instruments. What were you thinking?

Richie Havens and His Parents

Here we have Blues legend Richie Havens revealing that he’s also a legendary family man. Originally from Brooklyn, Richie can be seen here with his folks – Richard and Mildred. He was one of nine kids the couple had!

As his career took off and the money started rolling in, one of Richie’s first moves was to buy his parents the home you can see in the pictures above. These pics were taken in 1970, and it was only onward and upward from here for Richie. 

Rod Stewart’s Tankini

British rock legend Rod Stewart had an enviable physique back in the 70s! Here, he can be seen with Britt Ekland, who played a Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun. They both look tanned, healthy, and relaxed. What a life!

We’re really digging Rod’s swimwear. Someone send this pic to the fashion industry so we can bring the tankini back! Rod has always had a thing for startling and unique outfits, so it’s no surprise his daughter, Kimberly, went on to be a model.

George Harrison’s Magical Mystery House

From these pictures, we can see that George Harrison clearly influenced the more psychedelic sounds the Beatles evolved into. The snaps were taken at his Kinfauns country house in the UK sometime in 1967. Though the house was white when he bought it, those walls didn’t stay that way for long!

The Beatles famously dove into a psychedelic phase after getting a little experimental with substances and spending time in Nepal and India. George clearly took that style to heart, transforming his home into a work of art. 

John Lennon’s Last Photograph

Speaking of The Beatles, we simply had to show you this haunting picture of John Lennon taken just five days before he was assassinated. This was the work of the famous Annie Leibovitz, and it was taken in Lennon’s New York City apartment.

Lennon can be seen holding one of his most prized possessions – his Fender Stratocaster. Around him, you see what looks like a normal home. Indeed, if it weren’t for the fact that he was sitting there, you’d never know this was a wealthy celebrity’s home.

Cher and Gregg Allman’s Brief Time of Peace

This picture shows the beautiful Cher at the age of 29 with her partner at the time – 27-year-old musician Gregg Allman. It was taken in 1975, and if you think Cher looks relaxed, that’s because she’d just finalized her divorce from Sonny Bono.

After a lot of alleged abuse, this was a moment of peace for Cher. Sadly, Gregg had addiction issues, so the relationship didn’t last. Well, we thought this was sad until we heard what Gregg once said about Cher: “I was really glad that she never asked me what I thought of her singing, because I’m sorry, but she’s not a very good singer.” What an unnecessary burn! 

Grace Slick Getting Real About Family Life

You may not instantly recognize Grace Slick, but you certainly know her band – Jefferson Airplane. The crying baby you can see in this pic is the child Gracie had with her bandmate, Paul Kantner. Little China Kantner went on to become an actress.

The woman seated on the lounge is Grace’s mother, Virginia Wing. Thankfully, she was there to support her daughter and granddaughter through all the ups and downs of parenting. This picture was taken in Palo Alto, California.

Freddie Mercury’s Shifting Style

Freddie Mercury was a legend among legends, with a voice that still reverberates through rock ‘n’ roll history. These two pictures show the stark contrast between his flamboyant and decadent young life and the turn he took after finding out he had contracted the disease that brought about his death.

He looks at peace in both photos but far more somber in the one on the right, which was taken in the 80s. At this stage, he was living happily with his long-term partner (and hairdresser), Jim Hutton. Sadly, he was also keeping a deadly secret from the world. 

Elvis Presley’s Family Home

Though we know him as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis did not come from a wealthy family. In fact, it has been reported that he had to share a bed with his mother until he was a teenager! Poor old Gladys simply couldn’t afford to get him his own bed.

Here, we see Elvis with his rather somber-looking parents in 1958. The picture was taken in their family home when Elvis was on the verge of becoming a global superstar. If the home looks nice, that’s because Elvis was very generous with his parents once he started earning money. 

Singer-songwriter David Crosby is looking delightfully cheeky in these pics. If you don’t know the mustachioed musician from his solo work, you may recognize him from Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Though he was known for his rebellious ways, Crosby had a classy upbringing. His father, pictured below, was an Academy Award-winning cinematographer.

Floyd Crosby was also part of the Dutch Van Rensselaer family. David’s mother came from equally well-to-do stock. On both sides, stretching back into history, they were influential, powerful families. Then came the wild child, David! 

Joan Jett’s Kinky Cave

Joan Jett’s boudoir looks even kinkier than the love nest of Rick James! Famous for heading up The Runaways and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, this woman truly earned her title as the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. This picture was taken in 1977, and Joan wasn’t afraid to bare it all.

While most of her bedroom looks pretty standard, her wall decorations certainly raise an eyebrow. That look on her face is also quite devious! Would you dare to set foot in Joan Jett’s bedroom?

Bob Dylan’s Secret Lovechild

Are you even a rockstar if you don’t have a secret lovechild or three? Bob Dylan actually married the mother of his lovechild. However, few people knew about their relationship. Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan can be seen in the picture below playing with her dad, Dylan. Her mother was gospel singer Carolyn Dennis.

