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40 Photographs Captured by Trail Cams Show Real Wildlife Looking Magical

Hunters, rangers, and other nature enthusiasts often use trail cameras to monitor wildlife activity. When the camera senses movement nearby, it’ll activate, capturing whatever triggered it to record. This is an easy and effective way to see what’s going on at night or at odd times of the day when no humans are around. While there isn’t much to see most of the time, the cameras occasionally capture something that reveals the magical splendor of nature.

To prove just how strange and majestic nature can be, we’ve collected a variety of uncommon photographs taken by trail cameras. Some are horrifying, some are humorous, and some of them are absolutely stunning. So, get comfortable and enjoy your own private window into the heart of the wilderness.

A Deer Haunted by a Flying Squirrel

The flying squirrel seems to be aiming directly at the deer in this photo. The deer was certain that it would be able to get away with all of the apples, but it appears that the squirrel would not allow that to happen!


The deer appears to be aware that he is in trouble and attempting to exit the area as quickly as possible. We can imagine how terrified we would be if we were to see a flying object approaching us in the middle of the night.

Nice Kitty

This is not something you would want to see on a security camera outside your home, no matter how lovely cats (even enormous cats) may be. It is particularly true for those who live with domesticated cats or dogs.


If you witness something like this in your backyard, keep your animals home and under your supervision. It’s the best way to keep them as safe as possible. As scary as this image is, take a look at how cool his sparkling eyes appear in the dark!

Captivating Cat

This cheetah is on a mission, and it does not appear to be a friendly assignment. The cheetah’s ears are perked up, indicating that he is awake, and he is so close that we can even see his beautifully defined markings. Of course, there’s something odd about this image. 


Though this is clearly part of a museum display, we still wouldn’t want to come face to face with a real cheetah. Our chances of outrunning any animal are slim, but when it comes to wild cats, we’re certain that we wouldn’t stand a chance.

A Buck in a Hat

Having to deal with the difficulties of being a young buck might be tough at times. Living in the wilderness means that objects can get stuck in your antlers, and your poor hooves are powerless to remove them.


Tumbleweed got caught in the antlers of this young buck. While that may appear to be a gorgeous crown to wear for one night, we can imagine he’d want to get rid of it quickly afterward. If he can’t remove it, we’re hopeful he’ll find a deer partner who can.

Porcupine Fight

A battle that takes place right in front of the camera is quite cool to witness. Here are two porcupines who were clashing with one another. We had no idea porcupines stand up on their hind legs when they get mad!


A pay-per-view boxing event appears to be taking place in this wild pic. Though it is still unknown who will take home the belt, they both seem to be genuinely excited about winning the fight and proving once and for all who the toughest porcupine in the forest is. 

Delicious Camera

What an endearing photograph of this deer, who has gone to see what this camera contraption is and whether it’s edible! Is it as delicious as it is beautiful? It’s unlikely, but that didn’t deter this deer from his mission.


Hopefully, the flavor of this delicacy does not appeal to these animals. Nobody would be pleased if their expensive camera ended up as someone’s food. Also, if forest creatures start eating cameras, we’ll never get to see the strange things they get up to when they think no one is watching! 

Are These Deer Making Out?

Are we witnessing a special moment between two deer? Or was this a simple lick to wipe off some leaves trapped in the other deer’s ear? It’s wonderful that we were able to get a close-up of this beautiful shot thanks to the trail camera.


This doesn’t appear to be a romantic kiss. It looks more like a practical grooming session. However, we still think these deer love each other. Even if your best buddy had something on their face, you probably wouldn’t lick it off for them. We’re sure it’s the same with deer! 

Oh Deer

That’s a lot of deer in one picture! It’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. While deer are not typically considered to be very fearsome creatures, this photograph of a large group of deer appears to be quite menacing.


Perhaps the flash from the camera grabbed their attention, which explains why they are all gazing at the camera right now. Admittedly, this is an extremely rare sighting, but it is also a bit disturbing at the same time.

Giant Deer Banquet

As they feast in the center of the forest, it appears as though this deer family is commemorating a momentous occasion or gathering. They don’t seem to be too pleased with the fact that they are being disturbed.


It’s quite cool that the trail camera was perfectly placed to capture this moment. These deer appear to be enjoying their dinner. However, we wonder if they’re secretly stealing food from a farmer’s cattle. Perhaps that’s why the camera has been positioned in this spot. 

