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Hilarious Wedding Fails and Funnies

Wedding fever is in the air, and that’s usually a good thing. Truthfully, though, not all ceremonies go as planned. Sometimes there are mishaps and mayhem. Some of them are downright wild!

Surprise Zoo Smoocheroo

It’s hard to fail in paradise, and this Thai wedding was off to a great start. Palm trees, a floral gate, and glamour all around was the setting for bliss. And then, came a kiss! Was it from the bride’s true love, though?

Not yet, in this photo album. Rent-a-Dumbo got a little frisky with the lady in white, trunk and all. An elephant never forgets — but more to the point, this snapshot ensures friends and family never will!

Next, see wild and wacky wedding moments from ring to reception!

May the Force Be With Them

”This will be a day-long remembered,” he said. But what was he really talking about? At this quirky wedding, the dark lord of space himself was invited to officiate. With one stormtrooper keeping guard, everyone behaved. In Seattle, no less! Their lack of faith wasn’t disturbing, this time.

Lavendar Bouquet Photography

The Vader vows may have been a first, but will they be last? Odds are, wedding joy even warmed over Darth’s cold, calculating heart. If the death star venture doesn’t work out, plenty of fans will be excited to hire him for their big day!

Bridal Combat

There’s a nickname for women like this. Bridezilla, they say. Is that an unfair way to talk about ladies experiencing the most intense day of their lives? Depends on the situation, but it’s not always unmerited! Today, an all out brawl is taking place between the lady in white and a bridesmaid. What happened, seriously?


Was there sniping about outfits and hair? Were way too many demands made, and someone snapped? The truth may never be known, entirely. At weddings, emotions always run high. But to throw cake back at the bride, things must have gotten pretty tense!

Ye or Neigh

A horse, of course! A rustic wedding wouldn’t be complete without this essential animal in the background. A farm usually has plenty, so it’s easy to see why this couple picked the venue. But today, it seems one resident was just not into it. Go away, neigh!


Maybe he had a horse headache, or maybe the music was just not to his country taste. The communication is undeniable, here. And a little intimidating, too! Perhaps a carrot would do wonders. As of now, it looks like that magical ride into the sunset is no longer on the schedule!

Blowin’ in the Wind

Superstition always claimed it is bad luck for the groom to see his love before the wedding. Thats’ where the old veil comes in: Cloth hiding the bride’s face was always a little insurance policy on that front. But today, that’s the least of their problems!

Here, that bridal accesssory is doing a little more work than necessary. It’s hiding the groom’s face, too! Was it a windy day, or a sign from above? Is it a bad omen? Hard to say for sure, but the wife to be certainly sees an amusing mystery!

Never Too Late

Weddings are full of traditions for the bride and groom. But guests have special opportunties, too! The bouquet toss has existed for hundreds of years, and everyone still waits for that moment. Every single female, especially — it’s their one chance to guarantee a ring, ASAP!

Reddit / Beeslo

The idea evolved over time, but the current method involves a wild toss. The bride turns her back to the crowd, and flings the magical flowers to one lucky lady. Here, it’s clear this guest thought her time had passed. But she was wrong, and the photo tells her story in a thousand words!

Release the Doves

With so many traditions out there it can be hard to plan a wedding, these days. It’s important to pick the most meaningful symbols, and commit. Here, one couple tried to release doves of peace at their bridal shoot. How did that go?

Reddit / i124nk8

While the concept is meant to show calm wishes for the couple’s home, something has gone very wrong. It seems a prankster has switched out the white birds for Tyson chickens. What is the meaning? No one knows, but it certainly has a lot of tasty potentials!

Just Horsing Around

Why, hello there! It looks like Mister Ed here wants to nibble on the nuptial bouquet. Experts say buttercups and oleander are a big no-no for horses. Could be toxic, in fact! No one seems to notice though: Off in a dreamy romance, these two lovebirds are totally M.I.A. today.

