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A Bit Of Comedy: 40 Photos Of Hilarious Signs From Around The World

A life without ridiculous signs? That would be a life without laughter and joy. If you feel like your days have been devoid of jokes and laughter, we have a treat for you. Funny signage can be seen everywhere, from billboards and car parks to airports and restaurant bathrooms. Though it certainly is fun to hunt for them yourself in the wild, it’s also nice when someone else curates a list of the best and most ridiculous signs for you. That’s exactly what we’ve done today!

Of course, most signs are informative, but some people make signs into comedic art. From clever quips to meaningless messages, the following pages are filled with funny signs that will make you laugh out loud.

A Quick Turn of Events

This sign seems to present a contradiction in terms. How could a fair dedicated to people who are capable of seeing the future be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances? Surely this is the one time when even the most unusual disaster should have been predicted and planned for.

The events were so unexpected that they messed with all the attendants’ psychic capacity to anticipate the future. Maybe this is some sort of a pun designed to capture people’s attention because, no doubt, this gained a chuckle. 

A “Friendly” Reminder

Kudos to anyone responsible enough to throw their garbage away correctly. The person who made this sign has clearly had enough of irresponsible people who use the place as a garbage area. Why would you do that? To anyone who’s been throwing their trash around, this sign is for you!

In all honesty, this sign does the job. If you plan to go on this trail and throw your trash anywhere, people will assume you are either a jerk, someone who despises nature, still a kid, or all of the above. Cut the nonsense, and dispose of your trash properly – it’s not that hard.

Is It That Hard?

If people won’t follow the rules, a funny sign can turn things around. The picture below is an excellent example of getting people to follow rules by adding humor. Some people are stubborn in their refusal to use blinkers, and this stubbornness leads to accidents.

Genuine question: Is it that difficult to use your blinkers? With so many vehicles on the road, following road signs is necessary. Signaling before changing lanes is one of those things that is very simple yet helpful in so many ways. So, remember this sign, and use your blinker every time!

No Cellphone While Driving

It’s a big no-no to use your phone while driving! It puts lives in jeopardy and may even get arrested. We hear it all the time, but some individuals still don’t seem to understand. We don’t know why they can’t fight the urge to use their phone. It’s a bad habit, and everyone knows it.

This sign gets the message across with a clever, though somewhat cheesy pun. This sign succeeds, in our opinion, because it employs humor rather than threats. If you’re driving, please put down your phone. 

Whatever … Just Wash Your Hands

This establishment clearly has no issues about who uses its restrooms. Whether you’re a mythical creature or a human being, you’re free to go on in. One thing that they are serious about is hygiene. This sign tells you everything you need to know.

Of course, it is a norm that you have to wash your hands whenever you use a public restroom. Who wouldn’t wash their hands after spending time in the toilet? That’s gross, especially if you’re about to eat something. 

A Sign We All Agree

Many of us can sympathize with this sign. Sometimes, we feel like time runs in slow-motion during weekdays and then switches to lightning speed on weekends. That is why we feel like waking up every weekday is so hard.

This sign indeed speaks for all of us. After returning from your weekend break, it feels like Monday never ends. Every day after that drags on in the same way until Friday night rolls around. Then, in a blink, it’s Monday again. What’s going on?

For Anyone Who Doesn’t Know

In case you weren’t aware, you have to remove a child before washing their clothes unless. We know it’s common sense, but if someone forgets, this tag will come in handy. Also, we suppose it protects the clothing company from being sued if someone gets this important step wrong.

If you look closely at the label, you’ll see no grammatical errors. So, we suppose it was printed on purpose. This means that someone somewhere must have had a go at washing this garment with the kid still in it and then contacted the company to complain. People are so strange!

Who Does That?

Who breathes underwater in a swimming pool without any equipment? Who does that? Honestly, at some point, the person who hung this sign up must have lost faith in human beings. It’s so funny to even think about someone doing this. How was the experience, though?

You never know when people will start acting irrationally and doing things like this. It seems evident that we should not do so, but who knows. Some of us break the rules from time to time just because we want to stand out. To clarify, being unique is not always a good thing!

Error 404: Grammar Not Found

We were confused when we first saw this sign because it seems to imply that parking your car illegally is “FINE.” There’s an error in the sentence that could have been easily spotted if the person responsible for it was actually being responsible!