Coyote vs. Deer

This stunning photograph depicts what appears to be a coyote attempting to defend itself against two deer. The coyote seems to be fully prepared for battle and not the least bit concerned about the possibility of being outnumbered.


The deer don’t appear to be concerned in the slightest. The coyote’s snarl isn’t bothering them at all, but it’s possible that some coyote pals will be joining him shortly, so the deer may need to run for it. Whatever happened next, this is a fascinating photograph.

Raccoon vs. Deer

This photograph depicts a raccoon and a deer engaged in combat under an automatic feeder. At this point, it’s difficult to tell who is winning, but the deer appears to have the raccoon pinned to the ground.


Because these two animals are not naturally hostile to one another, this picture is certainly surprising and unique. Perhaps it was the fact that they were so close to the feeder that made them behave so badly. Who do you think won?

Camera Malfunction

Did this woodpecker mistake the trail camera for something to peck? He’s so close to it that we figure he must be checking it out to see what’s making it so shiny. Perhaps he thought he’d come across some treat hidden within the strange contraption.


We’re not bird experts here, but we’re sure this is a woodpecker. We’re even more certain that it’s pecking the camera as its head is very close to the lens. We have a feeling this might have been the last picture the camera ever took!

Two Monkeys

This property owner had some suspicions about what was going on in their yard when they set up these trail cams. They hoped to catch the wild animal that had been running around in the middle of the night, eating their trash and howling at the moon.


But when they checked the footage, they were surprised to find two grown adults in head-to-toe gorilla costumes. What are these people doing, and who spends their free time dressing in a gorilla costume?

A Bear Attack

It’s not every day that we see a bear in its natural habitat. This video was captured on a trail camera, and it shows us what bears do when they think no one is looking. It also gives us a good idea of why you should always be careful to keep your distance when hiking in the wild.


This bear was pacing back and forth in front of the camera. It’s as if he could tell that the camera was there! Maybe he just wanted to take a closer look at the strange device? After all, we know how much animals love shiny objects!

An Otter Devouring a Fish

The otter is satiating its hunger pangs with a fish caught in a nearby stream. After this meal, it’s back to floating around and relaxing. If you’ve ever seen an otter, you know they’re the cutest little creatures, but this one looks like it’s up to something.

Alamy Stock Photo

This seems to be a fair guess, given that otters are known for being swift and cunning. Trail cameras are well worth the investment when you get shots like this one, which shows an otter devouring its prey. How can a creature be so cute but so ferocious at the same time?

Battle of the Eagles

This photograph is stunning. It is extremely rare to be able to photograph an eagle. What about capturing two eagles in the midst of a fight as they square up against each other? That’s a rare occurrence!


This precisely timed photograph could not have been taken at a better moment. What are the odds of capturing two magnificent creatures at such an opportune moment? This picture is so perfectly timed it could be considered unnatural, inspiring the viewer to ask if these two magnificent creatures are friends or foes.

Stealth Mode

This is yet another instance in which a trail camera mistakenly captures something that appears to have been plucked straight from the horror realm. Could it be a hunter in camouflage, lurking around in the shadows, looking to capture something in stealth mode?

For all we know, it may be the boogeyman himself, or perhaps Sasquatch, on the prowl for his next human prey. Let’s not wait around to find out what happened to the person who took this picture.

Owl Attack

Just look at this incredible photograph of an owl preparing to strike a deer. Because owls are such secretive creatures, it is extremely rare to come across one in the wild. This deer learned about the existence of owls in a pretty unpleasant manner! 


Do you believe that this owl is attempting to attack the deer in hopes of consuming it in its entirety? Since it has such a small beak, it should probably aim for a less intimidating target. Could it be that the deer got in the way of something else the owl was attempting to capture? What a blunder!

Just a Cat Riding a Buffalo

Are buffalos the Uber of the animal world? Or is it simply the case that wild cats are as intelligent and devious as the domesticated variety? We have a feeling it might be the latter. This cat just figured out a fun way to get a free ride through the jungle. 


We had no idea cats could ride buffaloes, and we’re not sure the buffalo does either. Given the size of its rear end, it’s entirely possible that it hasn’t even noticed the weight of the tiny cat on its backside. Now we’re curious – what other creatures rely on buffaloes for transportation?