Instagram / @kenpakphotography

Stick to the carrots, sweet stallion. These flowers need to make through the whole photoshoot, complete with a horseback ride into the sunset! Caught by a clever photographer, it does make a funny memory for the grandkids. Neigh, no one will say!

Buttercream Bride

Hard to believe it, but the average American wedding cake runs around $350, these days. Who are the folks on the upper end of that stat? Surely, some confections are keeping the average up. Perhaps this lifesize, bride replica is part of the story!

Twitter / @hennestacia

The idea is original, without question. And if the goal was a unique reception, this couple didn’t disappoint. Guests are not going to forget this one! One issue remains, though: Did she go for chocolate, vanilla, or Lemon Raspberry Cake With Lemon Curd? Today, flavors are just as customizable as the design. As they should be!

When a Man Loves a Woman

As the age-old saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. but what happens when a lady comes into the picture? Might doggo get a little jealous? Here, it seems that might be the explanation for such silly wedding behavior. During expensive wedding photography, it’s pee time!

Instagram / @kenpakphotography

Sure, it’s easy to be envious when another person comes into the picture. Maybe things seem perfect, just as they were. But changes are coming, along with a new roommate. After the ceremony, there’s no turning back. It’s time to accept the threesome!

What’s Under Here

When the big day arrives, many people feel panicked, worried, and overwhelmed. It’s easy to forget something, with all those emotions in the mix. People say it’s helpful to have bridesmaids and helpers to ensure the transition. What kind of assistance is being offered here, though?

Imgur / DaFunOne

It appears the bride is having a garter check from one of the groomsmen! Or perhaps, it’d the groom himself. If the former, it’s pretty naughty! If the latter, it violates the time old tradition of hiding the bride before the ceremony. Whatever the case, she does seem to be enjoying it!

Fancy Food Fight

Weddings may be intended to share love and happiness with friends and family. It’s a nice concept, most would agree! But the reality is, some clans are dysfunctional.News reports have long shown brawls and hospitalizations at these events. It’s a shame, every time! What exactly is the trouble, here?


Maybe gossip went around the crowd and enflamed tensions. Maybe there was a little flirting between the groom and a friend or two. Whatever the truth may be, the major cake face is about to happen. Bridal makeup was never meant to last forever!

Let Them Eat Cake

Two Disney superfans do get married, occasionally. Has no one ever investigated their choice of cake? Today, the mystery is no more. At almost four feet tall, there are more tiers here than the Disneyworld castle in Florida. The leftovers are going to be cartoonish!

Velerado photography / Caters

Toy Story, Frozen, Aladdin and more mean that every guests will have their choice of fun. Even Ariel has made an appearance on this creation! It’s true that many people have trouble naming the ultimate Disney masterpiece. Today, they can have a piece of each!

Three’s a Crowd

Getting up close and personal is what wedding photographers do best. It’s their job to capture the emotion on the faces of their subjects, more than anything else. The goal? Produce at least a few shots worthy of the family album. This is not one of them, clearly!

Lindsay P. / Ellen TV

Creeping slowly from behind, there is a third person trying to get in on the action. Currently, polygamy is outlawed in all 50 states. Whatever sneaky idea he has, it’s not legal in the least! Take two, this time just for two.

Take My Breath Away

If it’s possible to survive this much pink, one man is about to test the limits. Drowning in his beloved’s ruffles, he isn’t showing any outward signs of panic. But as experts say, that can be a sign of danger in itself. Someone check on the groom, and quick!

Imgur / OldManStar

Maybe the bride can get the attention of medics by waving that sparkly wand. It’s eye-catching, and it’s time to tap into its power. Should he survive, there’s a lot on the schedule: Bippity boppity boo, it’s time to say I do!

The Secret Garter

Everyone knows the timeless wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe”. Wherever that garter tradition fits in, is another question! With so many little traditions for the big day, it would be easy to forget this one. But here, that didn’t occur!

