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Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Slip Under the Principal’s Radar

School yearbooks are a perfect opportunity to leave a mark on classmates, forever. After all that time in lectures, some people have surprising remarks! What’s the final word, when it’s meant to say goodbye? Quite often, the last tune of a graduates reveals more about the person than what they’ve shown throughout their studies.

Do you remember your yearbook quote? Did you dare and wrote something to be remembered years to come? Cause some people didn’t take the yearbook quote for granted and made sure to leave a mark that even their grandchildren will still speak about.

It’s time to make today so much funnier with these sidesplitting, hilarious yearbook quotes!

Fatherly Advice, For Life

Vincent may look like a cool guy with piercings and a rebel attitude. But memorialized in his yearbook, it seems like dad had some high “expect-Asians” along the way! How do classmates know, for sure?

Why, the yearbook quote tells all! A close look at this slot on the page reveals a lot about the Arciaga home. It reads: “You’re an Asian, not a B-sian.” What a motto, right? That stereotype of high academic expectations isn’t going away!

Confidence is Key

Well, this is quite the statement, Emily Graham. And it’s captured in the yearbook for the rest of time, isn’t it? High school hierarchy was always cruel, but few put it into such quantifiable terms: “When a ten is speaking, all you fives quiet down and listen up.”

Mean Girls was a hit movie, but it wasn’t supposed to be a guide for life! It was just a comedy, Emmy Graham. With a confident smile, she doesn’t seem ashamed at her candor. Will she feel the same at the 10-year reunion? Father time is surprisingly cruel, to many!

Michael Scott Says

Some people are a bit too on the nose with their humor. Bu this fellow can never be accused of such a faux pas. If anything, it’s the opposite: “(Insert quote from The Office to show everyone I’m quirky).” And it was credited to Michael. But only probably!

The Office has plenty of quotable lines to use in a yearbook. But it’s no surprise that it was hard to choose. Sometimes, too many options mean leaving a store with nothing in hand. It’s a consumer phenomenon. But apparently, that idea also applies to quick-witted sitcoms!

Foodie Forever

For some, retail therapy is a guilty pleasure. For others, it’s trash reality TV. But for Laura here, it’s clearly food! She explains: “I don’t need a piece of paper saying I succeeded. I just need food.” Why not adopt a more delicious outlook?

The source of this line seems to be YouTuber Shane Dawson, who has talked publicly about his struggles with eating disorders. With 21 million subscribers, he has really reached many with similar issues. Odds are, though, she didn’t really confess to a problem this way. Laura is likely just a big fan!

Just Covering All Bases

In the old days, modesty and humility were key virtues. At the moment, they’ve probably gone out of fashion in favor of sass. But for Annie here, she’s trying a bit of both! She writes: “I’m always right, except when I’m wrong, which is often.” 

Who is Arin Hanson? Who knows. It seems the wisdom is universal, and Annie knows how to cover herself in any situation. If blame comes her way, she can easily explain this idea! And if she’s right? Well, that’s a reward all on its own. Self explanatory!

Just Swing it

Diana Lopez is all about those doors. She knows how they work, metaphorically and literally. Maybe that’s why her yearbook quote verifies this expertise. She explains: “When life shuts a door, open it back up. That’s how doors work.” They sure do, don’t they?

When opportunity knocks, Diana Lopez is going to be ready. She’s got the door concept down, which is half the battle. Plus, graduation is near! Whatever this girl plans on doing next, she has the right attitude to succeed. Maybe quotes like this shouldn’t be hidden in yearbooks, but shared with the world?

Scary, Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Posh

Mark is a simple man, with simple needs. He just Wants Really, Really, Really Wanna Zigazig Ah. Is that so much to ask? In his yearbook slot, he implores classmates to be honest with him: “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”

Sure, it’s been a while since the Spice Girls entered the scene. But even teens today are familiar with their greatest hits, and this senior is a fan. Dance moves have definitely changed, though: It’s not the 90’s anymore! Mark, don’t slam your body down and wind it all around, yeah?

Beauty is in the Eye of the Pineapple

According to SpongeBob SquarePants: “I’m ugly and I’m proud.” Here, Austin took a little inspiration from that yellow character who lives under the sea. But does this senior also aspire to be a cook at Krusty Krab, after graduation? Unlikely, even if he is a big Nickelodeon fan!

Classmates chucked at the quote, but they likely still had questions. Just how much does Austin identify with the character? If it’s only about body positivity, maybe it’s a good thing. Role models come in all shapes and sizes. Even small, square, and yellow!

Lyrical Geniuses

Usually, each student gets their time to shine with just one quote. But with secret connections on the yearbook committee, surprises can happen. Look at this musical magic, all the way down the page! Quoting Dua Lipa, almost the whole chorus made it in.

The got all the lines, pretty well. Mia: “One, don’t pick up the phone.” Sophia: “You know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone.” Danielle: “Two, don’t let him in.” Audrey: “You’ll have to kick him out again.” Ladies, song lyrics as a yearbook quote can make theories run wild. Did one dude play them all?

Passive and Portly

According to this tubby teen, weight has a lot to do with dating. But not in the way most would expect! He explains in eternal yearbook ink: “I’m fat ’cause I don’t chase these girls.” Maybe he just lets the options come straight to him!