Honestly, this sign gave us a chuckle. It’s incredible what a single missing letter can do. If only the person responsible for this sign added the D on the word fine, everything really would be fine! But, hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?

A Simple Life

This sign is funny, but it sends a strong message to everyone who sees it. Nowadays, many people find it weird to be alone in public without a phone, laptop, tablet, or other gadget. Coffee shops are gadget heaven, with almost everyone happily buried in their device of choice.

While many people think technology has turned us into psychopaths, this sign suggests that it’s the other way around. Whether we care to admit it or not, technology often helps us, but since it always gives us the solution, we tend to rely on our devices so much. That is why seeing someone not connected to a phone, laptop, or tablet is quite bizarre.

We Love The Spirit

Publicly shaming a cheating boyfriend? Oh! We love this drama. And seeing this girl shaming her ex-boyfriend when there are thousands of people watching is chef-kiss. We can’t imagine the state of pleasure she was experiencing at the time, but her ecstatic expression gives us a clue.

We’re not relationship gurus, but we can tell you that cheating will never work out. We don’t know how to say this nicely, so we’ll just come out and say it: if you are seriously considering cheating on your significant other, you should reconsider.

Very Clever

Who is responsible for this sign? To whoever thought of this, you earned yourself some new fans today. We literally laughed out loud when we saw this sign. What is the Air and Space Museum? Has anyone ever visited this place?

Maybe the “Museum of Aeronautics” would make more sense? Anyway, we would love to see what’s inside the museum if given a chance. We bet there’s some exciting stuff that we could learn, despite the fact that the exhibits would be pretty empty. 

Stop Messing With The Fly Traps

To be honest, the Venus flytrap is one of the most amazing carnivorous plants, so we can’t blame people for wanting to touch and learn more about it. However, the plant will mistakenly digest itself and die if you keep touching it and making it produce digestive enzymes.

We can see how necessary it is to set this sign up, but we can’t stop laughing at how Kew Botanical Gardens worded it. They were kind enough to let the local flies know it’s okay to touch the plants.

Oh! Tomatoes

How uplifting it is to see this sign from a rather adorable grocery store. Yes, we know it’s cheesy and straightforward, but we can’t deny it’s cute. Kudos to the supermarket employees for making the sometimes dull task of grocery shopping a little more enjoyable!

Indeed, tomatoes are good for our bodies. This is a fun way of getting people excited about eating tomatoes. In a world that’s obsessed with fast food and convenience, it’s nice to see fruits and vegetables receiving some love.

A Bit Too Honest

Hair is the crowning glory of a person, so we often see people cutting their hair and changing their hair color to look and feel good about themselves. This sign right here has a totally hilarious way to grab the attention of potential customers.

While it is funny, some may be turned off by the word “ugly.” Anyway, we find the sign hilarious because at least they are not sugar coating anything. If they can’t make you look good, your hair is not the problem.  

Our Kind Of Sign

We’re seeking a clear and accurate sign; it doesn’t need many words, just a one-liner, and you’ll understand what it means. Like this sign, the person in charge of updating it may have had enough of the heat from the sun but still made sure that everybody who sees it understands what they’re trying to say.

There are three things that you need to understand in this sign. First, sinning is terrible. Second, Jesus is good. And lastly, if you need more information, you are free to enter and inquire inside – that’s a very simple but informative sign.

A Cliffhanger

If you saw this sign outside the church, wouldn’t you be more motivated to attend the Sunday service? It’s like watching a movie series when the first episode’s ending has a cliffhanger – you can’t wait to find out what it all means. Does this sign make you feel the same way?

We’d be interested even if it was merely to find out whether the pastor slipped more Star Wars references into the sermon. It’s hard not to admire a pastor who enjoys sci-fi. Don’t get us wrong: we’re doing it not simply because we adore Star Wars but also because we’re interested in hearing what they have to say.

A Totally Trustworthy Sign

Wait, a four-star motel in the middle of nowhere? Sounds interesting. But looking at their sign, something’s telling us another story. Do you feel the same way? It’s giving us kinda creepy vibes; perhaps because this sign looks like it belongs at the start of a Rob Zombie film!

Four-star accommodation isn’t quite five-star luxury, but it’s not far off. Call us crazy, but we don’t think this sign screams luxury. This is precisely the kind of accommodation we would be happy to see in the rearview mirror. 