Twitter / @kaitlinlswanson

Thsi cheeky bride hid granny panties on her thigh in place of the expected garter. When her fiance found it, he wasn’t laughing as hard. It’s a hideous way to start out the ultimate a romantic day, without a doubt!

Do the Catwalk

Cats may be the most popular pet in the world, even as dogs are nipping at their paws for first place. Why do folks like them so much? Independent, moody, and rude, these creatures always have their own plans. According the critics, that is!

Jack Looney Photography

Cats and humans have been snuggling up in one or another for 10,000 years. But only since the advent of photography could they show their true colors: As it turns out, they are camera hogs, too. Today, this wedding memory is going to have a lot more cat butt than anyone planned for!

Butt Backwards

A wardrobe malfunction sounds pretty technical. But the idea is simple, in fact: It’s a clothing failure that exposes intimate parts, always by accident. Any intentionality would probably put it in the category of flashing, and indecent exposure tickets. What’s going on at this wedding?

Imgur / himation

Is it possible that all six bridesmaids really forgot to untuck their dresses? Six wedgies in a row would seem less likely than lottery odds! What’s more, the bride seems in on the crime. Someone call the fashion police — and the real ones — ASAP!

He Just Wanted in

Wedding photography is an art, most would agree. While digital cameras have opened new doors to romance on film, and its easy to try a take two — or three, or seven. Today, though, one man seems determined to spoil the reel!

Instagram / @wedpicsapp

Sporting a conspicuous, tiny red bikini, he jumps right into the shot. Though uninvited, he doesn’t seem deterred from joining the couple on their happy day. Maybe everyone wants a happy ending, but patience is a virtue. Skipping ahead to someone else’s album is not an option, sir!

The Undisputed Champion

When it comes time to determine the next bride in a group of friends, things can get surprisingly unfriendly. All of the sudden, it might even turn ugly. Faces become serious, everyone stands ready to pounce. In the end, only one can win. Who is the lucky lady, today?


Behold, the gal with the fastest reaction time. Her speed was unmatched, her arm was strong. But still, it’s determination that lies in the heart of a real champion. This pal wants to be hitched, and there’s no playing around today!

She Flipped Out

No wedding would be complete without at least a few acrobatics. Today, guests get to enjoy a double flip, right into the pool! While most blushing brides would stick to dancing, this reception is no ordinary one. And there she goes One, two, flip-a-roo!


It’s hard to predict how this all turned out, from one snapshot in the reel. But odds are, the chlorine wasn’t kind to her gown. These days, the average dress costs $1,600. Although they are only worn once, they aren’t supposed to be this disposable!

Monster Truck Matrimony

Creating a wedding album with memorable scenery is almost a competition, these days. All kinds of gardens and beaches have been overdone, though. The one place that no one seems to have thought of is a large, muddy lot. And without a doubt, no one has yet used a custom, sky-high truck for the alter! 

Imgur / dumbledoresdimwits

A full-on monster truck was probably too much to afford: The real deal would have cost them $150,000, on average! Instead, that trusty old Ford had more than enough potential for romance. Congrats, original photo achieved!

Llama Drama

The llama is the camel of South America, essentially. But since it’s so very cute, it makes appearance all over the world! these North Amiercan lovers decided to include a few in a photo shoot for the big day. Little did they know one would be so curious!

Instagram / @memory_box_events

As it turns out, llamas are pretty social creatures. When a photographer showed up, it was exciting to say hi! Posing confidently for the lens, this little guy is now a big part of the album. A fuzzy, friendly part for generations to come!

One Girl, 300 Cups

Ah yes, the bride and her booze. Champagne is always fancy fun! For centuries, drinking has been a big part of weddings. Some guests even show up just to drink! Few will admit it outright, of course. Knowing this about her guests, this gal has decided to embrace the habit. A people pleaser, even on her wedding day?

Twitter / @JPL0UIS

Maybe she’s the one with the bubble hobby. Perhaps she wants to make a very personal toast for every one of her good friends. A unique idea, either way. Here, here!