Many love coaches suggest aggressive tactics to woo women. It’s a numbers game, and that first approach is critical. But this fellow? He’s pioneering something entirely new. It’s experimental, and the results are coming in quickly. Pound by pound, he gains and gains. Allegedly, the ladies love it!

Casanova Cutie

According to this teen, he’s been wrecking relationships for four years. Does he have any friends left, if he has done it to everyone? His quote: “Damn, Joseph just stole my girl again!” His thumbs-up picture really rubs salt in the wounds, too!

There are ways to navigate dating in a small community. It’s not necessary to step on others’ toes, is it? Joseph Allen doesn’t seem very concerned about it. After all, he is graduating soon, and leaving town. But he is leaving them with a message: Sorry, not sorry!

Gifts From Above, and the Side

Best friends for life is usually something that doesn’t last beyond high school. Going off to college or work means a lot of life changes, and it can be hard to stay in touch. But these two? They might just be the exception to the rule!

Von says: “All along I was next to a blessing.” In many ways, he was! This student likes to count his gifts, literally and figuratively. It’s hard to beat the wordplay, here. But Blessing Umaga does try his best: “Hustle harder than yesterday.” It’s a tie, for sure!

Gibberish All Day

Mya, Mya. So prim and proper in this photo. The perfect hair, the perfect smile, and the perfect quote. Or is it? She shared: “Hoo wah. Hey ya. Shoo wa. Zadup wow!” For fans of The Book of Mormon, this might be a little confusing. Which page was this written on?

As it turns out, nowhere. That’s just the name of the musical, the one that the South Park guys wrote for Broadway. A satirical look at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made a winning show, audiences agreed. Apparently, Mya was a big fan that year!

Spongebob Reference Redux

Girl: “Is this the Krusty Krab?” Guy: “No. This is Patrick.” So many sponges, so many memories. It seems that yearbooks across the nation loved featuring the cartoon character in its quotables, for awhile. But will these two remember what this reference was all about, decades from now?

Maybe, maybe not. But inside jokes are a real thrill during the high school years, and it will be fun to go back and revisit the laughs. Double team, double the effort, double the result. Quotes should come in pairs, more often!

Funny Under There

At the end of the year, this student had a few choice words to say to her classmates. She wrote:“I forgot to be oppressed for this picture.” Perhaps there had been a discussion during class. Or maybe, something in the news made her feel she needed to speak out!

At the moment, this teen lives in a place where she can dress however she wants. High school has its own unwritten rules, though. The latest brand names are a big deal, for some teens. And not wearing the right sneakers can be social suicide! But miss senior here doesn’t seem concerned. She’s got her own style, and she’s not sorry!

Fabulous and Free

Stanley Yip has a lot to say, and he’s not being shy this time. It’s the end of the year, and he can slink away to summer vacation while everyone processes the news. He writes: “Narnia wasn’t the only thing in the closet for 17 years.” The pun, the fun!

Stanley here figured he’d break the news of his secret in the school yearbook. His passion? Web design and development. His identity? Totally surprising! A fresh start awaits this youngster, just beyond the summer months. Carpe diem, and the next phase!

Food is Not Everything

At first glance, it seems there is a just another foodie saying goodbye to friends. Evyn wants everyone to know one thing: “Love food. Love others. Nothing else matters.” But was that really her philosophy throughout the year? Apparently, she was as surprised as everyone else to find out!

The person who mistyped this quote should be fired! But that’s not really a thing, in high school clubs. Was it all a practical joke? Was the editor a cheeky, anti-theist? Whatever the case may be, Miss Bonine seems to have a  good sense of humor about the error. It was funny, intentional or not!

Total Closet Case

This guy didn’t hold back any humor in the senior yearbook profile. Ian Longley writes:“Of course I dress well. I didn’t spend all that time in the closet for nothing.” Without a doubt, it is the best place to look for style!

Sure, his hair is pink. But in a way, it’s timeless! Ian is a teen rockstar, here. It might not be the most professional style, for his summer job. It might scare away some customers, in some industries. But one thing’s for sure: Everyone needs neon hair, at least once in life!

The Trouble with Tran

And here, the queen of mean reigns. It’s Isabel Tran, and this page won’t be easy to forget. Everyone knew someone like this in high school, honestly. Doing her very Regina George impression, this senior tries to confess. Tran just wants to be honest with friends, in the end!

It’s time to leave no stone unturned before the big goodbye. Tran explains: “If I was mean to you and said I was joking, I wasn’t.” Thanks for clarifying? Honesty is the best policy, as they say. But in cases like these, everyone usually knew all along!

First Name Basis, Please

Many, many people have gone through a name change phase. No one gets to choose their birth certificate text, and it can be tough stuff. Still, this girl might really have it harder than others: Imagine being Lisa Horny, trying to make it through high school. It’s almost unthinkable!

Just in case anyone was still wondering, poor Lisa explains: “This is my actual name.” Somewhere, centuries ago, this made sense to someone. Last names usually have a good history behind them. What happened here? Hard to say for sure, but it sounds like it was tons of fun!

Ultimate Pancake Recipe

If you’re honest, pancakes have played a major role in your life, too. At least at breakfast, at least sometimes.

“1 cup flour. 2 tbsp sugar. 2 1/2 tsp baking powder. 1/2 tsp salt. 1 1/4 cup milk. 1 large egg…” You should really try Mason’s recipe. It’s actually quite good! Mason, you’re a good man with good taste.