Flying Squirrel

This trail camera caught a squirrel soaring over a deer. As you can see in this photo, the squirrel is flying through the air as though it’s about to pounce. Was it trying to scare the deer? Was it hoping to catch a ride? It’s impossible to tell.


This is one of those pictures where you wish you could see what happened just after it was snapped. The trail camera captured the perfect moment, leaving us in suspense forevermore. Flying squirrels are incredible, and this photograph proves it.

Raccoon Selfies

A raccoon is taking a selfie with some unexpected photobombers. This photograph is both amusing and endearing at the same time. Do you believe that this raccoon was trying to snap a solo selfie and that these two bucks accidentally photobombed the shot?


We do not doubt that he shared this shot with his raccoon buddies. We’re also confident that this picture went viral. You could be looking at the first raccoon influencer right here! We would follow this little cutie, for sure. 

A Raccoon Riding a Wild Pig

It’s so nice when a friend is willing to help you out of a sticky situation. This raccoon must have been tired after a busy night of taking selfies with friends. So, he hitched a ride on the back of this wild hog. Who said raccoons weren’t cunning little creatures?


The enormous hog doesn’t appear to be bothered by it, and it’s possible that they’re on their way to pick up some more forest companions. Who knows where they’re headed and who cares? They’re having fun, and that’s all that matters. 

Raccoon Party

This group of raccoons appears to have hit the jackpot as they fumble around in the snow. Two of the raccoons are napping, while the others are having a grand old time feasting on the bounty of food they have discovered.


They appear to be in for a long night of partying, with plenty of eating and napping. It must be really fun, right? Being a raccoon has its perks when it comes to parties, and this one looks like it’ll be an all-nighter. 

The Raccoon and the Fox

These two appear to be preparing to engage in a fight. We’re hoping that the raccoon has the strength to stand up to the fox. The car behind him may once have been a great getaway vehicle, but it appears to be out of service.


The fox appears to be intruding on the raccoon’s turf, and we can’t help but wonder what happened next and whether or not the raccoon had the courage to fight back. Is it possible that the fox left before he overstayed his welcome?

Crazy Buck

The camera captured this deer at quite an amusing angle. Is it possible that the deer is being grabbed by a ghostly spirit? Or did the camera catch it just as it was about to sprint off into the distance? Either way, it appears to be a rather ungraceful misstep on the deer’s part.


The crazy creature’s pals appear to be completely unaware of what is going on with their friend, or they may simply be trying to avoid embarrassing the animal. How considerate of them.

Adorable Fox Pups

This trail camera captured an incredibly adorable image of fox pups (also known as kits) snuggling up to their mother. Foxes of all ages are adorable, but their adorableness is almost too much to bear when they are babies. We’re not sure their mother agrees, though – she appears to have had enough of the children.


The expression on the mother’s face is also incredibly realistic. Most mothers have felt this emotion at some point in their lives. What a magnificent photograph that allows us to glimpse a part of nature we rarely get to see.

Disturbing Forest Creature

Several people have attempted to disprove this trail cam photo, claiming that it was either a prop or computer-generated imagery (CGI), but they have not been successful. So, what exactly is this thing creeping on all fours through the woods at all hours of the night?


Could it be a Halloween joke or something generated for a horror film? We have no idea. What we can tell you is that it’s an unsettling sight, and we would absolutely not want to see it anywhere near us if we were in that forest.

Wolverine Pose

This looks like a wolverine, although it’s difficult to identify because of the way it’s standing on its back legs. What type of elusive, weasel-like creature is this, exactly? Whatever it is, this picture demonstrates precisely why some people use trail cameras in the first place – you get to see animals doing the strangest things.


A wolverine is a carnivore with a lot of muscle, and it looks more like a tiny bear than anything else. The wolverine has a well-deserved reputation for being vicious and possessing incredible strength in relation to its size.

This Muddy Tiger

This tiger has been saturated in mud – a trick it most likely uses to stay cool in the scorching heat of the sun. Seeing tigers in this manner is unusual for us, and this one almost appears to be wearing a swimsuit!


We’re sure the mud bath helped relieve some of the heat, but walking about with that much mud on will be a problem after it dries. We have a feeling this tiger will soon come to regret what it has done and will feel trapped in its mud-cast. Here’s hoping there’s a fresh swimming hole nearby!