Dancing in the Dark

Rumor has it, every girl likes a tall guy. Why not choose a giraffe, the tallest living terrestrial creature? And every guy seems to be looking for the one woman in the crowd to complete him and make him an honest man. A unicorn, right?

Imgur / cjmcnasty

Interracial dating has become pretty common, but what about inter-species?  The perfect couple has been located, and guests are right there to watch them slow dance. True love only comes once and a while, in modern life. It’s a beautiful thing for the entire animal kingdom!

Mazel Tov, Mama

Every culture has its own tradition at the wedding reception. For Jewish ceremonies, a special dance called the Horah is always a hit. Guests are lifted onto chairs and bounced around to happy tunes. Here, the mother of the bride is the latest victim!

Instagram / @callawaygable

From the look on her face, she is not used to all this action. Perhaps she has a fear of heights! Shock and awe are usually a part of the big day, but this looks like it might be too intense for mom. Dad, let her go in peace!

Walk on the Wild Side

The big moment has arrived, and the bride is walking down the aisle. Soon, she will kiss her beloved, and exchange rings. They will be united, forever. Til death do them part, in fact! But wait, will she make it to alter?

Instagram / @top10vendors

Interference is occurring! The father of the bride may have passed her off to her new man, but he is having second thoughts. Watching her walk away proved to be too much: He steps on her veil, and she is halted. Will he come to his senses and let go? The birds have to leave the nest, eventually, dad!

Til Death Do Us Part

Sure, everyone wants to show off a little wedding novelty in the age of Instagram. Cakes are proving to be a good place to do just that, outside of dress design. It’s time to go to the dark side, with this confection. What in the world was this couple thinking?

Cake Wrecks

Til death do them part is clearly a vow they are taking seriously. With all the divorce out there these days, maybe it’s a positive sign. Or maybe it’s a terrifying one: Eating a slice of this stuff seems downright ghoulish!

Hello, Weight Limit

Uh oh: The d0ck is collapsing, and there’s no way back! Who thought it was a good idea to load eight people onto a rickety structure? Only under the influence of champagne would that sound rational. Luckily, wedding are full of the stuff.


It’s total chaos, quickly. Drunk guests, tight outfits, and big bodies of water have never been a great mix. Even more concerning, the bride is constrained by a heavy gown. Seems pretty dangerous in a lake! No one designs couture with this activity in mind, do they?

Seeds of Love

There are lots of ways to enhance the festivities of a wedding. Some people like to throw glitter, as the bride ascends to the alter. But in recent times, environmental concerns have led many to seek out other projectiles. Why not try something organic, inexpensive, and easy to find?

Twitter / @shays151

Some folks have decided birdseed is a great substitute for sparkles. While that might be debatable, this wedding probably had too much of it — or at least, too much at once. It’s supposed to be a sprinkling, not an assault, people!

Cuz I’m a Redneck Woman

Some might claim this southern ceremony has a bit of a hick twist. Only a careful study can see if that’s really the case, besides a first impression. Does the bride say “hey y’all” and “yee-haw”? Does she keep her Christmas lights on the front porch, year-round? Finally, does she know all the words to those Charlie Daniels songs?

Imgur / dumbledoresdimwits

Like the Gretchen Wilson anthem on the subject, this is a redneck woman — no doubt! If there are any remaining questions, garter and confederate panties should squash all remaining skepcism. This is authentic stuff, folks!

Note to Self

If there’s one thing that keeps grooms up at night o the way to the wedding, it’s fear. Fear of commitment, fear of dancing in public, and even fear of bad weather! For this reason, one engaged fellow decided to eliminate the risk. He has all the instructions, right on his suit!

Imgur / DaFunOne

First, wake up. That’s a good one. Next, “Go 2 wedding”. A great idea! Then, get married. No doubt, an important step in the day! And of course, the final instruction: ”Life over”. Uh oh, will he make it down the aisle? Only time will tell, and it’s coming up quick!