The Anticlimactic “Knock, Knock” Joke

So many Patels, so little time. These three decided to combine their yearbook quotes, and it is conceptually unique! But is the joke itself any good?

“Knock! Knock!” Who’s there?” “A Patel!” We were expecting a different punchline, but now we’re just wondering if they are all related!

Was School Really That Bad?

Samantha is a girl of wit and sass. And how do we know that? Why this yearbook quote is all the proof we need!

“I DID MY WAITING!!!!! 12 YEARS OF IT!!!!! IN AZKABAN!!!!” You can’t be Sirius, Samantha. Comparing your school to Azkaban prison, now? What’s next, your SAT scores can only be found in the Room of Requirement? Cheeky.

Talk About A Buzzkill

On graduating senior has a little philosophy to share with all of us. Do you agree with his lens of reality?

“Bruh, we graduated just to go to school again.” He’s right you know. Finishing high school might sound like a milestone achievement — but come college, you’ll be wishing you enjoyed your chance to take it easy back when you had the chance!

The Songster

“Where did you come from, where did you go?” Cotton-Eye Joe is a timeless name we all shouted at school dances. And apparently, it’s still going on now!

But where is Daniel, you ask? Maybe he did not show up on purpose to add extra effect to his high school quote! So many questions, so many chuckles.

Words To Live By

“Here’s to always staying positive and testing negative.” We’re thinking of making this our catchphrase! It really is a quote that applies to many aspects of life. Trenton, we’re digging your mantra, my man.

What could have possessed him to make this his timeless yearbook quote though? STDs are no fun, but why talk about them in the book your parents will flip through?

The Worrying Quote

While most yearbook quotes can be a bit sassy and mischievous, this one seems odd. Why so negative, friend?

“The only thing lower than my GPA is my will to live.” Will someone please check up on Armani to see if everything is okay? A good GPA is important, but not more important than life itself, brother. Chin up, champ!

The Spongebob Reference #2

“Ravioli, Ravioli, Give me the Diplomioli!” Looks like Maximiliano just put his own twist on a famous Spongebob Squarepants quote here. 

We think the lad deserves some extra credit in his GPA for penmanship here. Perhaps he will be the modern Shakespeare! When it’s time to pick a college major, we won’t be surprised to find him in the English Literature department.

Adversaries Will Be Most Displeased

“Shoutout to everyone that doubted me because I had a baby, here I am living, breathing, doing better than yall.” Haters gonna hate, playa gonna play. And Aliyah is going to graduate.

This comment seems totally sincere, unlike some of the jokes people used on other yearbook pages. And who could blame her? Finishing high school after a baby is a big deal! A BFD, in fact.

Michael Jackson In Reverse

This student has a very interesting confession that might surprise some of his classmates. Yes, he has transformed considerably since birth!

“I was born white.” The best part about this quote his ambiguous expression. Is he content, worried, sad, confident, fearful, hopeful, or serious? It’s difficult to say. Once you go black, you never go back. That we know for sure!

That’s Some Serious Shade, Pun Intended.

“I only wear this to give the rest of you girls a chance.” This girl just threw some serious shade at her classmates! On the one hand, it’s like patting yourself on your back. On the other hand, it’s a sly dig at your more liberal classmates. Either way, it’s memorable.

This girl is bound to do something clever after high school. Maybe she should go into comedy.

Too Much Information

TMI, bro. We never even asked, yet here we are.

“The carpet matches the drapes.” Joshua, thanks for the visual. But what uses is a carpet when nobody ever visits? We like the drapes, but we’d rather appreciate it through the window. Maybe in a few years, you will regret this confession, friend! 

Who’s Your Daddy?

We all had nicknames in high school. Whether we made them up ourselves or just accepted the observations of others, it was all a lot of fun. Some may wonder if this guy actually got away with this one in real life, though!

“Call me Dadi.” Maybe he constantly asked girls to say this, but we are not sure if anyone complied. Maybe one day, Dadi. 

I Won’t Hesitate #2

If we’re honest, we don’t really remember how to do fraction division or what in the world Catcher in the Rye was really trying to say about life. But there is one thing we probably did permanently learn from all our years in school.

“I’ve learned to say ‘here’ when the teacher hesitates while taking attendance.” Yes, roll call! We are all totally proficient in that, right? Thanks, high school.

An IKEA Life Lesson

Tyler Oakley has a few wise words for us today, and it involves our favorite place to spend money. No, not Amazon.

“When life throws a wrench in your plans, catch it and build an IKEA bookshelf.” Maybe Jonathan will look for a career as an engineer with this inspiring idea. Reach for the sky, everybody.

Elon Are You Listening? You Have A Volunteer.

Elon Musk is a cool dude, but who knew that teens were big fans already? Seems like John is a full-blown follower of the cult of Elon, given this Tweet.

“I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.” We wouldn’t mind going to Mars either, but only after the professionals have opened up a Martian bar. You hear that, Musk?

If You Don’t Like Where You Are In Life… Move. You Ain’t A…

Bhad Bhabie, who dat? Well, it turns out that you probably do know her from TV. This is none other than the ”cash me ousside” girl, now with a stage name!

“If you don’t like where you are in life… move. You ain’t a tree.” We’re a bit disappointed Antonio didn’t use Bhad Bhabie’s more famous quote. but maybe he wanted to keep the peace on this page.