Desiree was born before her parents got married. To protect her privacy, her parents decided to keep the whole thing secret, not even revealing Desiree’s existence. That adorable little girl turned 36 in 2022. 

David Bowie’s Moody Bedroom

David Bowie’s bedroom is so David Bowie. He was an icon of rock and glamor back in the seventies, and his influence lives on today. In this picture, you can see him luxuriating in the comforts “Ziggy Stardust” afforded him, seeking the inspiration that would lead him into his next wave of creative expression.

Bowie’s bedroom walls were painted a lush, velvety red to match his velvet bedsheets. As you can see, he loved soft, warm light and a dim environment. This is exactly what we expected to see from Bowie. 

Elton John in His Parents’ Home

Elton John is another affluent superstar who didn’t have the easiest childhood. His father abandoned the family, and even before that, he was not supportive of Elton’s passion for music. His mother was loving but strict, and though he got along with his stepfather, life was neither smooth nor luxurious.

Elton says his stepdad Fred (pictured above) was more like a father to him than his own dad. Fred loved Elton unconditionally and supported him in his desire to become a musician. You can see that love shining through in this picture, reflected in both of their faces. 

David Gilmour Doing What He Loves Most

If you’re not familiar with David Gilmour, he is the guitarist and singer from Pink Floyd. This iconic British rock band has been recognized as one of the most acclaimed groups in modern music history. Now in his mid-seventies, Gilmour enjoys a laid-back lifestyle that’s a far cry from the life he led at the height of his career.

His home is warm, relaxed, and comfortable. From the guitars to the packed bookshelf and the chaotic coffee table, there is so much to explore in this picture.

Keith Richards, His Dad, And His Dad’s Epic Mustache

The eccentric Rolling Stones co-founder clearly had an equally out-there dad! Keith Richards and his pops look adorable in this pic, and they’re audibly having a grand old time hanging out together.

Keith’s dad, Herbert William Richards, can be seen here wearing a parrot-bedecked t-shirt and hot pink satin pants. However, it’s the mutton chop mustache that we’re entranced by! If it weren’t for that unique walking stick Keith is holding, he’d look positively bland next to his dad. 

Eric Clapton and His Grandma

Cream guitarist and successful solo musician Eric Clapton looks like a little kid in this picture. However, that’s not exactly his mother standing next to him. We say “not exactly” because she did indeed raise him as though he were her own son. However, in reality, the older sister he grew up with was his biological mother.

Eric’s mother, Patricia Molly Clapton, was only 16 when she fell pregnant. At the time, there was a horrendous amount of stigma rained down upon both the mother and the child if the pregnancy happened outside of wedlock. So, Eric’s grandma raised him as if he was her son. 

Joe Cocker was yet another family man. Are you noticing a trend among these musicians? It’s so sweet to see artists supporting their families. Joe even dedicated the 1986 album Cocker to his dear old mom. This photo shows just how sweet the rock star could be.

Joe’s mother, Marjorie, lived in Sheffield, England, and this pic was taken sometime in 1970. Old Marj assumed her son would end up being a gas fitter when he was a teen. Little did she know what life had in store for the both of them.

Jimi Hendrix in His Quaint Kitchen

Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest guitarists of the 20th century, and his star still shines brightly today. He lived in London during the height of his fame but sadly succumbed to the “27 Club” phenomenon, passing away at just 27 years of age.

From Hendrix’s outfit in this picture, you can tell he was already a star. However, when it came to his home, he liked to keep things simple and functional. Jimi’s London kitchen wasn’t flashy at all, and if you think he’s making pasta or boiling eggs, the truth is, he’s ashing his cigarette in that pot!

Eddie Van Halen and His Home Music Studio

Eddie Van Halen was the quintessential rockstar. He even followed the typical rockstar track by marrying an actress – Valerie Bertinelli. Eddie and Val can be seen here at the height of their marital bliss. They stayed together for a good 20 years after this pic was taken.

Their home was nestled in California’s Hollywood Hills. Just look at that view! The two are surrounded by an assortment of musical instruments, speakers, amps, and there’s even a boombox on the piano. What a life!

Slash Keeping Life Simple

Slash is pure rock and roll in these candid pictures. The British-American musician shot to stardom as the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses. As an electric guitar player, he wowed (and continues to wow) fans and critics alike. Though he has always had a flamboyant stage presence, his home is remarkably muted.

We wonder how those clean white sheets fared with all his wild nights, cigarettes, and escapades. With that hair and that Blue Steel gaze, it really doesn’t matter what his surroundings look like – Slash is rock and roll all the way. 

Kurt Cobain’s Snuggly Bedroom

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is another member of the tragic “27 Club.” This concept arose from the fact that many rock stars seem to pass away at this age after living life at too high of a velocity. Below, you can see Cobain in the home he shared with his partner, Courtney Love, in North Seattle.

Courtney Love took this pic, and she says it’s the memory of him she cherishes most. While Cobain certainly does look snuggly and cozy in this picture, there’s no way to look past the sadness in his eyes. 