Unlucky Bunny

The unfortunate bunny rabbit is completely unaware that a mountain lion is ready to attack. Instead, the rabbit appears to be preoccupied with the camera lens. Hopefully, it became aware of what was creeping up behind it before the worst happened.


Fortunately, rabbits are extremely fast, and they can easily outpace mountain lions on the trail. Do you think the bunny made it out in time? Or did the mountain lion score itself a tasty, fluffy meal that night? That is something we will never know for sure.

The Creepy Clown

It appears that there are far more things to be worried about in the wilderness than carnivorous animals. This terrifying clown was caught by a trail cam, and we have no idea why he was there. What on earth was a clown doing in the middle of the forest?

On second thought, we don’t really want to know the reason why this creepy clown was out in the woods. It won’t change the fact that he’s by far the scariest thing we’ve seen thus far, and we’ve seen some terrifying stuff!

Ain’t No Party Like a Forest Creature Party

When you’re in the mood to party, there’s no need to let the lack of other people stop you. Sure, it’s fun to have music, friends, and drinks readily available at a party, but so long as you have a good attitude, you can make fun happen anywhere.  


It might mean dancing in the kitchen while you wait for your tea kettle to boil or throwing a dance party in a field with some deer standing nearby. The most important thing is getting out there and doing what makes you happy. Sometimes, that means having an impromptu dance party with yourself and some deer.

What the Elk?

It’s not every day you go out on a hunting trip just to come back and find that you were the one being hunted the whole time. Imagine how this guy felt, coming back to his truck only to find the biggest buck he’s ever seen looking right at him over the hood. 


Funnily enough, we don’t think the hunter was expecting to take any deer home that day. We’d be laughing too if our prey suddenly turned around and started stalking us! At least it made for some good photos.

Please Go Home

What is this small kid doing wandering around outside in the middle of nowhere at night? And why does she appear to be dressed in clothing that dates back several centuries? It seems as if she doesn’t even have any feet, which is a bit concerning.


Is it possible that this is due to the fact that she is a ghost? Another possibility is that this is a life-sized doll that has been strategically positioned as a kind of scarecrow to ward off troublesome animals.

Buck and the Fireworks

It appears that this buck showed up to watch the fireworks display. The first explosions must have come as quite a surprise since deer don’t tend to be all that well-versed in pyrotechnics. We hope this beautiful creature enjoyed the show!


Maybe it was the Fourth of July, and the deer and his friends were taking part in the celebration of American independence. We hope the noise didn’t scare him too much as fireworks truly are a beautiful sight to behold. Dear Deer, we hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!

Having a Good Time

Denali National Park’s bears were recorded on camera sliding down a slope while on a hunting expedition. We don’t think of entertainment as a purely human concept. Animals, like humans, become bored and seek ways to amuse themselves. There is only so much stuff you can do in the wilderness – it’s essential to make your own fun!


These clever bears made their own roller coaster ride. They had a grand old time rolling down this slope. It’s almost too cute to bear! This cub is ready to show the other bears how it’s done and build his own amusement park.

Hitting the Jackpot

This moment was captured by the security cameras at this residence, proving that even bears will stoop to stealing packages! After getting its paws on a big box of dog treats, that bear felt like it had hit the jackpot.


Now that the bear has discovered where the nice food is being delivered, it will almost certainly be back for more! If you live near the woods, it’s best to instruct your delivery driver to leave packages in a safe place that’s out of reach for wildlife.

This Sneezy Cat

This neighborhood cat was out for a stroll on a sunny afternoon when he decided to come over and have a look at a shiny object he hadn’t previously noticed. He soon discovered that he could scratch his face on the contraption, and it became his favorite new toy.


The camera captured him right at the moment when the face scratching triggered a sneeze. It’s one of the best things in the world when cats are captured on video in a less than flattering pose.

It’s Raining Raccoons!

Raccoons make excellent friends, and this one is particularly generous, sharing its love in the form of bird seeds from an old bird feeder. However, we’re not convinced that the birds will be pleased with this!


So, did everyone organize into a pyramid to make it easier for him to reach the top of the structure? We’re not sure how he’ll get back down. But, in any case, he should be alright. Thanks to this security camera, we’ve been able to see just how hardy and tenacious raccoons can be.