Didn’t Need To Know That

“Waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning.” Oh, Kevin. Some things are okay to say to your buddies, but to put it as your yearbook quote, yikes. No one needed nor wanted to know this, bud.

Oh No, She Didn’t!

“A lot of girls didn’t like me this year, but their boyfriends did. ;)” Oh, Steffany. Our sweet, sweet, Steffany. One day you’ll look back at this quote and be able to pinpoint exactly why half your classmate won’t speak to you.

We’d Have Been Worried Too!

“I was worried at first when they told me to do Chinese Oral but then I realized it was something completely different.” How this managed to make it to the yearbook is anyone’s guess. Do they seriously not have a look over yearbook quotes nowadays?

C’s Get Degrees

“I started high school with straight A’s, now I’m not even straight.” Very clever, Christian! The real question is, was this a brand new announcement?

Yearbook quotes can be about anything, really. This student certainly found something honest to write about, and he’s proud to share. How many of his classmates will join him out of the closet in the future? Statistically, there might be a few more!

A Real “Bad Boy”

We must say we are impressed with this guy’s confidence if nothing else.

“So I heard the ladies like bad boys. Lucky for them, I’m bad at everything.” Watch out everyone, looks like we have a real badass over here! Maybe the yearbook should’ve put a warning before this guy’s section. Talk about living life on the edge.

Now, Who Doesn’t Love Waffles?

“Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” Truer words have never been spoken by President Barack Obama. And Alina speaks for all of us here with this timeless quote!

It’s a simple request even a former POTUS said. The phrase can be used with any other food in place of “waffle”, like hot wings, fried chicken, pancakes, BBQ ribs. You name it, it’ll fit. Way to go, Alina.

Not A “Coffee” Drinker

“I like my women how I like my coffee. I don’t like coffee.” Andrew likes to keep things ambiguous. Does he mean he’s not into women, or does he mean he doesn’t like them in general? Risky business, man.

The Homicide Reference. Yes, Really.

“I am a Selena in a school filled with Yolandas.” In case you don’t get the reference, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was a famous Tejano singer who was infamously murdered by a woman named Yolanda Saldívar. We’ve heard of haters, but isn’t this is taking a bit too far, Gabriela?

Is This A Tinder Quote?

“My hair is straight, but I’m not.” Allison here takes a play from the old coming out in the yearbook school of thought. Allison, your romantic life is your business but what could you please tell us the secret behind your hairstyle? Pretty please?

The Yeezy Anecdote

“I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like, “Oh, great. Now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle.” – Kanye West. The less about Kanye, the better…

Wife Material?

“You can’t always pick your father, but you can pick your daddy.” Markie, girl, you just became the most sought-after girl in your class. Who doesn’t appreciate a little wit? Markie just made it to the Yearbook Hall of Fame.

What, What, Now?

“Cats are love, cats are life :3 and yaoi… yaoi too…” This might seem like an innocent quote, but that is only until you realize “Yaoi” is an explicit Japanese term for homoerotic male relationships written for female audiences. Kinky.

The Beyoncé Fan #1

“Beyoncé said pretty hurts… no wonder I’m always in pain.” We see that side eye, Faisal. Don’t hate him ’cause he’s beautiful. He just has way too much beautiful to be handled by his simpleton colleagues.

The Future Marketer

“Sure, follow your dreams, but first follow my Instagram @brianna_nicole4.” Brianna just gave a Marketing 101 lesson to all her colleagues: there is no such thing as bad publicity. Someone hire this girl.

High School Musical Disappointment #2

“This was nothing like High School Musical, how upsetting.” The moral of the story here is to never trust Disney. Sure, high school might appear like a place of endless possibilities but balancing basketball and choir in real life requires a lot of work.

Message To Momma?

“My mom should have swallowed me.” Ty, we think we speak for everyone when we say this – and we mean this in the nicest way possible – nobody wants to know this. Nobody. Not even your momma. Especially not like this.

Dicey, Indeed.

“They can kill you but the legalities of eating you are quite a bit dicier.” – David Foster Wallace. We would advise the police to keep this kid on their watch list. That outfit looks like something out of a horror film. The quote is at best uneasy. And don’t even get us started on the clown face.

The Picture Quote

“( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” Kevin achieved something few are able to. He managed to create a drawing of himself using only a handful of text. Really, we have to say, the resemblance is remarkably uncanny. Look out, Banksy!

The #MAGA One

“I had a good senior quote but Hilary deleted it.” We’re all aware of the 31,000+ emails Hillary Clinton deleted from her computer devices while Secretary of State. It may have arguably cost her the 2016 election. But Logan wouldn’t let the former First Lady forget about it that easily.

What Is Wrong With The Universe, Anyway?

“I’m so sorry, I really have no time to explain. I have a universe to set right. Thank you and goodbye.” So long, farewell. Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight. Adieu, adieu. To you, and you, and you. Yeah, sure, it’s the “universe”. Right.

Diamonds Are Forever

“If you look at this picture in 30 years, just know that I look exactly the same because black don’t crack.” When your name is Diamond Longs, all we can say is shine on your crazy diamond.


“We didn’t choose the twin life…” “…The twin life chose us.” They say twins have a special connection. Some will say the bond is so strong that they will even finish… each other’s sentences! Twinning is winning.