A Unique Bumper Sticker

Obviously, this guy is not married. Just look at his bumper sticker, and you’ll know why. It’s not your typical sticker, but it indeed gets our attention. He’s a proud man who’s tired of seeing “perfect family” bumper stickers, so he decided to make one for himself.

His sticker screams, “Yes, I am in a relationship with no children. But we have lots of money.” Nothing can stop this man from letting the world know how satisfied he is with his life. Perhaps he’s part of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement!

A Helpful Sign

Why is it that we automatically have amnesia when we arrive at a bookstore? Is it because there are so many good books to read that we forget the title of the one we wanted to buy in the first place?

For some unknown reason, we can usually remember the color of the book’s cover. An employee at this bookstore was clever enough to make a sign dedicated to people like us. It’s like giving the help we need to find the book we’re looking for when all we remember is the color. Thank you, guys!

The Love Language Of Cats

We can’t agree more with this sign. Cats are pretty snobbish and are not really the type to give physical love. If you’re lucky, they’ll snuggle up to you. But often, they don’t. They have this aura that screams, “Don’t Touch Me.”

This sign is so on-point. Cats do what they want, when they want, and they always put their own needs first. You can force them to give you affection, even if you’re feeding them and giving them everything. But still, we love them. We just have to get used to their unique personalities.

Is This Really Necessary?

We commend this store’s commitment to going the extra mile for its consumers, but seriously, guys? Most people were taught how to use a toilet bowl when they were young, right? Our parents made sure we were not ignorant of the essential toilet functions.

This sign says you can ask an employee to show you how to use a toilet bowl, but how would they do it if someone asked for it? If we were there, we’d want a demonstration just to see what they’re about to do.

Play it Cool

When we saw this sign, we wondered what would happen to us if politicians didn’t exist, and instead, we all just promised to live in peace. Would life be better? Would there be less corruption? Although there are many what-ifs, we’re curious about the origin of this sign.

With a lot of terrible news circulating about politicians, this idea seems far-fetched but kind of nice, don’t you think? Would it be advantageous or not to us? Although it’s unrealistic, we can’t help but think about what kind of world this strategy would create. 

Dog Cop

We just love the humor of this sign. We don’t know if this sign exists or if it was edited, but this made us laugh for sure. Imagine if you had no idea that your dog was as anxious as you were whenever one of those on-duty dog officers passed by.

It’s funny to imagine what your dog might be thinking. Who knows? Maybe our civilian dogs can recognize police dogs, just as we do. If so, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they feel intimidated by the dog police!

Where’s The 15th Floor Now?

This sign is pretty informative, but it’s also kind of confusing. If the 9ft floor has been relocated to the 15th floor, where is the 15th floor now? Although the sign is informative, we can’t stop thinking about it.

We also like the word “temporarily” that they used. The 9th floor, it appears, has plans to return to its former place. It is pretty ambiguous, with some wit and humor. But we still love this sign. What are your thoughts?

No Laughing Matter

This sign is hilarious. Pretty sure we don’t need to tell you what the sign means because it’s too apparent that it is a stick man drowning. But it also looks like “LOL,” as in “In case of drowning, Laugh Out Loud!”

Drowning is not a light matter to laugh at, but we can also see the humor in this signage. We do feel bad for laughing at this one, but how could you not have a giggle? Thankfully, they included “Call 911” at the bottom of the sign. 

In All Honesty

This is the most brutally honest political lawn sign we’ve ever seen. We’re not sure what happened to this person, but they are clearly not having it. We just hope everything was fine and that this person found peace of mind after that tough election year.

Honestly, we all felt that way in 2016. However, we ultimately figured out that life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, you need a little bit of humor to help you through the hard times. Thankfully, signs like this one were around to make people giggle.

Who You Gonna Call?

Humor is essential in this world. We need to laugh and have some fun as it gives us much-needed relief from the troubles of everyday life. This is true for adults and children alike. Laughter can be very healthy and teach kids important life lessons.

The good news is that you can find humor anywhere – even at your local grocery store. Take a look at this sign and tell us you didn’t laugh at it. Even if you weren’t looking for goat butter, this sign would entice you to at least consider purchasing a pack.

Clever Name

Just a heads up: Don’t let your kids see this sign if they are fans of Finding Nemo, or you’ll have to explain to them why these people are frying Nemo. Indeed, there’s humor there, but something tells us that this is not a place for kids to visit.

Using Nemo as a reference for their fish and chips shop may seem clever, but it won’t appeal to customers below the age of 12. Still, we give them an A+ for creativity. We just hope no child will make a scene and cry when they see this sign!