Super Matchy Matchy

Whether it’s prom, brunch, or a birthday party, no woman likes to show up and see that her outfit is already on display. It’s a little embarrassing to put in all that effort and look second best, especially! At weddings, there is a special rule to help avoid this timeless crisis. No one is allowed to wear white, besides the bride!

Twitter / @graciedickinson

It’s hard to argue that the concept isn’t well known. Everyone knows! Maybe the likeliest explanation for this vintage photo is a straightforward one. The bride was in on it, and choose the dresses!

Butt Why

Long walks on the beach are usually an activity on dating profiles. With creativity lacking, rarely are they sincere descriptions of a person. Here, that is not the case. Someone is clearly into walking on beaches, even on his wedding day. But there’s a twist!

Instagram / @ralfczogallik

Usually, newlyweds inspire smiles from strangers. But with a bare bottom, the reactions are likely to vary. Here, horrified onlookers noticed this couple in broad daylight. They don’t know what to say or do — and no one can blame them. Surely, this is illegal!

Just Cold Feet

Sometimes, it’s tough to make a long term commitment. It might be due to fear or uncertainty. There might be persistent doubts that really haven’t been answered by the time the big day rolls around. But today, that’s just too bad. The date has finally come, and there’s no way out!

Debbie Sanderson Photography

Despite the groom’s objections, his bride is not open to negotiation today. She drags him, literally kicking and screaming to the church, smile on her face. Perhaps she knows he’s always indecisive. Put up or shut up, as the say!

Superhero Cermony

To put it simply, a superhero possesses abilities ordinary people just don’t have. Whether it’s fighting local street crime, or larger than life space villains, special powers always come in handy in the comics. Today, there is totally different mission at hand: Operation I do!

Instagram / @hofferphotography

In an effort to make the world a better place, the ultimate team has been assembled. Under their tux disguises, it won’t be obvious that they are more than college friends. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and more have come to see this ceremony through. There’s no escape now, groom!

American Woman

A famous revolutionary soldier once said: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Today, this bride only regrets she has one flag to wear at her wedding! A patriot always wears red, white, and blue. Why not on the big day, too?


The American flag actually has a lot of rules and tradition around its use. In its normal form, it should never touch the ground. The flag is not supposed to get dirty, or tear. But today, all bets are off: It’s a dress now, and the wedding DJ is about to begin!

Flower Girls

For the love of guests, reconsider! At first glance, this photo album memory may be confusing. But it’s impossible to miss that these double dresses have one big thing in common, sewn right on the front. Sure, couture is always experiential. But these designs are downright medical!

Imgur / AndInTheDarknessBindThem

Sure, body positivity has taken off as a trend. The internet is full of merch to promote the idea, and things often get pretty creative. But why anatomical dresses, and why at a wedding? So many questions, so few answers. But plenty of stares, undoubtedly!

Self Love is True Love

Modern life can be busy, complicated, and confusing. The remedy? Lately, some people have decided to ‘self-partner’. These rulebreakers say they just enjoy being with themselves — and don’t need another person to be happy! Even actress Emma Watson recently declared herself to be self-partnered. But what could that possibly mean on a practical basis?

Reddit / lorips

Maybe this oddity answers the query! Why not go literal, to answer the doubts and jeers? This gal decided to marry herself, in half and half glam. The verdict: A winning look, for a novel category!

Busting Out Big Time

The history of the bra is a recent one, believe it or not. Women used to strap themselves down with fabric and corsets, until the late 1800s and on. Then, the first push-up bra came to market in 1948. It’s been up, up, up ever since!

Imgur / Remi749

Today, this bride is experimenting with a genuinely new look. Sure, there’s plenty of lift — but that’s been done before. Notably, there’s a total lack of coverage! This winning combination is not yet a trend, for weddings. Perhaps most church ceremonies have banned it, and probably for the best!