The Veteran Fast Food Eater

“I KNOW GUAC IS EXTRA.” – Jackie Aina. Yo Djenaba, a word of advice, when someone TYPES LIKE THIS, PEOPLE ASSUME THEY’RE YELLING! But otherwise, we totally feel you. Guac might be extra, but it’s totally worth it.

Shrek’s Number One Fan

“Shrek is love, Shrek is life.” Michael seems to have a special fascination with the large, green, physically intimidating ogre. As much as we love Shrek, keep in mind Michael, he lives in a swamp. Is that the life you want?

The Fortune Teller

“I’m already hungry tomorrow.” It’s a little difficult to digest (get it, digest) whether it’s Jordan or Jordan’s stomach speaking here. Just reading your quote is making us hungry, Jordan. Maybe add a disclaimer next time. :-/

Quite The Analogy

“Physics is to math as sex is to masturbation.” – Richard Feynman. Michael Dinh you know there’s a difference between selling sex and selling sex. While we applaud your love of the subject, we wish you came up with a better physics analogy.

Cazares Or Kaiser?

“You all say you hate me, but presidents don’t elect themselves.” Lauren makes a fine case and one that is hard to argue with. Who votes for someone they hate anyway? You know who’s boss, Lauren.

Spitting Fire

“You can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys being fly.” – Emily Zamora. Emily is spitting straight fire with these words. The girl’s got more game than most rappers. You stay lit, girl.

I Put My Thing Down, Flip It, And Reverse It.

“I went to school high.” That’s the quote, reversed directly. We’re not sure why David wanted to write this particular sentence backwards. Was it the illegal factor, perhaps? If it’s low key attention he wanted, then he certainly got it from the right crowd. The rest won’t snitch on a glitch! Sneaky David Villis wins this one, for sure.

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.

“I’m sorry if I stole your girlfriend.” Cesar seems like the type of guy who would be a fan of the phrase “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Cesar, you can’t steal my girlfriend, because she’s imaginary. Ha. Jokes on… :'(

The Comedian

“Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?” – Fo drizzle. Fo shizzle my nizzle. Evan’s got street talk firmly under his belt. It’s a pity there isn’t a diploma given out for having street cred. Word.

Fact Or Fiction?

“I can’t see.” Anyone who can poke fun at themselves goes up a level in our book. Jonathan Hara just learned that nobody can laugh at you when you’re laughing with them. Well played, my boy. Well played.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

“Remember that true beauty comes from within – within bottles, compacts & lipstick tubes.” – Jeffree Star.  This right here is some solid advice from Brittney. This is the true meaning behind the “what’s on the inside that counts” phrase.

He Puts The “Stud” In Studies

“You can always retake a class, but you can’t relive a party.” Ricardo is not one for “work hard, party hard”. He believes you should “work hard, but party harder”. That’s a philosophy that’s too legit to quit.

Flip > Flop

“Some people say “flips weave”, but I’m gone flip this tassel instead.” Jada took the flip game to the next level. Haters can hate, but she’s too busy moving up and out of their reach. *flips tassel*

The Simpsons Fans

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” – Homer Simpson. Mia, we ask ourselves this question after every luncheon. Usually, we’re half embarrassed, but also half impressed with ourselves. Friends come and go, but food will never dessert you. 😉

Mirror, Mirror.

“I know I look great. My house has mirrors.” – William. Apparently, the person writing the yearbook didn’t attribute the quote to the right person. It doesn’t matter James, we like our mirrors too, on walls, on cupboards, on ceilings… 😀

Her Source Of Power

“My C’s went to A’s and so did my grades.” Aye. Now that’s a risque yearbook quote if we’ve ever seen one. Usually, it’s the other way around with “grades” but hey, whatever floats your deflateable boat. XD

He Started From The Bottom

“Drake was there for me when no one else was.” Nathaniel, Nate, you go, my man. We know you didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose you. Which of us hasn’t looked to music to get us through high school? *crickets*

A Quote For The G.O.A.T.

“They say you are what you eat… I don’t remember eating a goat.” – Young Thug. Gabriel just showed off his love of literature, knowledge of pop-culture, sense of humor, and show of confidence with this #winning quote. For those of you who don’t know, GOAT is used as an acronym for “Greatest OAll Time“.

Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang!

“Keep the snakes away from me, unless they Gucci.” – Blackbear. Morgan sounds destined to become a real-life version of Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. For those of you who don’t know, Gucci uses a snake image in some of their fashion lines. Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, tickle your fancy?

The Dodge Owner

“I’m the girl with the Charger R/T.” Daisy just upped the stakes with this little gem. The famous 1999 Dodge Charger R/T is an absolute beast of a concept car. Daisy, care to pick us up sometime?

The Glee Quote

“I’m like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live!” – Rachel Berry. Rachel Berry is one of the stars of the hit television series Glee which ran from 2009 to 2015. Cassandra probably attended high school at the same time the show was running. But honestly, doesn’t this quote (secretly) apply to all of us?

Daddy Issues?

“My dad and I play this game where I asked him to come back into my life and he pretends not to know who I am lol dad be crazy.” – Bardock Obama. The actual quote is that one. Props to Charlie for taking the typo in the yearbook in good stride. Daddy would be proud of his boy.

The Riddler

“Who, what, when, where, why, and how?” – Zane Hijazi. Nicole should consider a career as a journalist with these all-purpose set of questions. If not, she can consider a YouTube career like Zane Hijazi answering all the important questions.