Not Your Usual Thieves

This is what you get when you combine police humor, toilet humor, and dad jokes. We bet plenty of families on road trips rolled their eyes at this one – apart from dad, who would be laughing heartily in the front seat!

Can you imagine if this really happened? It would be hilarious, but who would be brave enough to steal a toilet from a cop? This is one great pun, but let’s be clear: Stealing is wrong, even if you only do it for the lols. 

Mother’s Day Special

Before anything, we would like to give our deepest thanks to every mother who strives hard to give her family the best things in the world. We love you, and we appreciate all the things you’ve done! For anyone who’s seeing this, let this be a sign.

One margarita is coming up for our special guest. Yes, that’s you, mom! This person will undoubtedly make mom’s day on Mother’s Day because no sign has ever been more accurate. The only thing most mothers would enjoy more than a margarita is an indulgent massage. 

Honesty Will Save The Day

Imagine seeing this while waiting for your car to get fixed. You can’t get mad if you have to wait because they were 100% honest about it. However twisted the logic behind this sign is, it still gives customers the chuckle they deserve as they wait patiently for their cars to be ready.

What more could you want than timely and effective service? With this mechanic, you know you’ll get quick service, no matter how long you wait. We can easily conclude that the wait was well worth it.

The Wettest Floor Ever

This is top-notch humor. Whoever placed the “Wet Floor” sign in the pool is clearly an experienced prankster. Just imagine seeing this sign in a public pool. You’d be waiting a long time for that puddle to dry up!

The sign indicates that there is a wet floor in this area. And this isn’t hard to spot. While we think this is pretty funny, we bet the janitor wasn’t impressed when they had to wade out into the pool to collect the sign. 

Another Thief On The Loose

The pastor of this church appears to have a good sense of humor. They warned the thief, but out of the kindness of their heart, they’re willing to let them keep one AC unit. We aspire to have this level of forgiveness when we face similar situations.

How considerate! They are still looking after the welfare of the thief, who will undoubtedly face immense warmth in a particular place we don’t want to talk about. Again, stealing is forbidden in any factor of life. So, if you’ve ever indulged, now is the time to repent for your wicked ways!

Husband Day Care Center

All of us have heard of a daycare center, but have you ever seen a husband’s daycare center? This sign will make everyone who is married laugh out loud. This kind of establishment should spread all across the planet.

The only part we are unsure about is the drinking aspect. Leaving your husband in a booze-filled daycare may not be the smartest idea. But hey, if it means a day off for the ladies, it’s well worth it. Don’t worry, boys – we’ll also offer daycare for wives.

The Importance Of Self-Love

Self-love is one of the best things you can add to your daily routine. It allows you to focus on yourself and start doing things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. It can improve your self-esteem and overall health and even change your mood.

A simple sign like this can change a person’s outlook instantly. Just because your thighs touch, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. With self-love and a good sense of humor, you can realize that your body is beautiful just the way it is. There’s no need to pursue impossible beauty standards. 

Poor Word Choice

Raising funds for a good cause is a wholesome thing to do. We often see signs for fundraising, but this one seems odd. Something went wrong in the planning process. Of course, we want to ensure no child has to suffer from diabetes, but is a bizarre Fight Club fundraiser really the way to do it?

We believe replacing the word “fight” with “help” could change the sentence’s meaning! The intention here is obvious, but they should have had someone else review it before printing the signs. Nevertheless, we bet this fundraiser drew a decent crowd!

Creepy Sign

Imagine walking through the woods and then seeing this sign. We’re sure we would run for our lives straight away. We don’t want to see what’s inside, nor do we want to risk our precious lives just to satisfy our curiosity. That will never happen.

How many hands will grab us if we decide to take this path? This sign looks like it came straight out of a horror movie. If you look closely, you can see that the nail has been driven directly into the person’s head. Oh! We may be exaggerating, but we don’t like what we’re seeing. 

Beware Of The (Tiny) Dog

Have you noticed that the smaller the dog, the crazier their barks are? This sign delivers a pretty standard “Beware of Dog” message. We’re confident it is there for a reason, even though this dog seems harmless. Although he appears small, he may have a large bark and an even larger bite.

We advised you to ring the bell for your own sake. Though the dog in the picture looks cute, we imagine that it could still bite you. For all we know, he could be the most lethal tiny dog in canine history.