Mick Jagger’s Epic Wardrobe

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is looking every bit as eccentric as we’d expect in this picture. He’s always rocked a “dandy” aesthetic, and it suits him well. In these pictures, you’re getting a glimpse into Jagger’s wardrobe in his London home.

He was already famous at the time, though it was early in his career. This is why he was able to afford the stylish Harley House and its spacious walk-in wardrobe. This townhouse is in Marylebone, which is close to where the action happens in London. 

Prince’s Pink Palace

Prince was an incredibly talented singer and multi-instrumentalist. He was also famous for his flamboyant style, and just like Jagger, his personality shone through in his home. In the picture below, you can see him in his Paisley Park home in Minnesota. That mansion sprawls over an astonishing sixty-five-thousand square foot expanse.

Prince’s purchase and redesign of the home set him back a good ten million dollars, and he was all settled in by 1987. Though it certainly does look beautiful, there were rumors that he was quite lonely in this spacious home.

Dave Grohl as a Kid

Dave Grohl took the lead in the Foo Fighters, but before this, he earned acclaim as Nirvana’s drummer. Though he went on to become a high-energy rock star, he clearly enjoyed some chill times as a kid. You can relax – that’s apple juice in those glasses!

Here, you can see a young Grohl enjoying a celebratory toast with his mother, Virginia Jean. While his parents divorced when he was just seven, Grohl was fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with his loving mother. You can see how much they loved each other in this adorable picture. 

Billy Joel’s Chic New York Apartment

Billy Joel clearly liked to live a life of luxury. This picture was taken in 1984, and Billy was already well into his career as a world-famous musician at the time. As you can see, he spared no expense when decking out his New York pad.

That fur rug looks so plush and luxurious! Though it’s hard to see clearly, the sofa it’s resting on is an expensive black leather one. Behind him, you can see his gold record hanging on the beautiful brick wall. 

Robert Plant’s Farm

Apart from having glorious hair, Robert Plant was the frontman of the legendary British rock band Led Zeppelin. While many rockstars bring their wild lifestyle with them wherever they go, Plant preferred to leave his antics on stage. At home, he lived a calm and simple life with his wife, Maureen Wilson.

Can you feel the waves of chillness emanating from these 1970 photos of Plant and his family? These shots were taken at his farm in Worcestershire, England. Robert and Maureen stuck together for 15 years. 

David Lee Roth’s Art Studio

David Lee Roth is one rockstar who likes to bring his wild ways home – just not in the way most people think. He shone as the lead singer of Van Halen and went on to enjoy an equally successful solo career. Roth’s version of chilling at home involves as many messy creative endeavors as he can sink his fingers into.

While many of the pics in this article have been from the 70s and 80s, this is a more recent shot. It was taken in 2020, long after Roth had been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since Roth has already “slept with every pretty girl with two legs” (those are his words, not ours), he’s decided to put all the energy of his older years into painting. 

Janis Joplin’s San Fran Pad

Janis Joplin had a home that perfectly matched the persona she emanated on stage. As the owner of one of the most soulful voices in rock and roll history, she loved all things colorful and eclectic. Sadly, Janis also became a member of the 27 Club.

From the flower-power wallpaper to the lacy furnishings and lush rugs, you can see that her San Francisco home was a true sanctuary. Describing her time in San Fran, Janis once said, “I was a misfit. I read, I painted, I thought.”

Ozzy Osbourne as a Suburban Dad

Who would’ve thought the Black Sabbath frontman who chewed the head off a dead bat would pose for photos like these? Ozzy Osbourne clearly has an adorable side, and if he protests, we can show him these cute 80s pics as evidence!

In the pictures, you can also see his wife, Sharon, and their kids – Aimee, Kelly, and Jack (who all look thrilled to be involved). The snaps were taken in 1986, just as Ozzy was stepping away from Black Sabbath to pursue a solo career.

Billy Idol’s Tranquil Retreat

Billy Idol is another rockstar with a surprising home life. He lived in the Hollywood Hills, which is no surprise, but he transformed his property to include this pond, miniature mill wheel, and other tranquil aspects. Clearly, he needed somewhere to escape from the hectic nature of the rock and roll world.

This picture was taken during a BBQ he hosted at his gorgeous property. It’s amazing to realize just how much we caricature our favorite rock stars. We assume what we see on stage is the persona they carry through every aspect of their lives. However, this list has, for the most part, proved us wrong! 

Gene Simmons in His Kiss Memorabilia Room

Gene Simmons was the lead singer and bassist of the controversial 70s – 80s band KISS. Fans knew him as “The Demon,” and his on-stage persona lived up to that beastly moniker. While he has since settled down into family life and old age, he hasn’t quite let go of the memories of his heyday.

As you can see, Simmons has an expansive collection of KISS memorabilia. We bet fans would love to get a chance to explore that room! During the pandemic, Simmons said that he went through all of his old stuff and rediscovered his love for painting. Maybe he and David Lee Roth should collaborate on something!