That’s A Bright Future

“I hope my future is as bright as my highlight.” Monica, girl, ain’t that the gospel truth. If every cloud has a silver lining, then every highlight has a world of possibilities. Don’t worry, Monica, your future looks pretty promising to us.

Future Art Student?

“Be determined, passionate, and brilliant in life. Make sure to buy lots of 4 for $4 as well.” What’s the difference between an art graduate and a philosophy graduate? A philosophy graduate asks you why you want fries with that. We’re kidding, we love art grads. And we also love our McD’s. 4 for $4 is like the fast food deal of the century, man.

The Bitter NFL Fan

“Dez caught it.” This one requires an explanation for non-NFL fans. “Dez” Bryant played for the Dallas Cowboys against the Green Bay Packers in a divisional final where he “caught” a touchdown which was ruled “no catch” due to a controversial rule at the time. The rule was later altered, but it left many Cowboys fans feeling robbed. Sorry, Carlos but life isn’t always fair.

The Game Of Thrones Quote

“When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” – George R. R. Martin. We’re are eager to know why Jonathan would juxtapose a Game of Thrones quote next to a Bible verse, particularly these two. Does this mean he doesn’t believe in “The Old Gods AND the New”?

The Not So Humble Brag

“It’s weird knowing I’m the best looking one on this page.” Pete, we love seeing self-confidence in a person but this is taking things a bit too far, buddy. Then again, maybe people only hate him ’cause he’s beautiful.

Black Lives (State Of) Matter?

“There are actually five states of matter – not four, namely: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Black Lives.” Alright, Sandisiwe Nyanda. We’re not going to argue with you on this one. All lives should indeed matter.

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

“If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense.” – Nina. Nothing is more self-referential than a person who quotes themselves. Some might say it comes across as pompous, but hey, when you speak words of wisdom like Nina here, it’s worth reminding yourself even Confucious probably did the same.

The FBI Come Knocking In 3, 2, 1…

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” – Lee Harvey Oswald. We’re quite confident JFK’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, didn’t say these words, even though the boot fits. The quote is, in reality, attributed NFL great Wayne Gretzky. Vincent, if you wanted to get yourself on the FBI watch list, you just got your wish, my friend.

Yeah, Now We Know Why This Isn’t A Thing.

“I got more tail than that PetCo, you faker than some Sweet’n Low.” – Childish Gambino. This high school thought it would be a good idea to have the teachers share yearbook quotes just like its students. Little did they expect the teachers to bring their A-game to the occasion and out-do their students with these little gems.

The Dangerous Driver

“If you feel like you’re going to crash, accelerate more.” – BTS. Alicia, did you really pass your driving class? This kind of advise only sounds good in a song and isn’t meant to be taken literally. Good call on the smiley, the cops can’t keep their eyes on you this way.

The Proud Latina

“Where ever I go, I know that there will be frijoles en la casa.” Translation: Where ever I go, I know there will be beans at home”. Lizbeth just made a lot of us non-latinos jealous with this quote. All we can say is Lizbeth is lucky.

Things Are Looking Up

“You gotta be bottomless to get to the top.” We can only lay back, look up, and admire Laura’s ascent to the top. It’s safe to say we all know who will be wearing the pants at her place. Laura, you’re about to get a flood of (job) offers, love.

The Angels Protect Me The Demons Respect Me.

“The Angels Protect Me The Demons Respect Me.” – CHXPO. This quote was so impressive, it even got a Tweet from the originator of the quote, rapper CHXPO. While we’re here living in the 3rd dimension, this guy is busy battling it out with angels and demons in another realm.

The Makeup Tutorial

“Makeup brushes aren’t meant to be swirled in makeup palettes like it’s paint.” Hope just gave everyone a makeup masterclass with this helpful advice. This right here is a future cosmetician.

He’s Beside Himself

“My senior project was to make a close.” “A+” The number of jokes you can pull of when you have an identical twin is endless. Joseph and Matthew put their shared genetics to perfect use with this classic yearbook quote.

We Found Love In A Noteless Place

“Can you keep up with my lingo? Some say life is a gamble, which means love is a casino.” – Kevin Gates. We’re digging Alexandra’s life metaphor. Just make sure you get out before the house wins.

The Beyoncé Fan #2

“Fill the tub up half way and ride it with my surfboard, surfboard, surfboard.” – Beyoncé. Eugene either loves surfing or he’s”Drunk in Love” like the Beyoncé song reference. Just don’t drown in all that you know what, man. Water, we mean water. Jeez.

Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow

“I’m handsome. You can call me Romeo. Good luck seniors. I get all the girls. Very popular.” Phillip did indeed destroy the senior yearbook quote game. We have no doubt there’s a long list of suitors lining up just to snap a selfie with the dude. Very popular, indeed.

The Deep Thinker

“If you ain’t got the sauce, then you’re lost. But you can also get lost in the sauce.” – Gucci Mane. Getting “lost in the sauce” is an existential state of uncertainty defined by transcendent, blissful confusion. Don’t underestimate the depth of hip-hop lyrics!

The Sorry, Not Sorry One.

“I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.” – Upile. Maci, girl, we think it’s cool that you’re proud of your heritage, just like every other person. But we want to know what the “honey” means here?

Off The Beaten Path

“If the red rivers a-flowin’, take the dirt road home.” – Cleveland Steamer. On first glance, Nicholas’ quote might make one think he’s just an innocent young man who loves the great outdoors. WRONG! Don’t let that smile fool you. Let’s just say Cleveland Steamer isn’t the name of a real person and you’re better off leaving it at that.

The Unapologetic One

“I never liked none of ya’ll, wish I’ve stayed at Dunbar.” – Self. First of all “Charlie” we think you should’ve stayed in English class – double negatives are a no-no, “ya’ll”. Second of all, maybe everyone else wished the same. Lastly, who quotes themselves?

The Nicki Minaj Fan #1

“…But to live doesn’t mean you’re alive.” – Nicki Minaj. Alex just quoted her “queen” because she’s “the only one who got [her] through high school”. Hopefully, her parents didn’t see this Tweet. Those bills don’t pay themselves, Alex.

The Nicki Minaj Fan #2

“I mean I don’t even know why you girls even bother at this point, like, give it up, it’s me, and I win, you lose, hahahaha.” – Nicki Minaj. Yeah, okay, If you say so then, Dajah. Something tells us that last “ha” was what put this over the top.

Yeah, You’re So “Funny”.

“Did you see what I done? Came in a blonde wig and left in a black one.” Ohemma, why would you admit that? Now people are going to wonder if you even have real hair, love. Or they just didn’t say anything, because they were kind of too busy living their lives, you know.

The Future Wall Street Broker

“If you’re not talking money, I don’t want to talk.” Alec only cares about one thing. To him, it’s all about the Benjamins. So, unless you have some clever way to make money, you best move along. This story might just become the sequel to The Wolf of Wall Street.

We’ll Take Your Word For It

“I’ve never had a bad hair day all of high school.” Props to her for her honesty, but who can verify this? Now that’s a cheeky quote if we ever saw one. “I can’t prove it, but you can’t disprove it. Ha!” A bold claim, miss.

The Real MVP

“Keep calm, it’s just an extra chromosome.” We have to hand it to Nicholas who just silenced haters everywhere. More power to you, brother. One thing’s for sure, this kid is anything but a downer. He’s the real MVP.

The Ultimate Yearbook Picture + Quote

“Don’t you dare use that as your senior picture.” – Mom. We don’t know your name but your legend speaks for itself. Majestic hair, check. Nors-godlike armor, check. A Celtic cross, check. Dinosaurs, check. A dodo-looking-bird, check. A lightsaber battle accompanied by a death star, check. Ladies and gentleman, we know who has the best yearbook photo, EVER.

Dear, John. I Think We Need To Have A Talk.

“Sometimes when I get bored I like to go into the garden and bury myself and pretend I’m a carrot.” Well, John, that’s great and all, but why would you want to do that? Do you want to be “picked” first, is that it? XD

Friends Who Benefit

“Become friends with someone, and they may allow you to take certain items from their home.” – Skyrim loading screen. When your best advice comes from a video game, you may need to consider getting out a little bit more, Jake. Then again, outside is where “people” roam so maybe video games are the better place to hang out.

Raised By A Penguin?

“RIP Club Penguin, you raised me when my parents didn’t want to.” For those of you who don’t know, “Club Penguin” was a massively multiplayer online game involving a virtual world full of online games and activities. Good luck hiding this from your parents, Allison.

Orange & Lemon

“When life gives you lemons, I make orange juice because it’s unexpected.” Ah, Delaney. If there were any doubt who was the funny sibling and who was the smart sibling, your yearbook quotes reveal the truth. But really, we’d pick funny over smart because orange is the new yellow, girl. 😉

I’m More Of A Tea Person

“I like my girls how I like my coffee…” “We don’t like coffee.” And just like that, a comedy act was born. We’ll give them points for originality on this one. Here’s another one for you, “You like your dates like you love you like your chocolate. With…” You fill out the rest you young comedians.

The TV Show Message #2

“Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, Episode 6, 39:40.” What is is with TV show lines and yearbook quotes? Krysta may or may not have been keeping this secret under wraps for a while. But really, what is it with this young ‘ uns who think everyone cares which way swing?

He Ain’t No Angel

“..-. ..- -.-. -.- / – …. .. …” Angel, do you kiss your mother with that… okay, nevermind. Are we the only ones who see the irony of a person named “Angel” secretly cussing on their yearbook quote?

Think Bigger

“Aim for the moon. That way, if you miss, you’re a disappointment on a much larger scale.” Brian Essbe. Is this a quote for the optimist or the pessimist? Please do tell us, dear Kiegan.

Doctors > Better Than All The Others

“You become doctor now?” – Her Grandma. Ah yes, Indian parents and careers. How can we explain this? Think of the one ring in The Lord of The Rings, and now imagine the ring to be a medical professional. “One profession to rule them all.”

If you’re not a doctor, then you’re not at the top of the ladder in the eyes of Indian parents. The quote sums it up. #AmIRight

High School Musical Disappointment #1

“High School Musical told me we’re all in this together but you guys were not helpful.” Matthew, buddy! Fairytale endings are only in the movies. Especially when it’s Disney. You won’t be able to reboot this storyline, my friend. “Someday, you might thank me for this.”

The Freddie Mercury Fan

“Another Wan bites the dust.” Adam, you punny man, you. You have the great fortune of having a puny name for EVERY occasion. You are the only Wan who can do it. All for Wan and Wan for all. It takes Wan to know Wan. The list is endless!

The Surprise!

“I think it was more difficult to graduate than to cross the border.” Ingler, for your sake we hope you’re in a sanctuary city, buddy. The border might have been tough to cross, but wait until you see that wall.

The Science Punster

“I make terrible science puns, but only periodically.” Who said science geeks don’t have a sense of humor? Organic chemistry is difficult. Those who study it have alkynes of trouble. Friendly advice: be careful about trusting atoms, they make up everything! 😉

Message Received

“My ears give out better signal than the school Wi-Fi.” There ain’t no party like a Wi-Fi party! Jose will find no trouble making friends with a special ability like his. Are you just messing with us? No way, Jose!

I Won’t Hesitate #1

“I’ve learned to say ‘here’ when the teacher hesitates while taking attendance.” That’s one way to put a positive spin on what can potentially be an awkward moment. Props to the guy for stepping in to save the teacher’s blushes.

It’s All In The Name

“Yes, it’s my real name.” Not sure if the parents were drunk or lost a bet when naming their son. If the boot fits wear it, but the name doesn’t really fit here. At least not the second half. Talk about setting the bar low when your kid’s first name is “Rowdy”.

The Pokémon Throwback

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” – Mewtwo. When a cartoon dishes out quotes so beautifully eloquent, do we really need to be studying Shakespeare, today?

The One That Almost Hurt Us

“Close your eyes. Imagine yourself on a boat. Smell the salty air. Now open your eyes. Your life still sucks but that was kinda fun right?” – Brian Essbe. We’ll admit this one stung. Not because it’s true, but because it’s not too far from reality. 🙁 Kidding. Played you, Garrett. We actually live on a boat. Ah-ha!

The TV Show Message #1

“To all the teachers that never taught me a thing: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 5, 35:08.” George Bernard Shaw more eloquently said, “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.” Kids these days, I tell ya!

Savanna Job?

“Anything is possible when you sound Caucasian on the phone.” We’re not here to judge whether or not this quote is backed up by any evidence but Tweeting a quote like this might backfire on your future job prospects, Savanna. In fact, trust us when we say, you don’t want a job in the savanna, Savanna.

The Feminist

“I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife and I are making .75 cent for every dollar a man makes.” We just have one question with this often repeated ‘statistic’. If most companies are for profit, then why don’t they just hire women for every job and save 25% on their costs? Didn’t see that one coming did you, Caitlyn. Ha.

He Knows What’s Up

“I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way, so I stole a bike and asked God for forgiveness.” Jaylen, brother, you know what’s up. Most kids go to school to get an education, but our man here schooled everyone with his words of wisdom.

Fake It Till You Make It?

“Remember to always be yourself, unless you suck. Then pretend to be someone else.” Matthew it seems is a firm believer in the phrase “fake it, till you make it”. Just don’t try it when you’re writing a report on Shakespeare.

The Super Hero

“I found my Super Suit.” Bryan, who do you think you are, Iron Man? As much as we admire your commitment to fighting justice, you might regret word getting out on your alter ego persona. At least it wasn’t your “birthday suit”, man.

The Philosopher

“Me like rice.” This quote is a lot deeper than you might think. Does it mean: A. He likes rice. Or, B. He is like rice. C. Both A and B. The man is deep in thought, body, soul, and spirit. Kang you, a-Kang you very much.

Her Words Not Mine

“I’m trying to come up with a senior quote for you but all I can think of is hippo farts.” – Her mom. The joke’s on you Nadya because mother dearest just won her bet with her girlfriends on which parent can get a shout-out in their kid’s yearbook. Show me the money, mommy! XD

He Speaks For His Entire Class

“Without Google, I would not be graduating…” You and your entire class, Kevin. We’re lucky to be living at a time we can do research anytime and anyplace we like instead of going outside to the library to find information. That is like so 90s, man.

Limbo Inspired

“The only time I set the bar low is for limbo.” – Michael Scott. Just don’t bend over backward to accommodate other people, Caroline. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a state of limbo for a long, long time.

The Mean Girls “Signature” Quote

“That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.” – Damien  Mean Girls. This lucky girl didn’t just use a movie inspired quote for her yearbook, she managed to someone get the person who said it in the movie to autograph it.

The Satan Shout-Out

“I’d like to thank Dobe, Alanzostotle, and Satan. I love you guys.” Yes, she really did thank Satan in her senior quote. So it isn’t really surprising when her favorite quote is, “I hate everyone.” And here we were thinking we were all friends. Sad.

The Parks And Recreation Quote

“I am usually not one for speeches, so goodbye.” – Ron Swanson. Short, sweet and right to the point. Rachel knows how to keep things succinct. As Ron Swanson would say, “Creativity is for people with glasses who like to lie.” Does that mean us? 😉

The Link Master Will Never Desert You

“youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ” This guy just pranked everyone. Who can resist finding out someone’s secret URL reference? All we’ll say is, “I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling. Gotta make you understand.”

The Question And Answer

“So what, do I just write something here and it’ll go in the yearbook?” Alex just answered his own question, everybody. Look out world, we’ve got a real inquisitor over here. Alex, in the words of The Beatles, “Let it be.”

Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn.

“There’s no need to repeat yourself. I ignored you just fine the first time.” Emily, this is exactly how you lose friends and alienate people. Just remember, what goes around comes around. Mean Girls is just a movie, not a lifestyle, sweetie.